Top 10 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements For 2021

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Jan 27, 2021


From the hardest hitting to the aggressive, this strongest pre workout guide has it all.

Whether you're looking for legal amphetamine (or the next craze)…

There's a strong demand for the stim filled pre workouts.

And I get trust me.

You might want to get up at 5 am, and hit the iron super hard or you might come back sick and tired from work…

So you'd want a pre workout that hits you harder than anything else in the world but at the same time, you don't want to take Crack.

If you're not already taking your basic supplements like ZMA and creatine, then you might not be making the most out of these pre workouts.

The 3 main stimulants we split pre workouts by are standard, exotic and DMAA.

Exotic stimulants can include DMHA and Eria Jarensis.

While our DMAA list can include DMHA, but some pre workouts are coming out with both DMAA and DMHA in one, so they are included in this list.

If you're looking for complete pre workouts for bulking with ergogenic ingredients, then check out our regular pre workout guide here.

Just a quick update:

We've managed to secure the best deals here. 

You won't find prices like these anywhere else. 

We're talking about prices like Dark Energy for $37.50 each (discount code DARKBOHO)

Or one bottle for $38.25 with discount code FITFREK or, alternatively, from this store.

The prices here have never been as low as this. 

Most coupon codes will either be FITFREK or FITFREK5.

And also we've revamped the list, re arranged some pre workouts and added news ones (including a ultra-aggressive one).

We keep this post updated weekly (monthly at most). 

So bookmark this page and keep it saved. 

You can stack any pre workout with any stimulant-free (no caffeine) nitric oxide supplement (See our nitric oxide buying guide).

Coupon codes that you can use include FITFREK5 and FITFREK for a bit of savings.

These pre workouts are absolutely not for beginners or weak hearted.

There's 3 main lists you can look at:

  • Standard stimulants (no DMAA or DMHA. We've moved this section to a separate list)
  • DMAA.
  • Exotic stimulants (DMHA and Eria Jarensis)

We keep these pre workouts updated so you'll be the first to know if they have been reformulated from here or from the sites that are selling these.


Are These Pre Workouts for Optimal Performance?

It depends. 

Studies have shown 300mg of caffeine being the best dose for performance, there's little research on exotic stimulants that are mixed together like these. 

How much you can handle should be assessed by taking half or less the recommended servings. 

More is not always better. 

Advanced bodybuilders may avoid these heavy stimulant pre workouts.

They'd opt for non-stimulant pre workouts as they wont constrict blood flow as much as these hard hitting pre workouts. 

Imagine trying to do 350lb squats with your heart already pounding from taking a heavy cocktail of stimulants?


Unless you want to lay in bed for many days in a row feeling drained as a peach that is out of its season, don't abuse these pre workouts.

Don't go against the recommendations for servings. 

And don't use them for every workout, weeks on end without taking a break from them.

The withdrawals are the worst.

You don't want to be a slave for stimulants. 

The strongest pre workout isn't always optimal.

My advice: don't use them more than 3 times (4 max) a week. 

Get another pre workout with none to moderate stimulants like Transparent Labs Bulk or any pre workout with less than 300mg caffeine.

Because once you go off these hard hitters, you'll feel so drained and tired that you'll feel completely useless on the days that you don't take these. 

You won't even be able to do basic functions, let alone workouts. 

Do check out our DMAA or Ephedra top 10 list for those specific stimulants.

Warning: Limit your caffeine sources.

While you're using a stimulant filled pre workout, or any pre workout for that matter, don't drink coffee or consume anything with caffeine (including Pepsi and other soda drinks)

You're going to workout for the muscle gains, not for the chasing the dragon high. Use these with a proper bodybuilding routine, good nutrition and possibly a mass gainer or a protein powder, and you've got yourself on the road to more gains…

Do your research.

There are many compounds out there that can enhance size and strength, even natural solutions like Laxogenin which is seen as the “plant steroid”.

Read up our pre workout review on Lean if you want something for weight loss.

If you don't want any exotic stimulants, consider Wrecked or PreSeries Bulk by Transparent Labs, both contain high amounts of stimulants and will help increase performance. 

