Steel Alpha AF Review: The Most Expensive (& Underdosed) PCT Supplement?

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated May 3, 2021

Steel Supplements are popularly known for making decent supplements. 

One of their more popular supplements is the post cycle therapy and testosterone booster, Steel Alpha AF.

They claim it can inhibit estrogen, increase test, and fat loss in stubborn areas.

But what's with the high price point?

Compared to the competition, this has 50% less ingredients and a 30% higher price point.

There are better options like Rebirth PCT or Enhance by Huge Nutrition that has more than twice the ingredients and effectiveness as we'll prove in this review…



Sort of effective, but under-delivers.



Runs for $90. It probably costs $10-15 to make this. 



Decent selection of some ingredients.



Easy to find.

Steel Supplements makes decent formulas.

But they are probably going to hate us after this… 

Steel Alpha AF is marketed as a testosterone and PCT formula that is suppose to help recover testosterone and hormone levels after a rough anabolic cycle of either prohormones, SARMs or steroids

It's made out of herbs, minerals and vitamins that are shown to help optimize men's hormones levels. 

And they are not new either. 

They are known for their pre workouts Amped AF and Charged AF, to their prohormone, 1-Andro and fat burner, Shredded AF.

They even have a big intra-workout formula

With Alpha AF, it's designed to help your body return to normal after a demanding cycle that would typically suppress your natural hormone production, like testosterone, and estrogen. 

By helping recover your normal testosterone production and optimizing it, it can help increase your libido, motivation and mental mindset. 

Alpha AF is usually used in a muscle building stack that contains other potent anabolics to help maximize your natural bodybuilding potential. 


Alpha AF Ingredients

As you can see here, Alpha AF contains your basic minerals, potent herbs and even DHEA to help maximize your testosterone levels.

A product like this should cover your foundation or you wouldn't be maximizing your natural testosterone and male hormones. 

The total amount of ingredients in here are 2g.

Compare that to Rebirth PCT which has double the ingredients and serving size. 

And Steel Alpha AF is about 30% more expensive and contains half the ingredients of Rebirth PCT

In fact, let's bring up Rebirth PCT's label here…

Rebirth not only has your basic minerals and vitamins but it also has the most important ingredients and herbs in a PCT.

D-Aspartic Acid is proven to increase testosterone within just a few days and it works well for recovering testosterone production. 

It also has Safed Musli, while not at the same dosage as Alpha AF but it has the same compound standardized in Tribulus Terrestris. Both of these ingredients combined brings it to a total of 650mg, more than Alpha AF 500mg dose.

Next up is the ashwagandha, a known ingredient to help reduce and control cortisol, which is a direct inhibitor of testosterone at high levels. 

And perhaps the most potent PCT ingredient in Rebirth is the Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione.

It's dosed at a full 75mg and it'll help with estrogen control. 

In comparison to Alpha AF, that only has 30mg DHEA, which isn't the best ingredient for testosterone or estrogen. 

To help with bone and joint health is boron citrate, and with optimizing absorption of all the ingredients, it has BioPerine. 

And seeing how Alpha AF is attempting to be a 2 in 1, a testosterone booster and a PCT, we can see how it falls short.

Just look at the label for Enhance by Huge which has triple the ingredients for testosterone:

Enhance perhaps is 100% better than Alpha AF.

Look at that label. 

Check out my review on Enhance here. 

The vitamin D3 is dosed exactly how we like it at 4,000iu (we like it between 4-5,000iu), and it even has more byroviron extract. 

Enhance and Rebirth is even cheaper than Alpha AF, and you can use discount code FITFREK to make it even cheaper. 

The total ingredients of Enhance comes to 5g, whereas Steel Alpha AF has 2g. 

While that on it's own is a win, the ingredients are way better than Steel Alpha AF.

It contains the most potent herbs from KSM-66, to Longjack, PrimaVie (Shilajit), Safed Musli and much more. 

It even contains Laxogenin, but this is even better when it's stacked with their stand alone Laxogenin product, Annihilate. 

Steel Alpha AF has nothing magical about it nor does it have the proper formula to help as a PCT or test booster. 

You're better off either getting Enhance or Rebirth PCT, or the potent PCT stack of both, PCT Stack. 

Byroviron (1g)

This is an ingredient that's considered to be a ayurvedic herb. 

