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By Nader Qudimat / Sep 7, 2017

​Strongest Pre Workouts of 2017

From the hardest hitting to the aggressive, this strongest pre workout guide has it all. If you're looking for complete pre workouts for bulking with ergogenic ingredients, then check out our regular pre workout guide here.

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Whether you’re looking for legal amphetamine or the next “craze”, there’s sort of a trend that goes towards the “stim filled” pre workouts.

And I get trust me.

You might want to get up at 5 am, and hit the iron super hard or you might come back sick and tired from work...

So you'd want a pre workout that hits you harder than anything else in the world but at the same time, you don’t want to take crack.

Skip down to our final top 10 list or scroll down to choose according to your preferences. 

You can stack these pre workouts with ANY nitric oxide supplement, that does NOT have caffeine or any other stimulants. (See our nitric oxide buying guide).

If you're on a budget and want to save money, keep up with our Best Deals / coupon discounts page.

​​Stim bombs, aggression inducing, motivation enhancing, we've got it all (or try to).

These pre workouts are absolutely not for beginners or weak hearted.

Advanced bodybuilders may even avoid these and opt for non-stimulant pre workouts as they are generally beneficial for performance and gains.

The final and last top 10 list will show you our hand picked pre workouts (strongest of them all), while the other sections will show you anything from the most aggressive to the most focus-enhancing pwo's. 


Unless you want to lay in bed for many days in a row feeling drained as a peach that is out of its season, don’t abuse these pre workouts.

The withdrawals are the worst.

You don't want to be a slave to caffeine and other stimulants.

In other words don’t use them more than 3 times (4 max) a week.

Get another pre workout with less stimulants because once you go off these hard hitters, you’ll feel soo drained and tired that you’ll feel completely useless.

Do check out our DMAA or Ephedra top 10 list for those specific stimulants. 

Warning: Limit your caffeine sources.

While you’re using a stimulant filled pre workout, or any pre workout for that matter, don’t drink coffee or consume anything with caffeine (including pepsi and other soda drinks)

You’re going to workout for the muscle gains, not for the “chasing the dragon high”.

Use these with a proper bodybuilding routine, good nutrition and possibly a mass gainer or a protein powder, and you've got yourself on the road to more gains...

Best Pre Workouts For Women...? 

If you're wondering where our "best pre workouts for women" are, well you're at the right place.

Let me break the news to you... there's no such thing as a pre workout for women.

Do you see Starbucks or anyone selling coffee labeling a cup of coffee for women / men? 

It's no different for pre workouts / most supplements.

If you can handle 300mg caffeine along with DMAA (check out our DMAA top 10 list here) and other stimulants, then you're fine with any of these pre workouts.

However if you're a beginner, or even advanced, you should always take a quarter of a scoop of any pre workout to assess your tolerence and work your way from there.

You may even benefit from just taking half servings throughout the entire bottle.

So ladies, don't spend the extra buck to get the specially marketed products that are geared towards you. Just get anything that you can handle, and test it out with half a serving or even less. ​

But just recently, there's been a discovery on a pre workout that just may replace Craze, at least in the focus department.

You've been searching for that very pre, and we have too but none of them ever came close, not even their latest "Frenzy" (forget about Craze V2 it won't replace the first version). ​

Ever since Craze has been removed and discontinued, there's been quite a few pre workouts which promised to replace it.

At some point, Craze was ruling with the crown of being the pre workout that can get in you not only in a super-focused state, but also made you feel good!

Here we have the best pre workouts just for that.

We got you.

So you'd like to pinpoint your focus and get into a supreme, zen-like mindset that can only enhance your motivation and mind-to-muscle connection.

Tunnel Vision Enhancing Pre Workouts

Here we go....

Finally, a pre workout that we've all been asking for...

Hydrazine doesn't only have a caffeine-focused formula but it is well rounded ​with different ingredients to enhance focus and mental clarity.

​Now the ingredients in here aren't exactly what you'd want in the ideal pre workout (like Pre-Kaged or Altius) but they are certainly strange and work to what Hydrapharm claims. 

Don't take my word for it though, check out these reviews (click on the gray box below to reveal the reviews)...

Click here to read the reviews...


  • Craze replacement
  • 1-2 pills per serving for long lasting effects
  • Increase in aggression and energy
  • Tunnel vision and mood support


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find

Yes we know, this would be a pricey stack, but hear us out...

Frenzy is fairly priced but Craze V2 is getting cheaper as it's not as popular as it should've been.

Craze V2 has a bit of a unique focus enhancement to it, but other than that, it falls short in every department. 

When combined with a pre workout that increases aggression and energy like Frenzy, you'll find yourself in a fearless-like state with a super focused mindset with the purpose of destroying PR's. 

Stacking Frenzy with Craze v2 is not unheard of, in fact Predator Nutrition recommends it for more focus and endurance.

It's the closest you'll ever get to an awesome-almost perfect pre workout. 


  • Increase in aggression and focus
  • Unstoppable stack for crazy energy and motivation
  • Increases effectiveness each use
  • Tastes like pop (only pre workout that does so far)
  • Can take it late in the evenings 


  • Mysterious prop blends
  • Laughable formula (but it works)

We're usually not one for hype but this is a pre workout that may actually stand a chance against Mesomorph and it doesn't even have DMAA.

DVST8 Crimson is a powerful pre workout that packs not only 400mg of caffeine, but DMHA and a whole bunch of nootropics as well. 

It contains choline bitartrate and huperzine A that will give you a punch in assisting with laser-like focus.​

It also contains citrulline malate, betaine anhydrous and l-taurine for further muscle volumization and growth. 

Use this 5% off coupon for further savings: Fitfrek5


  • Combines many nootropics and various stimulants
  • Increases energy better than most pre workouts
  • Perfect for stim-tolerant users


  • Prop blends
  • 400mg of caffeine with additional stims

Aggressive Pre Workouts

Here you've got pre workouts that'll boost your aggression and get you amped up in a very angry-like fashion.

Obviously that doesn't mean these pre workouts will make you beat up your loved ones​ (get out of here if it does), but it will make you lock onto your angry emotions and channel it towards every set, rep and exercise. 

Best Aggressive Pre Workouts

Motivation, aggression and hunger for more.... 

That's what we look for when it comes to aggression inducing pre workouts. 

Most of these pre workouts have a mix of stims and nootropics that'll make your hands shake and fiend for the cold iron.

There used to be a lot more pre workouts on the market that specialized in this category.

A notable one was Anadraulic State GT by LG Science (ASGT) but it is discontinued for whatever reason.

We have a lot of trouble finding comparable pre workouts if there are any at all.

It's most likely better just to go for a pure testosterone booster like these, some of them will increase aggression. ​

But here's a few, after endless days and months of researching and looking for something that increases motivation and rage like no other, this is what we found... ​

​Check out these powerful pre workouts....

Driven Sports is not the most trustworthy company out there and we certainly do not recommend taking this if you're being tested for banned substances.

Frenzy is not comparable to Craze at all.

This pre workout has carved itself a category of its own and nothing has come close to what it offers.

It brings out your inner 18 year old self again with "limitless" aggression and motivation.

It's like Bullnox but it is much stronger. 

The energy makes you forget pain, and the aggression makes you remember why you started training.

Caffeine is at the bottom of the formula which is a good sign since it means it's not relying on it for energy.

Frenzy's formula is a laughing stock for us knowledgeable supplement freaks but so was Craze​, yet it still did what it claimed.

With 140 reviews and a 96% rating, there’s no way that everyone can be wrong about this pre workout.

A lot of people stack it with Craze V2 because it somehow enhances the focus. ​

So combine Frenzy with Craze v2 for limitless-like focus and endurance (but nothing compares to the original Craze, unless it's Hydrazine).

See Ingredients


  • Increase in aggression
  • Massive boost in confidence and drive
  • Increases effectiveness each use
  • Tastes like pop (only pre workout that does so far)
  • Can take it late in the evenings 


  • Mysterious prop blends
  • Laughable formula (but it works)

You'll see Mesomorph all  over this page. 

It doesn't only increase energy, focus and strength but it also gives a bit of aggression by making you feel like you could run through walls (but don't do that).

With 65mg DMAA, 300mg caffeine and a couple of ergogenic ingredients, it's no wonder that this pre workout can do so much from one serving.

What makes Mesomorph different is that it contains creatine nitrate, so pumps and vascularity will increase and continue to work well with each use. 

The best part is that the flavors are so diverse and delicious to keep your taste buds satisfied. 

There is bad news though as DMAA is possibly discontinued so there will be a different stimulant soon.

Get this while DMAA is still in it!


  • Increases both energy and aggression 
  • Full dosages of DMAA and caffeine for long lasting performance
  • Contains creatine nitrates and ergogenic ingredients


  • Proprietary blend

When you're lifting, you want to be unstoppable. 

