​High Stim and High Focus

​Craze was one of the most popular pre workouts years ago.

Energy and euphoria was ridiculously unmatched by any other pre workout.

Fast forward to right now and there’s a brand new version of Craze on the way called Crz The O.G..

Crz was inspired by the original, that should mean tons of energy and focus, though euphoria may not be as pronounced as the original.


​Crz OG will have good energy but euphoria will not be as great according to reviews.


​Uses prop blends although Crz does fully disclose B3, B6, Potassium and DHEA, but it's the prop blend that drives the formula.


​We don't know the price but seeing how much hype is behind this product, we wouldn't be surprised if it exceeded $49.99.


Available only through Driven Sports site. 

We like

  • ​Good energy
  • Excellent focus
  • ​Full 30 1-scoop servings

We Don't Like

  • Prop blend
  • ​Not enough performance or pump ingredients
  • ​Limited availability

​With Crz, Driven Sports is trying to recapture the success of the original Craze in all its stim-heavy glory.

They’re making a comeback from a couple of years of legal and FDA problems regarding the original formula.

This is the pre-workout that they hope will put them right back in the game (along with the aggressive pre workout, Rize).

However you should know that Rize will be different than Crz OG.

Rize is more geared towards having more focus, energy and intensity, while Crz OG is described to have less aggressive for energy and intensity.

We’ll have to see how hard it hits when it comes out, in the meantime let’s dive into the ingredients:

Kinesis Prop Blend

​Betaine Anhydrous

​This is a good start because betaine is excellent for promoting strength, power and acting as a cell volumizer​, however, that effect depends on the dose - and of course we have no way of knowing what the dose is.

Nonetheless, betaine is considered to be similar to creatine because it’s an osmolyte, which basically means it helps preserve water balance in the cells, in this sense it can act as a cell volumizer.

The fact that it increases strength and power has made it a standard in most pre-workouts (1).

So far so good.


​Here’s an amino acid​ you don’t always see in a pre-workout, but glycine offers some very impressive benefits.

What benefits, you might ask?

For starters, it can inhibit muscle protein breakdown and improve recovery.

In fact, it also enhances cognitive function and stimulates GH (2​),​ (3​).

Glycine is also one of three amino acids that’s responsible for the synthesis of creatine, helping to maintain an adequate level of creatine in the body (4​).

One of the main functions of creatine is to replenish ATP as the body is using it up, so you can train a little harder and longer.

That sounds good to us!

​Driven Craze’s athlete, @ds_tom, is not skipping leg day...

​PEA (B-Phenylethylamine HCL)

​Crz is mainly a focus and energy pre-workout.

Simply put, if you want pumps and performance​, this isn’t the pre for you.

PEA has become very popular with users that look for focus, mood elevation and the mental stamina to drive through workouts.

PEA does this by stimulating the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine.

There’s nothing quite like walking into the gym with the concentration, focus and mental stamina it takes to have great workouts - and PEA, when dosed effectively, does it very well.. (5​).

​SuperStimis Driven Sport’s nootropic/ stimulant heavy fat burner…

​Erythropalum Scandens

​This is not something you see in a lot of products.

It contains a form of PEA known as  N-Benzyl-2-PEA which allows a greater amount of PEA to reach the brain.

So with two forms of PEA, you can see that Crz is going for extreme cognitive enhancement and mood elevation.

​Potassium Citrate

​Yep, the electrolyte mineral potassium is next on the list.

This version is a potassium salt derived from citric acid.

Potassium is essential for heart health, nerve function and muscle control.

Does it seem weird to see this so far up in the prop blend?

One reason it’s here is because potassium promotes cell volume by helping to pull water into the muscle cells - or, water based pumps.

​CRZ OG is suppose to be the next best thing to the original Craze.

​Psoralea Extract

​This traditional herb has a long history of use as an antidepressant and stress reliever.

More recently, it’s been shown to stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline which means it will act as a stimulant and a cognitive enhancer (6​).

​As you can see, the stim/focus ingredients aren’t quite like what you find in most pre-workouts​.

Will they produce better results?

They will if they’re dosed high enough.


​Most pre-workouts and fat burners that contain caffeine state the caffeine content, even in a prop blend.

Not so here, as Crz is one of a very few prop-based products that does not reveal how much caffeine you’re getting.

Of course, caffeine is the ever popular stimulant that’s used in countless products across several categories - and it does more than just give you energy.

Caffeine also improves focus, alertness, increases thermogenesis and improves performance - not bad, right?

​Rize is the more aggressive pre workout that is going to be released around the same time as CRZ OG…

​It’d be even better if we knew that we were getting an amount effective enough to do all these things.


​This is one of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine because it contains more than 20 active compounds that provide a wide range of benefits, from antioxidant protection to liver health to acting as a sleep aid.

It’s purpose here is to act as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body cope with physical and mental stress, in this case the stress of frequent, intense workouts.

One of the active compounds is berberine, which is partially responsible for phellodendron’s liver health benefits.

Berberine also supports mood elevation (7​).

​Grapefruit Extract

​We bet you haven’t seen this in very many pre-workouts - neither have we.

We’ve seen Grape Seed Extract but not this...

It’s in Crz to help reduce insulin resistance, which can lead to such things as fatigue and weight gain (8​).

The effects of grapefruit on weight and insulin resistance: Relationship to the metabolic syndrome.

​Alchornea Floribunda

​Here’s another ingredient you won’t find in that many pre-workouts.

This herb has a traditional use in Africa as an aphrodisiac, and in ritualistic ceremonies due to its mood altering abilities, as well as its ability to create a high level of enthusiasm. (9​).

That kind of benefit can take a good workout and make it a great one, and combines with the rest of the blend to increase energy, focus and mood.

​DHEA (10 mg)

​Besides Vitamins B3, B6 and potassium, this is the only other ingredient that’s in Crz at a fully disclosed amount.

This is also not that common in many pre-workouts, but reminds us of another company that always adds deer velvet extract to all their pre-workouts, touting its GH benefits.

Here, DHEA is considered a test booster​, and is considered a steroid hormone to the point that it turns up on the NCAA  banned list (10​), ​(11​).

​So, this is an interesting addition to a somewhat unusual pre-workout formula.

However, at just 10 mg, it’s a little underdosed considering you can get it in strengths from 25 mg up to 100 mg.

​Crz Flavors

​So far, we know of just one flavor, Berry Lemonade - which sounds delicious.

We think they’ll bring back all the original flavors that the original Craze had.

Apparently this is causing a delay in releasing it since they are working hard to mask the flavor of the ingredients.

​Some original Craze flavors that may come to CRZ OG.

​Does Crz Live Up To The Hype?

​Overall, we have to say this is a unique formula in many ways with several somewhat unusual ingredients.

While the formula looks interesting, let’s get real - it’s another prop blend.

Chances are, you’ll experience energy and focus, but without knowing the dosing, it’s impossible to say just how effective Crz will be.

The bottom line?

As long as you’re away of the company’s history, and understand that the supplement industry is generally a gray area, then go ahead, try it, especially if you’re a fan of the original Craze and understand there was a possible spike of amphetamines.

The initial launch will be on the Driven Sports website​ only with a limit of 6 tubs per person, for this reason this product will have a limited availability until it’s widely released.

Meanwhile, there are still some pre workouts that are quite similar to Craze in regards to focus and energy​.

Crz OG features ingredients we’ve never seen used before but the reviews all praise it for having long lasting energy that hits similarly to the original Craze.

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