Strongest Top Fat Burners For Cutting – 2021 Buying Guide (DMAA, Ephedra, And More…)

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Aug 23, 2021



This is a list of the 10 best fat burners on this planet.

In fact, these fat burners has helped me and many others lose weight.

The best part?

All of these fat burners are going to work amazing in 2021 and beyond.

But be warned, this is not your average “best fat burners” list. 

These are the strongest thermogenics on the market.

Some contain standard stimulants without the exotic stims.

If you're looking for thermogenic pre workouts check out this list. 

Let's get to the best…


Best Fat Burners For 2021: Strongest Thermogenics

Update: Herolean seems to be sold out everywhere for now.

The best alternative would be combining Caliente by ASC Supplements and Crack by Dark Labs

When it comes to exotic stimulant formulas, there's one company that is consistent with it.

Dark Labs is one of our favorite companies for formulas that contain DMHA or DMAA, sometimes both!

Herolean in this case has both, a big dose of 200mg DMHA along with 100mg DMAA.

And besides this there's strong thermogenics that'll force fat to be used as energy, as well as being able to improve insulin senstivity.

But the downside to this formula is that it has 13mg of yohimbine.

If you can handle this much yohimbine in addition to DMAA and DMHA then this might be worth a try for you.

But it's strong.

I mean even if you handle the yohimbine, the mix of exotic stimulants is hard hitting.

You should start with half a scoop, or even less, and you'll likely enjoy it.

Read up our review on Herolean here.

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Fat burners that pack a punch with potent energy without making you feel like it's the point of just being unproductive and too strong are hard to find.

But Vanquish Hardcore has done it well.

In fact, this is as strong or even stronger than some pre workouts.

It has strong energy and gives some nice urgent type of feeling like you need to get things done.

This is stronger than most fat burners but it only lasts for a few hours.

It also has appetite suppression that is similar to Thermal Spark, in that it can reduce your cravings for junk food for a good while.

The focus is also quite good although it doesn't have any nootropics, it gives some nice elevation for mental enhancement for a while.

The highlight is definitely the energy as it's one of the strongest for it's stimulation.

Use discount code FITFREK.



Transparent Labs makes two fat burners, one is in a pre workout form and the other is in pill form.

The difference between the two, while they both contain thermogenics, Lean (pre workout form) contains nitric oxide booster and ingredients to help with performance and gains. 

The Fat Burner contains a ECA type of a formula, with caffeine, white willow and synephrine, it's nature's formula of ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin).

And that's not all.

It also has a big dose of Forslean and green tea, followed by tyrosine and theanine.

Here's the pill form ingredient label:

  • 120mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 60mg White Willow, 50mg Cayenne Pepper, 25mg Synephrine HCl
  • 250mg Forslean (Coleus Forskohli), 200mg Green Tea, 150mg 5-HTP, 150mg L-Tyrosine, 120mg L-Theanine

The formula may look simple, but it's generously dosed and it has proven to work ingredients. In fact, this same formula has been a top pick at Transparent Labs for years now without needing to change or tweak it's formula. 

Another option is stacking Stim-Free Fat Burner with any pre workout for the ultimate thermogenic stack. 

But if you need a thermogenic focused pre workout with pumps and strength support, Lean is your choice.

It's got 6 grams of citrulline, combined with 1.3 grams of taurine, you'll get some nice muscle fullness going.

It's also got 1.5g grams of beta alanine, 2 grams of BCAA's, 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous, and a whole lot more.

Lean is one of the best fat burning thermogenic powders available today.

Use this 10% off coupon code: FITFREK



When it comes to thermogenics, Eliminate combines some of the best fat oxidizing ingredients.

Starting with a punch with a full gram of ALCAR, Eliminate contains a big blend of thermogenics that will force the body to use fat as energy.

Not only will these ingredients loosen up fatty acids and release them into the blood stream, but the carnitine forms in here will help transport these fatty acids for energy to help with ATP production.

The 400mg of green coffee extract is standardized to chlorogenic acid, which is benefical for fatty oxidation.

And there's even more ingredients that will help shuttle fatty acids like the 10mg of Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester, which is in it's patented form Lean GBB.

The combination of forskolin extract, paradoxine and theophylline will help with fat metabolism and enhance energy since Theophylline can block adenosine receptors so you don't feel tired (like caffeine).

Isopropylnorsynephrine in here will help free up fatty acids as well, which can turn it into energy.

Huge Nutrition clearly have strategized Eliminates formula to maximize fat loss and to force the body to use fat as energy.

The entire formula makes up 13 ingredients, which is impressive.

If that's not enough and you want to maximize your fat burning, then you can check out their Shredded Stack or their other fat burner, Exterminate

Use coupon code FITFREK for a discount.



There's 2 versions here from Dark Labs.

They are quite similar to each other, but one has DMAA, while the other has DMHA and eria jarensis. 

Honestly I prefer Adrenaline because it has less yohimbine, and it'll be preferred for most people.