But to go all out might be a little hard if you don't have the right pre workout.

Truthfully you only need a bit of rage, and a strong mindset to get into the gym with a destructive attitude towards the iron but with the second version of Unstoppable, it makes it a whole lot easier. ​

The energy that comes from this is strong, but the focus is even better. It puts you in a very aggressive state of mind. 

​There's a unique mix of stimulants in here, ranging from 175mg caffeine, 100mg theacrine to thermopsis lanceolata and longan fruit extract. 

This unique blend will have you stepping in the gym with your eyes on the iron, with absolutely nothing else on your mind. 

The best part is that it contains creatine nitrate, so pumps and ​vascularity will increase with Mesomorph. 


  • Increase in aggressive focus
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Contains plenty of ergogenics


  • Limited availability

Bullnox (also known as B-NOX) is like the mild version of Frenzy, but gives you more of a anger / frustration feeling. 

The long formula is an entire prop blend that is most likely underdosed, it contains ingredients that'll increase endurance and performance.

This could replace your ZMA since it contains it already.​

Bullnox (or the newer looking B-NOX) will essentially provide that urge to lift and make you feel like you're about to break a PR or two. 

This also contains a testosterone blend but it most likely won't give you as much as a stand alone booster. ​

Like most pre workouts, it's best used 1-3 times a week for maximum effectiveness or you'll build tolerance quickly. ​


  • Increase in motivation
  • Creates an urgency to lift
  • Great blend of ingredients
  • 2-in-1 as it replaces ZMA
  • Massive boost in aggression
  • Great for fasted workouts as it has BCAA's and carbs


  • Prop blend and could be underdosed
  • Tolerance quickly builds up if taken too frequently

Nitraflex tries to be something different, something we bodybuilders can always appreciate. 

Not only does it have 325 grams of caffeine (equal to 3 scoops of the original Jack3d) but it also has testosterone boosting ingredients.

Nitraflex combines stimulants, nitric oxide and testosterone inducing ingredients.

While we don't know for sure if it actually increases testosterone, we do know it gives a kind of "alpha-feeling" so you'll feel at the top of your physical and mental game. 

There's a couple of nitric oxide ingredients in here but everything is in a prop blend, so there's no telling how much of ingredient there is. ​

They recently redesigned the bottle so they don't use the formal scientific names for the ingredients like they used to.

It’s hard to read the ingredient label, so I’ll translate it for you... (click the ingredients below)

Click Here To See Ingredients


  • Increased energy and focus
  • Increases alpha-male feeling
  • Tiny bit of pumps 


  • Prop blends

High Energy With DMAA

These pre workouts will have you jumping off walls and doing flips between sets squats and deadlifts. 

Proceed with caution though as some of these are just loaded with stimulants and should always start with half a scoop or less!​

These have exotic stims like DMAA and DMHA, both very powerful stimulants to keep you energized all day long.​

1. Mesomorph by APS Nutrition

Mesomorph is packed with everything from nitrates to DMAA and it will not let you down from a hardcore workout. 

The formula is fantasatic and has 65mg of DMAA​, and about 300mg of caffeine.

Every scoop is packed with 15 grams of active ingredients that range from creatine, agmatine and citrulline malate.

It comes to no surprise that this has it's place in our top 10 pre workout list.

The flavors are exotic so if you're a flavor addict, you'll love the choices as they range from rocket pop, to tutti frutti. 


  • 15 grams of active ingredients
  • Agmatine and citrulline malate for pumps and endurance
  • 65mg DMAA and 300mg caffeine (approx) for energy
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Off the wall energy


  • Prop blends (nothing disclosed except for DMAA)


  • 65mg DMAA
  • 25mg Ephedra Extract
  • 100mg caffeine
  • 13g Protein (Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate)
  • 16g Carbs
  • 2.6g Essential Amino Acids
  • 75mg Choline Bitartrate
  • 75mg Inositol
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals

If you trained hard in the 90’s, then you probably heard or tried the original Ultimate Orange.

It contained the currently banned stimulant, ephedrine and was (and still is) the most hardcore pre workout ever.

Ephedrine combined with caffeine and a few other stimulants turned any average Joe into Superman in mere seconds.

Nothing has come close since the removal of this pre workout (Thanks FDA!), except for a few like Craze and Mesomorph.

Until today as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has brought back the ultimate pre workout to life and has made it as good as the original.

With the same label and graphics, Ultimate Orange is back and it has everything from ephedra, DMAA to protein and carbs.

The DMAA here will replace what ephedra doesn’t have from ephedrine, and with only 100mg caffeine per serving, there’s still plenty of stimulants in here so don’t mistake this for something mild.

Unlike most pre workouts, this has protein, carbs and loads of vitamins so you can be sure you’ll be primed with everything you need to destroy your workout, literally.

While DMAA isn’t as hard hitting as ephedrine, it is still one of the best alternatives today.

So while we won’t be getting ephedrine back in Ultimate Orange anytime soon, this reformulation is nearly on the same level.

This pre workout is like if Mesomorph was combined with VPX’S N.O. Shotgun but even better since it has loads vitamins and minerals.

It doesn’t get any better than Ultimate Orange.


  • Complete pre workout with protein, carbs and hard hitting stimulants
  • Nearly the same formula (except with DMAA and ephedra instead of ephedrine)
  • Strong but balanced pre workout
  • True one scooper
  • Loaded with minerals and vitamins
  • Only 100mg caffeine but still maximizes stimulants at one scoop


  • 16 servings
  • Expensive (28 grams per scoop, loaded with protein, carbs and stimulants)


  • 75mg DMAA
  • 75mg Higenamine
  • 350mg Caffeine
  • 500mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • 300mcg Huperzine A 4g Citrulline Malate 2.5g Beta Alanine 1g Agmatine

Dust Extreme has a load of both hard hitting stimulants and ergogenic ingredients that’ll help take your training to the next level.

Packing 75mg DMAA and 350mg caffeine and a few other stimulants, this stuff is made and should only be used by advanced users.

To take things to the next level, you can use King Cobra in the morning, and Dust Extreme later in the day (PM).

For something strong and still packs a few performance enhancers, there’s no need to look beyond Dust Extreme

Use promo code for a 5% discount: FITFREK


  • Loaded with DMAA, stimulants and nootropics
  • Half a scoop would still deliver a strong kick for most people
  • Beta alanine and citrulline for strength and pumps
  • Enhances focus and mental performance


  • Strong and lots of stimulants per serving
  • Some ingredients take time to saturate (like beta alanine)


  • 60mg DMAA
  • 20mg Higenamine
  • 1g Agmatine
  • 2.5g Beta Alanine
  • 3g Creatine
  • And more…

God of Rage is more than a pre workout.

It’s a gateway for rage and motivation as it’s packed with a lot of stimulants, nitric oxide boosters and much more.

Ranging from 60mg DMAA, 20mg higenamine, 2.5g beta alanine, 3g creatine and more, Rage in a bottle is what this pre workout is.

For most people, half a scoop or even less would be sufficient to get energy and focus up.

As always, start with half a scoop or less to assess your tolerance.

You don’t want to take more than a scoop of this or you’d just be well on your way to overdosing on this stuff!


  • Tunnel-like focus
  • 100% disclosed formula without any hidden blends
  • One scoop servings
  • Strong formula with various stimulants including DMAA


  • One scoop is too much for most people

High Energy With DMHA 

1. Excelsior by Imperial Nutrition


  • DMHA
  • Caffeine
  • Bitter Orange Extract
  • Bauhinea Purpurea
  • Hawthorne Extract
  • Octopamine

You’ve heard or may have even tried the original Craze and realized nothing can match up to it.

Even though there was something in there that shouldn’t have been, people are still demanding it and would literally do anything to get more of it.

Here we have the best thing that can match or possibly even replace what Craze once offered…

Excelsior is a hard hitting pre workout that does not depend on caffeine at all.

Its formula consists of DMHA, bitter orange and a couple other ingredients to ensure the rest of the formula hits hard without any nasty side effects like elevated blood pressure.

The overwhelming motivated feeling that comes from Excelsior reminds us much of Craze so try this if you’ve been searching for a pre workout that can deliver.


  • Long lasting energy
  • Compares to Craze v1
  • Increases focus similarly to the original Craze
  • Produces an overwhelming feeling of energy and motivation
  • Various stimulants without being overly dependent on caffeine


  • Limited availability
  • Giant prop blend


  • 4g Beta Alanine
  • 1.5g Agmatine
  • 500mg LongJack
  • 210mg Caffeine
  • 150mg DMHA
  • 50mg Ephedra
  • 50mg Higenamine HCL
  • 46mg Synephrine HCL
  • 14mg Octopamine
  • 10mg Noopept
  • 360mg Choline Bitartrate
  • And more…

Arez Black is more than a DMHA-based pre workout…

This pre workout combines testosterone enhancing ingredients with a wide range of energy enhancers and nootropics.

