Strongest Anabolic Supplements For Muscle Gains: Top 10 in 2022

by Nader Qudimat
Updated April 23, 2022
  • Best Overall
    Enhance by Huge Nutrition
    Reduces cortisol and increases testosterone
    Contains minerals for basic function
    Enhances lifestyle and workouts
    Hard Target by Apollon Nutrition
    Increases strength and muscle
    Contains full dose Laxogenin for strength gains
    Optimizes testosterone and performance

Today I'm going to reveal the best anabolic supplements on the market right now.

And here's the best part:

I didn't just rate the supplements on my personal opinion.

I looked at studies that support each ingredient.

That way, I could list the best anabolic supplements on the market currently… 

Backed by actual data and research.

Check out the 1-Andro and Epiandro guide

So let's get started…

Potent Anabolic Supplements: Best Natural Test Boosters in 2022


Man Power by Axe & Sledge

Testosterone Optimizers

500mg Tribulus Terrestris, 500mg Mucuna Pruriens, 300mg Fenugreek, 250mg Safed Musli Extract, 150mg Longjack, 150mg Maca Powder, 100mg 3,3'-Diindolylmethane, 50mg 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, 10mg BioPerine

Helps with strength and endurance
Big dose of laxogenin
Enhances basic body functions
Increases testosterone production

Axe & Sledge is quickly becoming one of our favorite companies and they are just getting started. 

Founded by 3 gentlemen, Patrick Williams, Seth Feroce and Bobby Dautrich, this company is known to make supplements for the elite athletes and hard workers. 

Kicking off this testosterone booster, MANPOWER, is tribulus, and the rest of the formula is made out of potent ingredients, including fenugreek, Laxogenin, maca and DIM. 

There's a range of benefits that MANPOWER offers, from increasing muscle gains, improving strength and endurance while enhancing libido and energy. 

If you're looking to optimize your performance, then your priority should be starting with your hormones. 

Starting with tribulus, this herb is historically used to help with male infertility, low libido and improve erectile function.

Because it's rich in bioactive compounds like steroidal glycosides and alkaloids, the glycosides can vary, but Axe & Sledge is using a 40% standardization here. 

Other benefits range from being absorption enhancing, promoting healthy inflammation levels, supports balanced levels of oxidation, diuretic, and more. 

To help with mood, Axe has added mucuna pruriens, also known as L-Dopa.

Studies have found this ingredient to also help hormonal benefits for men as it can increase levels of serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

Mucuna can also help with PCT if you're taking prohormones because it can inhibit prolactin output.

Fenugreek is also here but it's in it's patented form, TESTOSURGE, which contains 80% steroidal glycosides (minimal). 

Seeing this in a premium form is excellent news because TESTOSURGE has been seen to increase total and free testosterone levels. And it prolongs the elevated levels.

The rest of the formula from maca to longjack and safed musli extract will help optimize and increase testosterone levels

But there is one ingredient in here that will make a massive difference with strength and that's Laxogenin. 

MANPOWER has it listed here as 5-hydroxy Laxogenin. 

Laxogenin is a natural steroidal compound from plants and while research doesn't show how this works exactly, some studies show it can increase strength, lean mass and improve overall workout performance. 

To help with absorption, Bioperine is added, and tribulus will also help you maximize the uptake of the entire formula here. 

MANPOWER is easily one of the most potent test boosters for both testosterone optimization and strength enhancing. 

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Enhance by Huge Nutrition

Big formula for optimal testosterone levels
Increases strength and controls estrogen levels
Reduces stress

Huge Nutrition is a relatively new company that has been pumping out massive formulas at decent pricing. 

While they have multiple natural anabolics, and strong ones, Enhance is their designated testosterone booster. 

Read my Enhance review here. 

Rebirth PCT may be stacked and actually many of their products can be stacked together since they are natural, but potent ingredients that are formulated to work in synergy. 

Enhance starts off with a highly bioavailable form of vitamin D3, and it's got a hefty dose of 4000IU. 

It also has important minerals including zinc and boron citrate.

Both of these minerals are important for testosterone production and can also help with recovery.

Selenium is a commonly used ingredient but the issue with it is the absorption.

