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    DMAA Supplements Guide: 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Based Supplements In 2017

    DMAA supplements are out there and have never been more legal (in most countries).

    You guys have asked for this, and here it is.

    These are current supplements that contain the hardcore DMAA stimulant, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine.

    Isn't DMAA Banned?


    While some countries like Australia have banned DMAA, supplement companies are still packing this in their fat burners, amino powders (Off The Chain) and pre workouts. 

    You might have heard of the death that's been allegedly caused by Jack3d (USPLabs)​ but those charges have long been dropped. (Check out Jack'd, the Jack3d clone!)


    While these supplements are highly potent, you do not want to take them on a daily basis unless you see yourself take a stim break for a week or two. 

    The best way to keep tolerance in check is to use these stimulants in moderation.

    The less you use them, the harder they'll hit. ​

    If you're one of those rare cases that are not stimulated by any of these supplements than you badly need to kick back and take a stim break. ​

    This list is constantly being updated and more DMAA based supplements are being added...

    So keep an eye out, check out the strongest pre workouts if you're looking for something powerful or check our pre workout buying guide. ​

    DMAA Fat Burners

    Key Features:
    • OxyELITE clone
    • DMAA
    • Bacopa 
    • Yohimbine 
    • 250mg Garcinia cambogia extract
    • 100mg caffeine 

    Hi-Tech is not holding back with their DMAA containing supplements. 

    This is the best OxyELITE copy there is to date (and cheaper).

    While it's powered with DMAA and caffeine, it also bauhinia purpura (thyroid support) and a bunch of nootropic based ingredients.

    You'll not only suppress appetite with this one but you'll also have energy all day long. ​

    black mamba
    Key Features:
    • 65 Ephedra Extract
    • 200mg Caffeine
    • PEA Derivatives
    • Bitter Orange
    • Evodiamine

    Meet HellFire's cousin (see below), Black Mamba HyperRush is packed with 65mg of ephedra extract and DMAA.

    It also has 200mg caffeine, 150mg acacia and hordenine to give you all day energy and appetite control.

    You'll also have some uplifting mood (euphoria) effects from the PEA derivatives.

    This is the highest dose of ephedra we've seen so far so this combined with DMAA and the other stimulants, it should pack quite the punch.

    Key Features:
    • 65mg DMAA
    • Bitter orange (Ephedra alternative)
    • 250mg Caffeine
    • 100mg Diiodo-L-Thyronine
    • Green tea extract
    • And more...

    iForce never backs down when it comes to strong supplements.

    And this time it’s Dexaprine, a strong fat burner with thyroid support and DMAA.

    This contains two thyroid metabolites, 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine and 3,3-Diiodo-L-Thyronine, both function to boost metabolic rates and help reduce appetite.

    Meaning if you take this, you’ll be a fat burning machine all day long.

    Key Features:
    • DMAA
    • 150mg caffeine
    • 150mg Ephedra extract (leaves)
    • Yohimbine
    • Evodiamine
    • And more...

    Since Hi-Tech bought out Innovative Labs, they've kept the same formula going for HellFire except for one change...

    They've added in DMAA!

    While the DMAA in here is in a prop blend, we know they never really go at 70mg or more so we don't have to worry about any side effects like elevated blood pressure and such.

    This is the next best thing to Ephedra as it is ephedrine-free but contains the leaves extract. 

    Key Features:
    • DMAA
    • PEA derivatives
    • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 
    • And more...

    Like most APS's products, this has a prop blend but this is a very aggressive fat burner.

    In fact, it's one of their strongest fat burners yet (and older too).

    It has many PEA forms to keep your mood high, while boosting your focus and energy with n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

    You definitely won't want to combine this with any other caffeine sources as there's more than enough stimulants in here are going to power you throughout the day easily. 

    Key Features:
    • DMAA 
    • Forskolin
    • Caffeine

    This is like the fat burner version of Mesomorph, just without the nitric oxide. 

    With the powerful and popular fat burning ingredient Forksolin combined with DMAA and caffeine, this just might be one of the most effective and affordable fat burners available. ​

    The problem is we don't know the dosages as the ingredients are in a proprietary blend. But one pill seems to hit the spot for 90% of users. 

    Key Features:
    • 25mg Ephedra, 35mg DMAA
    • 100mg caffeine
    • Many other stimulants and fat burning ingredients
    • Destroys appetite and ultra strong

    This is one of the strongest fat burners ever. This might be the one and only, in fact!

    Lipodrene doesn't only have 35mg DMAA but it also has 25mg of epherdra. 

    And to top it off, it also has caffeine, synephrine and much more. ​

    This is a fat burner that'll kill your appetite for the longest time​. And if this doesn't shred fat, I don't know what will. 

    Key Features:
    • 28mg ephedra extract
    • DMAA
    • PEA derivatives
    • Bitter orange

    Greymark literally launched a few months ago (since March 2016) and have walked on the scene with the biggest balls as they are one of the few companies that have a DMAA based supplement.

