Transparent Labs Preseries Bulk Pre Workout Review: 21g of Ingredients For Gains

Preseries Bulk by Transparent Labs

this Monstrous pre workout Packs 14 ingredients at full dosages and disclosure

Very few pre workouts are balanced and packed with ergogenic ingredients.

PreSeries Bulk is not only generously dosed for enhancing performance but it also is uniquely formulated to increased focus, energy and gains. 

The entire formula is disclosed and is backed with clinical research so a single scoop is truly what you need. 

There are no artificial colors, preservatives or coloring, making this one of the most future-proof pre workout's we've seen to date. 

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Increases focus and performance with a unique blend of stimulants and virtually every ergogenic.


TL packed 14 ingredients that are clinically dosed and shown to help pack on mass.


Cheaper per serving than Pre-Jym or Pre-Kaged.


Available in the US but ships worldwide. 

We like

  • Made for bulking and mass building. Fully dosed and research-backed ingredients.
  • Formula is packed with clinically dosed ingredients.
  • 110% transparency (Even discloses fillers and sweeteners
  • Testosterone support included (zinc, vitamin D3, and boron) 
  • Caffeine is combined with theanine and synephrine for long lasting focus and energy.
  • No jitters, anxiety or side effects that are commonly associated with hard hitting stimulants.
  • BCAA's included to decrease soreness and increase recovery.

We Don't Like

  • 180mg caffeine isn't enough for tolerant users (makes up for it by using a load of synephrine)
  • ban
    Only available at one retailer

We take a deep look at the fully packed pre workout on the market - Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk

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If there's one question people are asking its...

"Who is Transparent Labs? Why the sudden popularity?"

At first glance, Transparent labs seems like any other supplement company but take a closer look at you'll notice that they are much more than that.

Just like their name, they are super transparent about their supplements and formulate everything with full dosages without using any artificial ingredients ( uses only natural colors and flavors).

You may not find Transparent Labs supplements on Amazon, eBay, GNC, Walmart or really any store but they are easy to get as they ship worldwide.

PreSeries Bulk is one of their 3 pre workouts and it's one worth looking at.

So we're going to dissect it, break down the ingredients and let you know what you should (and shouldn't) expect. ​

PreSeries Bulk Features 22.58g Per Scoop 

Unlike most pre workouts, this is a fully dosed supplement that has everything from endurance boosting, pump inducing and strength / muscle growth focused ingredients to testosterone support

There's only a few pre workouts that have testosterone support like Bullnox and Nitraflex, but this is different since it actually discloses the ingredient amounts and uses natural ingredients to enhance the "natural" production of testosterone.

If there's a list of pre workouts that you repeatedly get, then PreSeries Bulk is undoubtedly going to be on that list. 

What makes PreSeries Bulk Special?

​There's a few things that make this one stand out from other pre's:

  • Zen-like Focus (Theanine combined with caffeine)
  • Generous Dosages of Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, and BCAA's
  • Testosterone Support (with vitamin D, Mucuna Pruriens, and Zinc)
  • Creatine Free
  • Nitric Oxide Boosters
  • Natural sweeteners (Stevia) and coloring

All this comes at a price though and since it is super packed with beneficial, ergonomic ingredients, it's a bit expensive.

It's priced at 49$ but you can knock off 10%, bringing it to be cheaper than Pre Kaged and Pre Jym (which both cost about $1.74 per serving) with this coupon code: FITFREK

Transparent Labs Bulk costs only $1.47 per serving. 

And before you think and say that Pre Kaged and Pre Jym both have more ingredients per serving, they don't...

Pre Kaged only has 22.8g per scoop (of active ingredients), and Jym has 22g (Both are counted without fillers and carbs).

If you're looking for the strongest pre workouts or if you're not sure and you want to go through our buying guide for pre workouts

The size of Bulk is about 4 times bigger than your average 5 gram per scoop pre workout but still costs about the same considering Bulk only requires one scoop to max out the ingredients.

We'll dig into the ingredients to make sure you understand what you're getting and that you're not getting a pre workout that has servings filled with pixie dust dosed stuff! 

And yes, even women can take this pre workout. 

Don't let the "testosterone blend" frighten you as it is only made out of minerals and natural ingredients that can be taken by both genders. 

PreSeries Bulk Ingredients 

Transparent Labs lives up to their name as they've fully disclosed their fillers and everything below the formula (as you can see in the picture above). 

With the scoops being almost as big as protein scoops, you'll see why you should start utilizing this bazooka of a pre workout to make some more gains. 

It's got everything from nitric oxide (6 grams of citrulline malate), testosterone support to BCAA's and betaine anhydrous for strength and muscle gains.

While this isn't going make you feel like you're on crack (like our strongest pre workouts) but you'll definitely be making some gains, and getting some insane pumps, thanks to the profile. 

Like any pre workout, you can buy bulk ingredients if you're really after the "perfect pre workout" and add in DMAA or more caffeine if you desire it. ​

We got a guide if you'd like some help finding the perfect pre workout for yourself.

