Legal Steroids Guide: What Works, What Doesn’t [6 Best Choices and Stacks]

by Nader Qudimat
Updated April 24, 2022

Supplements are suppose to be tools. 

What if you could have more?

There’s only a few supplements that come close to being legal steroids. 

Nothing will really come close to the real deal. 

But these supplements are the most anabolic choices you have in your arsenal. 

Sapogenix by Huge Nutrition

Sapogenix uses a potent blend of plant-based steroids with Laxogenin to help enhance muscle growth. This is 30% off at the moment, use discount code FITFREK to get an extra 10% off.

  • Highly anabolic formula
  • Strongest forms of plant-based steroids
  • Contains high quality forms of laxogenin
Ingredients: ​​250mg Dioscorea Makino 50-67:1 Extract: 6-Keto-Diosgenin, Spirostanol Saponins, Furastanolic Saponins, 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin Acetate, 5r-Spirost-4-Ene-3,6-Diol, Progenin III, Pesudoprotodioscin, Methyl Protodioscin, Dioscin, Protodisoscin, Iridoid Gylcosides
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Enhance by Huge Nutrition

Enhance is a monster of a test booster with several ingredients that'll not only help increase test production but it can also help optimize performance.

  • Optimizes performance
  • Increases endurance and strength
  • Maximizes testosterone production
Ingredients: 4000iu Vitamin D3, 20mg Zinc, 400mcg SelenoExcell, 1.5g BryoViron Extract, 1g Korean Mistletoe, 675mg KSM-66, 500mg Long Jack Extract, 500mg PrimaVie, 500mg Safed Musli, 200mg Boron Citrate, 200mg Mucuna Pruriens Extract
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

There’s one company that we trust and they have supplements that are considered to be close to legal steroids. 

Huge Nutrition is our choice and they have everything from a blend of the most potent plant steroids to pure laxogenin and epicatechin

They also have a potent PCT and test booster.

These are what we consider to be the closest but natural and safe choices closest to steroids. 

But before you jump into these potent supplements, you need to make sure you have these supplements in your stack:

Use coupon code FITFREK for a discount.

Check out these strong anabolic supplements that are close to the real deal…

Best Supplements that are like Legal Steroids




500mg: Dioscorea Makino 50-67:1 Extract (Rhizome And Aerial Parts) (Standardized To 6-Keto-Diosgenin, Spirostanol Saponins, Furastanolic Saponins, 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin Acetate, 5R-Spirost-4-Ene-3, 6-Diol), Progenin III, Psuedoprotodioscin, Methyl Protodioscin, Dioscin, Protodioscin, Iridoid Glycosides

When it comes to anabolics, the first thing that comes to mind is laxogenin.

But the problem with laxogenin, it’s just one ingredient. 

What if you could have several plant steroids in one?

That’s where Sapogenix comes in. 

Sapogenix contains laxogenin along with other plant based steroids. 

This plant steroid formula can turn on the anabolic state within you.

While Huge Nutrition isn’t the first to use this blend of potent plant steroids, they are the first and only that uses the cyclosome delivery. 

Cyclosome delivery will help with the absorption of these compounds. 

The blend is made out of Dioscorea Makino and it’s a proprietary blend with a ratio of 50:67:1. 

It’s standardized to have bioactive compounds rich in steroidal furostanolic saponins and glycosides including Progenin III, Pseudoprotodioscin, Methyl Protodiscin, Dioscin, Protodioscin, Iridoid Glycosides and 6-keto-Diosgenin. 

The most hyped up compound in this blend is 6-keto-diosgenin, which comes from smilax sieboldii and some Dioscorea species. It takes around 2000 lbs of raw Dioscorea to get 40lbs of this Dioscorea Makino extract. 

Some research suggests that 6-keto derivatives of natural sapogenins and diosgenins can increase weight gain in animals. [1]

Huge Nutrition is well trusted when it comes to supplements as they test their ingredients for purity to ensure the content of extracts. 

Plant steroids are an interesting area that needs more research but so far, it looks promising. [2]

Of course you shouldn’t expect to make incredible gains. 

Most users report anywhere from 4-10lbs of weight gain over 4-8 weeks. 

It’s better if it’s used for 8 weeks for maximum results.

