Excelsior Review: Strongest Pre Workout by Imperial Nutrition

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Jun 12, 2020

Excelsior is one of the best pre workouts we’ve come across in years.

It’s what the people want since the discontinuation of Craze by Driven Sports.

In fact, this is so strong that you will not have any appetite to eat, you’ll be in a strong state of mind where focus is at an all time high, and you’ll feel like you can workout for hours.

There may be a crash, but that is at the cost for what you’ll feel to be “limitless” energy and focus.



It’s effective at increasing energy and focus



It's priced higher than  clinically dosed pre workouts but this still has better energy and focus.



The ingredients are in a prop blend and it does not disclose dosages but it is still an effective pre workout with strong effects.



Widely available in the UK and US.

Finding strong pre workouts is easy. 

But the challenge lies in finding one that leaves you feeling like a jittery mess. 

Even reviewers have a difficult time agreeing on a simple top 10 list, let alone picking one.

Plus people have different preferences, whether it’s exotic stimulants, no stimulants at all, or a pump focused pre workout for performance.

What if you could have it all without going for one that has more than 300mg caffeine, DMAA or a boatload of stimulants?

It exists.

In fact, it’s a pre workout that has taken the throne for being the best without being too reliant on caffeine and various stimulants. 

Excelsior is the pre workout in question here.

And it’s on the same level as the original Craze pre workout.

The ingredients label look weak, and in fact, by logic it should just be your typical off the shelf high stim pre workout. 

In fact, it has a bare minimum label, using only 7 ingredients, in a full prop blend without disclosing a single ingredient. 

It’s doesn't mean it's a bad pre workout but if you know what your pre workout should have, you’ll be bothered by this. 

You'll be blown away by Excelsior, you'll probably have this as one of your favorite pre workouts because of its effectiveness. 

We'll dig into the 5.3g blend which seems to have energy and focus that's unmatched by any other pre workout. 

To be honest, we don’t know what’s inside Excelsior that makes it so strong. 

It’s unlike anything else and it’s on the level of the original Craze.

Without lab testing, really there's no way to find out if there's something else. 

We've been through 10 bottles and counting, and there's a lot of reviews published so we feel like it's time to put Excelsior in the spotlight… 

About Imperial Nutrition

Before Excelsior, Imperial Nutrition was mostly unknown.

They established in 2016 and since then, they only distribute 2 supplements under their label:  

Thermal Spark and Excelsior. 

Excelsior is what made Imperial Nutrition as popular as it is today.

This isn’t a pre workout that contains over 400mg caffeine, and loads of stimulants. 

Instead, it ignites focus and energy in waves and it comes with a bit of euphoria. 

Excelsior is exactly like Craze.

So much so that you’d think they removed the label of Craze and slapped Excelsior’s branding on there.

Imperial Nutrition might have some connection with Driven Sports, but this isn’t confirmed and it’s purely speculation.

Excelsior Ingredients

What’s inside Excelsior may look strange at first.

The entire formula is unique, you’ll unlikely find this anywhere else. 

And again, the ingredient dosages are not disclosed. 

How much of each ingredient is unknown because it’s undisclosed.


Nothing starts off a pre workout better than citrulline. 

This pump inducing ingredient is not only good for endurance and strength but it helps with recovery as it can widen blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow, leading to better nutrient delivery to the working muscles. 

Citrulline clinically starts working at 3g, with some pre workouts going as high as 8 grams for maximum efficiency. 

However here it is in a prop blend. 

We don’t know the dosage here, it’s just not disclosed and seeing how it’s in a 5.3g formula, we wouldn’t expect it to be any more than 2-4g.

The next ingredient is also a muscle volumizer….


Trimethylglycine, also known as betaine, is a powerhouse of a ingredient that increases strength, muscle size and power 

Betaine works well with creatine as it has synergy with it.

However even on it’s own, it can increase hydration, power, strength and endurance quite well. 

Since it can increase ATP production, it works synergistically with creatine.