Ripper has 15mg of yohimbine.

While I can handle this dose, the majority will find it causes too much anxiety and jitters, especially when combined with DMAA.

Adrenaline will have more of a mood uplift thanks to the addition of 125mg eria jarensis, which is mild compared to DMHA compared to energy, but quite good when it comes to euphoria. 

Both of these formula's have GBB, synephrine and yohimbine. 

But Adrenaline has only 7mg (half the dose) of yohimbine, compared to Ripper's 15mg.

And combining GBB along with either DMHA or DMAA will result in some really nice thermogenic effects.

In simple terms, you'll sweat with either of these, like you've never sweated before. 

You can get these straight from, or Ripper from this store, using discount code FITFREK for both options.

Read my review on both of these supplements here.  



When it comes to fat burning pre workouts, ‘Merica Labz has delivered the ultimate choice.

Napalm Thermogenic is one of the best, if not, the best thermogenic pre workout we've seen yet.

It takes the best out of both worlds, from pre workouts and fat burners, and combines it into one product.

Going beyond just a boatload of caffeine, Napalm has 4 ingredients that will make you sweat, and that's not including the 350mg caffeine.

It doesn't have any downsides or side effects, so it can be used for months without really needing to be cycled.

On the thermogenic side, it has 500mg MitoBurn, which forces fat to turn into energy, along with 500mg green tea extract, and 100mg Cocoabuterol, and 25mg ProGBB.

This blend is named “Sweat like a lady of the night in church” which is hilariously but yet accurately named.

These 4 ingredients are powerful for fat burning, and they have a wide range of benefits from improving insulin sensitivity, preventing bone loss, to improving mood and suppressing appetite.

The muscle building ingredients are properly dosed, with 6g citrulline, 3.2g beta alanine and 2.5g betaine anhydrous.

The fun part is in the stimulant blend, as there's 350mg caffeine, 300mg eria jarensis and 100mg halostachine.

All in all, Napalm Thermogenic is an intense pre workout for fat burning, energy and mood enhancement.

Use coupon code FITFREK.



Demonio has a mix of stimulants that makes it one of the longer lasting fat burners on here. 

Combine it with a diet and decent program, you'll be dropping fat much more efficiently. 

While it's formula is potent, it doesn't leave you too overly stimulated, it has just the right amounts of stims. 

It has 3mg of two forms of yohimbine, but still keeps it under a moderate amount. 

Demonio uses some well researched ingredients like Innoslim, which is backed by around 20 studies. 

In fact, all the ingredients are backed by research and will provide all kinds of support from metabolic rate, to insulin sensitivity and more. 

Hordenine is included to help the big mix of stimulants last longer as there's not just caffeine, but also eria jarensis, octopamine, halostachine and beta PEA.

You'll likely be able to stretch this bottle out to 50 servings if you take only one pill, but if that's not enough, then there's just 25 servings. For most people, one pill should be more than enough. 

Use our 15% off coupon code FITFREK



If you were looking for the strongest supplements that didn't just use stimulants, you'd go to Apollon Nutrition. 

This company has made many reviewers happy with their ultra strong formula's and they don't even need exotic stimulants to satisfy the stim junkies. 

Chaos Fat Burner is a green tea first formula that uses 300mg caffeine, 300mg dandelion root extract, and a huge dose of Paradoxine. 

This the biggest dose of Paradoxine we've seen yet.

Typically, this dosed anywhere from 25-50mg in fat burners. 

But 225mg?

That's epic and we've only seen it in Chaos. 

The 8 ingredients, as you can see, are generously dosed, and it has 60 servings. Meaning it'll last you 60 full days, as each serving contains the full recommended serving. 

It also has 30mg GBB and 300mg dandelion extract, both of these are non-stimulant thermogenic but are going to make you sweat way more than any stimulant can. They are also both potent thermogenics. 

Chaos is an epic formula and without any banned substances, it can be used without worrying about using something with banned substances. 



Thermal Spark has excellent focus, appetite suppression and mood enhancement.

It possibly has the strongest thermogenic effects, it's even comparable to the real ECA stack.

The reason for this is because of it’s stupidly strong appetite suppression. 

You won’t feel a slight appetite after taking a scoop, it’s that strong. 

Food is hard to chew on after taking Imperial Spark.

It's that strong.

What was once delicious food is now feeling like a chore to chew on. 

It's the exact same feels as the OG Craze…

Euphoria, the drive and motivation, and everything else that made Craze what it was is what makes Thermal Spark (and Excelsior) exactly the same. 

There's no doubt it will be among the legend of pre workouts when it's inevitably banned. 

Thermal Spark is pill version of Excelsior and it has the same ingredients and feels, but without the nitric oxide boosters like citrulline and betaine. 

The cost per serving might seem high, but it is similarly priced to what other pre workouts with DMAA might be priced at. 

A full serving might still be too strong for most people.