Testosterone Support

  • Vitamin D3 (3,000IU)
  • Zinc (30mg)
  • Boron Citrate (5mg)
  • Mucuna Pruriens (70mg)

What's a pre workout without some testosterone support?

Just in time for bulking season if you ask us!

Most pre workouts have vitamin B complexes, C, and maybe some electrolytes.

But only a very few actually have testosterone supporting vitamins like what you see here.

Vitamin D3 (3,000IU)

Vitamin D is one of the most common vitamins that people are deficient with. (It's the sunlight vitamin that most of us miss out on)

It's important for bone health, maintaining the immune system,​ and most importantly, it helps increase testosterone levels. 

Vitamin D has been demonstrated to improve sleep quality, thus naturally increasing the production of GH.​ 

With vitamin D3 being the most bioavailble form of vitamin D, you'll want to have the D3 version when supplementing.​

Zinc (30mg)

Zinc may as well maybe one of your favorite ingredients. If you exercise intensely, you're most likely to be low on this.

With high exertion (both in the gym, and in life; stress), your testosterone levels naturally decrease ​but research has found that supplementing with zinc prevents that, as it helps promote higher free testosterone levels and not to mention improved endurance and thyroid levels. 

Zinc is one of the essential minerals that is involved with maintaining many of the normal body functions. If you're serious about making gains or just being healthy, you'll want to have this in your supplement arsenal.

Boron (5mg)

Another essential mineral that you should be using. It's been shown to maintain and improve bone health. 

An interesting find on this mineral in studies, is that it tends to decrease SHBG (sex-hormone-binding globulin), a protein that binds to testosterone in the blood.

Decreasing SHBG means that you can have more testosterone free and help you make more gains. It's basically like an anti-estrogen which is perfect in any testosterone booster. ​

Mucuna Pruriens (70mg)

Both a testosterone booster and a dopamine enhancer, mucuna pruriens is known for it's stimulating effects on testosterone, and it indirectly increases GH production.

With it in PreSeries Bulk, you'll be more motivated as it also increases dopamine / pleasure.

But most importantly, it helps with testosterone production and decreases stress. 

The recommended dosage for Mucuna however, is 100mg 3 times a day, or at least a bit more than 70mg.

So while this seems low, remember that there's other testosterone increasing ingredients in here. It's one of those ingredients that's nice to have but it won't be missed if it wasn't included.​

Citrulline Malate (6g)

The everlasting ingredient of the bunch. Citrulline Malate is awesome for endurance, pumps and delaying fatigue.

It's the super version of arginine as it's more bioavailable and much more effective.

Citrulline is the amazing ergonomic ingredient that can increase overall performance.

The increase in nitric oxide will lead to more endurance, increased overall performance and strength. Like beta-alanine, it buffers ammonia and lactic acid, leading to greater output in performance and making you last through an intense workout more efficiently.​

It has the perfect dosage as it's recommended to have anywhere from 6-8 grams of citrulline malate pre workout. If you're looking for pure citrulline rather than the malate version, check out Pre-Kaged.​

Beta Alanine (4g)

After learning what citrulline malate does (buffers lactic acid), including beta-alanine just further makes this pre workout nearly limitless for increasing performance and gains.

What beta-alanine does is that it binds to histidine and turns into carnosine, which is super effective for buffering lactic acid.

With 4 grams per serving, you'll undoubtedly experience a tingling sensation (some people naturally don't)​ but it's totally safe and temporary. 

Rest assured though, you're getting the full clinical dosage. There are no pixie dust dosages here. ​

BCAAs (4g at 2:1:1)

Training without BCAA's is like leaving a pile of cash on the table hoping no one would steal it. 

BCAA's is the building block of muscle protein synthesis and it can make the biggest difference in the world. Not only can it speed up the fat loss process but it can help maintain and promote muscle synthesis.

It basically keeps you in a prime anabolic state.

Since it stimulates protein synthesis, it'll also increase recovery, decrease soreness and fight off catabolism so you keep growing and maintaining your gains. (See our BCAA buying guide if you're looking for BCAA supplements) ​

Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g, BetaPure™)

This here is another "household" ingredient that is a powerhouse for more gains.

If you want to make the most out of your gym efforts, you'll be sure you won't skip out on betaine anhydrous.

Made popular in 2015, betaine has been shown to decrease muscle soreness, increase muscle, endurance and overall power.

It works perfectly with creatine, though there is no creatine present in this formula (there is if you go for the Stim-Free version).​

The studied and proven dose is at 2.5g, so you're getting so much more with the 4g dosage that's included here.

Taurine (1.3g)

Mainly a muscle volumizer (and a mental focus enhancer), taurine works to pull in more water and nutrients to the muscle.

It's not so much of a nitric oxide ingredient as it is a water filler. It's like glycerol monosterate but it's a conditionally essential amino acid​ so your body does need it (it's present mainly in the heart, brain and skeletal muscle).

