Steel Shredded AF Review: Is This Worthy Of Being a Potent Thermogenic?

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Mar 24, 2021

Like yourself we love shredding, at least to the point where the veins are visible. 

Fat burners like Shredded-AF should be a potent formula that have well rounded ingredients to not only increase energy but also thermogenesis, mood and suppress appetite. 

Shredded AF has a nice formula, with lots of stimulants and thermogenic inducing ingredients like LeanGBB, thyroid support and more. 

But there is better options compared to this fat burner, especially when you consider it's price tag. 



Nice range of mood / energy boosting stimulants.



Priced higher than most fat burners 



Good stimulant mix but with very little thermogenic based ingredients 



Easy to find

Thermogenics should help speed up the fat burning process. 

This fat burner is Shredded AF by Steel Supplements. 

It increases the body temperature through different ingredients and it also has various stimulants to help with energy and mood.

But I think there are better alternatives. 

The price for Shredded AF is  currently $70.

Eliminate by Huge Nutrition is not only cheaper (at $49) but it has multiple ingredients that will increase fat oxidation through stimulants and non-stimulants. 

Even the Enhanced Shredded Stack is just 14$ more than Shredded AF and contains 3 times more ingredients to help speed up weight loss. 

And using discount code FITFREK would bring the price down even further. 

First let's dig into Shredded AF and see what it can do…


Shredded AF Ingredients

We like the formula that Shredded AF has.

It has all the stimulants you could ask for.

In fact, there's about 800mg of various mood and energy enhancers. 

But beyond that, there's only 3 thermogenic supporting ingredients, including Theophylline, LeanGBB, and 3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine. 

In total, the formula comes to 1g, which is low considering the price point and the competition. 

Eliminate has more than twice the ingredients of Shredded AF but yet it has a lower price point. 

For this, we wouldn't recommend investing in a fat burner like Shredded AF because it spares all the expense for a formula that only provides energy and mental enhancements without much to offer on the thermogenic side. 

Look at the panel of Eliminate as shown in the image above. 

It has a full gram of ALCAR, green coffee bean extract, 5-htep, Lean GBB, Paradoxine and even Forskolin extract to help enhance thermogensis, and that's not including the stimulants. 

The stimulants are similar, from 250mg caffeine, to 25mg hordenine, 25mg theophylline and 2mg yohimbine.

The only difference with the stimulant side is that Eliminate doesn't contain a PEA source, which isn't necessary anyway as it's just a few hours of mood enhancement. 

The mood support from 5-HTP however lasts all day, and there's 2 forms of carnitine to help speed up the fat oxidation. 

Let's look at Exterminate…

Compared to Eliminate and Shredded AF, Exterminate is more of a thermogenic enhancing formula with only 3 stimulants. 

The rest of the formula contains 6 ingredients to help boost fat loss. 

Most of Exterminate is made out of patented high quality ingredients, including Thermo-V.

Thermo-V is a unique blend of 3 fat burning ingredients, which are known to be spicy. 

It includes a capsaicin analogue (stearoyl vannillylamide), capsaicin itself and zingerone, a substance of ginger that has incredible fat burning effects. 

The Shredded Stack would be a great choice if you wanted two supplements that has a price difference of 14$ more than Shredded AF (with discount code FITFREK).


Since Shredded AF contains more stimulants than anything else it makes sense to group all of it together here. 

Shredded AF contains:

  • 300mg Caffeine
  • 150mg PEA
  • 150mg Eria Jarensis
  • 100mg Hordenine
  • 50mg N-Methyl-Tyramine
  • 40mg Theophylline
  • 25mg Isopropylnorsynephrine
  • 2mg Alpha Yohimbine

Right off the bat you can see where the mood enhancements come from. 

It has a combination of 2 PEA-based ingredients, PEA and Eria Jarensis.

And to help prolong those effects is the big dose of hordenine at 100mg. 

There's a nice energy boost that comes from N-Methyl-Tyramine and Isopropylnorsyephrine.

And alpha yohimbine would've been a nice touch if it was dosed a little higher because at 2mg, you'll barely feel it. 

Caffeine is dosed just right, at 300mg. 

Really you're just getting what a pre workout would have, a nice flow of energy with some mood enhancements that last a few hours. 

There isn't anything like 5-HTP, green coffee bean extract or ALCAR to help speed up the fat burning process as there is in Eliminate.

The boost provided by Shredded AF finishes after a few hours. 

A true thermogenic fat burner should have all day benefits, so that you won't just crash and have cravings later in the day. 

That's why we recommend the Shredded Stack, because it's an all in one complete stack for weight loss. 

Combined with a proper diet and program, you'll easily see results within a few weeks. 

Other Ingredients

Now we get to what really makes Shredded AF a fat burner and you'll see how it goes up against other fat burners:

  • 50mg Paradoxine
  • 15mg LeanGBB
  • 5mg BioPerine
  • 200mcg Huperzine A
  • 150mcg 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine

I think by looking at this list of ingredients will help you understand where Shredded AF falls short. 

There's 3 major fat burning ingredients here which includes Paradoxine, Lean GBB, and 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine.

Paradoxine helps turn stored fat into energy and Lean GBB can increase metabolism since it's a carnitine based ingredient. 

Carnitine can increase fatty acid oxidation and can also help turn fat into energy. 

For thyroid control, Shredded AF has 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine, which helps enhance fat burning as it is comes from a thyroid hormone. 

Also as a bonus, BioPerine is a black pepper with some fat burning benefits, but it's mostly here to help enhance the absorption of all the other ingredients that it's used with. 

In comparison, this is what Eliminate has for thermogenics:

  • 1g Alcar
  • 400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • 300mg 5-HTP
  • 50mg Forskolin Extract
  • 50mg Paradoxine
  • 15mg LeanGBB

These are similar to Shredded AF in that it also contains Paradoxine and LeanGBB but that's where the similarities end. 

Eliminate takes it a step further by using a full gram of ALCAR, another carnitine ingredient, along with green coffee extract and forskolin extract. 

These 3 ingredients work in synergy to loosen up fatty acid for oxidation and will help go a long way with fat burning. 

Huge Nutrition has spared no expense when formulating their fat burners, both Exterminate and Eliminate would make for a better stack than Shredded AF. 

The stack is only 5% more expensive than Shredded AF, with 3 times more ingredients and you'll be speeding up the fat burning process that much faster.  

Shredded AF With Little to No Fat Burning Support

After breaking down the stimulants and thermogenics of Shredded AF, it's clear that there is little actual thermogenic support to this supplement.

The stimulant blend is decent but the non-stimulants are minimal.

There's twice the ingredients in Eliminate and even more when you combine it with Exterminate, which costs almost the same as Shredded AF.

Shredded AF isn't a magic fat burner, nor is anything else.

While we think they've done an decent job formulating, the pricing is too high for us and Eliminate is just a better alternative.

Use discount code FITFREK.

Eliminate Is The Better Option

Steel Shredded AF is an okay fat burner but compared to Eliminate, it's too expensive and isn't worth the price tag it has. 

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