Crack by Dark Labs: 120mg DMAA In This Cracked Pre Workout And Over 12g Of N.O. Boosters For Ridiculous Pumps

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Jan 26, 2021

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Pre workouts with this strong of a stimulant profile might not be hard to find but this is intelligently designed for long lasting energy and pumps.

Crack contains 4 premium nitric oxide boosters that are clinically dosed for stupidly long lasting pumps. 

Crack combines DMAA with other stimulants but also has massive doses of nitric oxide boosters to help create ridiculous pumps.

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High stimulant pre workouts are so common.

In fact, they are generally very easy to find because of their demand. 

However, they typically don’t have a nitric oxide profile like the one featured in Crack. 

It not only has massive doses of ergogenic aids but it’s formulated strategically. 

A few ingredients will increase production, while others will play defensive and keep them at higher levels for long periods of time. 

Crack is a unique pre workout that we have not seen anything like it until now…


Typically a pre workout like Crack would be hiding ingredients in prop blends.

You simply wouldn’t know how much of each ingredient you’d be getting. 

However it’s not the case here.

Not only is every dosage disclosed but everything is clinically dosed, aside from the 1.5g of beta alanine which should be supplemented on it’s own anyway. 

The stimulants are packed, looking at 400mg caffeine and 120mg DMAA, no one should be taking a full serving unless they are prepared for this.

Citrulline malate, agmatine, and arginine nitrate are the big nitric oxide boosters and the pumps will last long thanks to the defensive L-Norvaline.

This is also topped off with Grains of Paradise for fat burning, though you’d still be getting thermogenic effects from the big combo of DMAA and caffeine. 

Let’s dive into the ingredients…

Citrulline Malate 2:1 (8g)

Citrulline is the better version of arginine as it’s been accepted that this is the superior version to have. 

The problem with arginine is that it is just not as bioavailable as it should be. 

And anything over 10g causes gastronomical issues.

Citrulline is not only highly bioavailable but it is much more effective at increasing nitric oxide levels, decreasing muscle soreness and enhancing recovery. 

In fact according to research performed in 2010, citrulline can increase reps by 52.92%, due to its ability to decrease fatigue and increase oxygen.

It can improve blood flow, leaving your muscles more full with nutrients and blood, allowing you to reach a solid pump. 

Clinical doses starts with 6g going up to 8g, and Crack has 8g which will give you maximum benefits from citrulline. 

So by the time you take Crack, the energy will settle in hard and you’ll be more pumped thanks to the citrulline in here and you’ll be motivated as you’ll also be able to workout longer.

Beta Alanine (3g)

Beta alanine is one of the most researched ingredients out today. 

It is often used with supplements like creatine because they both work in synergy. 

Being a derivative of alanine, beta alanine has power and endurance boosting properties especially for exercises that last anywhere from 60 to 240 seconds. 

While people may either hate or love the tingling sensation, it’s one ingredient that you’ll feel it instantly working when taking it. 

Beta alanine is a must have because it increases carnosine levels, helping clear and delay the lactic acid build up that causes the burning sensation you get from performing high reps. 

To take full advantage of these ingredients, it’s recommended to dose it at 3.2g on a daily basis as it takes time to saturate your muscles like creatine. 

It’ll not only help with endurance but it’ll also increase power output, strength, and all in all helping increase work capacity as it will help maintain intensity for longer periods of time. 

If you can’t stand the tingles, try splitting the serving in half, you’ll still be getting 60mg dose of DMAA along with the other ingredients here that are generously dosed.

Agmatine (1.5g)

Agmatine in a high stimulant pre workout is an absolute must because DMAA may elevate blood pressure. 

Aside from that, it’s popular for it’s nitric oxide abilities as it can elevate N.O. levels and prolong those levels for long periods of time. 

This translates to better, longer lasting pumps, even long after your workouts. 

Agmatine is a metabolite of L-arginine and it has an incredible bioavailability rate, making it much more effective at increasing nitric oxide levels. 

Citrulline works in synergy with agmatine and citrulline increases arginine while agmatine protects arginine from being broken down. 

Normally a dose that ranges from 800mg to 1g is used in pre workouts, while higher doses are found in nitric oxide focused supplements. 

But Dark Labs is using a massive 1.5g.

So even at half a serving, you’re still getting the best of both worlds, from energy to long lasting pumps. 