You don't want to take a pre workout after 12 pm or the caffeine will remain in your system because of it's 5 hour half life and it will affect your sleep. 

Transparent Bulk is a future-proof pre workout you can take without the nasty withdrawals.

Where Are The Aggressive Pre Workouts?

It's been a while since we've seen a truly aggressive pre workout.

And luckily for you, there's good news.

We found a super aggressive pre workout (use 15% off coupon code FITFREK) that will actually make you want to destroy the weights. 

Let's say, if you take this without working out, you'll probably break something.

Well, hopefully not but that's how you will feel. 

You'll see it at the very bottom, in the 2nd top 10 list.

And by aggressive pre workouts, we mean the ones that'll make you feel like you're turning into the hulk for your workouts.

They tend to get you hyped up in a way that brings out your stress and frustrations, into something that is positive, like exercise.

Obviously that doesn't mean these pre workouts will make hurt people (get out of here if it does!).

It will make you lock onto your stress and channel it towards every set, rep and exercise.

Motivation, aggression and hunger for more….

It'll make you rush towards a barbell loaded with 45 pound plates.

With these pre workouts containing a mix of stims and nootropics, it'll make you feel excited to hold and lift the soulless cold iron.

A lot of pre workouts on the market used to specialize in this category.

A notable one was Anadraulic State GT by LG Science (ASGT).

We have a lot of trouble finding comparable pre workouts if there are any at all.

It's most likely better just to go for a pure testosterone booster like these, some of them will increase aggression. 

Pre workouts tend to affect people in different ways. 

Someone could say 300mg caffeine makes them sleep while for you it may give you anxiety and nervousness. 

Other stimulants like DMHA, or DMAA, or synephrine or a combination of these could also have different effects but in general, these will increase energy and focus. 

We update this list frequently (because we're obsessed with pre workouts).

And we'll make our best effort to find the ones that help with that aggression and/or that relentless energy, that makes you want to crush your workouts into pieces.

Though it may not be a part of our top 10 rankings since there's more than just one factor to consider and usually you'll get these aggressive feelings from within yourself: Frenzy by Driven sports.

If you're over 22 years old at least, you can check out the hardcore prohormone boosters that may help with that youthful aggression that you're looking for like Halodrol or from our prohormone list

You should try to optimize your testosterone and hormone production which can be done through diet, supplementation and proper recovery.

Equalizer is an aggression inducing pre workout. It's potent..

What's The Best Craze Alternative?

We've found a pre workout that just may replace Craze, at least in the focus department.

You've been searching for that very pre, and we have too but none of them ever came close, not even Driven Sport's latest Frenzy (forget about Craze V2 it won't replace the first version).

Craze was the only pre workout that could produce that awesome tunnel focus along with strong euphoria, although there was more than likely to be banned substances in it.

So you'd like to have some of that tunnel focus again, which is possible, though the euphoria aka “feel good energy” may not be there.

Scroll down the list below for the best alternative for Craze.

It definitely has something that's not listed on the profile. 

Potent pre workout with strong energy and euphoria. It contains both DMHA and DMAA and is one of our favorite pre workouts for 2021.

Get it at $38.25 (best price) with 15% off using discount code FITFREK at NutriCartel. 

Or get it for it for 33$ each when you buy 3 from this site.

Muscle Building Supplements

We don't recommend using these hardcore muscle builders if you're a beginner, or if you're under 22 years old. 

These types of pre workouts are more than enough to give you an advantage for gains with a properly designed program. 

We're not saying these will 100% work for you. But these are just buying guides with recommendations.

Even creatine, a well researched supplement, doesn't work for some people. 

However if you're still looking for something hardcore, check out these lists:

If you don't like crashes or exotic stimulants, check out either Bulk or Wrecked. (Discount code FITFREK)

Now that we have that out of the way, here's our strongest pre workout guide:

Top Strongest Pre Workouts With DMAA

Get DMAA bulk and you can turn any pre workout into an exotic one. Click the image.

So you want to turn any pre workout into a DMAA one? Then this is the choice for you.