So you’re not only going to be at the top of your physical game but you’ll also be very focused, thanks to the well put together formula.

Try out Arez Black for something hardcore.


  • thumbs-up
    Testosterone supporting ingredients included
  • thumbs-up
    Ergogenic compounds to increase performance
  • thumbs-up
    Packed dosages per 2 scoops
  • thumbs-up
    Long list of ingredients that support muscle growth and strength
  • thumbs-up
    Long lasting energy and focus
  • thumbs-up
    Mix of stimulants included to enhance energy from all angles


  • thumbs-down
    Expensive (you get what you pay for)
  • thumbs-down
    Limited availability (not available everywhere)


  • DMHA
  • Bauhinia Purpurea Extract
  • Cacao Extract
  • Cymbidium Georingii Extract (Orchilean)

Hydrazine is the answer to all pre workouts (Especially if you want something that isn't overloaded on caffeine!).

Just like Excelsior, it uses DMHA and a few of the same ingredients to enhance focus and energy beyond anything else you’ve tried.

A lot of the reviewers are comparing this pre workout to the original Craze, which is a good thing if you’re looking for something overpowering and gives off some tunnel focus.

While the euphoria isn’t as strong as Craze, the motivation and focus is way up there at the same level.

It is pill based but it is well worth it as there’s really nothing like it.


  • Laser-like focus and long lasting energy
  • Increases motivation and enhances mood similarly to Craze v1
  • Overpowering feeling and doesn’t even depend on caffeine
  • Increases pumps and vasodilation indirectly


  • Prop blend
  • Giant prop blend


  • 4g Citrulline
  • 2.5g Beta Alanine
  • 500mg L-Tyrosine
  • 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 225mg 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA)
  • 50mg Higenamine
  • 50mg Noopept
  • 15mg Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine)
  • 5mg Bioperine
  • 3mg Yohimbine HCL

If you like DMHA then you will surely want to try this pre workout.

Convict is packed with 225mg of the hard hitting stuff and packs a mean formula that’ll get you rocking and motivated.

It isn’t only packed with stimulants though, it also has properly dosed ergogenics as well such as 4g citrulline, 2.5g beta alanine and more.

Everything in here will surely enhance your performance from the first set to the last.

If you’re looking for a hard hitting pre workout, Convict is one to try. 


  • thumbs-up
    Packs the most DMHA in a single scoop (225mg)
  • thumbs-up
    Full dosages ranging from citrulline and more
  • thumbs-up
    Long lasting effects
  • thumbs-up
    Paradoxine included to increase fat metabolism


  • thumbs-down
    Only available at one or two retailers
  • thumbs-down
    Pricey compared to most pre workouts


  • 200mg DMHA
  • 200mg Caffeine
  • 250mg Eria Jarensis Extract
  • 500mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • 4g Citrulline
  • 3.2g Beta Alanine
  • 2g HydroMax
  • 1g Taurine
  • 1g Agmatine

If Mesomorph removed DMAA and had DMHA instead, then it would become Kraken.

This pre workout is packed with not only full doses of ergogenics like beta alanine and citrulline, but it loads up on eria jarenesis and DMHA to get you in the zone and fully motivated to break personal records.

There are no pre workouts that contain this much DMHA or even combines the mood boosting eria jarensis with it.

You won’t face any crashes either as DMHA is known to be much smoother and longer lasting compared to DMAA.


  • Strong focus and energy
  • Big dose of DMHA (200mg)
  • Increases motivation and mood
  • Full of nitric oxide boosters and stimulants


  • Some ingredients need time to work (beta alanine)


  • 185mg DMHA
  • 40mg Bai Mudan White Tea (Camelia Sinensis
  • 300mg Caffeine
  • 3g Citrulline
  • 1.6g Beta Alanine
  • 1g Taurine
  • 1g Agmatine Sulfate

It’s the right name for the right pre workout.

Giant Riot is one of the best DMHA-containing pre workouts, if not, the best as it contains something the other pre workout does not and that’s white tea.

The white tea in here comes from Bai Mudan, and it’s derived from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis.

Just like green tea, it contains catechin which leads to some decent lipolytic actions.

For long lasting and hard hitting energy, try out Giant Riot as it’ll get your gears grinding better than any other DMHA based pre workout can.


  • Increases energy and mood
  • Maximum caffeine dosage (300mg)
  • Smooth and long lasting
  • Enhances pump and vasodilation
  • Strong thermogenic effects (catechin content in white tea)


  • Only 1.6g beta alanine (needs time to saturate even if it’s the full 3.2g dose)

DVST8 has earned a solid reputation after being released not too long ago.

This is packed with goods that'll help you not only pack on mass but increase your energy like no tomorrow. ​

The beta alanine in here will have you feeling tingly and the betaine anhydrous for more strength and power output.

You'll have limitless like endurance and nitric oxide as every 2 scoops has 6 grams of citrulline malate and 2 grams taurine. ​

The stimulants are in a prop blend but they range from 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) to bitter orange and more.

Compared to Pre Kaged and Pre Jym, DVST8 is the more energized version of them both. 


  • Balanced pre with enhanced energy and focus
  • DMHA (DMAA alternative)
  • Increase in endurance and performance
  • Mix of stimulants for long lasting energy and focus


  • Prop blend of stimulants
  • Hard to find (still new)


  • 1g Beta Alanine
  • 1g L-Tyrosine
  • 1g Taurine
  • 150mg Eria Jarensis
  • 100mg 2-Aminoisoheptane
  • 100mg Cymbidium Goeringii
  • 30mg TeaCrine
  • 280mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 50mg Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate

Ever since we’ve lost Alphamine to a soft reformulation, we’ve been searching for the next hardcore powder-based thermogenic.

This one doesn’t only contain 100mg DMHA, but it also uses Eria Jarensis for some of that euphoria, and a few other stimulants to send you in an energized state.

T6 Stimulant is something you’ve got to try once if you consider yourself a stim-junkie or just want something to hype you up.


  • thumbs-up
    Efficacious dosages of stimulants
  • thumbs-up
    Increases energy and focus
  • thumbs-up
    Completely disclosed (no prop blends)
  • thumbs-up
    Super concentrated pre workout


  • thumbs-down
    Only available at one retailer
  • thumbs-down
    Underdosed beta alanine

If you've heard of DVST8 then you'll know they mean business. 

With their latest pre workout, Crimson, it's probably going to blow a lot of people away. Literally.

It contains 400mg caffeine, DMHA, and a bunch of nootropics.

Even if you're stim-tolerant, you'll want to start at half a scoop as it tops more than 300mg of caffeine with DMHA and a few other stims. ​

If you don't feel like jumping off walls after taking this one, then you should consider taking a super long stimulant break.​


  • Combines many nootropics and various stimulants
  • Increases energy better than most pre workouts
  • Perfect for stim-tolerant users


  • Prop blends
  • 400mg of caffeine with additional stims

​High Energy With Ephedra

Ephedra is some strong stuff when it comes to energy and thermogenic effects. 

Here we have the best stuff with ephedra...

Ain't it nice when something this strong comes in a tiny capsule?

Hellfire is something that is as strong as it appears and it's appropriately named. 

This powerful fat burner is designed to turn up the heat in your body, while increasing energy and focus like never before. 

It may look like hype, but this is not only packing DMAA, it also has the most amount of ephedra we've ever seen. ​

HellFire packs 150mg ephedra, 150mg caffeine and much more. 

Its 235mg blend of strong stimulants will get you in the zone fairly quickly.

All of  these doses are in one single doses and Innovative Labs warn that should not take more than 3 capsules in a 24 period.

In fact, you'll be perfectly hyped with 1 capsule, maybe 2 but anymore than that and you'll just be anxious and jittery.

Pop one of these capsules either with or without a nitric oxide supplement (perfect as most N.O. supplements don't have caffeine) and you'll have a pre workout stack better than 99% of the stuff out there.

Save 5% by using this coupon: fitfrek


  • 150mg ephedra
  • Harsh hitting energy and focus
  • Burns fat and increases thermogenesis
  • Perfectly stackable with any non-stim N.O. supplement


  • Prop blend (DMAA dosage unknown)

Strongest Pill Form Pre Workouts

Sometimes you just need the convenience right?

Pill form pre workouts are almost always as effective as the powders, but usually contain only a few ergonomic ingredients and mostly stims (pills can only fit so much).

