Doomsday Pre-Workout: Is Leviathan Labz's $108 Formula the New Excelsior?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated August 14, 2023

We can all agree...

Pre-workout supplements can be amazing.

Some pre-workouts are next level, though and can't be compared to any other. 

Due to the secret ingredients that they throw in there, you can get some pleasant experiences. 

Euphoria, 1080HD vision, speedy unmatched energy...

But oh man, the withdrawals.

However, seeing how we can't always have nice things all the time, the sources for these pre-workouts tend to change things up. 

Sometimes that's using a whole different company name and brand. 

One of these companies is Leviathan Labz.

Like Imperial Nutrition, this company is the face of a hyped-up pre-workout that Predator Nutrition is calling the next best thing to Hydrazine and Excelsior. 

This is their Doomsday Pre-Workout by the mysterious company Leviathan Labz.

Forget Doomsday though, if you want a true Excelsior replacement, check out Smash AMF.

This is what's being promised:

"Laser-focused concentration"

"...leaving you in an unparalleled invincibility and unmatched motivation."

With these kinds of promises, a price tag that's double the price of amazing, 30+ gram-per-serving-pre-workouts, and a label that is nearly the exact same as Craze and Excelsior, this has to be the next "big" pre-workout with the secret sauce right?

We would hope so with that price...

Doomsday Pre-Workout: Quick Rundown

Doomsday Pre-Workout by Leviathan Labz is a high-priced, proprietary blend supplement with mixed user reviews. Some appreciate the mood boost and focus it provides, while others find it lacking in energy impact compared to other pre-workouts like Excelsior and Craze. Despite the controversy surrounding its price and proprietary blend, it intrigues potential users due to its limited availability and potential benefits.

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Doomsday Pre-Workout Ingredients

Check out the ingredient panel below...

Look familiar?

Doomsday Pre-Workout: A Closer Look

Doomsday Pre-Workout is a product of Leviathan Labz, a unknown company that's conveniently popped it's head out for this pre-workout release.

It features a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to enhance your workout performance.

This special blend includes Trimethylglycine, Creatine Monohydrate, Cymbidium Goeringii, Cacao Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Eria Jarensis, Bauhinia Purpurea, and Kigelia Africana.

Looks familiar right?

Well assuming they're using the clinical dosing for each ingredient of the big 5 gram proprietary blend, there should be some benefits for performance.

For instance, Trimethylglycine is known to improve muscle strength and power, while Creatine Monohydrate is a popular supplement for increasing muscle mass and improving exercise performance.

Caffeine Anhydrous provides a boost of energy, and Eria Jarensis is believed to enhance focus and mood.

Why the proprietary blend?

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Well, Predator Nutrition doesn't want other companies to steal their top-secret formula. 

Because no other company knows how much betaine or creatine to use for optimal performance, right?

Doomsday Pre-Workout has been compared to other popular pre-workouts like Excelsior and Craze.

However, the consensus among users seems to be that while Doomsday does provide a noticeable mood boost and focus, it doesn't quite deliver the same level of energy impact.

Positioned as a Replacement For Excelsior

If you've been out of the loop, Excelsior has been out of stock for the U.S. and has only been selling on PredatorNutrition for the EU and UK. 

Unfortunately, we don't know when it would be back, but this certainly brings demand for something to replace it. 

And so, Doomsday has been hyped up to be that replacement but yet it's still not available for the U.S. and the price is incredibly high. 

Doomsday Pricing

Since it's hyped and marketed to be the next best thing to the original Craze and Excelsior, the price is super high. 

It's currently priced at £84.99, which is $108 dollars. 

That makes it the most expensive pre-workout and it has the least amount of ingredients, and it likely doesn't have that "secret sauce" you're probably hoping to experience. 

Reddit Reviews

Check out the reviews below for what Reddit thinks of Doomsday and their experiences...

You'll even find that ReviewBros also recommends against getting it.

Reddit user warns against getting Doomsday Pre-Workout.

And some users are complaining below that their negative reviews are not being published.