This is pure bulk DMAA. It's the one and only as no other vendor sells exotic stimulants like this. 

Use a milligram scale like this one because the 5mg scoop it comes with is basically useless, the powder can clump up, and with something as strong as DMAA, you need to be as precise as possible. 

Now with DMAA, you can take anywhere from 20mg to 75mg (safely, without elevating blood pressure) and you'll feel the effects elevate around 60 minutes after consuming. 

It'll last for 4 hours, and you'll feel an increase of energy, stronger than caffeine of course, and along with that you'll feel more motivation, clear minded and stimulated. 

This is a good chance to buy DMAA in bulk so you can have it in storage for a long time, and you can turn any boring pre workout into an exotic one with this. 

Just remember to be safe and use a milligram scale. 

Similarly you can get DMHA and eria jarensis from the same store. 



Jack3d is one of the first pre workouts on the market with DMAA.

When it was discontinued, other pre workouts like Mesomorph took over.

But now it's hard to find any pre workouts at all with DMAA.

Surprisingly, Jack3d is back and it has nearly the exact same formula as the original.

This time however, DMAA is not only back in Jack3d, but it also comes with a hard hitting combination of stimulants like DMHA and 405mg of caffeine!

Per scoop, you'll only get around 100mg caffeine, and 25mg DMAA.

To get the full 405mg caffeine and 75mg DMAA, you'd need to use 3 scoops.

Surprisingly, it still contains the weakest nitric oxide boosters known to supplement users and that's arginine.

The problem with arginine is that it's not very bioavailable and there are much better options like agmatine and citrulline.

However Jack3d is still fairly cheap and it's mainly back for it's stimulants.

For energy, you won't find anything stronger.

The rest of the ingredients are in a prop blend so you won't really know how much beta alanine and creatine you're getting.

Use this 15% off coupon code if you're buying it from FITFREK



Leatherfaze is a strange name for a pre workout, but seems suitable for something that is underground.

An advertisement for this pre workout might say something like “DMAA is hard to find and if you need some, then Leatherfaze is the one for you.” and it would sound like the perfect name for such a controversial stimulant.

It has 45mg DMAA, which is the perfect amount as anything over 70mg puts you at risk for higher blood pressure and unwanted side effects.

It packs a lot of ingredients, each scoop packs 20 grams!

Try this out before it's another discontinued DMAA pre workout.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



Kreed is another hard hitting pre workout with the strongest stimulants.

High octane energy is what you should expect with Kreed as it contains 3 exotic stimulants.

While we don't know the dosages of each ingredient, it DMAA, DMHA and Eria Jarensis.

Any pre workout with DMHA and DMAA will already be a strong pre workout but when you add all 3 to the mix, along with other stimulants, you have a pre workout in it's ultimate form.

Kreed would be even better if it's formula was fully disclosed.

Unfortunately it's not but it is still a worthy pre workout that must be tried at least once.

It also has nootropics to help further maintain workout intensity through focus and cognitive enhancements.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



You probably know the struggle.

Finding reasonably priced DMAA pre workouts is a mission.

But we're on top of it and here we have another fantastic pre workout that almost looks like it's coming from a pharmaceutical company (and no it's not).

Phenta Inferno is the second DMAA based supplement to come from Atlas Labs.

The fat burner they have is Phenta 1,3.

Phenta 1,3 is one of the strongest we've seen, maxing out each serving at 80mg DMAA, 350mg caffeine, 100mg synephrine and 45mg hordenine HCL.

Now for both 1,3 and Inferno, the DMAA dosage is disclosed, which is great, but the performance boosters for Inferno are in prop blends (agmatine, hordenine, beta-alanine, and taurine).

Companies will be happy to hide stimulants in prop blends but this one is only disclosing stimulants.

Strange but we'll take it if it has DMAA!

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



If there's one thing you'll agree with, we can never get enough of DMAA pre workouts.

There seems to be an endless supply of it, even though it is not as widely available as it once was, it's still easy to find.

Chaotic is a pre workout that contains 80mg DMAA, yes just a little over the safe limit of 70mg.

