DMHA Stimulant Guide: Is 2-Aminoisoheptane The Next Best Stimulant?

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Apr 9, 2021



You want the strong stuff, don’t you?

While the FDA may not want you to have DMAA, there’s another stimulant that is shaking the industry with lots of hype and promises.

As soon as a popular stimulant like DMAA gets banned by the FDA, there is a rush to fill the void and, inevitably, some new variant comes onto the market that fits into the legal framework.

Often, as time passes, that stimulant also gets banned, and the whole process starts over again.

As expected, the supplement industry has been scrambling for a replacement to DMAA.

Enter DMHA.

DMHA is claimed to be about 80% of the strength of DMAA.

Our favorites are:

Check them out below…


Convict - Condemned Labz

Immortal X - Rage Nutrition

El Jefe - ASC Supplements

Kracked - Halopharm

DMHA Supplements For 2021

If you like Dark Energy, or just want something that supports mood with hardcore stimulants, then you'll like Hades.

This is a fat burner by God Status Labz, the same company that brought you Zeus, Leviathan, and Krak'n. 

It packs 200mg DMHA along with 60mg DMAA to help provide some incredible energy. 

The 400mg caffeine alone will probably be overwhelming, let alone combining it with exotic stimulants. 

These stims alone will help reduce appetite and increase energy, but it also has grains of paradise along with cayenne pepper to help with that. 

Dark Energy has a similar profile of DMAA, DMHA and GABA.

The GABA will help take the edge off from the anxiety and jitters that the hard exotic stims can bring. 

And it'll also help with mood, bringing some euphoria along with potent energy. 

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Condemned Labs have been around for a while now and they are best known for their pre workout Convict, a pre workout powered by 225mg DMHA, 300mg caffeine and more. 

You'd assume right that their fat burner is also just as strong. 

Arysn contains 300mg caffeine along with 200mg DMHA. 

This formula contains the 3 ingredients needed to mimic ECA (ephedra caffeine and aspirin), which is white willow.

White willow is nature's answer to Aspirin as it has salicin, something that reduces pain and increases mobility.

It also uses a green tea extract, in the form of matcha, along with 50mg synephrine, 50mg higenamine, 25mg cayenne, 25mg grapefruit, 5mg vinpocentine along with yohimbine.

Luckily the yohimbine is dosed at a small 3mg. 

But what do those ingredients all do together?

They help increase blood flow, pumps along with increasing breathing capacity as higenamine works as a brochodilator. 

It's even banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because it's considered to be a performance enhancer and a brochodilator. 

It's also powered by 12.5% Paradoxine, a strong thermogenic that'll make you sweat buckets. 

Arysem is a potent DMHA fat burner that'll help with weight loss, energy and appetite suppression. 

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Dark Energy is no longer being produced. It's discontinued. 

And unfortunately, it's out of stock everywhere. 

The only places that have it now charge more than $100 per bottle. 

What's the point of that? DMAA is still around and there's still other options that are equally, if not, better than Dark Energy. 

The same may happen to other DMAA containing products.

If you're looking for a pre workout with both DMHA and DMAA, then Hades is your choice. 

Dark Energy was easily one of the strongest pre workouts with both stimulants and it tops it off with a bit of GABA, to smooth out the harshness of DMAA. 

Some say this is too smooth, that they'd prefer something more harsh. So keep in mind, this is a potent pre workout but it doesn't hit right way. It elevates as it increases mood and energy along the way. 

It's strange to say that a pre workout with DMHA and DMAA isn't as hard hitting as it should be but GABA really takes off the harshness that these stimulants have. 

It's a similar build up of energy that the OG Craze once had. 

And although it has 400mg caffeine, it still hits smoothly and the crash is near non-existent as the energy is long lasting. 

The other ingredients are performance enhancers from 6g citrulline to the full dose of 3.2g beta alanine. 

You'll be able to pump out more reps and sets easily before reaching a fatigued state. 

Dark Energy is perfect for almost every type of workout. 

Instead get Hades.

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These are two similar products made by Dark Labs. 

Ripper contains DMAA and 15mg yohimbine, while Adrenaline has DMHA, eria jarensis and only 7mg yohimbine. 

This means, if you want 100mg DMAA and a high dose of yohimbine (15mg), then go with Ripper.

But if you prefer a mood uplift with eria jarensis, and energy with 200mg DMHA, then go with Adrenaline. 

I personally can handle the 15mg yohimbine, but the 100mg DMAA on top of that will surely result in increased nervousness and maybe anxiety. 

Adrenaline is much easier to handle and it lasts a little longer anyway since DMHA is more smooth.

This is where you can get both of them:

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You can read our review here on both of these supplements. 



What if you could turn any pre workout into an exotic one?

You can with this bulk DMHA. 

There is only one source that offers bulk powder of this exotic stimulant and that's

You're probably thinking this must be expensive. 

But you couldn't be more wrong. 

It costs 40$ for 10 grams. 

That's about 50 servings of 200mg, or $0.80 per serving (or 100 servings of 100mg). 

If you buy 3 packs, you'll get a discount at around $0.72 per serving of 200mg. 

This is a great way to make any pre workout into one with DMHA. It'll run you longer if you can take 100mg (around $0.40 per serving). 

Or you can make your own pre workout with bulk powders, including caffeine, from this source



This is the lowest price Excelsior we have found, ever.