So let's jump right to it...​

1. King Cobra by Blackstone Labs

Key Features:

  • Trixanthin Complex 375mg (Ilex Guayusa, green tea extract, theobroma cacao)
  • Eria Jarensis 150mg
  • Paradoxine (300mg)
  • Erythropalum scandens (50mg)
  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (45mg)
  • Citrus Aurantium (42.5mg) (25mg synephrine)
  • Yohimbe Extract (22mg)
  • Capsimax
  • BioPerine

Strong deal alert: Get King Cobra for $35 each while it's on buy one get one 50% off and use coupon code 17WEEKEND13.

 You can forget about having low energy and focus.

King Cobra is packed with both eria jarensis and DMAA so even if you’re on the strictest diet and cutting phase, you’ll feel at your peak with this fat burner.

Containing everything from the fat burning stimulants like synephrine, Yohimbe and green tea, you won’t only be metabolizing fat but you’ll also be decreasing your appetite with the help of CapsiMax and Paradoxine.

Now this may not be your typical pre workout formula, but if you have this prior to your workout, you’ll be at the top of your mental and physical game.

DMAA and eria jarensis will have you feeling motivated and feeling good as these are both very stimulating stimulants.

Compare this with Kraken, which has 50mg more eria jarensis but no DMAA so this should have you feeling much more of an energy rush.

This could be combined with another pre workout but you should be careful not to use more than 75mg DMAA, and 300mg caffeine (and other stimulants) all together.


  • Strong blend of stimulants (45mg DMAA, 150mg eria jarensis, 200mg caffeine)
  • One pill serving for maximum dosages (2nd serving can be taken 6-8 hours after the first dosage)
  • Includes both DMAA and eria jarensis
  • Uses both Capsimax and Paradoxine for increased thermogenesis
  • Unique blend of strong stimulants and fat burning ingredients
  • Prevents fat storage and uses fat as energy
  • Enhances mood and energy
  • 60 day serving if you only use one capsule


  • Some prop blends

DMAA, ephedra extracts, yohimbine, evodiamine and much more... Can this get any better?

Hellfire will blow fat away, forcibly, while turning your metabolism into a super heated burning machine.

This is one of the strongest fat burners, and it's great as a pre workout so you can go insane on your sets and reps.​

Hi-Tech made sure that since they bought out Innovative Labs (the ones that brought you the pre workout called Wicked), that they kept the same original formula but only adding DMAA to it.

Hellfire is surely not your average pre workout, and definitely not to be used by beginners or people who've never taken stimulants even. ​


  • Fully dosed at 2 pills (don't take both at the same time)
  • Prop blend of DMAA 
  • 150mg Ephedra extract
  • Strong formula for all day fat burning and energy


  • Hard to find

Hi-Tech is fighting hard to keep DMAA widely available to consumers, and they are going all the way by creating most hardcore fat burner... Lipodrene Hardcore.

This fat burner has many stimulants and they are all dosed heavily. Even though it only has 200mg of caffeine, you'll never want to take more than 3 pills in a 24 hour period (this is only for stimulant experts!).

Lipodrene Hardcore is the evolved and more stimulant heavy version of the original Lipodrene.

Hi-Tech is taking it to the next level by not only having a hefty dose of DMAA but coca leaves as well. 

Lipodrene Elite contains Erythroxylum coca, a extract which has been used for thousands of years to decrease appetite and fatigue. 

While this fresh stimulant is derived from the same plant as cocaine, it's completely cocaine-free, completely legal (Most likely the same extract filed in US Patent 4956429) but proven to work well for weight loss with absolutely no tolerance build up.

(Use this coupon code for 5% off: FITFREK

If you've ever wanted to be stimmed to the point where you've got no choice but to move, then you'll like Black Mamba Hyperrush. 

This fat burner takes it to the extreme by having a big 65mg dosage of ephedra along with 150mg PEA alkaloids, DMAA and eria jarensis. 

All of this in one small but strong fat burner. 

Hyperrush has the hardest hitting stimulants so you probably should avoid this if you've never taken anything like this before. 

We're not sure of the DMAA and eria jarensis dosage because of the prop blends but it's safe to assume that they are both around 30 to 60mg. 

Dexaprine has all kinds of awesome stuff that'll help you shred fat from the very beginning of the day to the end.

While yes, this is a fat burner, it's a super effective pre workout as it has DMAA, caffeine, bitter orange and theophylline​ (green tea extract).

This is the original formula that everyone is chasing after...​

Some say that they sometimes get a little too much energy but that's understandable since it is just packed with strong stimulants.

​Even women are taking this (as they can take any supplement with maybe some adjustments to dosing) and are praising it for it's all day energy and focus. 

It's at the upper limit of DMAA at 65mg but containing the perfect amount of caffeine at 250mg.

And that's at one pill (don't exceed 1 serving per 6-8 hours). If you need 2 a day, then you better ease off stimulants for a good week or more. 

Dexaprine is literally one of the best pill based pre workouts out there today.​


  • Fully dosed at 1 pill
  • 65mg DMAA and 250mg caffeine
  • Mostly disclosed ingredients
  • All day, strong energy and fat burning


  • Hard to find

Hydrazine is literally one of the best pre workout's out there.

It's often compared to the OG Craze and we've heard, but not confirmed, that Hydrapharm has a pretty tight relationship with Driven Sports, which isn't surprising to us!

Now you don't want to depend your health on this but if you're on this strongest pre workout list, you probably don't care much anyway.

​This formula, like Frenzy and Craze, doesn't depend solely on caffeine for energy.

Like Craze, it uses an orchid extract called Cymbidium Goeringii, which is suppose to work as an stimulant but there isn't any evidence to back this up. ​

One cap would be enough but you will surely enjoy two if you're looking for something strong.

The best part is that there virtually is no crash with Hydrazine... So enjoy it while it's not banned and available to the world!​

Click here to read the reviews...


  • Craze replacement
  • 1-2 pills per serving for long lasting effects
  • Increase in aggression and energy
  • Tunnel vision and mood support


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find

Powerful Overall Pre Workouts 

While we start with pre workouts that almost made the list but didn't.

These are still strong pre workouts with all kinds of stimulants to give you different levels of energy / focus and they'll certainly make you want to lift with the intention to destroy. 

Gaspari is full of surprises...

First they come up with Superpump 250 which was both a blast in the gym and bathroom (aka Superdump). 

SP250 features a label like no other, literally.

Click Here To See Ingredients

It’s got ingredients that you would never see in a pre workout, like Eria Jarensis Extract (found in the popular fat burner: Dexamine), S-(2-boronethyl-L-Cysteine, and the combination of different citrus extracts.

With the label somewhat disclosed, you can see you're getting a mini-dose of creatine and L-citrulline malate. 

See our in-depth review here. ​

The combination of Eria Jarensis Extract and the “S-(2-boronethyl-L-Cysteine” makes SP250 special.

The Eria Jarensis Extract is supposed to give off an uplifting feel while L-cysteine increases nitric oxide, but only in theory. 

SP250 produces an intense wave of energy and focus, so careful if you don't have tolerance for stimulants.


  • Never used before ingredients
  • Crazy energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Synergy between ingredients


  • Pumps could be better

(Buy 1 Get 1 free: Conqu3r Unleashed) Olympus Labs has kicked 2016 at an epic start.

They've launched a whole new line of products, and this is their latest pre workout.

Conqu3r Unleashed is the 3rd version Olympus has released so far. 

With 5 fully dosed, and patent ingredients, there's no doubt you'll engage in some super intense workouts with this in your arsenal.

See Ingredients

Besides a 650mg stimulant complex, it's got 4 ingredients that'll increase your pumps like never before.

Every serving is designed to get you into a super focused state that will help you dominate your workouts like crazy. 


  • Fully disclosed ingredients
  • Amazing pumps
  • Long lasting endurance
  • 20 servings full servings
  • 5 patent ingredients


  • Artifical coloring and flavoring

Did someone say 550mg of stimulants?

Say hello to Mr Hyde…

And say goodbye to boring workouts!

Mr Hyde is a super potent pre workout supplement.

It’s filled with stimulants and it’s also the 2nd version, as the first featured 1,3 DMAA and this one does not.

So don’t mistake this one for the original “Hyde”.

It contains 400mg of caffeine….more than enough to wake the frigging dead – if Mr Hyde doesn’t do anything for you, then it’s definitely time for a stimulant break.

It looks pretty simple but you do not want to mistake this for your average pre workout.

The pumps aren't the greatest but combine it with Hemavol V2 for some awesome pumps.

Will it give some massive energy?

Yes. Check out Hyde here.

See Ingredients


  • Lots of stims
  • Rush of energy
  • Great for morning workouts
  • Amazing focus


  • Crash
  • Medicore pump

This pre workout comes from a controversial company and has a CEO that has been accused of many things but Frenzy is not something we can sleep on. Literally. 

We've had multiple tubs of Frenzy and it always provides that same aggressive / motivational-like fuel.