Anything over 70mg is a bit risky for side effects like increased blood pressure.

Aside from that, there's 350mg caffeine and 3mg yohimbine HCL.

The rest of it is purely for performance and pumps, from beta alanine to citrulline malate and taurine.

The creatine is a bit underdosed but you should be supplementing that anyway.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



If mood support and energy is your priority, then Krak'n might be your choice.

This pre workout is packed with big and clinical doses of performance enhancers, from 6g citrulline malate to 3.2g beta alanine, 2g taurine, 750mg DMAE and over 1g of stimulants and mood enhancers.

Krak'n is made by God Status, a company that makes strong DMHA based pre workouts from Zeus  to Leviathan, and these pre workouts have strong nitric oxide boosters with them.

Similarly to Dark Energy, this has 50mg GABA, meaning the energy will be smoothed out and it won't be as harsh.

This helps smooths out the potential crash that comes with taking hard hitting stimulants.

Use coupon code FITFREK for a big discount.



Volt is a straight forward, no gimmicks type of pre workout.

Without any special blends, this pre workout dives right in with 6.4g beta alanine.

That's tingle galore if you haven't taken beta alanine for a while, you'll certainly be tingling after taking this.

But this will subside overtime, hence why we recommend having this in bulk.

Then we have a little bit of under dosing with 3.6g citrulline malate, but that is made up by using a huge amount of beta alanine, and a clinical dose of betaine anhydrous, as well as 1g taurine.

Pumps will be strong here, as well as strength gains.

The big 100mg dose of DMAA and 350mg of caffeine will get you going for an intense workout, and some more.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



Aventador is one of the few pre workouts that uses both DMHA and DMAA.

It doesn't just use these two hardcore stimulants.

It uses a few other stimulants including caffeine, synephrine, and N-Methyltyramine HCL.

All of these stimulants are going to fire up your CNS, get your heart rate up and pumped for your workouts.

The interesting part of this formula is the testosterone blend. It includes D-aspartic acid and tribulus.

While tribulus won't have any direct effect on testosterone levels, n-methyl-d-aspartic acid will and this form is suppose to be 100 times better than regular D-Aspartic-Acid.

Aventador also includes a bunch of nitric oxide boosters like agmatine, citrulline and a big dose of taurine for maximum vasodilation.

This pre workout has proven to be a hardcore choice, and the price is more than fair, making it one of the best choices that has both DMHA and DMAA.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



How would you like to try the limited edition of this pre workout, with 100mg DMAA, 200mg DMHA and 300mg eria jarensis?

That's what Crack Christmas Edition has (use coupon code FITFREK.) 

Crack is one of the strongest pre workouts we’ve seen yet.

You couldn’t ask for something better…

With 6 powerful nitric oxide boosters, this is actually better than most pre workouts for pump. 

DMAA has a bit of a risk for elevating blood pressure when the dose is over 80mg. 

However that becomes less of an issue as nitric oxide boosters expand blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow and oxygen to be delivered to working muscles.

This packs over 12g of nitric oxide ingredients so you'll not only feel like you're at the top of the world with the energy, but you'll be motivated to lift harder and longer as the pump will get better throughout your workouts. 

It includes arginine nitrates, agmatine sulfate, citrulline and more.

These nitric oxide compounds work to increase N.O. levels, keep them high and prevent them from dropping so you get long lasting pumps. 

The nitric oxide profile is one of the best we've seen in DMAA pre workout. Especially with one that has such a high amount of stimulants. 

You can take half a scoop and you'll still get enough of every ingredient. 

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK

Alternatively, you can get it from this store for $46.75 with the same coupon code (FITFREK).



We thought pre workouts couldn't get any more intense but Kracked has proven us wrong.

This nasty pre workout has all the hardcore stimulants you've seen in pre workouts and more.

We consider this to be ultra-strong in its finest form.

It combines DMAA, with DMHA , ephedra, eria jarensis and you'd wish it would stop there by the time it kicks in.

Kracked is the stim-junkies dream come true but it can also be a nightmare if too much is taken.

