Sheiko Program: 24+ Spreadsheets With Powerlifting and Hypertrophy Routines

by Nader Qudimat
Updated November 2, 2021
Yes, the Sheiko programs are perfect for powerlifting goals. 
Experience Level
All levels: novice, intermediate and advanced.
Follows a undulating periodization.
Only uses 1RM.
Highly customizable and flexible
Made by a well respected coach
Can be overwhelming for some

Bottom Line

The Sheiko programs are made for powerlifting goals, which are designed by the famous Boris Sheiko, a well respected powerlifting coach.  

It's made as a customizable template with high volume and if completed it can provide great results. 

Each spreadsheet is designed well and you'll likely find one that would suit your goals, no matter if you're new, experienced or an advanced lifter. 

There's a Sheiko program for everyone here.  

Make sure you make a copy of the spreadsheet. For how to save spreadsheet instructions on mobile, click here, or desktop, here.

Click  Here For Spreedsheet 

Sheiko programs are powerlifting routines made by one of the best powerlifting coaches, Boris Sheiko. 

No matter what level you are, novice to advanced, you'll find a program designed to help you make the most out of your training.

These are templates and there's quite a few variations to choose from, allowing it to fit your preferences. 

There's even a powerlifting programming app from Boris Sheiko and it'll help further tailor the program to your needs. 

It'll take a 30 day observation period to see how you respond to different loads in different rep ranges for exercises that you already do. 

At the end of the 30 day period it'll have enough data to build programs for you. 

It was first released on iOS but now it's available on the Android's Play Store. 

They both have a 4.7 rating with more than 100 reviews as of this time so it seems to be working well for most people.

Sheiko Programs Overview

In order to find the right program, you'll need to assess your current skill level.

Use this Ukrainian IPF chart to find your lifter classification for raw men and women athletes, in kilograms:

The original source of these charts can be found here, along with the equipped totals. 


Sheiko Programs Spreadsheets

The majority of the programs listed below are broken down into separate cycles throughout each tab. 

Each cycle can be run separately or back to back, with each program lasting anywhere from 4 weeks to 20 weeks, depending on how many cycles are used and the skill level of the lifter.

Sheiko Beginner Program

This is the Sheiko beginner program: 

Sheiko Beginner Program 

Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Program

This is the Sheiko intermediate small load program: 

Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Program  

Sheiko Intermediate Medium Load Program

This is the Sheiko intermediate medium load program:

Sheiko Intermediate Medium Load Program  

Sheiko Intermediate Large Load Program

This is the Sheiko intermediate large load program:

Sheiko Intermediate Large Load Program

Sheiko Bench Only Program

This is the Sheiko 3 times weekly bench with squats program:

Sheiko Bench Only Program

Sheiko Advanced Small Load Program

This is the Sheiko advanced small load program:

Sheiko Advanced Small Load Program

Sheiko Advanced Medium Load Program

This is the Sheiko advanced medium load program:

Sheiko Advanced Small Load Program

Sheiko Advanced Large Load Program

This is the Sheiko advanced large load program:

Sheiko Advanced Small Load Program


Sheiko Modified Hypertrophy Program 

This is the Sheiko modified hypertrophy program:

Sheiko Modified Hypertrophy Program

Sheiko Training Collection 

This is the Sheiko training collection: 

Sheiko Training Collection

Sheiko 3 Day Under 80kg Program 

This is the Sheiko 3 day under 80kg / 175lbs program: 

Sheiko Under 80kg Program

Warm Up

For warm up, it's a good idea to take 5-10 minutes to walk until you feel warm. 

Once you do that, perform a few light sets of the muscles you're about to workout. 

You should do at least 3-4 warm up sets before your actual workout, and then follow the program's workouts. 

You can do 1-2 warm up sets before a specific exercise. 

Sheiko FAQ

What Is Sheiko?

Sheiko is a famous Russian powerlifting coach and these programs are named after him. 

There are many variations, made for various levels and goals. 

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you'll likely find a variation that suits you. 

Which Sheiko program should I use? Beginner, intermediate or advanced? 

The charts provided above will help determine your training level.

If you're below Class 3 then you'll want to start with the beginner program. 

And Class 1 / 2 lifters can start with intermediate. 

While CMS and above can use advanced. 

These are general guidelines and you should change your level if needed. 

Should I use small, medium, or large Sheiko program? 

These are the general guidelines, whether you're a man or a woman:

  • If you weigh below 80kg (175lb) then you should use a large load. 
  • If you're over 80kg (175lb) then you should use medium load.
  • If you're over 110kg (240lb) then you should use a small load. 

The idea here is that the lighter the lifter, the more volume they need.

What Are The Numbered Sheiko Programs (#32, #31, etc.)? 

In order to achieve desired outcomes from training, running a specific training block is necessary.

From PowerliftingToWin:

  • #29 is a preparatory block (medium volume / intensity)
  • #30 is a accumulation block (high volume, medium intensity)
  • #31 is a transmutation block (medium volume, medium-high intensity)
  • #32 realization / peaking block (low volume, high intensity) 

Is there a hypertrophy version of Sheiko?

Yes there's one designed by Robert Frederick. 

Or you can also check out the hypertrophy modified program.

How Can I Understand the Training Philosophy of Sheiko? 

The video below contains the interview with Sheiko and he answers most of the questions that are frequently asked. 

Check below the video for timestamps.

These are the timestamps for the video above:

  • 00:19 – What is the optimal frequency for the 3 main lifts, particularly the squat?
  • 02:03 – How, as an athlete without a coach, can I stop technical breakdown at weights ~90%?
  • 04:30 – Should the goal in meets be to always go 9/9?
  • 07:10 – What are the physiological aspects for the lifter and coach when competing?
  • 10:30 – What does it mean to be a coach?
  • 13:54 – Online coaching vs in-person coaching
  • 15:30 – Why do Russian lifters 3rd attempts look ‘cleaner’ than others?
  • 18:35 – What would you recommend to develop technique for an already experienced lifter?
  • 22:30 – How long would it take for an ‘inherited’ athlete to gain technical excellence?
  • 24:20 – What are the general rules for technique on the big 3?
  • 27:50 – What are some general programming rules you follow for the squat?
  • 32:30 – How should you train the squat, bench and deadlift differently?
  • 40:35 – What do you feel are some things falsely associated with the Sheiko methodology?
  • 47:25 – What percentages are generally used outside of a peaking phase?
  • 50:35 – Is there a time and a place to fail a lift?
  • 54:20 – Getting hyped up for a lift
  • 58:00 – What defines a novice/intermediate/advanced lifter?
  • 1:06:50 – How would you define overtraining?
  • 1:09:10 – What do you think of autoregulation?
  • 1:11:00 – Closing comments

Signs of Burnout?

Burning out is always a possibility and it can happen from a number of reasons.

Here are some overtraining signs to look out for:

  • Pain at joints like knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.
  • Soreness at distal portion of muscle.
  • Like feeling sore near joints.
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Suddenly feeling sick or a cold coming on- immune system is compromised.
  • Loss of libido
  • Depression

If you ignore these signs and keep exercising, you will eventually hit a plateau and will increase chance of injury.

If you're already experiencing these symptoms, take it easy and avoid pushing yourself for at least a week or two.

Sheiko Collection of Spreadsheets

The Sheiko programs are proven to be effective for training.

It's great for any level and there's bound to be a spreadsheet tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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