DMAA Pre Workout Supplements Guide: 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Based Supplements In 2021

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Sep 9, 2021



We know the feeling…

It feels like every other pre workout is full of fluff and weak stimulants.

What's worse is that pre workouts try to be hardcore with 600mg caffeine.

It doesn't have to be this way.

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Here's the video version of the best DMAA supplements in 2021.

Update 03/29/21: 

We've heard from multiple sources that Magnitude Life Sciences (Dark Energy), Static Labz, Atlas Labs, God Status Labz are no longer producing DMAA pre workouts. 

This is it. Dark Energy is completely sold out and discontinued (soon Static Labz will follow), but don't worry, we have plenty of alternatives (for now). 

Check them out below and use coupon code FITFREK or FITFREK5 for some of these. 

While DMHA is nice and smooth, it isn't as hard hitting as DMAA is.

So these are current supplements that contain the hardcore stimulant, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine.

If you're looking for a ranking list, check out the strongest pre workout list. 

Combining this powerful stimulant with a natural compound like Laxogenin will not only increase thermogenesis but you'll also maintain or even increase strength.

You can take things to the next level with Halodrol (see the ranked prohormones here).

Testosterone boosters may have a similar effect as they can help maintain hormone levels and enhance recovery. 

You won't be able to find the original OxyElite Pro formula, but you'll find even better supplements here.


Excelsior Imperial Labs
Excelsior clearly has amphetamines feels to it, like the OG Craze. It's the strongest you can get, click the image for the review.

More DMAA Supplements on the Way

A few years ago we were ready to delete this page and call it “DMAA: the Legend of a Stimulant”.

Now DMAA is everywhere, it's hard to not find it. 

Although you'll never know when things turn over and suddenly find DMAA impossible to find, we're always updating this page with the latest pre workouts. 

So before we're adding this section as a “coming soon” for DMAA pre workouts that haven't been added to this page yet.

What Are Our Favorite DMAA Supplements?

While this list contains everything that has DMAA, it doesn't mean I've enjoyed them all. 

The synergy between some ingredients are just better in some supplements.

For example, I like Dark Energy, but I prefer it for workouts that isn't going to be too intense. 

If I'm chatting to mates between sets, I'll find myself too good in a mood to break from the conversation and return back to my workout. 

Dark Energy does have decent focus and energy, but you may find the addition of GABA to slow down the potent effects of the stimulants and it does produce some intense euphoria.

So for more intense energy and hard training, we would recommend either Herolean or Crack. 

Here's my favorite DMAA pre workouts:

Herolean is amazing for fat burning, while Crack is geared more towards muscle and strength building. 

The Ripper is a pill based fat burner, similar to Herolean, in that it combines GBBGO with DMAA.

If you still have trouble deciding, email me or DM me on Instagram (nadergains).

DMAA Pre Workouts

Yes this is pure DMAA. 

You can get DMAA in bulk.

This is the cheapest way to turn any pre workout into a hardcore one. 

Imagine your boring pre workout that has only about 200-300mg caffeine…

I recommend stocking up on this because honestly the future for DMAA is not looking bright. 

DMAA is strong when it's combined with stimulants like caffeine. 

For research purposes, measure 50-60mg of this, the peak will be felt around 60 minutes after taking it, and it'll last for around 4 hours. 

It leads to more motivation, energy, and a clearer mind. 

You can make your own pre workout by either combining bulk ingredients, or using a non-stim fat burner like Caliente by ASC Supplements to create your own version of Herolean, but with even better thermogenics. 

While this comes with a 5mg scoop, it's useless as the powder can clump up and it won't always be consistent. It's better to use a milligram scale like this one. 

Overall, this is the one and only way to get DMAA in bulk, and it's as pure as it can get. 

Similarly, you can also get DMHA and eria jarensis from the same source. 

So far, this is the only source where you can buy pure DMAA.

You can make your own pre workout with DMAA, and add caffeine and your own bulk powders from here



Holy DMAA!

I know what you're thinking, there's enough DMAA supplements out there, what's special about this one?

Dark Labs for one thing, if you see their logo, then you'll know they are doing something special.

Turn Ripper around, and you'll not only see 100mg DMAA, but you'll also see 50mg ProGBB.

ProGBB is an ingredient that'll make you sweat buckets.

It's rarely paired with DMAA, and when it is, it makes for a mighty strong fat burning combo.

There is a catch though.

Ripper contains 3 different forms of yohimbine dosed at 5mg each, coming up to a total of 15mg.

With yohimbine, alpha yohimbine, and hydroxy yohimbine, it's going to make for quite a potent fat burning combo.

If you're sensitive to yohimbine, you might want to skip this one.

The good news is that there's 60 servings of Ripper here, making it last 2 months easily, as you'll never need more than one serving in a day.

Use coupon code FITFREK for a nice discount.