You'll feel like you're 18 again and have the same motivational, beast-like hunger you've had when you first started training. 

Caffeine is at the bottom of the formula which is a good sign since it means it's not relying on it for energy.

We'll be the first to admit, advanced bodybuilders will laugh at the formula but mistake it not, as it's a very strong, stim-concentrated pre that is not made for the weak.​

With 140 reviews and a 96% rating, there’s no way that everyone can be wrong about this pre workout.

Combine Frenzy with Craze v2 for limitless focus and endurance (but nothing compares to the original Craze, believe us).

See Ingredients


  • Increase in aggression
  • Massive boost in confidence and drive
  • Increases effectiveness each use
  • Tastes like pop (only pre workout that does so far)
  • Can be taken late in the evenings 


  • Mysterious prop blends
  • Nothing like craze (previous pre workout)

Ever since PES reduced the power of Alphamine, we have been on the lookout for the next best thing.

Instead, we found what could possibly be the strongest powdered fat burner yet. 

Bloodshr3d ​takes caffeine and it's exotic stimulants that the company uses in many of it's supplements, and packs it into one. 

This powerful fat burning pre workout has hefty doses of Eria Jarensis and J.Regia, both exotic and strong stims.

Featuring a full gram of green coffee, it's extracted for Chlorogenic acid, which has been found to stimulate free fatty acids and increase insulin resistance to help pack a punch in losing weight. 

It also has sophora japonica, a extract used as a herbal remedy to help fight off fat by stimulating glucose uptake and oxidation of fats.

With only 250mg of caffeine, you'll likely be energized from the extreme energy blend which not only features a DMAA alternative, 2-amino-5 but also eria jarensis which is packed with a number of PEA type of ingredients. 

The energy here is long lasting, it's mixed with a nice flow of eurphoria to keep your mood up and high. ​

The war edition doesn't have alpha-yohimbine, ​while the raw edition contains 6mg of it which is a pretty big amount! 


  • Contains exotic stimulants
  • Packs a powerful punch for energy
  • Burns fat and prevents weight gain
  • Great mix of stimulants, only 250mg of caffeine
  • Has 2-amino-5, stronger than 2-amino-6 (DMHA, a DMAA alternative)


  • Prop blends

Here's one pre workout you'll surely never find at your local GNC (or most top 10 pre workout lists for that matter)...

Instinct is a pre workout that'll literally bring out your animal instincts and turn you into a raging beast in the gym.

Weights will probably feel a little lighter thanks to it's fine mix of stimulants and addition of choline for even further mental support.​

Instinct not only has 40mg of DMAA, but it also has 40mg of higenamine, 300mg of amp citrate, 275mg of caffeine. 

You'll also benefit from the 500mg of agmatine, 2 grams of beta alanine and 500mg of choline bitartrate for even more focus and performance enhancement. ​


  • Fully disclosed label
  • 40mg of DMAA and mix of stimulants
  • Nice balance of ingredients for maximum performance
  • 36 full servings


  • Available at one retailer only

Let's be real, Jack3d was one of the best pre workouts and way ahead of its time, but since it's been taken off the market, nothing has really come close.

Except for it's literal clone though.

Jack'd Up is the improved version of Jack3d as it's got the same basic ingredients, but upgraded with agmatine and creatine nitrate. ​

All you need is one scoop of this and you'll be rushing towards the weights like it's your first time lifting. Some even recommend that you have some tolerance towards caffeine as this is strong stuff. 

Every scoop has 25mg of DMAA and 100mg of caffeine, so you can easily take 2 scoops without worrying about OD'ing on stimulants. 

Read our review on it here. ​


  • Clone of legendary Jack3d by USP Labs
  • 25mg of DMAA and 100mg of caffeine (can take multiple scoops but will get expensive)
  • Creatine nitrate and agmatine for pumps


  • Prop blends

Who said DMAA is leaving supplements?

Wicked is embracing this stimulant and packs a punch by adding 70mg of it, along with 300mg caffeine, nitrates and ​a whole bunch more. 

This has more DMAA than one of the more popular selling pre workouts Mesomorph, but doesn't pack as much. 

The combination of DMAA, caffeine and alpha-yohimbine should bring a serious flow of focus and energy to your training. 

Take it to the next level and try this out before moving onto the more harsh stuff...​

Read our review on it here. ​


  • 70mg DMAA, 300mg caffeine, alpha-yohimbine
  • Insane energy and focus from one scoop 
  • Creatine nitrate, citrulline silicate, and beta alanine for increased strength, fullness and pumps


  • Prop blends

2017 Update: This is the last of the DMAA supply. So jump on it while it lasts...

Dust Extreme brings DMAA back and it does so while using other performance boosting ingredients.

It starts off great with 4 grams of citrulline malate for pumps and endurance.

It also has 2.5 grams of beta alanine, 1 gram of agmatine and a nice mix of stimulants and focus boosting ingredients to keep you energized while staying in the zone. 

You'd never find a pre workout like this on Amazon as it has DMAA. 

All you need is one scoop and you'll be in for some nasty pumps, energy and focus. 

You'll probably workout as if it was your last time ever.

If you're finding yourself snoozing or unable to focus, you'll definitely love Dust Extreme. 

There's plenty of DMAA based pre workouts so you have plenty of options, but if you want something strong, Dust Extreme will do. 


  • Tunnel-like focus
  • High energy
  • Good amount of N.O. boosters
  • Good balance of stimulants for long lasting mental support
  • Can take half a scoop to make it last 60 workouts


  • Not for beginners (or those who can barely handle 2 cups of coffee)

You've probably never come across a name like this for a pre workout. 

God of Rage is one pre workout you do not want to mistake for your average pre workout (or your regular C4 for that matter).

This is easily one of the hardest hitting pre workouts ever.​

It's got a ton of ingredients, ranging from 60mg of DMAA, 20mg of higenamine, to a full gram of agmatine, 2.5 grams of beta alanine, 3 grams of creatine and much more. 

All kinds of stimulants are in here, everything from smooth hitting like theobromine to DMAA, yohimbine and synephrine. 

The energy you'll get from this is insane. 

It'll make you feel like the son of the Hulk and Superman, if they both had a baby... somehow. 

But please do note, you do not want to start at a full serving with this pre workout. Start at half, or even less to be safe...


  • Off the wall energy
  • One of the strongest pre workouts available
  • Tunnel like focus 
  • Increase in aggression and motivation
  • Fully, 100%, disclosed label


  • One scoop is too much for most people

Top 10 Strongest Pre Workout Lists 

It's easy to understand that there are quite a few categories when it comes to pre workouts. 

So we've split into two separate top 10 lists to help you decide if you want to use exotic stims (with DMHA or DMAA), or standard stims (no DMHA or DMAA) in your pre workouts.

This is especially useful if you're being drug tested because those exotic stims usually give off a false positive for banned substances. 

Proceed with caution and always check the labels and ingredients before buying anything....

Top 11 Strongest Pre Workouts With Exotic Stims In 2017

Now this is the hardcore stuff you've been looking for. 

Ranging from DMAA, to DMHA, these pre workouts have got the best exotic stims you could ever ask for.

Look at one of our recommended pre workouts that's packed with ergogenic aids if you don't want something you need to cycle from. 

​Careful, if this is your first time trying any of these pre workouts, you may want to consider assessing your tolerance before going full head on with a full serving. 

It's no wonder this pre workout made our top 10 buying list.

It is simply the better version of Pre-Jym as it's got a nice range of ingredients that go from exotic stimulants, like 2-Aminoisoheptane (aka DMHA, the DMAA alternative) to massive dosages of pure citrulline, betaine anhydrous and beta alanine. 

This is one strong pre workout that'll get you in the zone, pumped and ready for war without the jitters and anxiety that most of these concentrates bring. 

This is one strong pre workout that'll get you in the zone, pumped and ready for war without the jitters and anxiety that most of these concentrates bring. 

The name says it all.. DVST8, meaning devastate. A more than appropriate name for this jam packed pre workout.​

Make sure you use this 5% off coupon: fitfrek5


  • DMHA version of Pre-Jym
  • Ranges from 1 to 2 scoops 
  • Nice mix of stimulants from DMHA to 3 different types of caffeine and alpha-yohimbe
  • Increase in focus and energy
  • All-in-one super pre workout


  • Prop blends
  • 2 scoops for even more benefits and dosages but makes it more expensive

If you've ever tried the original Superpump 250, then you'd certainly know that Gaspari hasn't really put out anything as epic ever since...

But luckily for us, we've witnessed the resurrection of their wicked Superpump and it really might just be the best pre workout Gaspari has put out...

Superpump 250 starts out the formula with a tiny 1.5 gram serving of creatine but the fun really starts after that.