    With 28mg of ephedra, DMAA, PEA derivatives, bitter orange and yohimbine, you'll likely feel like an overheated machine melting off fat by the pound.

    This new brand isn't as trustworthy as Hi-Tech so use at your own risk.

    The name is a bit of a marketing trick as it doesn't contain DMHA (Octodrine means DMHA).​

    DMAA Pre Workouts

    Key Features:
    • 60mg DMAA
    • 1g agmatine
    • Many different stimulants
    • Super strong pre workout
    • 300mg caffeine

    God of Rage is not a beginner friendly pre workout. 

    Not only is it packed with DMAA and caffeine but it also has yohimbine and many other stims in here. ​

    They have various versions but this seems to be the most popular option. You can read our full in-depth analysis of this pwo here.​

    Key Features:
    • 70mg DMAA
    • Silicate bonded citrulline and agmatine 
    • Partially disclosed formula
    • 250mg of caffeine
    • Plasma Jet can be stacked for crazy pumps

    Gaspari is making a comeback and they are not kidding when they say the 'legend is back'. 

    It's back, and it's better than ever.

    Superpump 250 now has solid nitric oxide ingredients to get you pumped for a longer period of time, and not only does it have 250mg of caffeine (so you can stack it with Plasma Jet as it has caffeine as well) but it also has a full dose 70mg dose of DMAA.​

    Superpump 250 is the first pre workout by Gaspari to have DMAA, and it's certainly kicking ass by have a well rounded formula. 

    Which is why it's also made our top 10 list for pre workouts. ​And you can read our analysis on it here.

    Key Features:
    • 65mg DMAA
    • 5 N.O. boosters (like nitrates)
    • 3.2g of beta alanine
    • 15g of active ingredients per scoop

    Mesomorph isn't any DMAA pre workout. 

    It packs 3.2g of beta alanine and nitric oxide (nitrates), so its formula is very balanced and will give you some nasty pumps. ​

    It's on the upper range of DMAA as it has 65mg per scoop. ​

    You'll find this pre workout rated at the top of our top 10 list of pre workouts, also our review is here.

    Key Features:
    • 100mg caffeine / 25mg DMAA
    • 2g creatine
    • 1.3g beta alanine
    • Improved copycat of Jack3d
    • Contains nitrates

    Jack'd Up is literally the clone of Jak3d.

    Except this is 10x better.

    Instead of using arginine for pumps, it uses nitrates. And the important details (like creatine and stimulants) are fully disclosed.

    Jack'd Up is friendly for people who haven't taken strong stimulants before as one full scoop only has 25mg of DMAA.

    Read up our review on it here.​

    Key Features:
    • 70mg DMAA, 300mg caffeine
    • Many nitric oxide boosters (nitrates, agmatine, GMS)
    • Extremely potent formula
    • Agmatine included to lower blood pressure (DMAA may elevate it)

    The skull might be the perfect picture to describe this pre workout.

    Not only is it packed with nitric oxide boosters but it also has a mean dosage of stims.

    With 300mg of caffeine and 70mg of DMAA, you really do not want to mistake this for your average pre workout.​

    This may as well be the strongest pre workout. So try starting with half a scoop.

    Our review can be found here.​

    Key Features:
    • 40mg DMAA
    • 275mg caffeine
    • 300mg AMP citrate
    • 40mg higenamine
    • 2 grams beta alanine, 500mg agmatine

    Instinct (formerly known as Animal Instinct) formalizes DMAA with a few other stimulants to get you in a energized, awaken state of mind.

    This pre workout is strong and has the ingredients to back it up. Like most of the pre workouts here, start with one scoop and don't underestimate it.

    Of course, you'll find this pwo on our strongest pre workout list

    Key Features:
    • 60-70 mg Of DMAA (prop blend)
    • Agmatine, beta alanine
    • Pumps and laser like focus

    (Unavailable / out of stock) Dragon Fire is one that is hard to find but it can still be found if you really want it. 

    I found a supply from eBay but everywhere else seems to be out of stock.

    Dragon Fire seems so strong that people started to take this for their workouts since Craze was banned. ​

    While everything is in a prop blend, you can still see that the directions say don't take more than one scoop.

    That generally means that the stimulants are maxed out at one scoop or go even beyond the average amount of stims!

    Amino Acids with DMAA (Intra-Workouts)

    Key Features:
    • 20mg DMAA and 100mg caffeine
    • 5g amino acids

    Just recently released, Off The Chain is the only intra amino acid supplement that has DMAA.

    The aminos will help you recover faster, while the stimulants will help you stay energized and focused.

    This is should be treated like a pre workout that is light on stimulants. So be careful if you're combining it with other pre workouts. ​

    The Beginning Of An End

    There's still way more to come as there's constantly more DMAA based pre workouts that are being released. Jack3d was only the beginning of it. Not the end.

    So keep an eye out, check out the strongest pre workouts if you're looking for something powerful or check our pre workout buying guide. ​

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