Luckily, Huge Nutrition has used a superior form of selenium for maximum bioavailability.

The 400mcg dose here is more than enough as the human body doesn't need more than that, and it's beneficial because a selenium deficiency, even a slight one, can put you at risk for various diseases, and it plays a big part in thyroid and immune function.

The ingredients range from BryoViron, to Korean mistletoe KSM 66, long jack, PrimaVie, and safed musli.

ByroViron is an interesting ingredient that has been used in ayurvedic medicine and various studies has shown this ingredient to increase testosterone and fertility. It can release more testosterone.

Ashwagandha is another big natural anabolic and it's dosed exactly how it was used in studies at 600mg. One study found participants taking KSM 66 at 300mg twice daily had an 75% increase in upper body strength and 50% more for the lower body. 

The same group of participants were also found with 17% more testosterone. 

Enhance is clearly a potent testosterone booster that has huge strength benefits.

Check out Sapogenix as well. 

Stack it with the other Huge Nutrition's anabolics for the best results.  

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Other hormonal products:


Natabolic by The Guerilla Chemix

Strongest natural test booster
Increases testosterone levels and optimizes them
Strong formula for strength gains

The Guerilla Chemix has had a long journey of not only formulating synergistic formulas, but also making them stand out from the crowded market of supplements.

Natabolic stands out as one of the best natural anabolics we've seen yet. 

The ingredients are traditionally used as ayurvedic medicine to help with male fertility and testosterones optimization. 

It kicks it off big with a full gram of ByroViron and a gram of Korean Mistletoe.

ByroViron, an ingredient we've seen used a few times in test boosters, is a patented version of bryonia laciniosa extract. 

It's been seen to increase and release more testosterone in the body by stimulating and elevating both luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. 

Subjects using this ingredient were found to have 6.5 times more testosterone than the placebo group. 

Korean Mistletoe is a unique ingredient but it's not a new one. It's been used traditionally in Eastern medicine to help reduce blood sugar levels and enhance fat loss. 

Here it's included to inhibit Atrogin-1 gene, which can cause muscle atrophy.

It has a full 600 gram dose of KSM-66, a proven ingredient to help boost strength, elevate testosterone levels and keep your cortisol levels in check. 

To help keep you anabolic, The Guerilla Chemist added eriobotrya, a anti-catabolic that contains the bioactive ingredient ursolic acid. 

This ingredient alone can increase protein synthesis, and it's combined with eucommia, nature's answer to testosterone as it can increase muscle growth by binding to androgen receptors.

And the last but certainly not least, is Laxogenin, another natural anabolic that has been seen to increase strength by 75% in the upper body of athletes and 50% for the lower body.

Natabolic is one of the strongest and most potent testosterone optimizers we've seen. The ingredients work in synergy can help with muscle growth, strength and testosterone levels. 

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LGND by Inspired Nutraceuticals

Reduces cortisol
Amazing pumps
Uses only patented ingredients

One of the most popular testosterone boosters we've seen around is LGND by Inspired.

Inspired Nutraceuticals is known to make potent and properly formulated supplements, and LGND is a prime example of that. 

This plant based anabolic is scientifically formulated with clinical dosing of KSM-66, laxogenin, and Cocoabuterol. 

Studies have shown ashwagandha, specifically KSM 66, can increase testosterone by as much as 15% and it has incredible benefits for strength and muscle gains.

Aside from the strength boosting benefits, it can also help with testosterone optimization as it can decrease cortisol, an enemy of all things muscle gains. 

The next ingredient is typically used in nitric oxide supplements but it's benefits go beyond than just pumps. 

It can increase strength, metabolism and fat loss. 

Fullness, pumps, muscle gains, strength, you name it. LGND delivers. 

And the next ingredient, Laxogenin, works in synergy with VASO6. Instead of the normal ingredient though which can vary in quality, LGND contains the patented ingredient, Laxosterone. 

It's been seen to do amazing things for strength.

And Cocoabuterol will help optimize immune function, thanks to it's potent properties for balancing oxidation levels.

It will also work with VASO6 since it can increase vasodilation and support cardiovascular function. 

LGND is a legendary testosterone booster with great strength boosting benefits.