You might want to look at Adrenaline if you prefer less yohimbine. 

Here's our review on Adrenaline and Ripper. 



If there was a pre workout that was to compete with Jack3d way back in 2008, then Fuze would be it.

It has DMAA at a big dose of 100mg, along with 100mg synephrine, 400mg caffeine. 

The only downside, hence why we say it would compete with a pre workout like Jack3d is because of the big prop blend which contains 4 performance enhancers, agmatine, hordenine, beta alanine and taurine.



Herolean has both DMHA and DMAA and a whole load of thermogenics to help with energy and fat burning. 

It's fully disclosed with 100mg DMAA, 200mg DMHA, and 250mg eria jarensis.

This is one of the few DMAA based with this much of a kick. 

And because it doesn't have GABA like Dark Energy, this is definitely stronger and will drive you to sweat and you'll be filled with energy.

It's packed with several stims but the downside is that the yohimbine dose is higher than average, and some may be turned off by this.

Personally I can use 15mg of yohimbine without issues but some people are sensitive to this. You can take half a serving if you are. 

It's also ranked in our top 10 fat burner guide.

This is probably the best alternative to OxyElite Pro, or really any DMAA fat burner.

The best price we found for Herolean is $48 without any discount code needed.

Also check out the combo deal with Herolean and Flame for $89.

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The Gold Edition comes and goes quickly so if you see in stock, jump on it. 

Crack is a hardcore pre workout that has come from one of the cooler looking companies we’ve seen so far. 

More unique pre workouts by Dark Labs:

Typically the most DMAA you should expect in a pre workout like this is no more than 75mg because dosages more than this can elevate blood pressure.

Since this has a strong combination of nitric oxide boosters, it will help increase blood flow and in return, help maintain normal blood pressure levels. 

Still, there’s 400mg caffeine if you’re taking a full serving. 

We recommend taking one scoop, which is half a serving, or even less and you’ll still be getting generous amounts of ergogenic aids and more.

The nitric oxide boosters in here will help reduce blood pressure and help increase the much needed vasodilation after taking such a strong pre workout. 

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Once in a while we find a gem that we simply can't ignore.

Usually, a DMAA pre workout would have blends hidden in a prop blend, especially from a company we've never heard of.

But Irate by Juggernaut Nutrition is different and has every ingredient disclosed.

At 70mg DMAA per scoop and 300mg caffeine from 2 different forms, you'll be getting a nice flow of energy for a nice period of time.

The price could be better but considering the shortage of DMAA supplements out there, it's more than fair.

Use 15% off coupon code FITFREK.



Sharp AMX is a pre workout packed with DMHA and DMAA. 

It's meant to be a direct replacement for Dark Energy, although it doesn't have any GABA or anything like it. 

Instead, it uses ergogenic aids, along with 100mg DMHA and 100mg DMAA, with quite a few other stimulants. 

It also includes electrolytes to help with hydration.

However strangely enough, it also has vanadyl sulfate, which is typically used to improve insulin sensitivity, but it's strange to see it in a pre workout. 

There's 15mg of it so it isn't near the full 30mg dose that you would typically see in glucose supplements. 

It's also used in post workout supplements. 

Otherwise Shock AMX is a great replacement to be used instead of Dark Energy. 

Use discount code FITFREK. 



This strong pre workout contains both DMHA and DMAA to increase energy and focus.

It made our strongest pre workout list because of its formula.

It's fully disclosed, uses various stimulants and even contains decent doses of beta alanine, agmatine and taurine.

Focus, energy and performance, Aventador is a solid pre workout with almost everything.

Jack3d is one of the legendary pre workouts, if not, the only one that started the DMAA trend.

It's back with the combination of stimulants like DMAA, DMHA, caffeine and more.

The formula is nearly the same, and that means yes, arginine is still here along with a prop blend of creatine and beta alanine.

The only stimulants that are disclosed is DMAA and caffeine.

If you want the full hard hitting doses of 75mg DMAA and 405mg caffeine, you'll need to use 3 scoops.

It does also have DMHA, which is rarely combined with DMAA.

And DMHA is suppose to be the mild alternative to DMAA.

Jack3d is super mild compared to other DMHA / DMAA pre workouts, so we don't recommend it. 



At a time where DMAA is hard to find, expensive and almost banned from being sold, Anti Hero Labs is not one to hide.

They've brought out a pre workout with 100mg DMAA with a whole bunch of hard hitting ingredients. 

Venom is not only a pre workout but also a fat burner as it has 250mg caffeine, ephedra, and synephrine, which will unleash havoc on fat.

It's 100mg dose of DMAA is a bit on the high side and it might cause the common side effects like higher blood pressure, as it is above the 70mg dose.

Take less than a scoop and you'll be in the safe zone of those side effects.

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Rated R is another DMAA containing pre workout that contains a simple but effective formula for enhancing focus and energy.