Arginine Nitrate (1g)

We’re not done with nitric oxide boosters yet…

Arginine is known for being inferior for its bioavailability, but when you attach a nitrate to it, it becomes something else entirely. 

Using arginine that’s bonded with nitrates helps tons because it decreases the risk for nitrate tolerance, which is common when taking nitrates. 

Like agmatine, nitrate is effective at increasing vasodilation, allowing for more oxygen rich blood to be delivered to working muscles. 

This will let you put in more work into your workouts, as your oxygen expenditure will be decreased and you’ll less likely be fatigued towards the end of your workouts. 

At 1g, you’re getting a sufficient dose here as agmatine, citrulline and even beet root powder is included in Crack. 

And the next ingredient is naturally rich in nitrates….

Beet Root Powder (1g)

Beet root powder is typically used in nitric oxide formulas because of it’s naturally high content of nitrates. 

As mentioned, nitrates are effective at increasing blood flow allowing more nutrients to be delivered to your muscles. 

This will have a massive synergistic effect with the other nitric oxide boosters here and there’s even norvaline, another effective addition for the pumps.

L-Norvaline (250mg)

Norvaline comes from the amino acid valine, and it works similarly to agmatine. 

It prevents the enzyme that eats away arginine in the bloodstream, allowing it to be a defensive type of nitric oxide booster.

It’ll prolong the pumps and allow for more arginine to be available in the blood. 

There’s already 3 highly effective nitric oxide boosters to attack the pump from different angles, from producing nitric oxide and prolonging the effects and keeping them at higher levels for a longer period of time. 

Needless to say, you’ll be getting huge pumps with this and we still have stimulants and nootropics to cover…

Choline Bitartrate (500mg)

Choline is an essential nootropic to have as it can reinforce the integrity of cell membranes. 

It can do multiple things from increasing acetylcholine production, to being oxidized into betaine. 

When it’s oxidized into betaine, it can increase cognitive function and decrease risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg)

Caffeine is the godfather of stimulants and it’s one of the most proven stimulants as it’s highly researched and backed by hundreds of studies. 

It decreases adenosine allowing you to feel energized and alert. 

The 400mg dose with DMAA is quite high, hence why we’ve been recommending to take half a serving or even less. 

At half a serving you’re still getting nice doses of nitric oxide boosters and more.

DMAA (120mg)

DMAA is the controversial stimulant that is usually hard to find. 

It’s stronger than DMHA and it works better when it’s paired with caffeine.

Similarly structured to amphetamines, DMAA enhances mood as well as focus while barely affecting heart rate, at least in doses under 80mg. 

When you get as high as 120mg, the risk for elevated blood pressure increases, especially when you pair it with 400mg caffeine as it is here. 

The FDA has been making it difficult to get this stimulant, however it is here in a big amount. 

Stick to half a serving or even less and you'll get plenty of stimulants and nitric oxide boosters.

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract (25mg)

Kanna, scientifically known as sceletium tortuosum extract, is a herb known to decrease stress and anxiety. 

It works through selective PDE-4 inhibition and it also works as a 5-HTP reuptake inhibitor.

This means it won’t only be useful for stress and anxiety reduction but it can also increase blood flow, leaving you with better and long lasting pumps.

Grains of Paradise (15mg)

Grains of paradise has a thermogenic effect and it’s typically found in fat burners. 

It’s similar to ginger, burns fat effectively without being a stimulant. 

Since it’s high in 6-Gingerol and 6-Paradol, it’ll help decrease visceral fat.

It does this by transforming adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue, basically allowing greater energy expenditure. 

The dose at 15mg is a bit low but there’s already high doses of stimulants and this isn’t meant to be a fat burner anyway.

Final Words

Crack is a hardcore pre workout. 

With 120mg DMAA, 400mg caffeine for each serving, you’ll be in for a high energy ride. 

The pumps will also be super strong and long lasting, which will push you even further to lift more and more. 

Dark Labs has set a high bar for standard and they are putting the other “labz” companies to shame with it’s effective formula.

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Get Cracked For The Gains

Crack is one of the strongest DMAA pre workouts we’ve seen in the last few years. It’ll be talked about for years to come as it’s super strong with energy and pumps. It’s definitely not a pre workout made for beginners.

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