If you try Excelsior, try half a scoop or even less if you want to test out your tolerance, and who knows, you might find half a scoop to be your sweet spot.

If you're in the UK, get it here.

Or alternatively, check it out at Nutricartel.



Fat Burner and Thermogenic Buying Guide

There's no doubt you're struggling to find the best fat burner…

Lucky for you, we've collected the best here.

And I know you've tried a few by now. 

Fat burners that promise big changes, you'll even see advertisements that show a shredded to the bone guy with an overweight guy as the before picture. 

Does it really work that well, you ask?

Probably not.

In fact, most supplements out there are plain garbage. 

And fat burners are one of the worst out there.

I know how you feel though, you've gone through all the Googling you can handle and you want the non-BS, non-biased picks of what really works out there.

So we've picked out the best fat burners, separated them with what they are best for (focus, appetite suppression, euphoria, energy, etc).

Stack these fat burners with supplements that cover your foundation for minerals and vitamins like ZMA (ZMO is a good choice) and creatine for strength / muscle support.

The Stimulants To Look For

There are quite a few stimulants but the main 3 that can power a fat burner's energy blend are:

Here's some info on these stimulants…

Caffeine is a well researched stimulant and known for increasing alertness and energy. It also has potential as a nootropic. Doses of 300mg is proven most effective at burning fat and increasing performance.

DMAA's chemical structure resembles an amphetamine. It can increase focus, mood and fat burning while suppressing appetite Works best when combined with caffeine. Doses of up to 90mg is proven to be completely safe.

DMHA, is known as the milder version of DMAA, it has 80% of DMAA effects and works similarly as it can increase dopamine and noradrenaline levels. Doses of 100mg to 150mg is comparable to 35-50mg DMAA.

You can buy DMHA, Eria Jarensis and DMAA in bulk powder so you can add them to any pre workout or fat burner (just don't overdo it!). Check them out here.

What about the other ingredients?

There are a number of ingredients that can help burn fat and boost metabolism but most burners make the mistake of mixing them without giving them much thought.

When properly combined though, these ingredients provide a synergistic effect that help increase your metabolic rate and decrease fat storage without the risk of harmful side effects.

And even if you find a fat burner that have the “best ingredients”, they may have under-dosed ingredients or could be made from low quality sources.

The combinations of supplements are endless, it's especially beneficial to do this with fat burners. 

If you're already taking a pre workout you'll need to be careful as fat burners already contain a bunch of stimulants.

Before you consider another supplement, you should check a few things like your diet (calories, macros, proteins, fats, carbs) and then your training (frequency, lifts, etc). 

If you're eating more than you burn then you'll struggle losing weight, no matter how hardcore a fat burner may seem. 

The advantage with fat burners is that they help suppress appetite, increase energy and thermogenesis.

Natural anabolics like Laxogenin will help enhance muscle growth but make sure you cover your basics first like ZMA, protein and creatine

In the list below, you'll find a range of thermogenics, from ones that don't contain exotic stimulants to the strongest with DMAA and DMHA

If you want something without exotic stimulants, check out Eliminate, a fully dosed and disclosed formula with strong thermogenics (use 15% discount code FITFREK).

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47 thoughts on “Strongest Top Fat Burners For Cutting – 2021 Buying Guide (DMAA, Ephedra, And More…)”

  1. Hello,

    I am a 32 year old female with two boys ages 8 & 9 and I was curious as to what is the closest pill like or even better than oxy elite pro (old version). I am looking for a supp that has super strong appetite supression and significant energy and focus and mood lifting as well. I took a screen shot from your pages here of probabaly 10 or so different shops that listed strong appetite supression as well as ephedra, and any other well known, tested and true supplements out there that when used properly can do wonders in and for the body. Rather than try and order and reorder other my guesses as to what my top 3 would be based on all I stated above. Thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to your response and ordering soon thereafter!! Thank you!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You’re probably looking for HydroxyElite, it’s the exact copy cat of Oxy Elite. In fact, HydroxyElite is an improved version since it contains Garcinia cambogia.

      If you want something more hardcore, there’s also King Cobra, which has more ingredients and stimulants on top of what HydroxyElite already has.

      Dexaprine by iForce is also another good choice if you’re on a budget but still want something that works.

      Have you tried Lipodrene? The Elite version is like the original but a little more geared towards mood enhancement.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I haven’t found a good fat burner, appetite suppressant and energy pill in a looooong time. Tried quite a few but nothing I can see good results with. What do you recommend comes closest to the old diet fuel or lipodrene with ephedrine?

    • I think the DMAA content is the same as Lipodrene.

      It’s an educated guess because Hydroxyelite limits servings to 2 pills at a time which won’t be more than 70mg DMAA usually.

      Overall though, Lipodrene will be stronger as it contains more stimulants.

      Hope that helps!