Personally, I would advise using a quarter of a scoop.

This is one of the first to combine DMHA with DMAA and both ingredients are highly dosed.

In fact, to avoid elevated blood pressure and heart rate, DMAA should be dosed way less than 100mg!

Take this at your own risk. Do not take a full serving no matter how experienced you are with stimulants.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



It doesn't get darker than this…

Supplement companies seem to have no limit when it comes to formulating and putting together ingredients.

It's a bad and a good thing.

There are safe limits for stimulants and we're responsible for taking in the safe limits or we'd basically be begging the FDA to ban the good stuff like DMAA and DMHA, which by the way you can buy in bulk from here.

This is one of the few that have both, and thankfully the label is fully disclosed.

The downside is that it was a mission to find the ingredient label since the company's site, Magnitude Life Sciences doesn't even display them.

“Not for human consumption” is what they put on their product page for Dark Energy.

And funny enough they didn't put that for their other pre workouts.

No one can actually promise you the ingredients we've listed here are actually in the pre workout.

What we would recommend is taking a quarter of a serving and working your way up according to your tolerance and “feeling”.

The company's site is only 2 years old and the only reviews we can find is from comments on their Facebook posts.

The good news is that people are raving about this Dark Energy for energy.

But careful with this one!

Read up our review on Dark Energy here.

The best price we can find on Dark Energy is $37.50 per bottle at

That's with the buy one get one 50% off (code: DARKBOHO).

Or get one for $38.25 with discount code FITFREK at NutriCartel or from here.

Or get it for it for 33$ each when you buy 3 from this site.

You can also shop RUESCO and use FITFREK5 to get it at $47.50.

If you don't like crashes or exotic stimulants, check out either Bulk or Wrecked. (Discount code FITFREK)

These are both future-proof pre workouts that don't need to be cycled nor have withdrawals. 

Use coupon code FITFREK.




Top 10 Strongest Pre Workouts With Exotic Stims

The ingredients that you see above are not all from one pre workout.

You’ll see the ingredients for each of these versions below…

Ntel Pharma is known for their hardcore supplements. 

They’ve made a few different versions of Arez and they are all potent pre workouts. 

But which one you should go with depends on what you’re looking for. 

Here’s the different versions that are available:

Arez super 

Arez Titanium (replaced Arez White

God of the gym

So how do you pick which to go with? 

If you’re looking for more beta alanine, citrulline, and DMHA, then Arez Titanium is the one for you. 

Or if you want something that is strong but without DMHA, then Arez God of the Gym is perfect and it has more citrulline than Titanium

For more nootropics, fat burning and stimulants, but without DMHA, then Arez Super is a great choice. 

Arez Super is rather impressive because it has 6g citrulline, 1.5g Supra-Thorn, 3.2g beta alanine, 1g PeakO2, 100mg Rhodiola Crenulata and a strong mix of stimulants (with 350mg caffeine, 300mg higenamine, 200mg CholinACE, 50mg Eria Jarensis, 50mg GBBgo and more).

Our review for Arez Super is here

You can use this 5% discount code for Suppz:  FITFREK5

Or from MusclePlayers for 15% off: FITFREK 



An ideal pre workout shouldn't only contain strong stimulants but it should also have strong performance booster.

And that's what BZRK has done for us.

This formula is packed with stimulants and performance boosters.

But the downside to this formula is that it doesn't tell you how much caffeine you're getting or any stimulant for that matter.

The addition of GlycerPump, betaine anhydrous and citrulline malate will get you looking full and pumped for days at a time!

Get BZRK and try it out.



8.HyperMax Extreme by Performax Labs

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme is updated with big changes to the already popular pre-workout.

The ingredients are packed for pumps and energy.

Originally known as HyperMax XT, this pre workout has been heavily upgraded, starting with full disclosure labeling and effective dosing.

HyperMax Extreme is a combination of pump enhancers, energizers, cognitive enhancers and ergogenic aids, providing a complete pre-workout experience.

No doubt about it, this is a high stim/high pump pre-workout – hard to do because stims can restrict blood flow, combating the pump effect you're hoping to get.