It's got both agmatine and citrulline in silicate forms, which makes them much better and more effective than their original forms. ​

Then it dives right into a blend with taurine, red wine extract for glyercol, and much more.

The energy blend contains 250mg of caffeine, and a hefty dose of DMAA at 70mg.

This is a true one scooper that'll not only leave you pumped to the max, but focused and energized to the point of no return.

There's a pretty sweet deal right now for both Plasma Jet and Superpump 250 for a solid 50 bucks.

You can get a further 5% off with our coupon code: fitfrek


  • Increase in energy and focus
  • Massive pumps and silicate forms of both agmatine and citrulline.
  • True one scooper
  • Can be stacked with plasma jet for further pumps and nitric oxide benefits.


  • Prop blends

We think there's a giant gap in the pre workout category of supplements. 

There's this gap that's only been filled by a few supplements, namely Mesomorph, Hydrazine, Frenzy, and now out comes this one...

Excelsior contains a unique blend of ingredients that does not relay on caffeine. 

It has DMHA, Bauhinea Purpurea (think OxyElite), Hawthorne extract, Bitter Orange, caffeine and citrulline for pump support. 

Now this pre workout is still fresh on the market so the reviews are hard to find but we know for a fact if you take this, you won't stop lifting and you'll feel like you've got an endless supply of energy.

The best part is that it doesn't rely on caffeine. ​


  • Unique blend of stims
  • High DMHA dosage (more than caffeine)
  • Tunnel-like focus


  • Prop blends

Performax has created a super powerhouse of energy for you guys here. 

It starts off with beta-alanine orotate and LOLA (L-Ornithine L-Aspartate), both of these ingredients play a key role at reducing ammonia build up, which means you can exercise at an high intensity while minimizing fatigue. 

Don't worry so much about tingles as you only get 1.9 grams of beta-alanine in every 3 grams of Beta-O.​ 

For a further performance boost, there's 4 grams of pure citrulline, 2 grams of glycerol powder and a full gram of agmatine. Pumps and nitric oxide is surely going to be high after taking Hypermax.

For energy, it has b-phenylethylamine HCL, for a nice rush of energy. ​

And you also get 325mg caffeine, eria jarensis, hordenine HCL, bitter orange as well as rauwolfia vomitoria extract for a furuther boost in energy.​ 


  • Massive slap in the face for energy
  • Nice pumps and performance boost 
  • True one scooper
  • All-in-one super pre workout


  • Prop blends


  • arrow-circle-o-right
    13g Protein 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    16g Carbs
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    100mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    65mg DMAA
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    25mg Ephedra
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    A-Z Vitamins, BCAA's, and more....

Ultimate Orange is back from the 90's and is here to conquer. 

The formula is complete with BCAA's, A-Z vitamins, minerals and protein, not to mention the hard hitting stimulants and fasting digesting protein. 

This is the perfect pre workout as it ensures you're getting the basics right before your workout. 

There's only 100mg caffeine but don't be fooled as this is still a one scooper since it also contains 65mg DMAA and 25mg ephedra. 

Most of the energy will come from DMAA, while it is nice having ephedra it just isn't the same without ephedrine. 

Overall this is a powerful pre workout that can replace your multivitamins as it covers your foundation for the perfect training session. 


  • thumbs-up
    Complete pre workout with protein, carbs and stimulants
  • thumbs-up
    Uses the same formula from the 90's except without ephedrine. (Ephedra and DMAA instead).
  • thumbs-up
    Big 65mg dose of DMAA with moderate caffeine dose (100mg). 
  • thumbs-up
    Balanced but strong pre workout.
  • thumbs-up
    Perfect for fasted workouts (or any kind of workout).
  • thumbs-up
    28 grams per scoop (size of a protein scoop!)


  • thumbs-down
    16 servings (only one size) 
  • thumbs-down
    Expensive (you get what you pay for)

Here's a pre workout that lives up to its name. 

RedCon1 is one of the strongest pre workouts out there.

It manages this by containing multiple stimulants at high dosages while keeping caffeine at a moderate 250mg dose. ​

While we all know caffeine gives a great energy kick, it's not the only stimulant out there.

Total War is one of the few pre workouts that contain DMHA, Eria Jarenesis, and a bunch of strong stimulants while keeping a 100% transparent label. 

It contains 100mg DMHA, 125mg Jarensis extract, 50mg theobroma cocoa extract, 25mg higenmine and finally 2mg alpha-yohimbine. 

Now you'll not only be super focused and motivated to workout, but you'll be pumped and performing at your best as it also has a full 6 gram citrulline malate serving as well as 3.2 grams beta alanine (tingles!).

Total War ensures you'll be ready to break PR's while enhancing fullness and overall performance. ​


  • Strong mix of stimulants
  • Moderate dose of caffeine (while keeping other stims high)
  • Pumps and enhanced performance
  • No crash due to long lasting stimulants
  • 100% transparent label
  • Only need one scoop


  • Not available everywhere

Hydrazine just moved way up this list. This is the best Craze alternative thus far...

Hydrazine is one of the only pre workouts that is considered to be as strong as the OG Craze.

Believe us when we say that this definitely gives a strong kick in the ass!

This formula, like Craze and Frenzy, does not depend on caffeine.

In fact, it uses an orchid extract (sound familiar?) called cymbidium goeringii as well as DMHA (Kigelia Africana)​.

The best part about this pre workout is that there's virtually no crash. 

The only reason why this isn't at the number 1 spot is because it isn't so much as a "hard hitter" like a DMAA-based pre workout would deliver. ​

The tunnel focus is unreal here though and it does deliver a little euphoria (not as much as Craze) and energy that can only remind you of what a great pre workout can do...

Click here to read the reviews...


  • Best Craze replacement
  • 1-2 pills per serving for long lasting effects
  • Increase in aggression and energy
  • Tunnel vision and mood support
  • All day energy


  • Expensive
  • Only available in the UK (but ships worldwide)


  • 185mg DMHA
  • 40mg Bai Mudan White Tea (Camelia Sinensis
  • 300mg Caffeine
  • 3g Citrulline
  • 1.6g Beta Alanine
  • 1g Taurine
  • 1g Agmatine Sulfate

It’s the right name for the right pre workout.

Giant Riot is one of the best DMHA-containing pre workouts, if not, the best as it contains something the other pre workout does not and that’s white tea.

The white tea in here comes from Bai Mudan, and it’s derived from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis.

Just like green tea, it contains catechin which leads to some decent lipolytic actions.

For long lasting and hard hitting energy, try out Giant Riot as it’ll get your gears grinding better than any other DMHA based pre workout can.


  • Increases energy and mood
  • Maximum caffeine dosage (300mg)
  • Smooth and long lasting
  • Enhances pump and vasodilation
  • Strong thermogenic effects (catechin content in white tea)


  • Only 1.6g beta alanine (needs time to saturate even if it’s the full 3.2g dose)


  • arrow-circle-o-right
    5g Citrulline
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    1g AGmass (Agmatine Sulfate)
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    1g Pomegranate Powder Extract
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    300mg Vaso6 (gallate Enhanced Oligomers)
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    300mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    Eria Jarensis Extract
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    Julgans Regia Extract
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    ST1M-X (Could be yohimbine)
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    100mg Theacrine (Tasteless TeaCrine)
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    25mg KannaEase
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    50mg AstraGIN Blend

Olympus Labs has brought us all kinds of hardcore supplements ranging from test boosters to pre workouts. 

Before Re1gn, we had a strength and energy booster called Conqu3r Unleashed and it was a popular pre workout for a few years. It was one we kept coming back to.

Now they've created something beyond anything they've created before, with all new and mostly patented ingredients, it's time to make it "Re1gn"!

Giant Doses of Nitric Oxide Boosters

We rarely see this much citrulline being used in any pre workout. Re1gn has a giant 5 gram dose of the pure stuff (equal to about 10g of citrulline malate)... Pumps ahoy! 

Besides citrulline, we also have Vaso6, a never used before patented ingredient that promises to enhance pumps beyond anything you've tried before.

And after all this, we still have a nice 1 gram dose of agmatine (AGmass) which will further prolong pumps and enhance mood to keep you uplifted and motivated throughout your workout. 

5 Stimulants For Maximum Focus and Energy

While most of Re1gn is hidden behind prop blends, we still see that this has a nice formula consisting of 5 hard hitting stimulants that'll give you energy from all levels. 

Starting with 300mg caffeine for good old fashioned increased alertness and energy, you're also going to feel great thanks to the strong PEA-based ingredient, Eria Jarensis and the DMHA ingredient, Julgans Regia extract.

The blend of stimulants are in a 678mg blend but it is safe to assume that the next two ingredients (Eria Jarensis and DMHA) is dosed fairly high as the last ingredient is St1M-X (extracted from the same plant as yohimbine but could be one of many constituents.)


