The Shredded Chef Review (120 Simple But Delicious Recipes For Lean Muscle Gains)

by Nader Qudimat
Updated November 2, 2021
Recipe book
Yes it's fairly useful
120 recipes (variety of meals, deserts, proteins)
Easy to follow (simple ingredients and recipes)
Minimal time required (great for busy lifestyles)
Mike (author) connects with readers through his personal story
Made for athletes and lifters who want to stay lean
High protein, low calorie recipes (no need to count calories)
Super cheap and saves money (no need to eat out)
Easy to navigate
May intimate overweight/obese people as it's geared towards athletes (but still great for weight loss and health)
Better instructions for some recipes (unclear, example: whether to use cooked meat or raw)

Bottom Line

The Shredded Chef allows you to enjoy your food, cooking and save time (and money) without worrying about eating junk nor counting calories.

If there's one thing about Shredded Chef that makes it useful and a worthy source of recipes is that it's geared toward bodybuilders and athletes who want to make gains but also stay as lean as possible.

Get it if you want easy meals that taste amazing and only need basic ingredients / tools.

Eating like a bodybuilder and maintaining that shredded look doesn't have to be all that hard… 

But most people make it out to be. And that's probably because they've never encountered a book like “The Shredded Chef”.

Now you don't need to be a 5 start chef to cook the recipes shown in this book. Nor do you need any cooking experience.

The Shredded Chef shows you the way to fantastic cooking without going through hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and Googling. (What a pain that is!).

So before we go on, let's get rid of the myths that come with this book…

What Makes The Shredded Chef So Spcecial?

  • Easy cooking (beginner-friendly)
  • Simple to use ingredients in all of the recipes
  • Geared towards those who want to build muscle and get shredded
  • Mike (author) goes through and connects with you with his personal stories
  • Meets the nutritional requirements of athletes and lifters
  • Contains 120 recipes (including beef, chicken, pasta, fish, desserts, and more)
  • Encourages cooking at home (saves you money in the long run)

Most bodybuilding cookbooks only show recipes that are made by pros and the ingredients are not as simple (for the most part). 

And commonly, most recipes are not meant for athletes and lifters who desire to get shredded and build muscle.

Nor would they likely be written by a well-liked and known bodybuilder like Mike Matthews.

Instead of eating out and going through the trouble of paying extra and waiting in line, these recipes can be done virtually with any kitchen with the basic tools and ingredients. 

It's not only beginner friendly but perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle and want to prepare their meals ahead of time without counting calories. 

Who Is Mike Matthews?

This is the most important question ever.

You've got to know the author. 

And luckily, the author makes himself as reachable as possible.

Mike Matthews is a highly approachable bodybuilder who is known to stay lean and shredded all year round.

He helps and pushes people by believing in themselves.

Mike also has a heartfelt desire of helping people and getting what they are after.

And he doesn't just hide behind Amazon selling his Shredded Recipes.

He runs his blog and uses it as a channel to connect with his fans and readers.

And not only is he an author, but he also has his own line up of bodybuilding supplements which you can see here.

(If you're looking for the strongest pre workouts or if you're not sure and you want to go through our buying guide for pre workouts)

The Shredded Chef Recipes

The first chapter talks about eating right to gain muscle. Duh.

But unfortunately most people forget that diet is the key to looking the part.

So the way the chapters are flowed is perfect. 

And then it talks about eating without counting calories and how you can feel great by eating right but without worrying about the details.

Like I always say, train and eat like a bodybuilder but live like a wild beast.

So worrying about the details would just suck up so much time that it's not even worth it.

The recipes in here are so full of protein and low on calories that you don't even need to worry about counting calories or what you're putting in your stomach.


The recipes are super low on calories and fat but high in protein.

For example, for the chicken and vegetable stir fry recipe, it's only 200 calories, 42 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat.

And it has zero sodium.

That's pretty awesome. If you went to a restaurant and ordered a chicken and vegetable stir fry, it'd be more than likely to be high in sodium, and all the unhealthy processing crap they include.

So if you're into seafood, chicken, beef or anything you can imagine with food, you'll most likely find a recipe in this book for it.

And it doesn't only include food recipes.

It also has protein shakes, vegetable dips, sauces, deserts (Peach Cobbler…yum!) and all kinds of salads.

You can spice up your kitchen without jacking up the calories and the unhealthy common crap.

Shredded Chef By Micheal Matthews


Eating like a bodybuilder and maintaining that shredded look doesn't have to be all that hard… 

But most people make it out to be. And that's probably because they've never encountered a book like “The Shredded Chef”.

The Kinds Of Meals You Can Make

Whether you're into Mexican food or plain BBQ chicken, you'll most likely find it in this cookbook. 

The Shredded Chef includes recipes for Indian food, Mexican food, and pasta recipes that'll have you making Italian gestures you've never done before.

So really, it doesn't matter what country you're in, or what ingredients you're stuck with, you'll find recipes for almost every culture here.

Not to mention these recipes that can easily be created:
  • Grilled shrimp with spicy cilantro salad
  • Awesome Asian beef stir fry (the picture above)
  • Honey dijon pork chops
  • Easy chicken fajitas
  • Apple and cinnamon muscle muffins
  • Fresh muscle toast
  • And more (of course)

Possibly One Of The Greatest Athlete (And Bodybuilder) Cookbooks

So this cookbook has made it possible for anyone to start cooking, get shredded and become like a sculpted Greek Zeus without worrying and fussing over the details like counting calories.

It's simple to use and anyone can start cooking with it. (get it here).

Mike also teaches what he preaches at his blog and proves that he is well liked and followed by the fitness community.

Whether you're looking to lean out or just make the most out of your kitchen then you'll love The Shredded Chef.

Time To Eat Like A Shredded Chef

With so many recipes and varieties, there's no way you could get bored from this book and you'd be more encouraged to cook at home.

 The Shredded Chef is jam packed with cooking for lean muscle gains that doesn't involved calorie counting. 

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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