User Experiences and Reviews

The Reviews? Well, they're a mixed bag.

On one hand, you've got users who are all in.

They're loving the mood lift and the laser-like focus.

They're saying it's giving them a Hydrazine-like vibe, which, if you're into your pre-workouts, you'll know is a pretty big deal.

But then, on the flip side, you've got the skeptics.

The ones who tried it and were left feeling... well, a bit underwhelmed.

They were hoping for a big energy surge, but all they got was a slight uptick.

And then there's the elephant in the room - the price tag. At £85 a pop, Doomsday is playing in the big leagues of Excelsior.

It's a price point that's raised more than a few eyebrows.

But Predator Nutrition, the guys exclusively selling this stuff, they've got their reasons.

They say it's all about supply and demand - limited production capacity means a higher cost.

And the proprietary blend? That's to make you believe that there's some secret sauce in there.

Seeing how there are negative reviews on forums and social media, it makes Predator Nutrition look kind of bad that these reviews are not being published on the Doomsday product page. 

So, despite the debates and controversies, Doomsday Pre-Workout is still pulling in the hype.

They're folks who are willing to shell out for a pre-workout experience that promises to be a cut above the rest.

At least that's what they are promised. 

Or you can make your own pre-workout, check out how here and try out the cost calculator.

Should You Get Doomsday?


Unless you want to experience the next best pre-workout to OG Craze (no not the original Craze from 2011, I mean the remake), then you'll want to avoid this pre-workout. 

Predator Nutrition has done this before with O.G. Craze, trying to hype it up to be the next replacement for the actual original Craze.

We recommend skipping over this super expensive 5-gram serving pre-workout and heading to the strongest pre-wokout list, found here.


What is a proprietary blend? A proprietary blend is a combination of ingredients that a company chooses not to disclose the individual amounts of. This is often done to protect the company's unique formula from being copied by competitors.

Why is Doomsday Pre-Workout so expensive? According to Predator Nutrition, the high price of Doomsday Pre-Workout is due to limited production capacity. If production capacity can be increased, the price will drop significantly.

How does Doomsday compare to other pre-workouts like Excelsior and Craze? While Doomsday has been compared to Excelsior and Craze, user reviews suggest that it doesn't quite match up in terms of energy impact. However, many users appreciate the mood boost and focus it provides.

What are the potential benefits of taking Doomsday Pre-Workout? Doomsday Pre-Workout is designed to enhance your workout performance by providing a boost of energy, improving focus, and enhancing mood. Its unique blend of ingredients also offers potential benefits such as increased muscle strength and power.

Are there any side effects of Doomsday Pre-Workout? As with any supplement, the potential for side effects exists. It's always recommended to start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

How to properly use Doomsday Pre-Workout? For best results, it's recommended to take Doomsday Pre-Workout 20-30 minutes before your workout. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and adjust the dosage as needed based on your tolerance and workout intensity.

Can Doomsday Pre-Workout be used by beginners? Yes, Doomsday Pre-Workout can be used by beginners. However, due to its potent formula, it's recommended to start with a lower dose to assess tolerance.

What makes Doomsday Pre-Workout unique? Doomsday Pre-Workout stands out due to its proprietary blend of ingredients, its comparison to popular pre-workouts like Excelsior and Craze, and its limited availability.

Is Doomsday Pre-Workout worth the price? This largely depends on individual preferences and budget. While some users find the price to be high, others are willing to pay a premium for the unique pre-workout experience that Doomsday offers.

Where can I buy Doomsday Pre-Workout? Predator Nutrition exclusively sells Doomsday Pre-Workout. Don't buy it unless you can afford to be disappointed.

Bottom Line

Doomsday appears to be an overly hyped, expensive pre-workout from Predator Nutrition.

While its high price point may deter some, those who have used it report experiencing clean energy, enhanced focus, and mood enhancement without the typical jitters or anxiety associated with other pre-workouts.

It sounds as good as Focus XT.

As with any supplement, individual experiences may vary, and potential users should consider their personal needs and preferences when deciding whether to try Doomsday.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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