  • thumbs-up
    5 stimulants for maximum energy and focus.
  • thumbs-up
    Uses some new and never used before patented ingredients (like ST1M-X and Vaso6)
  • thumbs-up
    Enhances and prolongs the pump for long periods of time.
  • thumbs-up
    True one scooper and is affordable. 
  • thumbs-up
    Concentrated pre workout but still contains large doses for pumps and energy. 


  • thumbs-down
    Unsure what ST1M-X is made out of. 


  • arrow-circle-o-right
    4g Citrulline
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    3.2g Beta Alanine
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    2g HydroMax
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    1g Taurine 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    1g Agmatine
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    500mg N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    250mg Eria Jarensis Extract
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    200mg Caffeine Anhydrous 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    200mg 2-Aminoisoheptane 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    100mg L-Norvaline 

What's better than a pre workout from a company called Sparta Nutrition?

This pre workout might look flashy, but it's definitely not for beginners.

This super strong pre workout contains 200mg DMHA, 4g pure citrulline and 3.2g of Carnosyn.

If you're in for a intense workout, then this will shock your mind into turbo mode.

It's also topped off with 200mg caffeine, a gram of agmatine and 2 grams of hydromax for further pumps. 

If there was a smoother version of Mesomorph with long lasting energy, with no sign of crashing, then Kraken would be it.

Currently no pre workout contains more DMHA than Kraken so give it a try.


  • Intense energy and focus
  • DMAA alternative (DMHA)
  • Full dosages of nitric oxide boosters
  • Fully disclosed label
  • Increased endurance and performance
  • True one scooper


  • Not available everywhere


  • arrow-circle-o-right
    3.2g Beta Alanine
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    L-Citrulline DL-Malate 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    Ariginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    di-Creatine Malate
  • arrow-circle-o-right
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    Creatine Nitrate
  • arrow-circle-o-right
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    300mg Caffeine Anhydrous 
  • arrow-circle-o-right
  • arrow-circle-o-right
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    65mg 1,3 DMAA

Update 28/10/17: DMAA-based Mesomorph is now discontinued. Get it as quanities are in limited quantities and will be replaced with the stimulant Senegalia Berlandieri. 

The most powerful pre workout to date....

APS Mesomorph is a pre workout that has multiple stimulants to help smash your personal records.

With 15 gram servings(!), it will no doubt increase energy to the maximum, but it also increase motivation, aggression as well as focus.

It doesn't only contain 1,3 DMAA but it also has theobromine and naringin for further energy.

Balanced Pre Workout With DMAA

Forget buying extra creatine or beta alanine as they are both dosed high here. There's 3.2g of beta alanine and 3g creatine!

Caffeine is dosed at 300mg so you're getting the most per serving here and DMAA is dosed perfectly under the limit of 65mg (any higher and it could elevate blood pressure).

Mesomorph also contains creatine nitrate and agmatine for a powerful skin ripping pump. 

I recommend stacking Mesomorph with Hemavo2 or Gylcergrow with agmatine for ridiculous pumps. 

If you want something with a moderate dose of DMAA and BCAA's, try out Off The Chain


  • Aggressive energy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent focus
  • Great pump
  • Motivation increase


  • Tolerance build up (avoid using more than 5 times a week to keep it effective)
  • Proprietary blend

Top 10 Strongest Pre Workouts With Standard Stimulants In 2017

Here we have the top 10 pre workouts (still in construction!) that don't have exotic stimulants, but are still strong in focus and energy (they are super strong, do not under estimate them..). 

These are the overall strongest pre workouts ​with stimulants and possibly some ergogenics. 

So you're serious about training and want something you can take both long term and is sustainable for your mind and body (because you also may be drug tested so this list is for you).

These mass builders give strong energy and focus but will definitely provide the edge you need to enhance not only your mind but your body's performance as well. ​

Caution: Although these pre workouts do not have any DMAA or DMHA, some of them may contain banned substances.

If you are drug tested, you will want to check the list of banned substances and compare it against the supplement labels.

See that bull? That describes Bullnox perfectly.

If the Hulk had a supplement company and he made a pre workout, this would be it... probably. 

Bullnox is unlikely to do much to your testosterone levels but it still ignites a mix feeling of anger and frustration.

It's strange since most of the ingredients here are probably underdosed.

Very few pre's can claim that they have testosterone support, though you shouldn't expect yourself to take cycle support with Bullnox. ​

This literally puts you in the beast mode mindset and drives motivation through the roof.

Tolerance can be an issue too though so it's best to take a break from this if you don't find yourself responding to it as you did the first time. ​


  • Aggression and motivation increase
  • Great focus
  • Various ingredients to boost performance
  • Carbs for additional energy


  • Tolerance can build up quickly
  • Proprietary blend

You miss N.O. Shotgun don't you? 

Yea sure there's the 5x version or whatever but nothing beats the original, right?

Except maybe Bang Master Blaster....

What a name right?​

This pre workout is packed with 350mg of caffeine and a massive list of muscle builders.

If this doesn't get you amp'ed up for your workout, I don't know what will.

It also has 6 grams of BCAA's, which is especially useful if you train fasted (like first thing in the morning).​


  • 6 grams of BCAA's
  • 350mg caffeine for energy and alertness
  • 6g citrulline malate for pumps and long lasting endurance
  • 2.4g beta alanine for endurance and strength


  • Only uses caffeine for energy

Adrenal fatigue may be an option, but Adrenal Rush is pre workout that'll have you rushing to the gym. 

Okay well you need to do work but this pre workout will help push you beyond your mental and physical limits. 

It contains 250mg caffeine, 50mg L-Methyltramine, 50mg AdvantraZ, 50mg hordenine, and finally a 25mg dose of higenamine.

That's quite the list of stims and we haven't even touched the ergogenics like the 3g beta alanine, 1.5g agmatine and more.

You'll be heading to pump city with this one, and you may feel a little like a train going full speed for a couple hours. 

Without DMHA or DMAA, this has to be one of the most effective pre workouts for energy. 

You may be wondering where all the energy is coming from... 

AdvantraZ is actually one of the strong stimulants in here and it's made to be a replacement for ephedrine so you can expect a solid source of energy with Adrenal Rush V2. ​


  • 250mg caffeine, and over 170mg of stimulants
  • Ephedrine alternative (AdvantraZ)
  • 3g beta alanine, 1.5g agmatine and taurine for pumps and increased fullness. 
  • 100% disclosed and transparent


  • None

We've always like C4 as it's been understood as a simple nitric oxide booster and energy enhancer. 

But it gets better with C4 Ultimate.

​This latest version of C4 packs 19 (well >17 grams without fillers) grams of active ingredients that will increase pumps, mass and energy like you've never experienced from any of their versions. 

​For pumps, it has 1.5 grams of creatine nitrate, 6 grams of citrulline malate, 1.5 grams of nitrosigine, and it tops it off with a gram of arginine AKG.

Pretty hardcore right?

We haven't even got to the best part yet...

For energy it has 300mg caffeine, TeaCrine, yohimbine, and a couple of others that you would never see combined in pre workouts. ​

So if you're looking for off the wall energy, powerful pumps and strong nootropics, you'll want to stop looking beyond C4 Ultimate. ​


  • Various nitric oxide boosters
  • Nootropics for focus and mind to muscle connection
  • Mix of stimulants for long lasting energy
  • Mostly disclosed and generously dosed ingredients


  • Price is high
  • Small proprietary blend

Marc Lobliner has been putting out solid supplements, from protein powders to test boosters, and now it's the newly reformulated Clash. 

Clash has created a class of it's own by using fully dosed ergogenic ingredients as well as various stimulants to keep the energy going.

The pumps alone from Clash is something to brag about as it packs 1.5 grams of agmatine, something we rarely see in a single serving!

It also uses 6 grams citrulline for further endurance and N.O. production. Agmatine is included to prolong the pumps and further enhance mood. 

Marc's pre workout didn't go short on beta alanine either as it packs a full hefty 3.2g dose. (Tingles alert!)

Now pumps aside, the energy is fueled and supplied from the 318mg caffeine, 100mg theacrine and N-Methyl-Tyramine. 

Clash includes 20mg of hordenine, a mild ephedrine alternative, which will help 'prolong' the energy from all of the stimulants. ​

Now if you've ever used a concentrate pre workout, you'll know it may have powered with energy but Clash goes above and beyond as it includes strong muscle builders and N.O. boosters for all-round performance. 

Think of having a strong supply of energy while primed for growth by having all of the essential ingredients...

