The No Bullsh%t Guide to Bodybuilding

By Nader Qudimat / Jun 28, 2015

Building muscle isn’t as simple as throwing up a few sets and hoping for the best gains…

At least not if you want to have a built body that demands attention and become the beast that you are. 

Before you start lifting weights, you need to understand how you can design yourself a program and figure out your goals.

It’s essential to know what you’ll do before you go into any workout or you’ll find yourself wasting time wondering what you should do next.

You also need to know what you should eat and the correct way to lift weights without injuring yourself.

And that doesn’t even touch on lifting tempo’s, repetitions, number of sets, whole body workouts or splits, and how often you should workout.


By knowing all of these things BEFORE you start working out you’ll be able to decide on everything without wasting time or money on the wrong things like supplements and unnecessary gym expenses.

You can start doing the right things right on the first day of lifting, avoid injuries and put yourself in a position to gain muscle as efficiently as possible.

All of this will be taught here, in the Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding.

Table Of Contents
1. Things you need to understand before you begin2. How to determine your body type and level of lifting?3. Should you workout at home or at the gym?4. How to make homemade gym equipment5. What’s the best way to accomplish goals and continually progress?6. What's the best diet for muscle growth?7. What's the best diet for burning fat while maintaining (or growing) muscles?8. How many calories should you consume?9. What should meal frequency and timing look like?10. How much protein, carbs, fats and fiber do you need?11. How to minimize fat gain12. What are common diet mistakes and myths13. How to structure your program and workouts for the best results?14. What is progressive overload?15. How often should you workout?16. How intense and should you go to failure?17. How much volume should your workout have?18. How long should you rest between sets?19. What Are The Best Exercises For Muscle Building?20. Why My Muscles Stopped Growing?21. Advanced Techniques For Blasting Plateau's And Muscle Growth22. How To Workout Without A Spotter23. How To Avoid Injuries24. How to workout after an injury25. Speed Up Muscle Growth With Proper Recovery 26. Deloading: A Secret Weapon For Maximum Muscle Growth27. How To Avoid Overtraining 28. Feeling Sick: Should You Workout? 29. Mindset & Motivation: Everything You Need To Know30. Get Inspired By Real Life Stories And Transformations 31. Steroids And Bodybuilding: Do You Need 'Roids? 32. Best Supplements To Take And Guides 33. The Truth And Myths Of Bodybuilding Supplements 34. Creatine: What Is It And Is It Safe? 35. Should You Take Pre Workouts?36. How To Maximize The Muscle Pump 37. Muscle Building Workouts For Various Levels38. Other Bodybuilding Guides39. Bodybuilding resources40. Conclusion

2. How to determine your body type and level of lifting?

You should know what your level of lifting is and your body type to help you determine the most suitable program for yourself.

Everyone has a specific body type.

You can’t expect to make the same level of progress and program as someone else who has a different body type and lifting experience.

In this section you’ll learn how you can determine your level of lifting so you can lift hard while maximizing muscle gains.

HOT TIP: Start from where you are comfortable at so you don’t let your ego take control of your workout.

3. Should you workout at home or at the gym?

Bodyweight training vs home gym vs regular gym vs expensive gym

A common misconception about building muscle is that you need the most expensive gym equipment to make the most possible high end gains. There’s lots of ways to build muscle and gyms are just one of the options.

The only option you should give yourself is a way to challenge yourself continually so your body doesn’t get comfortable at its current state as you should always progressively overload your muscles for the best results but in case you want a second opinion check the resources below….

4. How to make homemade gym equipment

Gym equipment can be expensive and there is no reason why you should be paying hundreds when you do it yourself for next to nothing.

You can make your own home gym out of wood, nails and a couple of other things. You would be surprised how strong wood can be when it’s properly structured.


5. What’s the best way to accomplish goals and continually progress?

Choosing the appropriate goals that are challenging but yet realistic for you to accomplish is an important part of the bodybuilding process.

You’ll learn how you can set goals, keep track and continually make progress so you can always find yourself gaining more mass than you could ever imagine.

You make a lot more progress if you don't post your workouts on Facebook. Write it down and just lift!

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6. What's the best diet for muscle growth?

Eating to gain muscle is made to look simple with all of the “guru’s” telling you to “just eat, stuff yourself, go monster and eat for crying out loud”. You have to get your diet right or you’ll set yourself up for failure as diet is super important.

You’ll learn the basics of what you should eat and what your meals should look like.

Just in case

7. What's the best diet for burning fat while maintaining (or growing) muscles?

How to optimize your diet to gain muscle and how to adjust your diet so you can burn fat while maintaining your gains.

There are tons of diets out there and really, there is no “one size fits all” in this area. Most people make the mistake that they should only consume protein while cutting and everything while bulking…huge mistake!

You’ll learn how you should optimize your diet for cutting and how you can bulk while minimizing fat gains. What you should avoid when cutting and what you should eat to maximize gains on a gaining phase.

You start cutting when you stop feeling sexy. You look in the mirror and you're wondering what happened...- "When do I start cutting?"

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8. How many calories should you consume?