  3. I noticed, at the beginning, Formula 56, pyroxamin, and drop factor are described as having tunnel focus. As the list goes on, what may appear to be even stronger products, aren’t given that classification. That’s the one I’m interested in. Did you just change your wording, or do the ones with the tunnel vision really stand above the rest in the focus department? I remember Craze did suppress my appetite pretty strongly. It also came with some side effects like chest pain and a sort of controlled, strong anxiety that I could best describe as the feeling of impending doom. That’s why I would only rarely take it, and might not even buy it again if it was still for sale. So, although I know these things go hand in hand, which one of these products would give the greatest focus, with the least appetite suppression, and hopefully without the chest pain? And please don’t say pyroxamin, because,after nitramine, I’m good on them.

    • Generally, the stronger the focus a stimulant brings, the more it suppresses appetite.

      You can counter that suppression with the help of some herbs like ginger tea, or simply by just eating as you usually would.

      Formula 56 and pyroxamine have decent focus, I fixed that. Pyroxamin and Formula 56 won’t stay on this list for long.

      And there are other things we factor in as we’re not ranking these by the amount of focus they produce.

      Did you go further down with the exotic stimulants list? The two top 10 lists are split. The list you mentioned was with standard stimulants (no DMHA / DMAA etc) and the exotic stimulants top 10 list is below that.

      I can’t tell what to take without causing you chest pain because I’m not a doctor nor do I know what caused your pain from before.

      But for strong focus, I would recommend any of the fat burners in the exotic top 10 list. They all have similar ingredients that’ll help stimulate focus and energy, and usually better than most pre workouts these days.

      If you had the money though, I highly recommend trying Hydrazine or Exclusior, both of these are at the top for focus and energy. Otherwise try something like Exo 13 or Lean EFX

    • And btw you said you’ve tried some nootropics but you felt off the next day without using them?

      What happens if you use caffeine today, but not tomorrow? don’t you feel withdrawals from something as simple as caffeine too? I know I’m not productive if I suddenly stop cold turkey on caffeine.

      What you felt was probably a depletion of choline, but it could be other things too.

      • I read the page from top to bottom. It was a lot to go through, so I’d scan the description and look in the pros to see if focus was mentioned. Then I went back through it, researching the products I found of interest and reading in more detail. Funny story, I was checking out the king cobra, then I had a dream I was bitten by a cobra lol. Just guessing, but I’m thinking that a prolonged, elevated heart rate, combined with higher blood pressure, due to extreme anxiety, may have contributed to the chest pain. I’ve been asked if I felt like I took meth with two scoops of Craze. Although, I never took meth, from what I gather, it generally causes euphoria, but I would be dead serious. I’m starting to think I’m going to have to cough up the cash, but I’m still fishing in the $40 and under pool to see what’s out there. A GNC rep recommended Orb when I bought no xplode xe. I just wanted something for when I took off days from mesomorph. The no xplode xe fits the bill for me, for that purpose, but, otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it. Sometimes, it’s almost like I didn’t take anything at all when I take it, but I kno I took something, so it’s a little mental. The rep said med school students have been buying orb up like crazy, and it’s been flying off the shelves. Here’s a link: I noticed it had theanine. I took theanine on its own before to counter the coffee jitters. It would calm me down, but when I stopped using it I would get this constant, underlying frustration for the next couple days, so I was like forget this. Caffein and generally stimulant withdrawals can cause lethargy, and a headache that can be cured with a simple cup of coffee and an ibuprofen. But the weird brain fog that nootropic withdrawals produce are just not something I want to deal with. I read some lean efx reviews. Just about everyone said it gives good energy, and appetite suppression. No one seems to mention focus, but I don’t know if the fat burner crowd just doesn’t pay attention to that sort of thing.

        • That’s crazy that you were asked if that’s what you were on but I guess Craze did have some of it!

          Forget about Orb Up lol! That’s a tiny prop blend that has miniscule dosages but I do like the ingredients they used. Instead, here’s an alternative that has the same ingredients (almost) but fully disclosed and I bet GNC would sell out of this stuff way faster:

          If you look at “other sellers” for Genius Burn, get it from Pacific Coast Naturals so you can use this 20% off coupon code and it costs the same as Orb Up but with properly dosed ingredients: 25TEAMG3

          You’d need to add your own caffeine supply tho if you got Burn. But that is your best bet for focus, as you may just get jittery from the more hardcore fat burners.

          If you really wanted a stronger option, you can go for Phenadrine by APS nutrition. Both are great options for your case really 🙂

          Maybe the cobra bite was a warning lol!

  4. Appreciate your take on the Orb, and your suggestions. I’m thinking my next pre might be Hyde or Yea Buddy, just to kind of get an idea where I’m coming from. It’s pretty much my morning coffee. Another no xplode xe update: Took two scoops this morning before eating breakfast. The alanine tingles had me rubbing my ears. Good energy. Definitely felt some focus, but not really the macho-ness Fulcrum brings. I’ll do the pre before walking the dog, and I noticed a more chest popped out posture during my walk with the Fulcrum. It has me wanting to try Nitraflex. The no xplode xe is chalky, like a bunch of crushed up antacids. That created for some nausea later, but it passed, and no stomach pain.

