DMAA Pre Workout Supplements Guide: 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Based Supplements In 2019

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated December 4, 2019


  • Strong formula for energy and focus
  • ​Contains both DMHA and DMAA
  • ​Fully disclosed formula


  • Maxes out on stimulants
  • Multiple sources of caffeine
  • ​Fully disclosed formula

UPDATE (20/12/17): Hi-Tech is not getting back their confiscated DMAA, which was taken during a raid over Red Yeast Rice. They are currently not allowed to make any more products containing DMAA. So quantities are extremely limited…

DMAA supplements are out there and have never been more legal (in most countries).

The problem is that though the FDA is doing everything they can to ban the spectacular stimulant. 

And while we know DMAA is safe, Hi-Tech has taken the FDA to court to keep it legal. And who knows what the outcome may be, no matter how safe it is proven to be. 

While DMHA is nice and smooth, it isn't as hard hitting as DMAA is.

So these are current supplements that contain the hardcore stimulant, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine. 

Combining this powerful stimulant with a natural compound like Laxogenin will not only increase thermogenesis but you'll also maintain or even increase strength. 

Isn't DMAA Banned?

It's close to being banned!

Some countries have officially banned DMAA, like Australia but there are plenty of supplements that feature this hard hitting stimulant. 

You might have heard of the death that's been allegedly caused by Jack3d (USPLabs)​ but those charges have long been dropped. (Check out Jack'd, the Jack3d clone!)