ByroViron has historically been used as a testosterone and male hormone optimizer, even before science fully understood it. 

It's been shown to increase research and there's a study here showing it's usefulness as a test booster.

In Alpha AF, it's dosed at 1g, but in Enhance it's at 1.5g. 

On top of that, you're getting other potent testosterone boosting herbs that makes Enhance a better choice as a testosterone booster. 

Safed Musli (500mg)

Safed Musli, a similar ingredient to Tribulus, is beneficial because of it's saponin content. 

Like Byroviron, it's a ayurvedic herb that's been used historically as a male hormone optimizer. 

It may help improve general health but it's more known to be a libido enhancer, and even often regarded as a natural form of Viagra without the side effects.

There's 500mg in Alpha AF, but in Rebirth PCT, you're getting two forms of saponin rich herbs that comes to a total of 650mg. 

You're going to be getting saponins from two herbs, making it more effective. 

Also studies show both of these herbs are a rich source of phytochemicals and they display properties of antioxidant, anti stress, immunomodulatory and aphrodisiacal. 

If you stack Enhance with Rebirth, then you'll be getting more than a gram of these herbs combined. 

Laxogenin (30mg)

Laxogenin is a potent plant-based steroid that's been shown to increase strength. 

And it's perhaps our favorite ingredient to workout with because it has such a massive effect on strength. 

In fact, there's research supporting it's strength benefits, even recovery and joint support, behind Laxogenin

It's often compared to Anavar for being as anabolic, but without the side effects of acne, aggression, or toxcitiy. 

We don't think anything can replace the same results as anabolic steroids can provide, but steroid-like supplements do exist. 

The dosage here is low, but we recommend using Annihilate because it has 100mg of Laxogenin  in it, which is the clinical dosages. 

When combined with Enhance, you're getting 125mg in total. 

DHEA (30mg)

DHEA is Dehydroepiandrosterone and it's a steroid hormone precursor which is made by the brain, adrenal glands and testes. 

Some DHEA is converted into hormones like estrogen and testosterone and it's naturally made by the body. 

When you reach age 30, your body experiences a slight decline in this hormone, which can lead to issues like immune, insulin sensitivity and even bone density loss

It's nice to have, but this hormone's job is done by Rebirth's Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione. 

Minerals and Vitamins

Alpha AF has multiple minerals and vitamins, but most of it is under dosed compared to the competition. 

Zinc and magnesium are both nicely dosed, which is mostly the upside of this formula. 

But at $90, it doesn't justify the everything else. 

And there's twice the vitamin D3 in Enhance. 

Both Enhance and Rebirth as a stack costs only $30 more than Alpha AF. 

And both of these supplements as a stack is unbeatable as you get 9 grams of testosterone and strength boosting ingredients to optimize your gains. 

Is Alpha AF Worth it?

If you have to spend 30% more on a product that has about 50% less than another product, then we would hope you realize it's a bad purchase. 

Steel Alpha AF seems to be a under-dosed supplement with little to offer as a PCT and a testosterone booster. 

A product that promises multiple things is better off focusing on one aspect, and Alpha AF has failed in both areas. 

You're much better off with a product like Rebirth PCT if you want to recover from a rough cycle that suppressed your hormones.

Or if you want to optimize your test levels, go for Enhance. 

For a potent muscle building stack, we would recommend the PCT Stack (use discount code FITFREK).

Just look at the comparison below between Alpha AF (on the left) vs Rebirth PCT (on the right).

Alpha AF has a mini label that has a 30% higher price point and it doesn't make sense when Rebirth is not only cheaper but also more effective as a PCT with it's formula.

Now look at Alpha AF (on the left) and Enhance (on the right):

We just have one question…

How does a formula like that get such a higher price point compared to Enhance?

This is what's wrong with the industry and thankfully, we have a voice about this and it's up to you, as the customer, to decide which route the supplement industry should take by making the smart investment. 

Enhance and Rebirth are both clearly the winner here. 

Alpha AF is Overpriced with Formula that Underdelivers

Alpha AF is priced 30% higher than Rebirth PCT, and seeing how the PCT stack by Huge Nutrition is 28% priced more than Alpha AF with 10x the ingredients, it doesn't make sense to get this. There are better alternatives than Alpha AF.

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