    • You mean you feel more confident with Fulcrum? Have you looked into something else that also has 2-amino? You might enjoy sidewalk Kraka / Kraken / total war redcon1, than something that overloads on caffeine like Hyde or Yea buddy.

      Drinking it as a morning coffee on a regular basis might be a bad idea as it’ll just drive your tolerance up and you’ll just look for something stronger eventually. For daily use, you could try Gamma G labs fuel, it won’t be as intense but it’s more like a productivity drink.

  5. Yea, more confident. I’m going to keep those in mind. Kraken might be next. I’m kind of trying to stay on the cheap side of things for a little bit. Found nitraflex for like $25 on eBay. Hyde is even a little cheaper. What you said is pretty much exactly what’s happening. Tolerance is building, so I’m climbing up the ladder. Went from after breakfast to before, and today added some extra virgin olive oil to see if that helps. Also, I’m trying to rotate at least three pws with different profiles to decrease tolerance buildup. I’m not crazy about caffeine’s tendency to increase blood pressure when done in high amounts. I actually bought a blood pressure cuff to monitor it lol. Yea buddy has time release caffeine and teacrine. Hyde, as you know, is caffein, caffein, caffein. That’s partly why I chose no xplode xe over it, since it has a little less caffein and some teacrine. Now, I’m starting to think that teacrine might not be as powerful as caffeine, even though it may be more tolerance resistant. I think I’m too far up the ladder for Gamma G, but not as far up as some of these fat burners. Plus, I’m a pre workout drink kind of guy anyways. Don’t really feel like straying too far from that category right now. I figure, as long as my tolerance is high, at this point, it might be a good time to try some of the more powerful pres.

    • Well, I just sealed the deal. Nitraflex is next. It has a strong following. Got it at a good price, so it won’t be too bad even if I have to two scoop it. It seems like a good replacement for Fulcrum. Hopefully, it’ll be here a little after Fulcrum runs out.

      • The thing is, pre workouts are generally powerful stuff. Tolerance is a sign that your body is asking for a break. You don’t need to completely stop all pre workouts, but rotating pre workouts will make matters worse.

        I’m sure you know all this. I recommended Gamma labs for this very purpose, just to get you up and running in the morning, and there’s a good sale going on (2 bottles for 20 bucks). Something to drink when you’re not working out.

        I’ve been there and in fact, I’m there now, I need a break myself. I remember taking a little one week break a while ago and used No Xplode (one of the old versions) and I could barely handle it lol.

        All in all though, caffeine is so overrated. After using stuff like Craze and Modafinil, I find caffeine to increase that “feeling” of being productive, but in reality, it’s mainly just creating jitters and anxiety.

        For this reason, I think Craze was way ahead of its time! We need more pre workouts that aren’t fully dependant on caffeine.

        • I hear ya. I only take it once a day, in the morning, and I don’t exceed two scoops. Most of the pres I take are just one, low heaping scoop. It’s not like I’m riding high all day. I get a kick in the “morning” (aka sometime around 2pm lol. I work nights), and it wears off. Idk who these ppl are who can take these pres 6 to 8 hrs before bed and still get a good night’s rest. I gotta take it like 12 or more hours before bed to get a good nights rest. Btw, I’ve been sleeping good lately. The stuff I’m taking now is nothing like Craze, which would have me in the zone for pretty much the whole day, on the rare days I took it. Later in the day, I might have a cup of tea. I’ve also been taking Body Fortress “super advanced” creatine. Rarely, I’ll have a coffee, but I’ve stopped that recently, and probably pop a dip, which is the real jitters maker. Part of the fun is trying new products. Since tolerance is high now, the effects aren’t as strong, so I feel like the negative impact on my health isn’t as strong either, so long as the products don’t contain too many toxic substances like heavy metals, or other things that would raise liver enzymes. I also try to stay well hydrated. Work keeps me busy. On the weekends, it’s the same thing, except instead of going to work, I’ll probably have a few drinks with my girlfriend. I have a labor intensive job, picking in a warehouse, so although I don’t hit the gym anymore, I get somewhat of a workout pretty regularly. It’s not really the same thing, but it seems to work well enough for the most part, especially when I kick it into high gear. Caffein has been around for a long time, and has been studied extensively, I guess. Some of this other stuff, I’m not so sure. That’s another reason I got no xplode xe, because it has a lot of different plant extracts. Yesterday, I added orange juice to it, to cut through its alkalinity. That eliminated the nausea for the most part.

          • That makes sense. Personally, I don’t think we’re not designed to handle more than 300mg caffeine along with the other stimulants that are in pre workouts, especially taking them on a regular basis.