There’s a few benefits by taking Sapogenix like:

  • Improves well being
  • Increases strength
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Better pumps
  • Increases appetite

Something to consider is that Sapogenix may be a gateway to legal steroids. It’s comparable to the sarm MK66 and it takes around 10-14 days to feel the effects. 

The pills are easy to swallow and you won’t have any issue taking it other than possibly forgetting to take it.

Check out our review on Sapogenix here. 




1000g Ecdysterone Hydroxypropyl With B-Cyclodextrin Complex

Similarly to Sapogenix, Ecdysterone comes from a family of plant steroids that has been shown to help with muscle gains, protein synthesis and more. 

Ecdysterone comes from a plant that’s full of “insect” steroids, ecdysteroids.

Huge Nutrition is using the pure form of ecdysteroids, which is just pure Ecdysterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone. 

Research has shown this anabolic compound to be stronger than SARMs and Dianabol as shown here in this article. 

Studies have found Ecdysterone to increase anabolism without affecting androgens like testosterone. 

In fact, a study has shown Ecdysterone to increase muscle mass by up to 7 10% while decreasing fat mass by 10%. [3]

Some studies show using Ecdysterone can increase the size and diameter of muscle cells. [45]

This compound alone will help increase muscle size, decrease fat and also strength without affecting testosterone levels. [6]

That’s why it may be a good idea to stack this with Enhance or Rebirth PCT for all around benefits.




100mg Laxogenin / 60 Servings

Annihilate is pure laxogenin. 

While Sapogenix does contain a number of plant steroids including laxogenin, this is just laxogenin on it’s own. 

Laxogenin is an anabolic plant steroid, it can increase lean gains and strength. 

If you’re bulking this is a great compound to use, but it’s also beneficial for cutting since it can increase strength and muscle protein synthesis. 

Research suggests that laxogenin has anabolic properties without the negative side effects of anabolic steroids. [7]

So this means it can increase testosterone, muscle mass and strength without the hair loss, aggression, acne or liver toxicity

This is why it’s often compared to the synthetic steroid, oxandrolone (Anavar), which can increase testosterone by reducing sex hormone binding globulin hormone levels. [8]

While laxogenin isn’t the same as Anavar, more research is required to understand laxogenin’s effects for it’s anabolic properties and how it works. 

However, reviews seem to agree that this plant steroid, laxogenin, can increase strength with only 100mg per day.

In Annihilate there’s 60 capsules with 100mg in each serving, which means a bottle can potentially last you 2 months. 

People report higher doses at 200mg have headaches, although users who use this through a cream based laxogenin doesn’t have this issue. 

While you shouldn’t expect prohormone / steroid like effects with laxogenin, it will still increase strength and recovery

Some research suggests that laxogenin is synergistic with synthetic anabolic steroids. [910]

There’s also been research showing how a man in his 60s had a double knee replacement and he took 3 doses of laxogenin at 150mg each, and by the third day on laxogenin, he no longer had pain. 

He was able to walk 3 days after his surgery and he was free of pain, stifness and discomfort. [1112]

This suggests that laxogenin has great benefit for recovery, and it’s anabolic enough to be taken on it’s own. 

And it even has benefits for joints, as it can make them feel more fluid and flexible. 

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, dealing with injuries or want something post cycle then laxogenin is perfectly suited for you. 

And since it has no androgenic side effects, it’s perfectly suited for women. Women have used Anavar, the synthetic steroid that’s compared with laxogenin, without any issues for increasing testosterone. 

Often this ingredient is combined with other natural anabolic ingredients to help maximize gains from multiple angles. 

A super anabolic stack can include Arachidone, Epitech, Enhance (or Rebirth PCT) and Annihilate.




4000iu Vitamin D3, 20mg Zinc, 400mcg SelenoExcell, 1.5g BryoViron Extract, 1g Korean Mistletoe, 600mg KSM-66, 500mg Long Jack Extract, 500mg PrimaVie, 500mg Safed Musli, 200mg Boron Citrate, 200mg Mucuna Pruriens Extract

When it comes to testosterone boosters, Huge Nutrition has one of the best.

Enhance is a potent formula that’s packed with 12 ingredients at clinical dosages. 

You won’t see such a formula anywhere. 

Read my review on Enhance here. 

To help stimulate your body's testosterone production, Enhance uses the most natural but anabolic compounds. 

Increasing testosterone is a clear way to ensure maximum muscle growth and recovery. 

