Transparent Labs Mass Gainer: Cleanest Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys?

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated July 30, 2020
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Mass gainers are typically the worst supplement you can get. 

They either have GMO packed maltodextrin, low quality protein and low quality carbs to bump up the caloric content. 

However we may have found a solution…

TL Mass Gainer uses all natural flavoring, 100% grass fed protein imported from New Zealand and all natural carbs with only 17g sugars. 

With over 750 calories and a near perfect balance of macros, TL Mass Gainer is the perfect weight gainer. 

Starts at 58$ with coupon code FITFREK



One of the cleanest mass gainers with high calories and grass fed protein for high quality macros.



Price is fair compared to the competition.



Natural and organic ingredients are in here and everything is fully disclosed even the flavoring.



Available in the US but ships worldwide.

The most common struggle in bodybuilding is muscle gain. 

Whether it's skinny guys or an experienced bodybuilder, it isn't easy gaining lean mass. 

And mass gainers make it worse usually with low quality ingredients and a load of unhealthy calories. 

There’s a few things that all mass gainers have in common.

They all have high calories, protein and carbs.

The whole misconception about mass gainers is that they need to have these 3 things and you’re set to go.

For the most part, more than enough people fall for it.

One mass gainer may have high calories, but if you look deeper into the formula, you’ll find low quality ingredients, high fat storing fillers and a lot of things that go in there unnoticed (containments).

Considering how much of a wild west with the supplement industry, anything goes until someone gets hurt and the FDA notices, you need to do your own due diligence.

With this in-depth analysis of Mass Gainer by TLabs, you’ll learn what makes it stand out and why it’s worth getting over the competition.

Who Is Transparent Labs?

At first glance, they look like a brand who would be transparent, and they are.

Transparent Labs discloses every formula, completely stripped down to the fillers where they also show much of each “other ingredients” are used.

But that’s not all.

The Utah-based company is all about using the cleanest source of flavoring, ingredients and supplements to help maximize results without health risks.

They may sell some of their line up over at GNC, but you won’t find them on eBay, Amazon or any retailer other than their own website.

Not many supplement brands can say they are selling as much as they’d like to without depending on any other website / source than themselves.


All Transparent Labs supplements are artificial-flavoring free, contain natural flavoring and have full transparent labels. 

The key difference that makes this weight gainer stand out is that it is made with completely grass fed protein all the way from New Zealand. 

Though it is naturally flavored, the flavoring system is levels above the average naturally flavored protein powder out there.

Everything from the protein, to the carbs are 100% natural and are not going cause issues with fat storage. 

Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin (100g)

To kick off the ingredients, we’ll start with the carbs.

This is a complex maltodextrin and you’ve likely seen in other supplements.

But you’ve unlikely had it in it’s organic form.

Made from 100% pure tapioca starch, this certified kosher form of maltodextrin is hypoallergenic and is free from GMO’s.

Although it’s not certified Halal, it does seem to be as it is made from all natural ingredients and the protein is derived from 100% grass fed cows.

It’s as close as you’ll get for halal mass gainers.

Most maltodextrin, if not all, is made from GMO corn.

But regardless of where it’s made from, maltodextrin is all the same.

The form that Transparent Labs uses is natural and has far less risk for health issues unlike the GMO form.

Research for maltodextrin shows it can increase endurance, decrease fatigue and replenish glycogen stores by significant amounts when it’s consumed during exercise.

You won’t be able to drink this mass gainer during your workouts as it’s here for it’s dense caloric effect.

The most impressive part of this 740 calorie formula is that it only contains 17g sugars and 114 carbs.

This is rare to see in weight gainers and TL is one of the few that have achieved this.

And with a fair amount of fiber, there shouldn’t be any digestion issues.

New Zealand Whey Concentrate (62.5g)

It comes to no surprise that TL is using grass fed protein from New Zealand as it’s also in their 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate and 100% Grass Fed Whey Concentrate. 

Compared to isolate, concentrate is much more natural.