            Caffeine works by tricking the mind in thinking it’s not tired and that works throughout the day. Try going 3 days with minimal or no caffeine at all, the withdrawals are intense and you’ll eventually sleep much, much more (I think it’s the sleep debt we collect overtime from prolonged use).

            I guess my point is to use only hardcore pre workouts for the hardcore days but since you don’t “workout” in the gym, it makes sense to use them for your demanding job!

            I can never understand people who can take plain coffee and go to bed. I know they think they can sleep, but no way they are getting the same usual deep sleep they’d get without drinking them!

            So when do you get your nitraflex? 🙂

            • I got the nitraflex about a week ago. First, I did one scoop and played catch with my brother. Didn’t feel much, but I think it gave me some energy. Three days later, since I’m rotating pre workouts, I took a lower level heaping scoop and chilled. I could definitely feel the energy more, but not much in the way of focus, or that alpha male feeling I used to get with Fulcrum, so I’m not so crazy about nitraflex, and I got a whole lot left. I scaled back the no xplode xe down to a scoop and a half. Two was getting to be too much. Here are some pres I’ve been interested in: Man sports blockbuster ( It has hydromax, instead of glycerol and a better image than sidewalk kraka imo. Here’s a cool one: Today, I took piracetam and alpha gpc with mesomorph and got a headache. I think the aniracetam was responsible for the the brain fog before. Notice a few of these pres like Dust v2 have noopept. I read reviews saying it has good focus, but others say it gives them a headache.

            • Have you looked into Re1gn? I believe that may be one that’ll do the job for you. I just tried it a few days ago, I want to say it reminds me of Craze in some ways but it’s too early to make such a statement.

              I also have King Cobra, man this stuff is strong as well!

              Blockbuster looks like a pre workout that won’t do much for you since it’s only highlight of focus is a massive dose of choline and even then, it doesn’t look like much. And N-acetyl-tyrosine is underdosed. Caffeine is only 180mg and you’re already taking pre workouts with 300mg+ of caffeine along with other stimulants.

              Re1gn makes sense for you to try. It’s also priced fairly good, I can’t even handle the full serving yet to be honest.

              Edit: King Cobra is the strongest I’ve tried, in terms of energy, it’s insane. Focus is also good but the highlight has to be the eurphoria. I just feel good. It reminds me of craze, where I’d take it and want to spread the good word of the lord, haha! But really I’m already considering buying more as I know Hi-Tech might discontinue it’s DMAA supply. I know you’ve tried Mesomorph, but this is next level with the variations of PEA in it.

            • Thanks for letting me know more about Re1gn and your take on blockbuster. I’ve looked at Re1gn before, but kept it moving because I wasn’t crazy about its image. I’m funny like that. Recently, I took what was left of my Fulcrum, which amounted to about a half scoop, with what probably ended up being a lower level heaping scoop of no xplode xe, after all the little adding I did. About an hour or two later, after walking the dog, I took my resting pulse and it was about 100 beats per minute. I worked it out a little by going out to cut the grass for about 40 minutes at a medium pace. Then took my resting pulse again a little later and it was around 80 bpm. I won’t be combining pre workouts again lol. I also went back to after breakfast and without the coconut oil after that. I remember, after taking nitraflex how winded I would get playing catch. I feel like strenuous physical exertion raises my heart rate and combining that with a pre workout, or fat burner for that matter, raises it even more and has a negative impact on my performance. That said, I also don’t think it’s good to take these stimulants and just sit there. I think moderate physical activity, without over exertion is probably the best way handle this stuff. You got me interested in king cobra. I like the idea of PEA. I just don’t want wear my heart out too much with all the other stimulants it has. What do think of this stuff? I like the idea of trial sizes because I like switching it up and trying new stuff. Recently, I ordered 5 servings of Hyde, 5 servings of stimul8, and 6 servings of dust v2.

            • I think the pre workouts you take now have much more stimulants than King Cobra.

              To be honest my heart rate doesn’t jump as much as it would on say mr hyde or something of that level. I feel more euphoria more than anything else that I take which is why I enjoy it.

              I take only one if I ever take it and I’m set for the day.

              I wear a smartwatch which tracks my heart rate and it’s never gone over 70bpm resting while using king cobra, it’s usually just 5-10 beats higher than normal.

              But yea Dust v2 and all those pre workouts are heavily packed with caffeine (350mg+) along with other stimulants. While king cobra has 200mg caffeine, 45mg dmaa, and a few other things but nothing out of this world and they say you can take 2/day but I’d never take more than one, no way lol.

              If you do feel winded taking pre workouts, you should check with your doctor to get the ok on continued usage.. I’d especially be worried if you have a family history with blood pressure / heart.

              But yea if you read the entire label you’ll always find a suggestive use with “never use more than 8 weeks” I know most people don’t follow that, but I personally find it a must if you take these pre workouts on a daily use kind of thing. It’s just not sustainable in my experience!

              I don’t know about Stacker 7 TBH. It’s using mostly a prop blend so nothing is disclosed.