When taken alongside BCAA's, citrulline and the other soreness "fighters" here, it works much better in making you feel more recovered and fresh. ​

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (600mg)

Like citrulline is to arginine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is much more bioavailable than tyrosine. It's used to enhance focus and promotes the production of dopamine to help you feeling good. 

It decreases stress and anxiety, making you feel good during your workouts (no not as good as Driven Sports Craze, but you can check out our strongest pre workouts if that's what you want)​

Most pre workout cheap out and only include half the dosage present here, so you're definitely getting what you pay for. ​

Choline Bitartrate (500mg)

Known more of a nootropic than anything else, choline helps you feel more connected to your workouts, increasing more mental focus and concentration. 

While choline bitartrate is the cheaper version of choline, it is still quite effective at 500mg and you'll definitely benefit from it here. ​

L-Theanine (360mg)

Present in green tea, L-Theanine promotes a smooth-like focus when helps prolong the effects of caffeine and keeps you in a "zen-like" focus. 

With a 2:1 ratio, there's 360mg of l-theanine and 180mg of caffeine. It's another nootropic that'll get you more connected to your muscles, thus increasing that mind-to-muscle connection we are all after. ​

Basically you'll feel more in control of the energy that you get from caffeine. No anxiety, stress, or anything that gets you shaky and looking like a crack-head on pre workouts!​

Caffeine Anhydrous (180mg)

The powerhouse of energy, caffeine simply helps you feel more awake, alert and "in the mood". 

Some pre workouts have it dosed at 500mg, some have it at 100mg, some don't have it at all (stim-free)

The clinically studied and proven dosage is at 250mg to 300mg.

The 180mg dosage included here won't get you feeling like you want to jump off a building and fly to China, but it will be enough to get you feeling like a Jedi with a controllable force that is in the zone.

Pre workouts are meant to increase overall performance and have you making more gains.

So if you're looking for a pre workout to help you jump off walls and make you feel temporarily awesome without making the most out of your gym efforts, then you should either take a look at our strongest pre workouts or our buying guide. ​

L-Norvaline (60mg)

In case you've forgotten, we've got some massive dosages for muscle pumps and gains so far and having l-norvaline here is just going beyond all of our exceptions. 

​Derived from the amino acid l-valine, it helps improve blood flow (indirectly increases cardiovascular abilities). It's a luxury to have when stacked with other nitric oxide boosters as it further enhances the benefits. 

It stops nitric oxide (Arginase) from breaking down which means more and longer pumps, better nutrient delivery and increased blood flow. ​

Synephrine (50mg)

Derived from bitter orange, synephrine is a fat burning stimulant that is both, Beta-2 and Beta-3, andrenergic receptor agonist. What that means is that it increases energy, performance and mental functions. 

So combined with the other ingredients in PreSeries Bulk (like L-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitratrate, and L-Theanine) you'll be feeling more in the zone, have a better mind-to-muscle connection and feel centered with your workout.

With synephrine, your body is more likely to use fat as a energy source. That's a double boo-ya if there was ever one!

Hordenine (25mg)

Like Synephrine, it functions as a Beta-2 adrenegic agonist and it helps prevent the breakdown of noradrenaline.

When Hordenine is used with other stimulants, it helps prolong the energizing effects and have you feeling more energized for a longer period of time.

You'll basically feel more focused, alert and experience much more energy.

As with all of the ingredients present in this formula, you'll love how well everything goes and works together. ​

BioPerine® (5mg)

BioPerine is the black pepper extract of this formula.

You've probably seen in more and more pre workouts these days and it's there for good reason.

It's to improve the overall digestion and bioavailability of all the ingredients in this formula. ​It prevents the breakdown of the ingredients and helps maximize their benefits.

With the number of ingredients here and their benefits, BioPerine is here to make sure you make the most out of them. ​


  • 30 full servings
  • Citrulline Malate (6g)
  • Combination of nitric oxide boosters
  • BCAA's and 4g of Betaine Anhydrous
  • 21 grams of active ingredients in each serving

Flavors Available

PreSeries Bulk comes in 3 different flavors and they've recently improved their flavors so it'll taste a bit better. 

And even when it tasted a little bad, everyone was and still is addicted to this stuff because it works so well. 

PreSeries Bulk: The Future?

We used to think 5 gram scoopers were great, they contained 10 ingredients, all of them would be in a prop blend and at undisclosed dosages.

But not with PreSeries Bulk.

It redefines what pre workouts are suppose to do, and that's to increase performance and gains come at a faster pace.

You'll recover faster, feel less soreness, get more pumped, and feel more in the zone.

What more could we ask for?

If you're looking for something of a staple of a pre workout, you'l love PreSeries Bulk.

It's everything we could ask for. 

Transparent Labs is on to big things by creating something so sustainable that it doesn't need to be reformulated...ever. 

They do have a stim-free version which is great if you're looking to take a break from stimulants. 

Time To Make Some Gains?

Overall Rating: 

With a fully packed profile and ingredients that work synergistically together, you'll make the most out of your lifting efforts and experience better muscle gains and recovery.

There's no doubt that PreSeries bulk will be your favorite pre workout for months to come.

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