Vitamin D3

Starting off with a big dose of vitamin D3, this ingredient is essential for testosterone. 

On its own, it carries a lot of benefits as having optimal vitamin D levels can increase testosterone, decrease fat storage, increase quality life and even enhance mental function. [131415161718]

The problem is that most Americans are deficient with vitamin D, which happens when you don’t get enough sunshine. 

At 4000IU, you’re getting the most out of it here. 

Both zinc and SelenoExcell are useful 

for optimizing protein synthesis, improving immune function and recovery. [1920]

BryoViron Extract (1.5g)

ByroViron is a patented extract of bryonia laciniosa, which is a plant traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine.

Studies show this compound has excellent antioxidant properties, along with testosterone enhancing benefits and it increases libido. [2122

Korean Mistletoe (1g)

Korean Mistletoe is an interesting ingredient that shows benefits for muscle growth, enhancing immune system and even improving endurance. [23]

It even proves to prevent muscle atrophy and breakdown while increasing muscle growth. This makes an excellent PCT ingredient or as a way to prevent muscle loss while cutting. 

There’s a full gram here, which is more than enough to see benefits from. 

KSM 66 (600mg) 

KSM 66 is a patented form of ashwagandha and it can help with testosterone production by decreasing cortisol [2425] it’ll help by making you feel more relaxed even if you’re experiencing high stress from everyday life. 

Studies show taking 600mg of ashwagandha for 8 weeks can increase testosterone by 15%!

Luckily Huge Nutrition is using full clinical doses of every ingredient here. [26]

Longjack Extract (500mg), PrimaVie (500mg), Boron Citrate (200mg)

Both Longjack and PrimaVie can help with testosterone production, endurance and bone health. [27]

In fact, one study found users taking 250mg shilajit twice a day had elevated levels of total and free testosterone while the placebo group actually saw a decrease. [2829]

This is mainly because Shilajit's natural high fulvic acid content has benefits muscle growth and recovery. [30]

And to help bone health further, Huge has included a massive dose of boron citrate at 200mg. 

Longjack has various phytochemicals that have anticoagulant, aphrodisiac, anxiolytic, antibacterial and antioxidative properties. [31]

Safed Musli (500mg)

Safed Musli is similar to tribulus because of it’s saponin content, which is where the benefits come from.

It’s known to help with libido and it also has antistress, antioxidant and even immune improving properties. [3233]

Mucuna Pruriens Extract (200mg )

Mucuna is a way for supplement companies to put L-Dopa into supplements. L-Dopa is an amino acid that can increase neurotransmitters, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.

It’ll help you feel good even if you’re in a caloric deficit. 

Research shows that L-dopa has a effect on diminishing prolactin release, because it can keep dopamine levels high while decreasing prolactin production, which in result improves testosterone, LH (luteinizing hormone) and sperm markers. [3435, 36]




1.5g Arachidonic Acid

Arachidonic acid is a promising compound for bodybuilding as it can increase protein synthesis and muscle size. 

Each serving contains 1.5g of ArA acid which is the clinical dose needed for it’s effects. 

ArA acid, a omega 6 fatty acid, works by increasing the production of eicosanoids, which are signaling molecules that have control over the pathways of inflammation and immunity. 

It can be obtained through diet, but the typical diet only provides about 200-500mg of arachidonic acid, which is only half of what the studies used (1g). [41]

The more arachidonic acid that’s in the body, the greater the production of eicosanoids, and the more inflammation occurs. 

Increasing inflammation means putting further emphasis on the damage done to the working muscles. 

This is only temporary of course, the inflammation only lasts a few hours. 

Which is why you should take it prior to your workout, about 45 minutes before your workout.

You can take ArA with your pre workout, and you’ll get massive pumps and size.

This works best when it’s used for 50 days, as the effects get better each time. 

One bottle of Arachidone gets you a month’s supply, so we recommend grabbing two, and try dosing it at 2g per workout for the best result. 

But you’ll also see benefits at only 1.5g.




100mg Epicatechin

You’ve probably heard that dark chocolate has a ton of benefits. 

It’s a superfood, you’ve been told. 

But why exactly? 

The reason was never clear, until epicatechin came long. 

Epicatechin is a flavonol with a big number of benefits and it’s found in a number of foods like apples, dark chocolate, ginger, grape, ginger, and ephedra.

Dark chocolate is the best source but the problem with this is the calorie content. 