              For 5 bucks though you could get a full bottle of epiburn pro (Clearance). Another fat burner that uses 200mg of caffeine/2 pills but enhances mood really well. I bought myself a whole bunch as it surprisingly increases energy / mood really well with 2 pills.

              And epiburn doesn’t decrease appetite or make you sweat like most fat burners.

              Hopefully you’re not taking this stuff daily! I find even a day between the hardcore stuff makes it hit harder. It might be different for you if you haven’t taken any breaks for months on end or something lol.

            • I ordered some epiburn, so I’ll let you know when I try it. Idk if it’s just a good marketing campaign or what, but ppl really seem to like Vintage Burn. Also, I found Blackstone Labs Euphoria. I read it was discontinued due to powder residue buildups inside the bottle of tabs, so I passed on it for now. I’ve gotten to try Hyde, dust v2, and stimul8. They each gave me a little kick. I think Hyde and nitraflex might be starting to bother my stomach later in the day. Mesomorph has to be my favorite, now that Im out of Fulcrum. What do you think of this, a warm coco or coffee flavored pre workout for the fall and winter time?

            • So, I got the epiburn. Took two caps with a cup of coffee, after breakfast, because it takes a while for caps to kick in, and I didn’t want to take it on an empty stomach. So, what did I think? I liked it. It is good for mood. Nothing real euphoric like, but I felt more expressive, in a positive way. It did make me feel warm, and sweat some. Also, have you thought about coming out with your own pre-workout? Here’s a manufacturer: You could call it Darth Nader lol.

            • Lol honestly I’m constantly thinking about that! I don’t know though since I think most companies that do well are just hooked up with great prices on bulk ingredients!

              It won’t be called Darth anything, I’ll just be sued from the Star Wars crew 😀

              Epiburn is awesome isn’t it? It’s impressive stuff, what do you think after using it a few times?

            • Ignore the vintage line up of supplements, super underdosed stuff and 80% of their reviews are either sponsored or just plain fake. Use and you’ll see what I’m taking about!

              Coffee flavored pre workout? I’m not sure about that! I personally dont enjoy the taste of coffee lol and definitely don’t see myself drinking cocoa before a workout. There are protein powders that do that flavoring stuff tho!

            • I took epiburn for two days in a row. The second day it wasn’t as good. Also, I think it upset my stomach later. I’m not crazy about pills or caps or tabs. They take too long to kick in. Then, too long to wear off. I much rather do powders. I came across Noowave Socialite. They have a pre workout too. Just thought you might find it of interest. I tried amino energy mocha cappuccino. Two servings at once. It tasted good. I had it with warm water. But, I think it upset my stomach later. Nice, smooth green tea caffeine, but nothing special. I think the aminos alleviated some soreness though. I did a serving and a third of stimul8 today. It has 1,3 tri. Good stuff. Had some ok focus. I think it also delivers results with the peak atp and other stuff it has. No xplode xe edge is crap. It just makes your heart pound. Fulcrum’s price came down, because they’re making way for a new version. It’s supposed to have a new patented ingredient.

            • I’ve seen Noowave around before, it looks good. I would give it a try. There are a lot of DMHA based pre workouts like Fulcrum you could give a try, like Iron Brothers pre workout. That does look like a good deal for fulcrum. You could also try Off the chain, it’s bogo for 24 bucks on supp hunt and has aminos / DMAA. That should deliver decent focus!

  6. Hello. Can I ask what are the strongest cutting/shredding supplements from here. The ingredients don’t matter for me.

    • Hi Gosho,

      The strongest is in the final top 10 list. It would have to be King Cobra and Lipodrene. Lipodrene has more hardcore versions with heavier doses of stims (more DMAA) (lipodrene extreme).

      King Cobra is strong overall with appetite suppression and thermogenic effects more than most fat burners. It’s also got a fully balanced formula that helps burn fat from all angles.

      If you don’t like DMAA for whatever reason, then Ignit3 will be the next best thing for you.

  7. Hello,

    I would like your recommendation regarding the slightly better/ better fat burners for me than I’m taking right now. Currently I’m using Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (was using the same but with green coffee ingredient), I’ve been using this since april/may this year (couldn’t remember). Anyway, the capsule indeed is working and I love the feeling that this capsule made me feel happier, has caffeine and has suppressed my appetite whenever I’m taking it (I don’t take the capsule if I didn’t go for workout day tho).
    On the down side, the fat burners did’nt really cut my weight, I’ve only been lost 7kg since I’m taking this and I really need to cut more weight 10-15kg more. After I read all of your list, I’m interested with Lipodrene Elite, but I’m not sure. My focus is weight loss, caffeine, strong appetite suppressant, good mood and high energy, which pretty much you got lot of options here…..
    Currently I’m living in Malaysia. I’d like to buy it from online but I’m not sure this will be arrived/ able to be arrived in here. For this reason, hope you could enlightened me on this. Thanks

    • Hi Naluweim.

