7+ Cheap Homemade Pre Workout Ideas: How To Make Your Own [2021 Guide]

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Updated Apr 6, 2021



I don't like other people making decisions for me.

I'm sure you don't either.

Pre workouts decide what you get and you have to choose from pre made formula's that may or may not have everything that you want.

What if you had full control over your pre workout formula's?

It would be a lot cheaper.

If you're looking for a beginner friendly pre workout, check this list out. 

Here's how you can make your own pre workout…


There's a reason why pre workouts are growing in popularity.

They are awesome.

From the energy to the focus and pumps, what's not to love?

However not all pre workouts are created equally.

Some are underdosed and useless with just caffeine being useful, while otherrs make you feel like you can lift the heaviest weight on the rack with full excitement.

Very few pre workouts actually contain clinical doses and the ones that do, still have their weaknesses and strengths.

And you may have your own preferences.

What if you don't want the tingles from beta alanine? Or the creatine that you may already have?

Or what if you want to use less stimulants, and more erogenic aids.

And what about flavoring and the extra ingredients that you may not want?

Pre Workout Ingredient Prices

BulkStimulants offers exotic stimulants at decent prices. 

If you're in the States, you can order with free shipping. 

For the rest of the world, they charge $38 for priority shipping, and around $50 with a courier like DHL.

Here's their prices:

  • DMAA: $55 for 10g (140-166 servings at 60-70mg) ($0.30-$0.40$ serving)
  • DMHA: $40 for 10g (50-100 servings at 100-200mg) ($0.40-$0.80)
  • Eria Jarensis: $30 for 10g (34-50 servings 200-300mg) ($0.60 to $0.88)
  • Super Synephrine: 50$ for 10g (300-200 servings at 30-50mg) ($0.16 to $0.25)

BulkSupplements and MyProtein:

Pre Workout Rankings List

We have a few lists for pre workout rankings. 

It's a good idea to see what ingredients other top ranking pre workouts use as inspiration for your own pre workout. 

The most common and useful ingredients are:

  • Caffeine
  • Beta Alanine 
  • Citrulline

Everything else is extra and optional. 

Or you can even add your own ingredients to an existing pre workout, like DMAA or DMHA to one that doesn't already have it. 

Here are our rankings:

How to Make Your Own Pre Workout


These are the cheapest choices:

How to make your own pre workout:

This is a simple recipe that contains the most proven ingredients to make your own pre workout ($0.65-0.80 per serving):

While creatine is another proven ingredient that works, it doesn't need to be taken before a workout.

Your body becomes saturated with creatine as you take it and once you stop taking it, it takes a few days for it to leave your body.

This recipe is if you wanted to take it a step further and add in more nitric oxide support:

(Beta Alanine is optional)

If you wanted to include exotic stimulants:




Dark energy type of pre workout without the GABA (this is only for advanced users, a measuring scale is a must). 

Here's the kind of formula you would make if you wanted to replicate Dark Energy but without the GABA.

It costs anywhere from $2-$2.10, and of course it would be cheaper if you bought the powders in bulk.




This is a recipe for a pre workout if you wanted a simple and proven formula without the extras like exotic stimulants.

It's plain and what would work according to the studies. 

The price would range from $0.92 to $1.09, and it would be better than most pre workouts with a similar formula as they would have a higher price point per serving. 

In fact I would argue this would be better than the mainstream pre workouts like Pre-Jym and Pre-Kaged because this contains your full dose, no half doses like beta alanine and it doesn't contain anything extra that you don't need. 

The “Pre-FitFrek”:




Here's a decently homemade recipe that contains only DMHA and eria jarensis for exotic stimulants. 

It costs minimum $2.50 assuming you only buy the smallest sizes of the bulk powders. 

The “Mr. FitFrek Feel Goods” Pre Workout:




Alright I admit, this has beyond our ideal budget. 

At $3.20 per serving, this comes out to $90 in total for 30 servings. 

But if you cut out beta alanine, and maybe lower the dose on citrulline, maybe even cut out synephrine then you'd cut down the costs to $2.50 per serving, making it come out to $50. 

