Top 10 Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilding – 2023 Buying Guide

by Nader Qudimat
Updated January 5, 2023

You're wasting your money on multivitamins. 

You are, aren't you?

Why else would you be here?

Okay maybe you don't know what to pick and you need to get the best quality multivitamin so you can get the most out of your training.

Resistance Immune Support by Apollon

Resistance is made for one purpose and that's enhancing immune function.

It contains the strongest ingredients with full dosages to help with the immune system.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
WellnessSeries Multivitamin by Transparent Labs

Containing the most bioavailable forms, Multivitamin is made to strengthen the foundation of health through vitamins and minerals.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It doesn't make sense to continue training like a beast, and not get the most out of minerals and vitamins.

You want to maximize your results, right?​

We lifters are not like average Joes. 

Multivitamins from a local pharmacy or grocery store may not be enough for us and even if they did seem like they were made for athletes, the ingredients are not always naturally sourced. ​

What Are Multivitamins?

Before we even get into any details of what you should be taking, it's super important to understand what a multivitamin is and why you should bother taking them. 

Multivitamins are supplements that aid your nutritional intake, they are like an insurance policy.

Do You Even Need Them?

You don't really need them, but if you're training intense, and even if your diet is in check, you may be missing a vitamin or a mineral.

Now which vitamins / minerals you need are impossible to tell without a blood test.

So if you can't be bothered to check with a doctor, these multivitamins listed are of high quality and should benefit you in the long run.​

And actually you may not even need a multivitamin at all as research has found that most people are only deficient in vitamin B6, iron and vitamin D. ​

That conclusion was drawn based on the general population, not on athletes and bodybuilders. ​

But if you're deficient with vitamin D, you may make the mistake of purchasing vitamin D2, a micronutrient that decreases 25(OH)D3.

The same thing applies with magnesium and other forms of vitamins, you do not want to get the cheap form as they are poorly absorbed and you will just be disposing it down the toilet.​

Now you may be worried about your diet and you'd rather supplement with a multivitamin to ensure you're not missing anything. 

That's fine, but we always recommend getting a blood test done every few months to ensure you're not throwing money down the drain (or toilet in this case).​

Remember a multivitamin can not replace real food. (Check out these protein powders or mass gainers)

Personally, I'd rather have cheap insurance and spend 0.20 cents per day to make sure I am not missing anything.

Stack these with pre workouts and protein powders, you'll be set to make gains this year…​

So here, we'll list the best multivitamins that we've found….

Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilding in 2023


Multi-Vitamin by Transparent Labs


Transparent Labs is one of the few companies that has gone beyond transparency a few years back.

Their products are designed with full clinical doses of performance enhancing ingredients, and the Multivitamin is no different.

WellnessSeries Multivitamin covers everything needed for a hardworking athlete.

Coming straight from their state of the art facility in Utah that's certified by CGMP and registered by the FDA, this potent multivitamin is has an advanced formula that helps enhance your well being without using iron.

With over 20 active ingredients, each serving is 4 capsules, which makes for a full months supply.

After the vitamins, there's even more ingredients, including organic ashwandgha, n-acetyl cystesine, coenzyme g10 and boron.

These ingredients will help fight stress and enhance well being.

It contains organic ashwandgha which is amazing for testosterone, and controlling cortisol.

All in all, WellnessSeries Multivitamin uses pure and potent vitamins to help improve your health. Without using any preservatives or artificial coloring or anything that is harmful to health, you can be sure you're getting a top notch choice for any supplement from Transparent Labs.

Use coupon code FITFREK.

2 IN 1

Fierce 5-Multivitamin+Test Booster by Modern Hardcore Nutrition

Testosterone and health support
2 in 1 multivitamin
Highly bioavailable ingredients

Since Modern Hardcore Nutrition has acquired rights to Ntel Nutra, they've rebranded Arez and have made a simple looking line up of supplements that are made with good quality formulas and ingredients.

They took their multivitamin and has made a unique aspect to it, testosterone support.

This multi-blend is made to support testosterone production, and there's another blend to help with prostate health and estrogen elimination.

Modern Hardcore Nutrition, or MHN, has made a monster of a multivitamin that we think will be a top choice if you're looking to maximize your health and testosterone.

The ingredients as you can see above are packed into 6 tablets, serving you a full months supply of 30 servings.

Fierce 5 is beyond a multivitamin, it also includes a digestive blend and the ingredients are highly bioavailable.