      No fat burner will burn the fat for you, they’ll help you burn fat and eat less but if you’re eating more than you burn, then you simply will not lose weight.

      So you must burn more with activity or consuming less calories than your maintenance metabolic rate, or both.

      But if you do want something better than hydroxyelite, you can’t go wrong with Lipodrene Elite. It’s better for mood than the original lipodrene..

      However if you want something strong and with mood enhancements, try King Cobra. It’s more expensive than Lipodrene Elite but it has more ingredients and is really well balanced with appetite suppressants and thermogenics.

      I live outside myself so I know how you feel about shipping fees. If you’re going buy supplements from overseas than it’s better to buy more than one thing from the same store to save on shipping fees.

      Use this promo code for 5% off, it’s something: FITFREK

      Hope that helps Naluweim!

      Either way you do need to burn more than you consume!

  8. I tried Hidroxicut but my blood pressure went high, now I’m looking for something low caffeine, any recommendations to burn fat and also that functions as a pre-workout to get energy before gym?

    • Most pre workouts contain the stimulants that fat burners generally have. But fat burners are usually much more concentrated. If you want something with low caffeine, go for Genius Burn, that doesn’t have any caffeine but has everything else a fat burner should have. You can add in your own caffeine since it’s cheap.

      Or go for PreSeries Lean, pre workout fat burner type of thing. Use FITFREK for 10% off.

      Lemme know if that helps!

  9. Looking for a ready to purchase in the US high potency fat burner and after reading the page(wealth of knowledge vs. promotion) I would like an experienced recommendation. Little background to help you understand and provide situational awareness. I am not drug tested nor do I compete however availability of certain products is limited thanks to US location. That being said, I am looking for most effective product available. Currently over 200lb, 5’7, male approx 12% body fat. I lift 6days/week and adhere to a strict macro diet (4000-5000 cals/day) mainly high fiber and protein, low carb, next to zero sugar, gallon or more of water per day. BCAA during workout, simple whey protein after. Never taken any steroids or anabolics. Tried instant knockout and few other wast of time fat burners in the past. Looking for a product that produces true fat loss not relying on appetite suppression. Strong tolerance for stimulants especially caffeine, currently 4-5 cups of coffee/day. Mood enhancement not a concern. Priority is the quantity/concentration of active ingredients in the correct matrix proven to produce logarithmic increases in fat loss. Dosing: minimum preferred but not required. Price: Unlimited. Delivery method: anything except injection i.e.: capsule, powder, liquid ect. Appreciate all qualified/experienced advice. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hey, I am 22yrs old male living in India and a working professional I have a normal diet which contains almost no fat 60-40%carbs-protein intake by diet.
    Its been 2 years I’ve been doing the workout, and previously I was quite satisfied with it. but now due to too much workload in office I am unable to move my body from 10:00-19:00 and keeping on the chair for this long has given me a belly fat
    I am doing my gym in the late evening following my sessions regularly but still unable to reduce belly fat and sides which I have gained in last 6 months moreover my weight is also elevated.
    thats why i am looking for a powerful fat cutter which could shred me out though i am taking green tea in between meals and my whey as regularly plus i have tried a local fat burner = MB fat burner pro which didnt help me out, but i am in a desperatre need of a fat burner with tolerable side effects but powerful enough to shredd me and available in India.

    Help me PLZ

    • Hi, you’re likely still eating too much if you’re unable to lose weight.

      No matter what fat burner you take, if your calorie intake is higher than it should be, you’ll gain weight.

  11. Hi there…I’m not sure if anyone is still on this page answering questions but I’m giving it a shot!

    I have taken many different thermogenic including oxy elite pro back in the day. It’s been about 7 years, I’ve put in the work but haven’t seen results so I’m looking for some help.

    I prefer the mood enhancers and increased focus. I like dmaa but am willing to try something without it. I like that elevated mood with appetite suppressant.
    Here are the ones that stood out to me….. But I wanted to know if out of these one in particular sounds better for me? Or if something else altogether is better.

    D-cut with dmaa from diamondtech

    Oxymax xt

    Genius Fatburner

    Steel Shredded AF

    Thank you!

    • Hi Haven,

      Genius fat burner is more natural so compared to something like Oxymax or Steel shredded, it’ll have a good feel to it but it isn’t on the extreme side of things like how a DMAA-based fat burner would for example.

      If you want something strong for appetite suppression and mood, I would look into Thermal Spark or Excelsior, it’s very strong although it looks basic, I firmly believe this is has what the original Craze had back in 2013.

      Otherwise I would recommend Steel Shredded.

      Oxymax and D-cut would also be good but Steel Shredded would be stronger.

      And yes we’re always here to help 🙂

    • Hi,

      All supplements that have an effect will likely have a side effect. Like if you have an increased heart rate and energy, you will likely experience a crash.

      They need to be used responsibly. You should check with your doctor to get approval before using any supplement.

      If you have pre existing health issues this is especially important.


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