Though they are both made from whey, WPI goes through more processing to get the fats and carbs out. 

With concentrate, you’re getting more calories and a whole source of whey.

TL’s Mass Gainer uses WPC-80, which means it has 80% protein by weight. 

Other Ingredients

The rest of the formula consists of flavoring, sweeteners and textural ingredients that all have transparent dosing. 

Here we have 6.65g of coconut milk, 6.3g natural chocolate flavor, 6g cocoa, 5.71 medium chain triglycerides, 3g VitaFiber, 3g creatine monohydrate, 1.2g sodium chloride, 1g oat flour, and 1g sweet potato flavor. 

For flavoring, Mass Gainer only has 200mg stevia and 200mg monk fruit but not much is needed as there’s plenty of carbs in here to make it sweet. 

Considering a mass gainer that has more than 700g calories and only 2 ingredients for flavoring, this has to be one of the best choices for one of the cleanest gainers to date. 

TL Mass Gainer Macros

From what we’ve seen so far, we know that this is a monster mass gainer that any skinny guy should get if they are in the market for one. 

Each scoop tops at 196.76g with the following macros:

  • 750 Calories
  • 53g Protein
  • 114g Carbs (17g sugar)
  • 14g Fat (11g saturated)

The carbs in here are high which can be a good thing if you struggle to keep up your carb intake. 

You’ll want to add in more protein sources to ensure you’re keeping a balance throughout your day with your macros. 


Pricing has been the same for the past year or so for Transparent Labs supplements, but for 15 servings you’re going to spend $58.

One bag of Mass Gainer packs 15 servings, and each serving costs $4.33. 

However if you get 2 bags, each serving is $4, and with 3 bags, it goes down even lower to $3.77.

That’s not including the 10% coupon FITFREK which would have the following pricing structure:

  • 1 bag ($58.5 at $3.90 per serving)
  • 2 bags ($108 at $3.60 per serving
  • 3 bags ($153 at $3.40 per serving)

For our UK friends:

  • 1 bag = £70 at £4.68 per serving
  • 2 bags = £129 at £4.30 per serving
  • 3 bags = £183 at £4.08 per serving

Transparent Labs does ship worldwide, and for one large bag, it only costs $12 to ship. 

That means it doesn’t matter if you live in Asia, UK or Middle East, you’re looking at $12 minimum for shipping. 

At 3 bags, you’re looking at $22 for shipping. 

That’s decent considering the retail price in the UK for Optimum Nutrition's Serious mass is priced at £4.40 pounds ($4.78) in the UK and $3.50 in the States.

When you compare the prices between TL’s Mass Gainer and the competition, TL actually has very fair and competitive pricing. 


Flavoring is never an issue with Transparent Labs.

They’ve improved their flavoring system for all of their supplements over the past few years.

Currently, they have 2 flavors:

  • Cookies and cream
  • Chocolate

We thought they would have more flavors for Mass Gainer since they have 6 for both their 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate / Concentrate. 

Don't be surprised if they come out with more flavors in time for the bulking season.


We’d expect an earthy flavor since it uses all natural flavors and most natural supplements have a common texture and taste.

But TL’s Mass Gainer actually has a decent chocolate flavor that you wouldn’t expect from something without artificial flavoring. 

Knowing how natural it is, it makes it even more enjoyable. 

Bulk Up With TL's Grass-Fed Mass Gainer

It may be hard to choose…

With so many weight gainers on the market, it's not easy.

But when you see a supplement from TL that is as clean and healthy as this, there's no doubt about going with it. 

Although the price is a bit higher than usual, everything about the formula is premium.

From the organic carbs, to the grass fed protein and natural flavoring with full disclosure of doses, there’s very little that would be changed as it’ll remain at the top of the rankings of mass gainers for years to come.

Of course it’s not the perfect mass gainer since it doesn’t have vitamins, but that can be easily added from whole foods.

While it can be used as a meal replacement, we don’t recommend taking it for two meals in a row as it doesn’t have any vitamins.

Try it out and use our 10% off coupon FITFREK

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