And the cost of this is quite fair, using our 15% off coupon code FITFREK, will get you this at 35 bucks. Considering how this is a 2 in 1, it's a decent deal.


Orange Triad by Controlled Labs

Contains full joint blend
Full spectrum of vitamins and minerals

Orange Triad, like Animal Pak, is the ultimate and complete multivitamin.

The only thing is that it doesn't contain as much as Animal Pak but it makes it much cheaper and affordable in the long run.

Despite it's lower cost per serving, the quality used in Orange Triad is way up there as most of the vitamins are made from natural sources.​

It has all the vitamins as well as a flex complex for joint health and a digestive blend for digestion aid.

It doesn't contain iron, to help ease the common irritability that it brings to the stomach. 

If you're bodybuilding then you'll appreciate this being designed for people who lift weight because of it's well rounded joint formula and support. 

Use coupon code FITFREK.


Multi-Sport by NutraBio


Being one of the best brands in the history of supplement companies, NutraBio has been making supplements since 1996.

Mark Glazier is the founder and has been pushing NutraBio to lead the way of properly dosed formulas in the supplement industry since they've been around.

MultiSport is available in two versions, one for men and the other for women.

It's a high quality formula that is designed to build a solid foundation, using highly bioavailable vitamins and ingredients.

The problem with vitamin B is that there is potentially toxicity in the form of pyridoxine as there has been research finding that oversaturation of B6 by supplementation can cause severe sensory neuropathy. 

Supplementing with B6 in this form of pyridoxine can inhibit B6 enzymes in the body, which interferes with pyridoxal-5-phosphate absorption.

NutraBio uses the better version of B6, and along with the basic vitamins, there's also iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc, and all the minerals in their highest bioavailable forms.

And it doesn't stop there.

They've also included ingredients that hard working athletes will appreciate including ALA, n-acetyl-cysteine, choline bitartrate, citrus bioflavonoids, inositol, and bioperine.

MultiSport has been available for years and NutraBio will continue to innovate to keep it at the top with highly bioavailable ingredients and top notch nutrients.

Use discount code FITFREK.


Genius Joy by Genius Supplements

Enhances mood
Contains highly bioavailable vitamins

Based on the principle of optimization rather than simple supplementation, Genius Joy is not your average multi-vitamin.

Boasted as all-natural smart nootropic mood enhancer, this blend by Genius Supplements aims to uplift your mind, body and soul to deliver performance.

Apart from the usual suspects of vitamins B1 to D3, its brain-boosting ingredients contain SAMe, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Ginseng, NeuroFactor and TheaKalm.

According to the company, their products uses trademarked ingredients which helps ensure potency and purity while avoiding unnecessary fillers.

Among all the multi-vitamins on the market, Genius Joy offers a unique function which boosts physical capacities through unlocking your mental capabilities.


Resistance Immune System Support by Apollon Nutrition

Contains highly bioavailable vitamins and nutrients
Potent immune boosters
Big dosages and fully disclosed

Apollon Nutrition is the company that has brought you everything potent, as they have a hardcore culture that doesn't fall short of greatness in formulations and blends.

This is a loaded formula, while it's not a multivitamin, it is meant for immune support and it does have a few vitamins.

So if you're already eating a healthy diet that is full of nutrients, you won't need anything more than this.

The formula of Resistance starts with vitamin D3, a highly bioavailable form of vitamin D that is packed with benefits.

Getting vitamin D is easy if you're getting enough sunshine, but if you're not, you put yourself at risk for acute respiratory infections.

Resistance ensures you're getting a full dose with 5000IUs of vitamin D3.

It follows up with a full gram worth of vitamin C, Zinc, selenium and more.

The interesting thing from Zinc is that it can reduce the chance of catching the cold by 30% and can work as an anti-inflammatory.

Next is elderberry extract, quercetin dihydrate, n-acetyl-cysteine, beta 1,3 glucan, echinacea, EpiCor, and ginger powder.

These are potent immune boosters and with the addition of vitamins, you're getting essential nutrients that will help you feel stronger, enhance your well-being and more.

Use coupon code FITFREK.


Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition


Optimum Nutrition has had their protein powder, Gold Whey Standard as the best selling protein for the longest time.

If you're ever in need of a protein powder, you'd likely be recommended Gold Standard.

So their multivitamin has to be way up in the rankings right?


Their multivitamin doesn't just have all the vitamins and minerals, it also includes amino acids, herbs and an enzyme blend to ensure you're getting the most out of your multi-V.

As basic as Opti-Men may seem, it will always be recommended.