Calorie counting is one of the biggest concerns for lifters who are skinny and if you get stressed about your calorie intake it could set back your progress drastically.

Take your diet seriously but counting calories may just be a waste of time for you. If you want a second opinion check these resources out so you can maximize your diet for the best results.

Every pound of muscle gained, is another 50 calories burned daily. #musclegain

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9. What should meal frequency and timing look like?

You’ve been told that you should consume 6 to 8 meals a deal or else you’ll miss out on some gains. Well there’s some truth to that but mostly not. Nothing has been proven about meal frequency other than that you need food for your muscles to grow.

These resources will help you decide on how often you should eat and the real truth about meal timing.

Meal frequency has NO effect on metabolism.

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10. How much protein, carbs, fats and fiber do you need?

Everyone knows that bodybuilders love protein, but carbs, fats and fiber are equally essential for any serious lifter as the human body needs everything to optimize muscle growth and gains.

I personally recommend that you consume whole meals that have a balance of all macros and you don’t limit yourself from any vegetable or fruit. These resources below you’ll find out what is the right macros for you.

11. How to minimize fat gain

Your gains don’t have to be covered in fat and neither does your belly.

A bodybuilder is not a lifestyle of monster eating until you get fat and look pregnant. Sometimes eating more isn’t the answer. While you can’t look shredded with an extremely low body fat all year long, you can at least look ripped with minimal fat gains.

You’ll learn how to make muscle gains while minimizing fat

12. What are common diet mistakes and myths

Just in case

Mistakes are bound to happen; it’s just part of the learning process. Most people don’t learn from their mistakes. By minimizing mistakes you can make the most out of your time and the hard effort that you put into your diet.

Discover how the common mistakes that are made to diets, make the most out of your gains and dispel the myths that surround food.

13. How to structure your program and workouts for the best results?

Make your own programs, choose your own exercises, and instantly learn how you should structure your workouts.

Most bodybuilders decide to straight up take a program or a workout they read in a magazine or online and wonder why they aren’t making any gains or even worse, why they feel overtrained.

This is NOT how you should go about bodybuilding.

You’ll learn how to make workouts that work for you and look like you know what you’re doing right from the beginning.

14. What is progressive overload?

This is where most people go wrong. Without progressive overload you have nothing to gain from and you can do everything else right but still fail because your body needs a reason to grow.

Progressive overload is a key principal so don’t underestimate it.

You’ll understand how to progress through your workouts, constantly hit new personal records and learn how you can keep making gains through progressive overload.

15. How often should you workout?

Workout too often and you could stop making progress. Workout too little, and you’ll just take forever to gain some serious muscle mass.

Understanding how often you should workout can make or break your progress. You should know when to cut down on training or when you should add more workout sessions.

16. How intense and should you go to failure?

Failure is a heavily debated topic in the bodybuilding world. There’s really no straight answer as you search around so it’s always going to be asked.

I personally take some of my sets to failure. I feel like I get much more out of my workout but I also enjoy the intensity of it. Failing brings promotes more of a self-awareness of what my abilities are and how far I can push myself both mentally and physically.

These resources will help you decide which sets to take to failure, or if it’s even something you should be doing.

17. How much volume should your workout have?

As with failure, there’s really no straight answer as it depends on the other factors of your workout such as intensity and workout level.

When you’re just starting out you’ll want to do at least 3 to 4 sets per exercise so you can practice the form without rushing through. You’ll learn here on how you can have the right amount of volume that is right for YOU (not anyone else) and how to determine the volume for each workout.

20. Why My Muscles Stopped Growing?

It’s common to hear the complaint of something that isn’t growing. Sometimes focusing on that particular muscle is the wrong answer.

I’ve made the mistake of focusing too much on chest and biceps as I started bodybuilding. Muscle imbalances can really limit or even stop muscle growth.

Here are some resources that you’ll learn on how you can fix those common issue’s and keep each muscle growing and balanced.

21. Advanced Techniques For Blasting Plateau's And Muscle Growth

There are tons of techniques you can do to make your workouts more intense, challenging or just more fun. Step out of your zone by trying any of these techniques…

HOT TIP: Some techniques will drain you much faster and harder than others – use them but listen to your body.

22. How To Workout Without A Spotter

A spotter can be extremely useful when we put ourselves at risk under heavy weights but they aren’t always an option. I’ve never depended on a spotter though I do ask for help when I find it necessary.

Bench pressing with dumbbells and using special techniques to make your workouts more challenging are always an option. Learn from these resources on how you can progress without a spotter.

HOT TIP: If you go to a gym with a power rack, you can use the safety poles to catch the weight if it was to fall from you whether for squats or bench press.

24. How to workout after an injury

Back, shoulder, legs, knees, muscles; all of these are prone to injuries. You don’t want to make your injuries worse but you also don’t want to lose the habit of lifting. Here’s a few resources that teach you how you can lift if you have an injury.

26. Deloading: A Secret Weapon For Maximum Muscle Growth

Recovery, growth and progress are all factors into how far you can take your muscle gains.

Learn from these resources that will help you understand recovery.