Use discount code FITFREK to get it down to $46. It may be a mistake by the store. 

I know what you're thinking. 

That is the strangest nutrition label you've seen so far. 

We agree but you're looking at one of the most potent pre workouts available today. 

This is one that is easily the OG Craze of today. 

Yes it does have DMHA but there has to be something else to this label that isn't on the label. 

It will inevitably be banned one day but until that day comes, enjoy it while it's avialable. 

But it comes with a cost and that's the withdrawals. 

The energy and focus is amazing and unmatched by  most pre workouts, but once you're off it, it'll spoil you because nothing else will come close. 

The only 2 other supplements that are nearly the same is one made by the same company, Thermal Spark and the other by Hydrapharm, Hydrazine. 

Excelsior and Thermal Spark are cheaper options compared to Hydrazine.

If you're susceptible depression, then be wary of taking Excelsior.

It is comparable to amphetamines, in fact some say Excelsior feels the same as the medicine they take for ADHD. 

So whether you want something that will make you feel like you can squat the world or a super potent pre workout, Excelsior is something to try. 

Keep some in storage for those rare days where you want to break PR's, or use it a few times and take a break from it. 



If there was a DMHA only version of Dark Energy, then Zeus would be it. 

This pre workout is made by God Status Labz, a fresh company that makes open formulas with only DMHA. 

There are a few variations of pre workouts that God Status Labz makes, the other one being Leviathan and Kark'n

Leviathan has a similar formula, but uses 150mg Phenylpiracetam, which is going to provide some aggressive-energy and focus. 

And Leviathan differs by using mostly nitric oxide and volumizing ingredients like arachidonic acid, agmatine and betaine. 

And Krak'n has a similar profile to Dark Energy but doesn't use DMHA. 

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Alternatively, you can get Zeus from this store. 



If you like Excelsior but prefer the convivence of pill form, then Thermal Spark is the choice for you. 

Thermal Spark is Excelsior in pill form, it has the same exact energy and effects but without the nitric oxide ingredients. 

The price is a little cheaper, and all you need is one pill for plenty of focus and energy. At 2 pills, you'll have long lasting focus all day long easily, but 1 pill should be enough for most people. 

Alternatively you can get it from NutriCartel



If you need a pre workout with not only lots of stimulants and nootropics, but also performance aids that will help with muscle gains and strength, then you're looking at a solid choice. 

Defiant Unleashed is packed with nootropics, stimulants and ergogenic aids. 

With 8g citrulline, 3.2g beta alanine and 1g choline, you're going to be pumped and focused for improved performance. 

And the stimulants are huge, with 450mg caffeine, 250mg eria jarensis, 200mg DMHA, 100mg theobromine and 100mg octopamine. 

It goes without saying, this is a pre workout that should be used with caution. 

Use half a scoop, and be responsible. 

This is easily one of the most potent DMHA pre workouts, Defiant Unleashed is powerful with energy and focus.

It combines 250mg eria jarensis and DMHA for some synergy for energy and euphoria. 

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While we touched a bit on this pre workout while talking about Zeus, we'll cover what you're getting in Leviathan. 

As we mentioned, this is a pre workout made by God Status Labz, and although they are new, they are already blasting out potent pre workouts with open formula's and high quality ingredients. 

Leviathan is a leading example of this. 

The nitric oxide blend is packed with 2g betaine, 1g arachidonic, 1g agmatine and 200mg pomegranate.

The pumps will be strong and will last long. 

Aside from one of the best nitric oxide blends we've seen in any of these DMHA pre workouts, it has a unique blend of stimulants. 

One of the extracts is a trademarked extract, Dopaphin3, which is a blend of 3 mood boosters, phenylethylamine, l-tyrosine and pyridoxine. 

Aside from this, there's 400mg caffeine, 300mg eria jarensis, 200mg DMHA and 150mg phenylpiracetam. 

Phenylpiracetam is an aggressive-inducing stimulant, it's banned in WADA but that doesn't matter to you if you're already looking at DMHA containing pre workouts. 

It'll make you get up and get to the gym as if your life depended on it. 

This is the first time we've seen it used in a DMHA pre workout, so try out Leviathan if you want an unique stimulant experience with strong pumps. 

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From the company that has brought you Crack, one of the top ranking pre workouts on our strongest pre workouts list, this is their thermogenic focused pre workout. 

Herolean is packed and if you see the stimulant list, you'll notice it's monstrous. 

There are at least 9 stimulants, but the downside to this blend is the 10mg yohimbine, which may be too much for some people, but this can be solved by taking half a scoop. 

At half a scoop, you'd still be getting a boatload of stimulants including 125mg eria jarensis, 100mg DMHA, 50mg DMAA and more. 

At full servings though, you'll get the full punch as it contains 200mg DMHA, 100mg DMAA, 250mg eria jarensis, 300mg caffeine and more. 

The energy is insane and you'll definitely feel the appetite suppression here. 

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Hydrazine is nearly the exact same as Excelsior and Thermal Spark, but it's more expensive. 

In fact, we'd guess it is exactly the same, with the same level of focus and energy. 

Hydrazine is definitely worthy of being a OG Craze replacement. 

If you're looking for appetite suppression with DMHA in the formula, then Hydrazine is for you. But if you don't live in the UK or want to spend more than 60$ on a pre workout, then go for Excelsior. 

Other than that, this is something that will likely discontinue later on, if not soon.