Top 10 Intra Workout Supplements For Muscle Gains: Best Of 2021 Buying Guide (BCAAs, Carbs, Pumps)

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Jan 28, 2021



Forget catabolism…

You'd agree with me when I say that it's important to keep the body fed and fueled for maximum performance and gains.

Even during your workouts.

With BCAA's you're ensuring your body is in the best state possible.

Now you may benefit more if you're in a fasted state…

But we all know you can't drink or eat protein during your workouts.

So BCAA's and intra workouts come into use.

We've done the research and have rounded up the best here…

You'll learn what BCAA supplements you can use during training to make the most gains and out of your workouts.

​Why Take BCAA Supplements?

What if you could improve recovery and train harder than ever while remaining in a anabolic state?

You'd probably feel like you've got an “S” on your chest

BCAA’s have become one of the biggest game changers for both bodybuilders and athletic purposes.

Whether you’ve used BCAA’s or not, you should know by now that they are made out of 3 amino acids.

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

Different supplements contain different ratios so it gets kind of confusing on which one to go with and not all BCAA supplements are all that great since some may come with carbohydrates and nitric oxide ingredients while others are just plain amino acids.

Most intra supplements are a waste of money.

The choices can be overwhelming and the supplement industry is full of hyped up crap so we’re going to list the ones you should stay away from and our top 10 list.


Honorable Mentions: Best Intra's For Gains

Best Intra Workout Supplements for Gains

When you're looking for an intra workout, ASC Supplement has an effective one here. 

You can say it's the bomb, because it uses over 7g EAAs, including BCAAs, muscle soreness will be down even after your hardest workouts. 

It has more than your average intra workout though. 

After the usual amino acids, it also has 1g taurine, 500mg coconut water, 1g PeakO2 and 100mg Spectra.. 

The combination of these ingredients will result in superior hydration, pumps, and increased performance. 

Bomba features ingredients that are typically used in a pre workout, like 1g taurine and 1g PeakO2. 

PeakO2 is an interesting ingredient though and you'll appreciate it more after knowing the benefits of it. 

This ingredient is a cordyceps-based ingredient that is made in a blend of mushrooms. 

One study found consuming just 1.3g grams of this mushroom blend produced higher peak power output, reduced fatigue and increased performance. 

And it doesn't end there. 

PeakO2 contains mushrooms that can optimize testosterone production and decrease estrogen levels. 

This ingredient alone is worthy of making Bomba one of the best for increasing workout performance.

The rest of the blend features hydration enhancers and they'll also help increase muscle size as taurine is known to help pull in more water between muscle cells.

If you're committed to your workouts and need the extra edge, then Bomba is a useful addition

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When I first started lifting, I had a hard time gaining weight. 

Eventually, after struggling for months, I invested into an intra workout, called Cell-Tech. 

It was basically creatine combined with carbs, BCAA's and more.

After some weeks of using this supplement, I had gained easily at least 5lbs and I had stretch marks all over my arms from the sudden size gain. 

Jump to today, we have a better supplement that features a similar profile but with huge doses. 

This is actually one of the best muscle building supplements you can get if you want to gain size in the shortest time possible. 

Featuring 15g from 2 sources of carbs, Formula VII uses 4 big muscle builders at clinical doses.

The tingles here are going to be noticeable because of the 3.2g beta alanine, and the 3g betaine anhydrous is what was used in studies that prove this to be an effective muscle builder. 

The 2g ornithine will help with size because of it's nitric oxide benefits, and ammonia fighting properties. 

It uses antioxidants as well of 125mg Grape Seed Extract and 100mg alpha lipoic acid. 

Alpha lipoic acid will help metabolize the big amount of carbs featured in this intra.

If you're struggling to put on weight, or need to take your workouts to the next level then you'll likely find Formula VII to be an excellent addition to your supplement arsenal. 

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