It's not formulated to just increase testosterone but it has the most potent plant based anabolic patented ingredients with maximum doses. 

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Alpha 365 (V2) Test Booster

Includes standardization of each ingredients
Reduces stress and increases energy
Uses natural herbs
All in one natural test booster
No patented ingredients

If you've tried testosterone boosters and they haven't done anything for you, then this is one that is worth trying. 

Glaxon has formulated Alpha 365 with more than 13 anabolic ingredients to help with muscle and testosterone optimization. 

It's packed, and it's stuffed in 180 capsules, meaning you'll need to consume 6 capsules at once and it'll last you a month. 

Alpha is formulated with 4 blends, testosterone support, estrogen control, healthy oxidant support and fertility enhancers. 

It's well thought out and formulated with the strategy to be an all around natural anabolic without the risks that prohormones have. 

The downside is that it doesn't use patented ingredients, although it does show you what each ingredient is standardized to. 

The standardizations are important, otherwise you may just be getting a generic ingredient without the bioactive compounds that make it what it is. 

The biggest dose here is the Fenugreek, studies have found this ingredient alone to increase free testosterone as well as endurance. 

With a decently formulated profile, Alpha 365 is a beast of a test booster.  

Use discount code FITFREK 


Apex Male by BlackStone Labs

Tried and true ingredients
Increases test production
Reduces estrogen

When it comes to anabolic supplements, Blackstone Labs is your hook up. 

Vitamin D3 is the most potent form of vitamin D. It's followed by a big 1.5g of D-Aspartic Acid.

D-Aspartic Acid is one of the most effective testosterone boosters out and it only takes 2 weeks to get up to 42% boost in testosterone.

One study showed users on D-Aspartic Acid had 42% increase in testosterone levels and while this isn't going to directly increase muscle gains, it will work in synergy with the other test boosting ingredients in here. 

One ingredient you rarely see is bulbine natalensis. 

Studies have shown this can increase all kinds of hormone levels, from serum testosterone, to serum follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and even increases teste size.

And it even helps you last longer in bed, something you would appreciate especially if you were just coming off a cycle. 

Aside from the testosterone performance enhancers, there's also a powerful anti-estrogen ingredient, DIM.

DIM helps keep estrogen levels balanced while maximizing the effectiveness of the other ingredients as it can inhibit testosterone from turning into estrogen.

Apex Male is what you're looking for if you want something to not only enhance testosterone levels but also your “in the bedroom” performance.

Use coupon code FITFREK for 15% off. 


Stage 1 TEST Rejuvenation by InnovaPharm

Optimizes energy and basic functions
Potent formula with strong anabolic ingredients
Contains minerals
Prop blend

InnovaPharm has been making potent supplements for years now and they are easily one of the best when it comes to giving people what they are looking for. 

Stage 1 Test Rejuvenation, while cool naming, helps turn men into beasts with it's little complex. 

While we don't like how everything is in a prop blend, it has been one of the people's favorite optimizers for testosterone boosting.

Fortunately it also contains minerals, which most men are deficient in. 

Consuming these minerals will help optimize testosterone, and it's also why it's commonly used in ZMA formulas.

The last ingredient is an interesting one, and might make Test a must try.

And that's E-XSTANE. 

E-XSTANE, known as 3-deoxy-delta-3,7-oxo-DHEA, prevents testosterone from turning into estrogen. It's a powerful metabolite of 7-DHEA. 

Even if you weren't elevating your testosterone with supplements, this ingredient alone is beneficial to have because it can also reduce cortisol levels. 

Use coupon code FITFREK.


Test by Genius Supplements

Prevents DHT from being converted from testosterone
​Reduces cortisol ​
Increases aggression and appetite
​Elevates body metabolic rate
Enhances dopamine production for motivation and enhanced well-being
Improves and promotes deep sleep

Genus Test is one of the best test boosters we've seen and it has set the bar high for what blends should look like. 

It's not only fully disclosed, but all the ingredients are patented, high quality forms. 

It packs KSM-66 at 1g, a stress reliever and a cortisol reducer, it can help increase testosterone levels and maintain them at high levels. 

It also has 500mg PrimaVie, an ingredient that goes back thousands of years and it has various benefits from testosterone optimization to increasing mitochondrial energy.

