8 Best Nootropic Pre Workouts For Focus in 2023

by Nader Qudimat
Updated January 5, 2023

Think about it:

If you could power your mind with the best nootropic ingredients and get through your workouts from the help of one supplement...

Wouldn't that be nice?

Step into the world of nootropic pre workouts. 

These are the ultra strong supplements with mental enhancing ingredients. 

But you can use them for your workouts and you'll still have the focus for a long time after. 

MindSeries Nootropic by Transparent Labs

With 6 nootropic ingredients, along with 3 premium forms, MindSeries Nootropic is a simple but very effective formula for sustaining prolonged focus and energy.

Ingredients: 400mg SerinAid, 300mg Citicoline, 200mg Theanine, 100mg Neurofactor, 100mcg Huperzine A
Stimulants: 100mg Caffeine
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Overtime Nootropic by Apollon Nutrition

At a full serving, Overtime is likely too strong for a day's worth of focus and energy.

But at half a serving, this is the better choice over most nootropic supplements because of it's effective formula.

Ingredients: L-Tyrosine 2000 mg, Lion’s Mane Organic 600 mg, Alpha GPC (50%) 600 mg, 300 mg yield, 200 mg Rhodiola Rosea, 30 mg Noopept, 2.5 mg Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Bark Extract
Stimulants: 500 mg Phenylethylamine, 300 mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 300 mg N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine, 200 mg Di Caffeine Malate yielding, 160 mg Theacrine yielding
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to nootropic supplements, there aren't that many choices.

But the fact that there are still quite a few to choose from is a good sign that it's worth trying if you're trying to make the most out of your productivity and focus.

These are the best nootropics pre workouts:

  • Psychic Warfare by Noo-Hype (euphoric mental energy)
  • Brain Waves Nootropic by Black Magic Supply (mood uplifting nootropic)
  • Skywalk Nootropic by MyoBlox (balanced nootropic)
  • Crack Reloaded (well rounded)
  • Overtime Nootropic V3 by Apollon Nutrition (super strong nootropic)
  • Brain Blitz Pre Workout by Phase One Nutrition (pure pre nootropic supplement)
  • Hooligan Pre Workout By Apollon Nutrition (pumps and nootropics)
  • Nootropic by Transparent Labs (premium nootropic)
  • Cannibal Genius by Chaos and Pain (simple but effective)

Best Nootropic Pre Workouts


Crack Reloaded by Dark Labs

6g Citrulline Malate, 3.2g Beta Alanine, 1g Choline Bitartrate, 1g Agmatine Sulfate, 1g Lion's Mane, 600mg Alpha Gpc 50%, 100mcg Huperzia Serrata

500mg Beta-Phenylethylamine, 500mg Eria Jarensis, 350mg Caffeine, 150mg Caffeine Citrate, 100mg Dicaffeine Malate, 100mg Theobromine HCL, 50mg Isopropylnorsynephrine, 30mg Noopept, 2mg Alpha Yohimbine

When it comes to pre workouts with a complete profile for focus and energy, Crack Reloaded is the one to go to. 

Although it has a lot of caffeine, 600mg, the serving can be cut in half and you'd still be getting enough of the nootropics in here. 

At one full serving, there's a ton of nootropics to last you all day. 

It has 1g choline bitartrate, 600mg Alpha GPC, 1g lions mane, 30mg noopept, 100mcg huperzine and a whole mix of stimulants.  

Even if you take half a serving, you'd still be getting 500mg choline bitartrate, 300mg Alpha GPC, 500mg lion's mane, 15mg noopept, 50mcg huperzine and 300mg of caffeine along with the other stimulants.

It doesn't have any DMHA or DMAA, unlike the previous Crack versions, but it does have 1g of PEA, coming from beta PEA and eria jarensis. 

So there's going to be a great increase of motivation, mental clarity and prolonged focus. 

Compared to the previous Crack versions, this is much more productive and does seem the perfect pre workout for someone looking to boost their productivity because of the nootropics. 

If you're looking for a pre workout that has nootropics but also 3 different forms of caffeine along with other stimulants, then this is a good pick. 

Two forms of choline, and noopept
Excellent focus
3 forms of caffeine
Synephrine may make you feel anxious

Hooligan Pre Workout by Apollon Nutrition

7g Citrulline , 3.5g Beta Alanine, 2.5g Betaine HCl, 2g Tyrosine, 1g Lion's Mane, 600mg Alpha GPC, 250mg Himalayan Pink Salt, 200mg Rhodiola Rosea Root, 150mg ElevATP, 50mg AstraGin

450mg Caffeine, 300mg Theobromine, 200mg Di-Caffeine Malate

Hooligan is another pre workout that doesn't sell itself as a nootropic supplement but it can be an excellent one. 

It's one of the strongest pre workouts, and it's one of the best pre workouts.