It’s hard to get optimal amounts of epicatechin from dark chocolate without eating a lot of calories. 

For every 200 calories you can expect to get around 30mg epicatechin, but for the most benefit, it’s recommended to get around 200mg or more. 

The benefits for epicatechin include:

  • Increased vasodilation and N.O. leevels
  • Improving insulin sensitivity
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Lowering cholesterol 
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Improving skin
  • Increases lean mass through anabolic properties (with myostatin inhibiting abilities).

As you can see, there are several benefits to epicatechin, and it really makes it several supplements in one, from being able to increase muscle mass to improving vasodilation and lowering cholesterol. 

One study had users consume 30g of dark chocolate (70% cocoa) each day for 15 days, and they found their nitric oxide levels were 54% higher, while compared to no change with the group consuming white chocolate. [42]

Similarly to agmatine, epicatechin can prevent the breakdown of nitric oxide, allowing for you to keep N.O. levels at higher levels all day long while also improving cardiovascular health. [43]

But the spotlight shines on epicatechin for its ability to inhibit myostatin, a muscle growth regulator that prevents muscles from growing too fast or too big. 

On the other end of the spectrum is follistatin, which prevents myostatin from increasing too much, allowing room for muscle to grow. 

Inhibiting myostatin means more muscle growth and faster results. 

In fact there was one study that used a group of 40+ year old men and gave them 1mg of epicatchen per kg of weight twice per day, which is around 160mg per day for a 175lb male. 

Researchers found after just one week, the follistatin levels increased by nearly 50% while myostatin levels lowered by more than 16%. 

This was just a pilot study but the potential is promising. [44]

There was also another study using 17 adults who dosed epicatechin from 50 to 200mg per day and they found on day 5, the follistatin levels were 2.5 times higher. [45]

There was also a study where rats were given the same 1m per kg of bodyweight for 15 days had noted higher endurance capacity. [46]

Epicatechin also shows promise for blood glucose regulation, suppressing appetite and improving general health. 

You need to take around 200mg of total epicatechin per day to maximize the results and if you want to maximize the results, you can take it with natural anabolic supplements like Enhance, Annihilation or Arachondic. 

An epic stack would be the huge mass stack, which includes all 4 of these supplements, Enhance, Annihilate, Arachidone and Epitech.


The Best Legal Steroids Stacks

Now that we've gone over every anabolic supplement that is like steroids, we’re going to dig into the stacks that can be used for the best results. 

Depending on your budget, you can pick a stack. 

The most effective stack for gains is the Huge Mass stack, but if you’re looking for the most strength then the Advanced Anabolic stack is also good. 

We recommend the Huge Mass stack for the best value and results.

Now that we've gone over every anabolic supplement that is like steroids, we’re going to dig into the stacks that can be used for the best results. 

Depending on your budget, you can pick a stack. 

The most effective stack for gains is the Huge Mass stack, but if you’re looking for the most strength then the Advanced Anabolic stack is also good. 

We recommend the Huge Mass stack for the best value and results.

Advanced Anabolic Stack


Sapogenix, Ecdysterone

This stack contains the most anabolic plant steroids you can ask for. 

Both Sapogenix and Ecdysterone are potent natural anabolics that will help optimize muscle growth and strength. 

When it comes to plant based steroids, these are potent and it doesn’t get better than this. 

Both of these contain a full month’s supply, and if you want to get the most out of this stack, we recommend going with 8 weeks, but 4 weeks is also more than enough. 

Sapogenix itself contains Laxogenin, among other anabolic brassinosteroids. 

Ecdysterone is also the closest thing to steroids.. 

You won’t need a PCT as these will only increase muscle protein synthesis, without having too much of an effect on testosterone levels like steroids would.


Huge Mass Stack


Enhance, Annihilate, Arachidone, Epitech

The huge mass stack is the most potent stack from Huge Nutrition.

When these 4 supplements are used together, they’ll not only maximize muscle protein synthesis, but they’ll help optimize testosterone levels while helping with strength and recovery. 

And the feedback matches up as people seem to be happy with this stack.

They see the results and the results stay even after the stack is finished.

This entire stack will last a month, which means you get 30 servings in each of the 4 bottles. 

If you’re an experienced lifter, you’ll see the best results when it’s run for 8 weeks.


Insanity Stack

This stack contains the 3 most anabolic supplements.