And this price goes down if you buy the bulk powders in bigger amounts.  

And if you cut eria jarensis in half then you have a flat $2.00 per serving pre workout.

The “Extreme FitFrek” Pre Workout ($3.20) serving):



Why Make Your Own Pre Workout

Making your own pre workout means you have full control of not only the ingredients but also the cost.

A 4-5 ingredient containing pre workout only costs half a dollar per serving, that's with 8g citrulline, 4g beta alanine and 200mg caffeine.

Compared to mainstream brands, that's about 50% cheaper and they usually have less caffeine and beta alanine.

Look at these prices by popular brands:

  • Cellucor C4: $30 for 30 servings (1.6g Beta Alanine, 1g Creatine Nitrate) 
  • Pre Jym: $39 for 20 servings (6.5g citrulline, 3g BCAA's, 2.5g betaine, 1.6g beta alanine, 1g tyrosine)

C4 just proves how much companies can take advantage by under supplying on doses while being one of the top pre workouts. 

The only benefit you'll notice is the caffeine and maybe the pumps but even the nitric oxide boosters are underdosed. 

Pre Jym makes things look better, but you don't really need BCAA's as a pre workout and beta alanine is underdosed. 

It's an example of a pre workout putting ingredients you don't really need.

Ingredients are picked

You get to pick what goes into your pre workout.

You're getting the ingredients that you want and none of the ingredients that you don't want.

Getting more or less or none of a ingredient is completely up to you.


We broke down the costs above and it really is cheaper to make your own pre workout.

Most ingredients are cheap to buy in bulk and they are even cheaper when they are bought in bulk.

When you buy ingredients, they contain more than a month's worth of supply.

So buying bulk ingredients means you'll only have to do it every few months.


It's one thing to have the ingredients that you want, but it's another to control the doses.

A lot of pre workout uses proprietary blends that are typically used to hide the dosages of useful ingredients.

While more pre workouts are not using prop blends, it's more appealing to be able to control the dosages for your own pre workout.


Some people don't care about flavoring but some, or most companies will use coloring or artificial ingredients to make the pre workout drink look pretty.

By making your own pre workout you'll be able to control the flavoring, or even make it unflavored so you don't need to have the extra ingredients that you don't care about.

Some ingredients do taste pretty bad when it's unflavored though like BCAA's.

The Downsides

Making your own pre workout will cost you a bit of time and research.

Before you mix your pre workout you need to dose the ingredient correctly. Some powders may come with a pre measured scoop but stimulants like caffeine will most certainty need a scale to measure.

You need to know what you want to achieve.

Mixing in creatine and caffeine will help with strength, but what about citrulline or beta alanine? Do you need those?

Flavoring can be a challenge if your pre workout mix tastes bad.

You need to do research on dosages.

While you won't need to do much research, you'll just have to remember or write it down so you won't forget.


Caffeine is the main stimulant in almost all pre workouts (except the stim-free ones of course).

It works by increasing alertness, energy and decreasing what makes you feel tired (adenosine). 

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous is an osmolyte and it can function as a methyl donor and attach itself to homocysteine.

Homocysteine can have a negative impact on muscle protein synthesis.


Citrulline can improve performance and decrease the burn that you'd feel from performing multiple sets / reps.. 

It works similarly to beta alanine, in that it can decrease ammonia in muscles, and it can increase arginine levels, which helps with pumps and muscle fullness. 

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is what you feel when you have tingles after drinking a pre workout.

It's a harmless sensation, but it takes time for your body to build up on beta alanine, similarly how creatine does.


Agmatine can prevent nitric oxide levels from dropping by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down arginine. 

Homemade or PreMade

Now that you've seen the prices and possible formula's for homemade formula's, you can compare it to a pre workout you usually buy. 

Sometimes it's better to buy bulk powders anyway so you can add it to your favorite pre workout. 

For example buying exotic stimulants in bulk can make any regular pre workout into a hardcore one with a simple addition. 

You can check out our best pre workouts for muscle building or our strongest list for exotic pre workouts. 


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