Genius Test also packs 3 other ingredients that'll maximize testosterone levels while helping boost well-being and general health.


Hard Target by Apollon Nutrition

Increases energy and performance
Reduces estrogen levels
Strong blend of test optimizers
100mg Laxogenin to increase strength

When we first heard Apollon was releasing a test booster, we already knew it wasn't going to be weak.

This isn't just a test booster. 

Hard Target has ingredients that'll reduce cortisol, estrogen, and increase strength. 

In fact, it has 3 potent estrogen blockers, 1 direct testosterone optimizer, 1 stress reducer and 1 potent strength booster. 

Laxogenin here on it's own makes Hard Target what it is, but when it's combined with other ingredients like it is here, it becomes literally one of the best test boosters we've seen so far. 

Apollon is known for their hardcore pre workouts that uses all properly dosed, patented ingredients.

There's 3 strong aromatase inhibitors, in fact, they are possibly the strongest especially when combined. 

Both DIM and Androst-3,5,Dien-7, 17-Dione can enhance testosterone levels by keeping estrogen in check. 

Too much estrogen can inhibit testosterone but these 2 ingredients will optimize testosterone by keeping estrogen levels in check. 

Hard Target is an excellent choice if you want a test booster to prevent hair loss, keep estrogen in check, and optimize test levels. 

Use coupon code FITFREK. 


Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition

Sold out
Performance Enhancers
Contains ZMA
Increases male fertility
Strong stand alone test booster
Can be stacked with any anabolic (natural or not)

Huge Nutrition is already on this list for their designated test booster, Enhance, but this one is as good.

Instead of just using herbs though, Enhance takes it a level up by using Arimistane and a big 2.5g of D-Aspartic Acid. 

These 2 ingredients work in synergy to not only increase testosterone but it will also keep estrogen levels down. 

Arimistane can block estrogen from being produced and this is an upside for testosterone because too much estrogen can inhibit testosterone. 

This potent ingredient also has benefits for increasing physical performance and strength.

D-Aspartic Acid has been seen to increase testosterone to users in just 2 weeks. 

The next big ingredient is 300mg Tribulus terrestris.

This ingredient is packed with many bioactive compounds, mostly saponins. 

While Rebirth PCT is sold as a PCT, it pairs well with Enhance as both of these supplements compliment each other.

Huge Nutrition uses Tribulus terrestris standardized to have at least 45% saponins.

While there isn't much research proving Tribulus to be a valuable testosterone booster, but it has a wide range of benefits that makes it an invaluable ingredient to have. 

It also has 250mg Ashwagandha, and 350mg safed musli. 

Safed musli is similar to Tribulus, and this is also standardized to 50% saponins. 

Ashwagandha can help increase strength and testosterone while decreasing cortisol. 

Rebirth PCT is overall a strong testosterone booster that can work in synergy with Enhance or really any anabolic.

Use discount code FITFREK.


Anabolic Testosterone Boosters Buying Guide

You've seen it before.

That one or group of guys in the gym who look like they are getting jacked by the rep.

They could be taking a bunch of good supplements or they could just simply be getting juiced up with steroids and testosterone injections.

Whatever it is, they simply seem to be making much more progress than you are.

When it comes to building muscle, you can't do it without a proper plan for diet and training.

Because eventually those two will be the main factors for your testosterone levels.

You can only get so far if your testosterone levels are below average.

You can complain about the horrible genetics that you have or you can do something about it.

Benefits Of High Testosterone Levels

Having optimal testosterone levels have so many benefits.

You'll not only be able to build more lean muscle, you'll also experience better mood and have a better sense of well-being.

It's like having a key to reaching your potential.

Many problems can be prevented by having optimal testosterone levels.

As a natural bodybuilder, or one that just needs a good PCT, you'll always have your test levels fluctuating when you have many factors come into play like stress, diet, and exercise mainly.

While you may be better off buying steroids than wasting money on most testosterone boosters, these supplements actually contain ingredients that'll not only enhance your test levels but keep your estrogen under control.

The testosterone boosters I listed should help enhance your production as well as maximize gains by optimizing total and free test levels. 

Don't expect miracles and you'll more than likely enjoy using them.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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