Krill Oil by Transparent Labs

High quality source of fish oil
Completely transparent label
Works well when paired with multivitamins

While similar in form to your run-of-the-mill fish oil capsules, Krill Oil by Transparent Labs is anything but ordinary.

Unlike other supplements which focus on sports-related enhancements, Krill Oil is a general wellness multi-vitamin which focuses on strengthening your joints, heart and mind.

Transparent Labs promises superior ingredients free from any contaminants and easy to digest tablets with no reflux or off-putting aftertaste.

It primarily contains Superba Krill Oil which provides you with essential cell growth and functional development.

Krill Oil is perfect for individuals wanting to focus on their body’s overall wellness and maintaining health through catering to different functional organs; therefore, helping to boost overall performance.

While this isn't a multivitamin, it's important to have a source of fish oil. 

So combining this with a multivitamin will result in a much state of health. 


Superhuman Armor by Alpha Lion

Top quality immune boosting ingredients
Helps with recovery and training

Alpha Lion is a fancy looking brand with high quality formulas.

They look expensive but they actually make their products competitively priced.

The flavoring, formulation and the packaging is top tier.

Their Superhuman line up of pre workouts are what brings their name over and over again.

Now this isn't a multivitamin, but without something like this, you won't be able to workout as hard as you should be able to.

With so much stress that we place on our bodies, from workouts to our lifestyles, something like Superhuman Armor makes a big difference.

On top of what you should already have, exercise, proper hygiene, eating a full diet of whole foods and getting plenty of sleep, this is an invaluable supplement to have in your arsenal.

This immune system supporting supplement contains zinc, vitamin C, EpiCor, elderberry fruit extract, astaxanthin and Spectra blend.

What looks like a powerhouse of a supplement, is what will help you power through your workouts with full recovery, a strong immune system while improving well being.

If you don't know what EpiCor is, it's known as a multivitamin for your immune system as Embria Health Sciecnes calls it because of it's ability to boost the immune system.

It's a dried whole food from brewers yeast.

Combining Armor with Superhuman Greens would make an excellent combination for your health and well-being.

Use coupon code FITFREK.


Multivitamin by Inspired

Well formulated health boosting supplement
PeakO2 for boosting performance
Reduces stress and anxiety

If you know Inspired Nutraceuticals then you'll know they have some amazing products. 

Their line up is top notch, including their latest pre workoutDVST8 of the Union, and they continuously live up to their reputation. 

Multivitamin is plainly name but the label is packed with goods. 

It covers your basic vitamins, but instead of using cheap sources, it uses high quality, and bioavailable sources.

This means you'll absorb more from this multivitamin than the average one.

The price is a bit high but this explains why as there are no multivitamin priced lower than this that has the same highly bioavailable sources. 

Beyond the vitamins, there's 1g of PEAK02, which is a blend of mushrooms that will help with maintaining intensity in the gym, as well helping with the pumps as this blend can increase nitric oxide levels. 

While the clinical dose is 2g, there are still benefits to 1g and this is just a multivitamin. If there was 2g then the price would probably be a bit higher. 

Combining this multivitamin with another supplement, like a pre workout or a pump supplement would be beneficial as those would likely have more mushrooms or the other 1g of PeakO2.

Use discount code FITFREK.


Immortal Elite Multi-Vitamin by MTS Nutrition


500mg Vitamin C, 47.5mg Vitamin B1, 47.5mg Vitamin B2, 45mg Vitamin B5, 42mg Vitamin B6, 15mg Vitamin E, 900mcg Vitamin A, 250mcg Vitamin B12, 119mcg Vitamin D3...And Much More..

Big formula to boost well being
High quality blend
Excellent bioavailabilty

Liver detox, cardio support, green balance blend, 500mg salmon oil, probiotic blend,  

The founder behind MTS Nutrition is well known throughout the community as a IFBB bodybuilder with a friendly personality. 

Marc Lobliner, while doesn't compete anymore, he still puts his mindset into his high quality supplements. 

Nutrition Immortal is their elite multi vitamin that covers everything from salmon oil, to your basic vitamins and it even has support for cardio, to a probiotic blend and a green balance blend. 

These blends are packed with nutritional support that will help cover and strengthen the foundation of your health. 

From your organs to your muscles, everything is fueled by nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

The only downside is that it's priced higher than your average multivitamin.

However MTS does have an basic and cheap multivitamin and that's their Machine Multi. 

Or check out this health stack for a complete nutritional foundation. 

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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