While it does contain taurine, beta alanine and agmatine, Rated R contains mostly stimulants so you'll feel amped up for your workouts.

The big 350mg dose of caffeine is more than enough to supply long lasting energy.

DMAA is maxed out at 80mg and it also contains Alpha GPC, a premium choline source for enhancing focus and mental function.

Caffeine and DMAA are the only two ingredients that seem to have their doses disclosed.

Everything else is in a prop blend, but otherwise Rated R is up there for having DMAA and caffeine at maximum doses.



Kreed is a limited time release by aggressive labs.

Like Dark Energy, it has DMHA, DMAA and a whole bunch of stimulants.

Some ingredients are disclosed but we don't know how much stimulants are in here.

Otherwise, we just know this is a strong pre workout.

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If you want a moderate dose of beta alanine along with decent pumps and energy, then Chaotic is a good choice.

It packs 350mg caffeine, 80mg DMAA and 3mg yohimbine.

You'll also get some nice muscle fullness and pumps with 5g citrulline, 2.5g beta alanine, 2.5g taurine and 1.5g creatine.

The creatine is underdosed but you should be getting it from bulk sources anyway.

With 80mg DMAA and 350mg caffeine, you'll get some strong energy with One by Chaotic Labs. 

Use 15% off coupon code FITFREK. 



Leatherfaze is a massive 20g per scoop pre workout that leads with DMAA and a whole bunch of other stimulants that'll sure get you going.

The nice thing about this is that there's 45mg DMAA, not too much and not too little.

Anything over 70mg usually leads to high blood pressure, and you don't want that.



Update: Hades has been discontinued!

If you've tried Dark Energy then you'll like Hades.

This is a fat burner packed with those stimulants that are sometimes referred to being “not for human consumption”. 

Hades has 60mg DMAA, along with 200mg DMHA, 400mg caffeine and to smooth it all out, it uses GABA.

We haven't seen a formula like this in a fat burner. 

And it's a nootropic hybrid because it also has DMAE. 

This combination of stimulants alone will suppress appetite, and provide hours of mood enhancing energy. 

And you shouldn't be surprised because anything with a combination of DMHA and DMAA will crush your hunger practically all day. 

It won't matter how strict your diet is, because if you're using Hades, you won't even think of food.

This is the same company that has brought Zeus, Leviathan, and Krak'n

All 3 of those pre workouts are potent.

Krak'n is the closest one to Dark Energy because of their similarity in ingredients.  

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Update: Electro has been discontinued, this is completley out of stock…

If you think you've seen the maximum dose for DMAA, you haven't.

Until Electro came along. 

Static Labz has formulated this with 150mg DMAA from two forms, including a fairly new one, 1,4 DMAA. 

Although this dosage of DMAA seems too high, and it is, but the energy is actually smooth. 

It isn't overwhelming, but it gets a solid 8-9 out of 10 from most experienced people that use it.

For feel good energy, it's also up there around a 8 out of 10. 

It's going to make you want to get the gym workout out the way, without getting too chatty. 

But after the workout, you'll still feel the energy and you'll feel amazing for a few hours.

It also includes a decent dose of theanine to help prolong the focus so you don't feel the jitters. 

Here's the best price. 

Use coupon code FITFREK for a discount.



Update: Krak'n is completely discontinued, it's out of stock everywhere. 

Krak’n contains the special stimulant that you’re looking for, and not only that, but it contains a formula that is similar to Dark Energy. 

What it does differently is that it doesn’t use DMHA, just the other stimulant that they want to keep off the internet, which is what you’re on this page for (you know, the D M double A).

If you’ve tried Dark Energy and found it too overwhelming, then this may be the one for you. 

This also has more mood support because of the mix of 350mg Beta PEA and 250mg eria jarensis, which is not seen in Dark Energy. 

You’ll get a long lasting source of energy, mood enhancement and increased motivation. 

Use coupon code FITFREK for a discount.



Volt is sold out everywhere.

Shockwave is still in stock.

The other DMAA pre workouts on this list are still available but it seems like companies are slowly being taken off the market. 

03/29/21 update: This company has been raided by the FDA: if you're planning to get some of this, you should jump on it before it goes off the market completely.

This is it, once Volt is out of stock, it's gone for good.

There's only one store left. 

If you're looking for a straight forward 100mg DMAA powered pre workout with strong energy and performance enhancers, then this is the one for you. 

This is packed with 6.4g beta alanine, so get ready for tingles. 

But if you don't want the tingles, then you either should go for another pre workout or bulk beta alanine in bulk so you can be saturated with it and you won't feel anymore. 

The stimulants here are decent with 350mg caffeine and 100mg DMAA. 

The best price we found for Volt is $38.25 with our 15% off coupon code FITFREK (but hurry, there's a few left).

Check out 1,3 Volt here.