Hooligan contains a mix of energy and nootropic ingredients like caffeine, Lion's mane, Alpha GPC and rhodiola rosea. 

For getting through workouts, this is one that's not to be underestimated, but when it comes to focus, it's also a top tier choice. 

When you're trying to get things done, half a serving would be more than enough as it would still have 300mg caffeine, 500mg lion's mane, 1g tyrosine, 300mg Alpha GPC, and 100mg rhodiola rosea. 

If you're working out, it makes sense to take closer to a full scoop as you'll remain focused throughout the day after the workout. 

Taking this in the morning before your workout would be ideal for the nootropic effects as it'll last all day. 

Excellent pre workout and nootropic hybrid supplement
Top tier pumps and performance enhancing ingredients
Fully dosed and big formula
May be overwhelming as a pure nootropic supplement

MindSeries Nootropic by Transparent Labs

400mg SerinAid, 300mg Cognizin (Citicoline), 200mg Theanine, 100mg Caffeine, 100mg Neurofactor, 100mcg Huperzine A

A quick pick me up is sometimes needed for the days when you're on the go. 

This is my go to when I'm looking for focus and energy without overdoing it. 

The combination of huperzine, citicoline, SerinAid and the other ingredients in here make it a simple but effective formula. 

Nootropic by Transparent Labs is great for increasing mental clarity, and focus. 

It's a 2 capsule serving size, but you can take 4 capsules on days when you really need it. 

I find 2 capsules to be more than enough as the nootropics here are clinically dosed at one serving. 

High quality and premium ingredients
Excellent focus
Stackable with pre workouts

Cannibal Genius by Chaos and Pain

2g Tyrosine, 600mg Alpha GPC, 600mg Lion's mane, 500mg Beta Phenylethylamine, 450mg Rhodiola Rosea, 300mg Bacopa Monnieri, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 200mg Theanine

Similarly to the other nootropic supplements here, Cannibal Genius contains the most effective and popular mental enhancers. 

Starting off with a big dose of tyrosine at 2g, it also contains 600mg Alpha GPC, 600mg lion's mane, 500mg beta-PEA, 450mg rhodiola rosea and more. 

Cannibal Genius is a 100% nootropic supplement that uses nootropic ingredients and stimulants to power your mind and mental energy throughout the day. 

It provides focus, energy and mental clarity that can be used as a way to have focus throughout the day. 

Taking half a dose would still lead to some long lasting focus. 

This works out great as there's 30 servings at 8 capsules, but taking 4 capsules would make it last twice as along. 

Although the formula looks simple, it's actually very effective at increasing mental focus and energy, while keeping mood at a higher state at sustained periods of time. 

Just look at the ingredients, it's dosed very well. 

Cannibal Genius is a great choice for a clear cut nootropic supplement.

Simple but fully dosed formula
Smooth mood support and long lasting focus
Helps put you in a state of productivity
Could use huperzine

Psychic Warfare by Noo-Hype

3200mg Beta Alanine, 1000mg Taurine, 1000mg Coconut Water Powder, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 200mg Juglans Regia Extract, 200mg Magnesium Citrate, 200mg Potassium Citrate, 180mg Eria Jarensis, 100mg DiCaffeine Malate, 50mg Synerphrine, 3mg Yohimbine HCL

Psychic Warfare is another nootropic choice that consists of electrolytes, stimulants and a few ergogenic aids.

It starts with 3.2g of beta alanine, a full clinical dose to help with reduce the lactic acid build up that comes with high volume exercise.

The interesting part of this formula is that it has taurine and coconut water, both are going to assist with hydration.

Then there's 9 different ingredients that include nootropics, stimulants and thermogenics.

Psychic Warfare will help enhance mood as well thanks to the DMHA, and eria jarensis.

Overall this is a well balanced nootropic supplement that will help enhance focus, hydration and much more.

Increases hydration and performance
Enhances focus from multiple angles
Long lasting energy
Euphoric mood support

Brain Blitz Pre Workout by Phase One Nutrition

4g citrulline malate, 2g betaine anhydrous, 600mg alpha GPC, 500mg Tyrosine, 350mg theanine, 250mg caffeine, 150mg eria jarensis, 100mg infinergy, 100mg theobromine, 100mg DMHA, 30mg Noopept, 25mg AstraGin, 100mcg Huperzine

Brain Blitz is marketed as a pure nootropic formula, but it still has some performance enhancers for physical energy. 

With a little bit of citrulline dosed at 4g and a nice dose of betaine at 2g, along with eria jarensis and DMHA, this is a uplifting type of nootropic pre workout. 

It's designed to not only help with sustained mental focus but it also helps put you in a productive and motivated mode. 

This is because Brain Blitz contains a mix of nootropic ingredients, euphoric enhancing compounds and energy boosting stimulants. 