27. How To Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining is more common than you think, and most people mistake it as a good thing.

As a natural bodybuilder, overtraining can be one of the main reasons why you aren't growing. Learn from these resources on how you can prevent it and what you can do to fix it if you've already fallen victim to it.

28. Feeling Sick: Should You Workout?

Being sick isn’t easy and depending on how sick you are, it can really take a toll out of your body.

You’ll learn how to determine if you can workout if you don’t feel well.

30. Get Inspired By Real Life Stories And Transformations

You want to know if there are other people like yourself that have gone through what you plan to go through so you don’t waste time. You fear failure, but that’s a part of human nature. Here’s a few resources of transformations and inspiring stories that will take you from skinny to the beast that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Just in case

31. Steroids And Bodybuilding: Do You Need 'Roids?

Steroids are a hot topic in bodybuilding but it is also the most abused in the sport. It isn’t the answer to muscle gains as you still need to workout.

Being a natural bodybuilder I am glad I can say you really don’t need steroids. It is hard to define natural but steroids are a serious topic that needs to be taught and understood. It isn’t a secret that it is out there.

So here are a few resources that you can learn from about the broad topic.

HOT TIP: No matter how much roids you pump into yourself, you can never outdo someone as genetically gifted as Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman (unless of course you're genetically gifted like they are!).

32. Best Supplements To Take And Guides

Learn the ABC’s of supplements before you walk into another GNC. You may be better off buying them from the internet as you get a better selection and you are sometimes lied to by sales people who are driven by commissions.

You’ll learn from these resources about supplements and what really works.

33. The Truth And Myths Of Bodybuilding Supplements

You’ll be surprised to learn that not all supplements that are constantly recommended are necessary. Some people love spending more on supplements than on food. But the truth is, supplements are only to supplement your diet.

If you’re not getting enough protein and you don’t have time to prepare meals, obviously a protein powder can go a long ways in helping you but it shouldn’t take over your diet.

34. Creatine: What Is It And Is It Safe?

Creatine is one of the most studied and proven ingredients in the supplement industry. Companies are always coming out with new forms of it promising more effieceny or gains. The truth is, nothing will ever beat creatine monohydrate. Creatine nitrate might be the next best thing, but here are a few resources to get a second opionon if you like…

35. Should You Take Pre Workouts?

Pre workouts help put you and your mind into the zone. It energizes, stimulates, and pushes you to the next level. Too much of a good thing though can be bad. Stimulants in pre workouts are always increasing and the need to take breaks are always on the rise.

Here are a few resources to teach you what you need to know about pre workout supplements.

HOT TIP: Pre workouts with full doses of ingredients will always be superior to those pre’s with mini doses of pixie dust.

36. How To Maximize The Muscle Pump

Whether you’re going on vacation or hitting the club you’ll want to learn how you can look jacked even when you’re not in the gym.

Learn from these resources that will teach you how you can pump up your muscles.

38. Other Bodybuilding Guides

40. Conclusion

The Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding has hopefully provided you everything you need to start creating workouts that will help gain muscle, get tons of ideas for fresh workouts, help you get motivated and get you on track to obtaining that ripped body you’ve been chasing after.

Please share this guide on your favorite social media network using the buttons below now if you have found this useful and leave a comment below.





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  • Wow Nader, the detail you’ve gone into and the amount of resources you have provided are incredible! The various workout programs you provided were extremely helpful too – thanks!

    • Nader says:

      Thanks EG, glad you checked it out.

      What are you trying to achieve these days ? More strength, muscle or all of the above? 😛

  • Hi Nader, Man Im really loving this article, Ive found all kinds of information. I really like how to go from skinny to muscular in 7 steps as diet really play a big part in building muscle. I have a question though, What do you think about elderly and body weight exercises? I get asked this a lot from my on readers at ( healthy ) and wanted to know what you thought about it.

    • Nader says:

      Hi Jay,

      Welcome man, thanks for the comment.

      Elderly should exercise with what they are capable of. What they can do depends on many factors, with the first one being what their doctors have advised them.

      Assuming they are perfectly healthy, they should start with what they know. I’m no expert in elderly exercise, but I’m a firm believer in improving what you can do.

      So if they can squat their own bodyweight 15-20 times, then they can easily make it more difficult by adding more weight.

      But again your question was general, don’t know what exactly you’re looking for though.

      So hopefully I gave you some direction here..

  • Thx a lot Nader, thats exactly what i was looking for and squats are one of my main exercises I love them. Im going to post something along the lines of elderly workouts and would probably incorporate a few low impact exercises or something similar. What you think would be the best 3 for them?

    Thx, Jay

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    Thanks buddy!!

  • Marcus Borg says:

    Hi Nader, I really enjoyed the list and I most definitely agree with your no bullshit mantra! On section 37 ‘Muscle Building Workouts For Various Levels’ you mention a Jason Ferruggia article on bodyweight training which is great.

    I myself have written a really extensive article that goes into a bit more depth than the one you linked to It might be worth linking on here for the readers benefit!

    Keep up the good writing Nader 🙂


    • Hi Marcus

      Looks good!

      Do you train at home yourself?

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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