Kigelia africana extract

This is DMHA, the stimulant that is supposed to be the alternative to DMAA. 

Although it doesn’t hit as hard, it is much smoother and supposed to have less of a crash. 

Now there’s still a bit of a crash, which is expected, but this can be lessened if you use rhodiola or theanine.

Caffeine Anhydrous

If you’re going to have a strong pre workout, then including caffeine is a must. 

It’s one of the most studied in sports supplements and is regarded to be an effective stimulant.

It works by inhibiting adenosine, an enzyme that is responsible for neurotransmission reduction, and it’s what makes you feel tired. 

Caffeine is just one of the best ergogenic aids to have and it’s completely safe when keeping dosages under 400mg. 

It takes more than 400mg to see negative side effects like elevated blood pressure and anxiety. 

The grandfather of stimulants, caffeine. 

It’s one of the best used and the best for providing a long source of energy. 

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract

Bauhinia is a thyroid booster, it improves thyroid hormones and turns it into a beneficial ratio. 

Not only that but it can also improve resting metabolism, energy expenditure, mood and overall fat burning. 

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter orange is usually standardized for synephrine. 

Synephrine is a fat burning ingredient that can help suppress appetite and increase lipolysis. 

But we’re not sure what it’s standardized here for.


Octopamine is a metabolite and relative of synephrine.

It works similar to ephedrine and it can trigger a positive for amphetamine on a drug test. 

So it is banned for competitive sports, avoid using it if you’re being drug tested. 

It works by restricting glucose uptake by fat cells by inhibiting beta-3 receptors. 

Hawthorn Extract

Hawthorn extract comes from the hawthorne shrub, a shrub that grows bright red berries. 

This herb helps with maintaining normal blood pressure level, hence why this extract is also known to be the hearts best friend. 

It will help with basic cardiovascular functions. 

A much needed benefit in a high stimulant pre workout like Excelsior. 

Our Review

Since the label only tells you what stimulants are in it, it’s difficult to tell what exactly this will do without sharing experiences of people who’ve used it. 

A review is a must when it comes to a pre workout that doesn’t disclose ingredient dosages.

And considering how unique the combination of ingredients are, it is difficult to determine what effects it has without sharing personal experiences with it. 

The first 20 minutes of taking this is similar to what Craze had, a build up of energy that comes in racing and rapid waves. 

When it hits, it hits hard.

The energy isn’t jittery though and it is more of a tunnel focused wave of focus that comes with mental focus that is unlike any other pre workout, even the ones with the same stimulants. 

And it completely destroys appetite.

What was once delicious, easy to binge food is now hard to eat or even to look at. 

Some reviewers report a nauseating feeling, which is what I felt but I was ok with it for the cost of focus and energy. 

It’s hard to stop training once you start and you’ll feel like you can do 5 workouts in one day. 

We’re not sure what’s in this that makes it so effective for focus and energy. 

Any other pre workout with similar ingredients will have no where near the same effects as Excelsior. 

Don’t be fooled by any pre workout that claims to be as good as Excelsior or Craze because this (and Hydrazine) are the only ones so far.

Final Words

Excelsior is a high octane pre workout that will ignite motivation and energy like no other pre workout. 

Crash may be hard, but that is expected from a high stimulant pre workout. 

It lasts for a few hours and the crash can be decreased by using rhodiola or ingredients like theanine. 

Excelsior is an amazing pre workout, but like the original Craze, very few report that they didn’t feel what others described.

This is expected as not everyone responds the same way to supplements, even creatine has non-responders. 

Our guess is about 5-10% of users may not feel what everyone else experienced and that’s from hundreds of reviewers.

This has a 95% rating on Predator Nutrition from 55 reviews.

Excelsior is a top performing pre workout offering high tier energy and focus. It's what we've been looking for since the days of the original Craze pre workout. While everything is in a prop blend, we don't know if there's more to the label but we do know it's one of the strongest pre workouts to date. Get it while it's available. 

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