It's a mix between a stim junkie pre workout and a nootropic supplement. 

Brain Blitz doesn't have an overwhelming mix of stimulants, making it sustainable for a daily driving nootropic supplement.

This will help you get a flow of motivation and productivity going without overwhelming you with energy. 

It'll last for hours and this is sustainable for use on a regular basis.  

Enhances pumps and physical performance
Great energy and focus
Mood support
Citrulline is underdosed

Overtime Nootropic V3 by Apollon Nutrition

2g Tyrosine, 750mg Lion's mane, 750mg Phenylethylamine HCI, 600mg Alpha GPC, 300mg Rhodiola Rosea Root, 300mg Eria Jarensis, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 267mg Di-Caffeine Malate, 100mg CoffeeBerry, 75mg Hordenine, 30mg Noopept, 20mg Vinpocetine, 1.5mg Alpha Yohimbine

If you like your supplements as strong as they can be, then Overtime is likely going to be your favorite. 

This is the stim-junkie's equivalent of a pre workout but in a nootropic supplement. 

At half a serving, this is perfect for the average person, but at a full serving, you're getting a lot of everything. 

Overtime delivers 567mg of caffeine, coming from two sources, slow and fast acting, along with a few other stimulants here.

Thanks to the caffeine malate form, you'll have a long lasting source of energy, and the 75mg hordenine will also slow down the digestion of stimulants in here. 

The mood elevation is another big aspect of Overtime as it combines eria jarensis along with hordenine and 750mg of PEA. 

This is a serious nootropic supplement that maximizes on every aspect. 

Half a serving would be more than enough to power yourself through a day of hard work. 

Overtime is easily one of the best nootropic supplements out today and Apollon Nutrition keeps improving it. 

Strongest nootropic supplement
Top notch focus and energy
2 forms of caffeine
Full serving may be too strong, contains alpha yohimbine

Brain Waves Nootropic by Black Magic Supply 

Vitamin B6, B12, Zinc, 600mg KSM 66, 600mg Lion's Mane, 500mg Cat's Claw, 1,995mg blend (AlphaSize, Caffeine, Bacopa, L-theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Vincpocetine, PQQ, Huperzine A)

Brain Waves is very similar to Overtime, however it has much better mood support because of the addition of DMHA.

And because it can put you in a really good mood, it's better to take when needed rather than on a daily basis. 

The other downside is that it has a bunch of ingredients in a proprietary blend which is rare to see in supplements these days. 

Other than that, it's a solid nootropic supplement that can help with focus and mood all day. 

Well formulated nootropic formula
Excellent mood support
Helps with focus
Big proprietary blend

Nootropic Ingredients in Pre Workouts

When it comes to nootropics, there isn't any guesswork on what works and what doesn't.

The science is out there and the research has proven time and time again what works for nootropics. 

However, there are still a few ingredients that have more anecdotal reports than research, like noopept. 

These are the most effective nootropics when looking for nootropic supplements...


Choline is a must when it comes to the functioning of all the cells in your body.

It supports a cell's structural integrity and signaling functions by the synthesis of phospholipids. [1]

The body produces phosphatidylcholine by the liver but the body needs more than what it can naturally produce. [2]

This is why it's important to get choline from diet, and supplements can also help with this.

Another reason why choline is important is because it can synthesize acetylcholine, which is known as a learning transmitter. [1]

Acetylcholine is used to support memory, mood, focus (mind to muscle connection) and a whole lot of brain and nervous system functions that are important. [3]

Being deficient in choline can be seriously dangerous to your health as it can lead to a number of complications including the liver, muscle and lymphocytes. [1]

If your diet is low in choline, your body will suffer overtime.

Deficenicy in choline is not something you want to risk.

Types of choline:

  • Choline Bitrate (recommended 500mg to 1,000mg)

This one is the most common form that's found in nootropic supplements.

The reason why is that it's the cheapest form and the dosages vary from 500mg to 1g.

Although it still needs more research, it does have benefits for the body, including the liver. [4, 5]

  • Citicoline (CDP-Choline) (recommended dosage: 250mg-500mg)

This form is one of the more expensive ones but it also has a lot of research to back it up.

Although it's only 18 to 19% choline by weight, it's strong as it's basically two nootropics in one, uridine and choline.

The research behind this form is quite good as it shows efficacy in studies that show it can prevent common brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. [6]

  • Alpha GPC (recommend dosage: 300-600mg)

Similar to CDP Choline, Alpha GPC has extensive research behind it and it has a quite a few benefits as a nootropic.

It can not only enhance cognition, but it can also improve memory, and fight neurodegenerative disease. [7, 8, 9, 10]

There are also research showing that this form of choline can support strength and power for training, and it can even increase post workout growth hormone. [11, 12, 13]

One thing to be aware of is that you need to check if the label says "Alpha GPC 50%" as this means the dosage would need to be at least 600mg to get 300mg of pure Alpha GPC.