You'll no doubt get nasty pumps from this!​


  • 320mg caffeine, 100mg theacrine and N-Methyltyramine for energy and focus
  • Properly dosed essentials (creatine, betaine anhydrous, beta alanine and more)
  • 6g citrulline and 1.5g agmatine for pumps and enhanced performance
  • Entirely disclosed formula


  • Doesn't need creatine (cheap and can be bought in bulk)

If you've ever taken a pre workout that has you feeling on the edge, then you'll defeinetly like what Edge of Insanity likes to offer. 

If you like concentrated pre workouts without creatine, and only a bit of agmatine and beta alanine without any idea of the doses because of the prop blends, then this is one for you to try. 

Edge of Insanity uses 7 different stimulants to get you in a state of high energy and focus. 

It also uses a couple of ingredients to help with mood and motivation.

In short, you'll feel super alert, energized and ready to do flips in between breaking all kinds of PR's in your lifts. ​

Edge of Insanity also uses some fat burning ingredients so this could possibly be your next pre workout / fat burner. 

While no one knows how much caffeine is in this potent cocktail of stims, our guess is as good as yours.

It's safe to assume there's anywhere from 250mg to 350mg of caffeine. Caffeine should always be disclosed so if you're listening Psycho Pharma, do reveal it!​


  • Increases energy and alertness 
  • Potent mix of stimulants
  • Fat burning ingredients with some ergogenics
  • Agmatine for pumps
  • Increases euphoria and supports mood


  • Prop blend
  • Doesn't disclose caffeine

It's hard to find a decent pre workout that uses just the right amount of stims. 

K-XR just crosses that line as it uses 400mg caffeine along with rauwolscine and higenamine.​

You're not going to be sitting still for a while after you have some of this stuff.

There's a bit of beta alanine, L-taurine and theobromine for some performance benefits but you'll mainly be hyped up from all the energy. 

If you did want to increase pumps you're better off using a separate nitric oxide product like PlasmaJet. 

But as far as energy and focus goes, you'll be set with K-XR. 

If you take more than a scoop you'll surely feel some side effects like nauseous and anxiety so stick to one scoop or better yet, take 3/4 to half a scoop and you'll be set on energy.​


  • Insane energy increase
  • 400mg caffeine with rauwolscine and higenamine
  • Various nootropics for further focus


  • 400mg at one scoop 
  • No N.O. boosters 
  • Proprietary blend

There's nothing more awesome than a pre workout that not only delivers in energy and performance but is also packed with strength and muscle builders

Previde has it all but it only has one weakness.

You need to divide up your total doses in half if you want to take advantage of all of the ingredients.

Still though, considering most pre workouts are at the same price, this has way more to offer.

At 2 scoops, you're getting 350mg caffeine along with 4 more stimulants to keep you amped up with energy.

On top of that, you'll get 6 grams of pure citrulline (pure pumps!), 3 grams beta alanine, 1.5g HydroMax​ and finally 1 full gram of agmatine. 

Pumps and maximum energy is what you'll get from Previde here. 

Not to mention the 2.5g betaine, 2g taurine, 300mg AlphaSize and 150mg elevATP for further performance and gains. 

Luckily there's no creatine as you can always get that cheap and in bulk.

This replaces 3 supplements as it is a muscle builder, pump inducer and increases energy. ​

Even at one scoop, this is more effective than most concentrated pre workouts and matches up to fully balanced pre workouts. ​

This is one of the few pre workouts that uses so much stimulants along with performance enhancing ingredients that benefit both gains and energy. Give it a try!​


  • 3 in 1 pre workout
  • 6g pure citrulline and other N.O. boosters
  • Over 4 stimulants for energy and endurance
  • Full of ergogenic ingredients


  • Need 2 scoops for full benefits

Ronnie Coleman is not only 8 time Mr Olympia but he is also a creator of "Yeah Buddy" which contains 6 different stimulants!

Does this guy like high numbers or what?

Yeah Buddy contains everything from 420mg caffeine (like that number? We do too!), to Theacrine, synephrine, PEA, Yohimbine and much more. 

While citrulline and beta-alanine is just a little underdosed, there's a nice 500mg dose of agmatine.

Yeah Buddy will have you lifting and breaking PR's as if they were peanuts and some more.

If for whatever reason, DMAA and DMHA is not your cup of tea, this will be your favorite for a long time to come.

Take half a scoop to begin with or you'll find yourself full of anxiety and jitters. ​

You're not going to be sitting still for a while after you have some of this stuff.

There's a bit of beta alanine, L-taurine and theobromine for some performance benefits but you'll mainly be hyped up from all the energy. 


  • 420mg caffeine along with many stimulants
  • Various stims for all round energy and focus
  • True one scooper 
  • Long lasting energy without crashing


  • Small prop blend
  • Underdosed citrulline

If there's one thing that Rich Piana is known for, it's for having a "no-BS" and straight forward attitude.

His honesty and hard work has proven has him a loyal and strong following.

51 50, his latest pre workout, is one that is similar but shouldn't be taken lightly.

This pre workout will literally have you shaking with energy, and it might just be too overwhelming for most people.

If you're a stim-addict, then you'll definitely feel this. ​

With 400mg of caffeine and more than 10 different stimulants​, 51 50 is not for the weak.

If you're tired of using various concentrated pre workouts that promise you energy but deliver nothing but an overload of caffeine then this is the choice for you.

Rich Piana also has a lighter pre workout for those who just want a performance boost without feeling too over-stimmed. ​

Take a look at our nitric oxide recommendations to stack this with. ​

5% off coupon code: FITFREK5​


  • 400mg caffeine
  • Over 10 different stimulants for endless energy and focus
  • Tiny bit of nitric oxide boosters 
  • True one scooper and made for stim-fiends
  • Full 4 gram citrulline dose


  • Proprietary blend

The Guide To Cycling Pre Workouts

Before I say anything, even advanced bodybuilders will opt for a stim-free pre workout as they know it's not about the heart attacks, but more about the gains and performance.

The roller coaster of energy is not worth the withdrawals...

So this here is a serious matter.

Most people will happily go day to day, survive their hectic and stressful lives with stress inducing stimulants. 

Those stress inducing stimulants will have your heart pumping harder than ever, your stress levels will be higher and you'd certainly be sleep deprived. ​

Now for us bodybuilders, our lives are already full of stress already and though training has us feeling happy, we're not allowing our bodies to get full REM sleep cycles.

So when it comes to cycling supplements, you should most certainly be cycling pre workouts (with stimulants).

Creatine does not need to be loaded nor cycled, but you need to take 3-5 grams a day for proper maintenance. ​

Should You Cycle Stimulants?

Most certainly yes.

Remember the first time you took your first pre workout? Maybe it barely had stimulants, but it certainly had you jumping from one set to the next with barely any rest.

And after months and months of sipping on pwo's, you've got yourself asking...

"Why isn't it working as well as it did the first time? Should I be switching pre workouts?"

And there begins the hardcore stim user who is soon asking what's stronger than Mr. Hyde and why C4 is the worst pre out there. ​

Tolerance. It ain't pretty.

Most people don't read into the labels of pre workouts but they clearly state "do not use more than 4-6 weeks".

They don't mean don't use "Mr Hyde" for more than 4-6 weeks, they mean lay off the stims!​

What happens when you need more than 300mg of caffeine?

It's just not sustainable...

How Should You Start Cycling?

A simple 1 to 2 week off stimulants will have you feeling amped when you have your pre workout again. 

It takes 24 to 48 hours for the withdrawals to start, and it hits its peak at around 4 days.

So really if you only take your pre workout 2-3 times a week, and assuming it's got moderate stimulants (less than 300mg of caffeine and less than 50mg of other stimulants generally), you should be okay ​for up to 8 weeks.

But if you're taking stim-heavy pre workouts 3-4 times a week with coffee / other stimulants and haven't taken a break for more than 4 weeks, then it's truly time to take a 1-2 week break.

This really needs an article on it's own as this is general advice.

Bottom line is if you want your pre workouts to hit hard for those demanding workouts, then you need to use those pre workouts only for those sessions. 

Try using a stim-free pre workout as that will still have strong performance enhancing ingredients.

You can still use a bit of caffeine (50mg to 150mg) if you're truly sluggish without it.

What Does The Future Hold For Pre Workouts?

These types of pre workouts will always have their place in the industry.

But I can see a shift from caffeine to other stimulants.

Caffeine is overrated and Craze (though possibly contained ETH) and many other pre workouts has proved that to us.

Check out the best pre workouts for muscle gains if you're sick of stimmed up pre workouts.

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think of these pre workouts or if I missed any...

Cellucor C4 Review: Waste of money or Worthy Explosive Pumps?

Gaspari SP250 Review: Contains DMAA Replacement? 

Best Selling Pre Workouts

3. C4

Nitrates will provide skin bursting muscle pumps

2. Naturo Nitro

Pump, energy and lots more energy. 

1. Vintage Blast

Stay true to old school with Vintage Blast

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