Best Liver Protection: Protect Organs During Steroid Cycles [2021 Guide]

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Apr 20, 2021



It's known fact…

Steroids put you at risk for side effects. 

It can be dangerous especially if you don't have a PCT planned. 

Synthetic steroids are known to be toxic and dangerous for not only your hormones but also your organs. 

Commonly, these anabolics are used by athletes or bodybuilders to improve muscle and performance. 

But because they can be effective, they come with side effects. 

Organs go through a lot of damage when you're taking AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids).

However you can reduce the toxicity and protect your liver from steroid cycles. 

We'll explain how to best protect your liver and organs, why you should and what products are the most effective. 


Best Liver Protection for Steroid Cycles

We have seen all kinds of liver protection supplements but there are none that come close to Defend by Huge Nutrition.

This is a liver protection supplement that contains 7 potent ingredients at the full clinical dosages. 

We have never seen any product that comes close to this formula, let alone the dosages.

Here are the ingredients used in Defend:

  • 1000mg Milk Thistle Extract
  • 600mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • 500mg Peppermint Leaf Powder
  • 250mg TUDCA 
  • 200mg Red Clover
  • 150mg Hawthorn Berry Extract
  • 250mg Saw Palmetto Extract

Looking at these ingredients and dosages alone already makes Defend look like one of the best choices for liver protection. 

It not only has 7 potent ingredients but they are all clinically dosed with research backed benefits. 

Starting with a full gram of milk thistle extract, this ingredient can enhance liver function and strengthen gallbladder health. 

Milk thistle is packed with silymarin, a strong liver detox agent that can reduce oxidative stress. [1

Defend contains a standardized 80% of silymarin here. 

If this was just 1g of milk thistle without the other ingredients, this would outperform most liver protection supplements. 

Milk thistle can also increase protein and DNA synthesis in the liver, and is considered to be one of the best protection ingredients that can enhance and repair the liver. [2

The next ingredient is N-Acetyl-Cysteine, a powerful antioxidant that can protect against oxidative stress that is brought by free radicals. [3, 4, 5]

It's a potent liver protectant and it's been proven to be one of the best compounds for enhancing liver health. [6, 7

To help aid digestion, reduce bloating and gas, Defend has peppermint leaf powder.

Peppermint leaf can help relieve pain and relax the digestive system. This is important for bodybuilders and steroid users who tend to eat a lot of food, which can cause digestive stress. 

Tudca is a bile salt found in the body that comes with strong benefits for organ health especially for the liver. 

Research shows that tudca can improve liver health without side effects. [8

Next up is red clover, an essential ingredient for steroid users. 

It can reduce blood pressure, something steroid users usually struggle with. [9

Hawthorn is traditionally used to help enhance heart health. It's been shown to improve the health of the heart and the research proves this, although it's been used for centuries. [10, 11

Saw palmetto is important for steroid cycles because it's one of the best ingredients to include for prostate health. 

Steroid cycles are known to possibly cause enlarged prostates so saw palmette can help support prostate health. [12

Clearly, Defend is a well rounded liver protection supplement that is a must for steroid users. 

It contains everything that can prevent the common side effects that steroid cycles often come with. 

From enhancing digestion, improving blood pressure to protecting the liver and more. 

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Liver Protection For Steroid Cycles

By now you've learned what the best ingredients are to ensure full liver protection. 

When you run anabolic cycles, it's important to take the proper steps to protect your health. 

Most supplements won't have the proper ingredients, dosages, let alone the standardizations. 

The best supplement to take is Defend by Huge Nutrition and it's easily our best recommendation. 

It's list of ingredients are backed by research and it's properly dosed. 

Defend will help protect your organs, digestive system and even enhance prostate health. 

Taking steroids can increase the risk for issues with all of these things, so it's important to take Defend to help reduce the risks that come with taking harsh anabolics. 

What's The Best Liver Protective Supplement?

We've researched and tested many supplements for liver protection and we haven't found anything that has outperformed Defend by Huge Nutrition. 

This supplement is the best you can get for it's profile of ingredients, dosages, and price. 

Every 4 capsule serving has fully dosed research backed ingredients. 

The next best choice is Liver and Organ Defender by 5% Nutrition.

This also contains a decent list of ingredients with good dosages. 

It has a little less milk thistle but has more hawthorn berry which is good for prostate health. 

But for liver support, Defend by Huge Nutrition wins as it has more ingredients and higher dosages of them for direct organ protection. 

How To Use Liver Protection Supplements

The first day that you start your anabolic cycle is the first day you should be taking your liver protection supplement.

You can even start taking liver protection supplements before your anabolic cycles to ensure your organs are operating optimally.  

Take your liver protection supplement from the beginning of the cycle until the end. 

You can continue taking the liver protection supplement even during your post cycle and off cycles. 

This will help optimize your organ health and will keep things running smoothly. 

Protect Your Health

Steroids can increase the risk for many issues and the liver is often takes the most abuse during cycles. 

This is why we recommend taking a supplement that contains research backed ingredients at full dosages. 

The best supplement for this is Defend by Huge Nutrition.

We challenge you to find something that matches it's profile. 

Almost everything else we found have had half the doses or ingredients, or both. 

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