  • What's the best form of choline?

Alpha GPC and CDP Choline are the best forms, and of course some supplements contain multiple forms of choline.

These two forms are more expensive but are worth it as they are more effective.

And of course when it's stacked with huperzine, it works even better because it's a potent inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine.

Huperzine with choline ensures it stays around longer.$

Lion's Mane (recommended dosage: 500mg to 1,000mg with at least 20-30% beta-glucan)

If you've ever taken a nootropic supplement, then you likely have experienced using lion's mane.

This is mushroom that's shown to have brain boosting properties that have a range of benefits as a nootropic.

Lion's mane has been traditionally used in Chinese and Japanese medicine as it was commonly used for it's healing properties. [14, 15, 16]

The reason why lion's mane is effective is that it contains a range of vitamins, minerals, as well as compounds that are unique like erinacines, erinacea, lactones, glycoproteins, hericerins and beta glucans. [17]

These bioactive compounds have a range of benefits from relieving anxiety, to having cognitive boosting benefits, reducing inflammatory and even antioxidant properties. [17, 18]

Lion's mane is popular as a nootropic because it's been shown to increase Nerve Growth Factor in the brain. [19]

Increasing the Nerve Growth Factor in the brain can lead to better brain health, reducing inflammation and increasing neuronal growth.

It can reduce aging, improve blood sugar, enhance sleep and of course, improve cognitive function. [20, 21, 18, 22]

L-Theanine (recommended dosage: 100mg-300mg)

Theanine is one of the most versatile ingredients in the supplement industry.

It can be found in sleep supplements, pre workouts, and of course, nootropic supplements.

It's a natural compound found in tea leaves and can induce relaxation without causing sleepiness. [23, 24, 25]

Theanine is quite synergetic with caffeine.

Combining both has been shown to increase cognitive function, including better reaction times, working memory, and alertness. [26]

It's popular in nootropic supplements because of this and it can also function as a neurotransmitter in the brain. [27]

L-Tyrosine (recommended dosage: 1000mg-3000mg)

Tyrosine is one of our favorite ingredients.

This is an amino acid that can enhance focus, alertness and even mood because it can increase the production of norepinephrine and dopamine. [28]

It can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Tyrosine is especially useful if you are sleep deprived as research has shown it can be beneficial. [29, 30]

Caffeine (recommended dosage: 100mg-300mg)

Caffeine doesn't need an introduction but it's well worthy of being in any supplement that promises energy, whether mental or physical.

This compound can inhibit adenosine and phosphodiesterase. [31]

A number of studies show it can reduce reaction time, enhance wakefulness and improve overall well being. [32, 33, 34, 35]

However if you take a dose that's well beyond your tolerance, or high in general, it can increase anxiety so it would be wise to take just enough to help you power through the day. [36]


Noopept is an interesting compound that's used in nootropics.

It's long name is N-Phenylacetyl-L-propylglycine ethyl ester and it's considered to be a strong nootropic that can enhance receptor sensitivity of acetylcholine by enhancing it's functions. [37]

Noopept can improve long term memory. 


Huperzine is quite the effective nootropic but its magic shines when it's combined with a choline form.

It can improve acetylcholine by allowing it to roam longer in the body.

It does this by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. [38]

No wonder why this is a popular nootropic that is commonly combined with a choline form.

Additionally, it can improve brain health by protecting it from brain diseases such as Alzheimer's because it can reduce the accumulation of iron in the brain. [38]

Nootropic Pre Workout Supplement FAQs

These questions are likely going to be what you're asking and hopefully you'll find your answers here...

What is a nootropic pre workout supplement?

A pre workout is a supplement that is designed to improve physical energy, but when it's a nootropic pre workout, it can also enhance mental functions by improving focus and cognition.

This means you'll have better focus, concentration as well as improved blood flow and overall performance in and outside the gym.

What's the difference between a regular pre workout and a nootropic one?

A nootropic supplement promises and is designed to improve cognition with different ingredients.

It may also improve motivation and productivity by elevating multiple mental functions.

A pre workout supplement is designed to improve physical performance, like strength, muscle and even blood flow.

Pre workouts are typically taking prior to exercise while nootropic supplements can also be used for exercise but it also has an extensive list of benefits for cognition function. 

Can I take nootropic pre workouts everyday?

Yes but you may build a tolerance to some ingredients like caffeine.

It's always recommended to either take 1-3 days off each week, or 1-3 weeks after a month or two of usage as this can help reset tolerance.

Can I replace coffee with nootropic pre workouts?

Yes you can because nootropic supplements typically already have caffeine in them.

And they can improve mental functions by using a number of different ingredients.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

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