This product hits it hard with a potent 400mg of caffeine, and that's supported with 1 gram of tyrosine, which works extremely well when it's paired with caffeine.

Then there's 50mg of synephrine, milder but structurally similar to ephedra, and 2mg yohimbine.

For focus and cognitive enhancement, there's PEA and Eria Jarensis, which is also a form of PEA.

But why two forms of the same ingredient?

According to Performax Labs, the two forms are very synergistic and provide an immediate increase in focus and mood while providing an extended effect.

HyperMax Extreme hits hard with pumps – with 300mg of VASO6, 6g citrulline and agmatine, plus beta-alanine for muscular endurance.

The dosages are for 2 scoops, making it 25 servings in total, but you can still take 1 scoop and get massive pumps and energy.

Even at 25 full servings, it's bucking the trend used by many pre-workouts, which usually advertising 30 1-scoop servings, only to find you need 2 scoops for maximum strength, cutting your 30 servings to 15.

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



Hydrazine is one of the only pre workouts that is considered to be as strong as the OG Craze.

We're not referring to crazy, heart-attack filled energy.

Remember the waves of euphoria, energy and focus that users once raved about with the original first ever Craze?

Expect the same exact feeling with Hydrazine.

Hydrazine doesn't only have a caffeine-focused formula but it is well rounded with different ingredients to enhance focus and mental clarity.

While it doesn't have nitric oxide boosters and strength enhancers like Pre-Kaged or Altius) but it works well for energy and focus.

Check out our in-depth analysis here.

This formula, like Craze and Frenzy, does not depend on caffeine.

If you live in the States, the best alternative is Excelsior by Imperial Labs.

Hydrazine is the best option if you live in the UK or don't mind spending 2-3$ per serving.

It is a tad more expensive than Excelsior.

But if you're already paying 2$ for drinks from a store or the bar, this might look like a bargain since no other drink at such a low price can give strong waves of focus and euphoria.

If you've taken Detonate by Gaspari, the stuff that people swore had the same secret ingredients as the original Craze, then you'll probably know what to expect with Hydrazine.



Defiant Unleashed is one of the best formula's we've seen so far.

It pairs high doses of DMHA, eria jarensis and caffeine with 2 long lasting focus enhancing nootropics, huperzine and choline.

Smooth focus is already going to be there thanks to the combination of DMHA and caffeine, but huperzine makes it last all day without causing any sort of crash.

It even has the basics, citrulline and beta alanine, although that's not needed in a pre workout, it's nice to have.

Check out Defiant Unleashed and use 15% off coupon code FITFREK for further savings.



Alpha Lion is a super fast growing company that has seemingly come out of nowhere with high quality supplements and cool branding.

Super Human Supreme is a prime example of what they are capable of creating.

This pre workout isn't only powered by 200mg DMHA and 200mg Eria Jarensis, but it also has the new nitric oxide ingredient, S7, which is a blend of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and a few others.

S7 has promising effects, even more than 2018's breakthrough ingredient, Nitrosigine.

Luckily this has both in the same formula.

You're going to get long lasting energy with super strong pumps that'll last you for days…

This isn't Super Human, it's Super Human Supreme!

Use this 15% off coupon code FITFREK



Shockwave is a DMHA powered pre workout that has generous doses of eria jarensis, octopamine, higenamine and more to power you through workouts. 

The doses for stimulants are complete and full. 

We're talking doses that are not in most exotic stimulants. 

You're in for a ride, check out these doses…

Shockwave has 200mg DMHA, 200mg eria jarensis, 200mg octopamine, 200mg hordenine, 75mg higenamine, and 300mcg huperzine A.

That's crazy right?

That's not even it, it also has 6.5g citrulline malate and 1g agmatine for pumps

And it’s fairly priced at 43$ with our 15% off discount code FITFREK .

We've never seen this big of a stimulant, and not to mention the 200mg hordenine dose. 

The hordenine will help prolong the energy, preventing the breakdown of the stimulants it's taken with. 

This means you won't have a crash and you'll feel the euphoria for much longer than normal.