Arachidone contains just arachidonic acid, which helps increase inflammation to working muscles while Epitech is epicatechin and that will help prevent myostatin from limiting muscle size and growth rate.

Annihilate is just laxogenin and it’s considered to be the best plant based steroid for strength and recovery.


Enhanced Stack


Arachidone, Annihilate

Arachidone, Annihilate

If you're on a budget then this stack is for you. 

Arachidone will help increase inflammation and Annihilate will help with strength along with recovery.  

Both of these bottles will last you a month but for the best results, we recommend going with 8 weeks, especially if you’re an experienced athlete.


Are These Legal Steroids For Me?

These supplements are safe to use for the general public. 

But if you’re under 18, or new to bodybuilding, or pregnant, then you’re going to want to avoid using any supplement, especially these ones. 

Whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle or improve athletic performance, any of these supplements will help provide the edge you’re looking for.

But it’s important to have your diet and program planned out properly. 

You won’t lose weight or gain muscle if your nutrition is poor. 

Using these supplements in their designated stacks will optimize gains and help provide the quickest results.

Legal Steroids That Really Work

We trust Huge Nutrition as they use the best quality ingredients while dosing them at clinical dosages. 

These supplements will help increase muscle size and strength. 

But they will not work if you’re not training hard and have a problem to go along with it. 

Check out our list of 30+ programs: 

If you’re bulking or cutting, both Sapogenix and Annihilate are great choices.

For strength, use either Sapogenix or Annihilate.

For any goal, use Arachidone or Epitech (or both).

Following the instructions on the label will be more than enough for optimal results. 

Most of these products will only take 1-2 weeks to start seeing benefits.

What To Avoid:

We feel like if we didn’t do this then you wouldn’t know.

But these supplements are the very ones you should avoid from the industry.

They are underdosed, contain propertiary blends, and are plain scams. 

Yet many people seem to buy them. 

We have yet to see any site point these out for being scams. But if you search Reddit you’ll find what I’m saying is true:

These dosages you're about to see are a joke.

Clearly a supplement with a name of D-Bal should have more than just 150mg whey protein, 25mg leucine and 25mg tribulus.


Okay this company is sketchy from the name of the brand, to the name of the supplements. 

Everything from the formulas to the naming is just red flags. 

Some of their best sellers contain 25mg of ingredients that should be anywhere from 500-4g!

Who would think a supplement with 150mg whey protein and 25mg leucine would have any effect or would it even deserve the name D-Bal.

Just look at this formula:

And then this one:

Testo-Max is a joke.

D-aspartic acid is the only ingredient that’s close to be being clinically dosed.

Max Gains

This is another company that uses “steroid” names in their branding to make it look hardcore. 

They sell stuff like:

  • Trenoven
  • Clenbulen
  • Venabol

But like CrazyBulk, look at their dosages:

Arginine is a useless ingredient, and citrulline needs to be dosed anywhere from 4-8g.

It's 200mg here!

Forget about these supplements.

Zhou Boost Elite

Zhou has a better formula than both CrazyBulk and MaxGains but this is purely a libido booster. 

The first 3 ingredients are libido enhancers, and then the rest are underdosed and are typically useful but not at those dosages.

Look at this formula:

I think Zhou is sold on Amazon, but really anything from Amazon is not going to be as hardcore as the formula’s sold from Huge Nutrition.

I don’t think I’ve seen laxogenin sold on Amazon and they have strict guidelines for supplements.

The Final Verdict

The supplements mentioned above really do work and they are backed with various studies and research. 

Whether or not they work for you will depend if you’re training hard and eating right. 

Combining these supplements with a proper training program, like something with lots of compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press) will yield the best results. 

The benefits that these supplements have include:

  • Enhancing muscle growth through increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Improving recovery and rest
  • Increasing well being and mood
  • Improving libido and confidence
  • Elevating strength and endurance

These products have no risks when the instructions are followed. 

Instead of using synthetic steroids and facing the risks, use these natural and safe supplements that yield great benefits for muscle growth and results. 

It’s not worth going through the side effects and trouble of synthetic steroids.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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7 months ago

I purchased the advanced stack.. however I was only sent the ecdy.. im trying to get intouch with "huge supplements" but there is no phone number. I have sent multiple emails to contact then but I haven't gotten a response yet at all..
I'd like to try this stack and review it.

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