1-Andro Guide: Gains, Sides and Cycles, Is The Price Worth It?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated June 23, 2023
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1-Andro is known as a potent prohormone. 

It promises to improve lean mass, increase strength and performance without side effects. 

It's short for 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA), and although it's marketed to be safe, there are still some side effects associated with it. 

Similarly, 4-Andro is another DHEA-based prohormone commonly used alongside 1-Andro.

I would recommend Sapogenix  as an alternative to 1-Andro for potent gains without the side effects.

Or even Ecdysterone

1-DHEA, or 1-Andro is supposed to be one of the most potent prohormones available.

It's a hot seller in the prohormone category.

Users report gains from 6-8lbs within 2 months without the nasty side effects. 

Compared to other options, like Sapogenix or Annihilate, or even the stacks that Huge Nutrition sells would be a better route to go, not only for the gains but also for the safety of your health. 

The reason why 1-DHEA is popular is that it can increase muscle size similarly to steroids. 

It can be converted into hormones that are beneficial for muscle gains. 

But what about the side effects?

Let's dig into 1-Andro…

1-Andro: A Quick Dive

1-Andro is a prohormone that converts into 1-testosterone in the body. It's known for its muscle-building and fat-reducing properties, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. However, like any supplement, it's essential to understand what it is, its benefits, potential side effects, and how to use it properly.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how 1-Andro can potentially transform your workouts, let's take a moment to understand what it is.

1-Andro is a prohormone that converts into 1-testosterone in the body.

This conversion process is what makes 1-Andro a potent muscle builder.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that 1-Andro supplementation led to significant increases in lean body mass and strength in resistance-trained men.

When you take 1-Andro, your body converts it into 1-Testosterone, helping to fuel your workouts and promote muscle growth.

But here's the kicker: 1-Andro is a non-methylated prohormone.

This means it's less taxing on your liver compared to its methylated counterparts. It also doesn't convert to estrogen or DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which are associated with side effects like water retention and gynecomastia.

So, you get the muscle-building benefits without the unwanted baggage.

So a PCT like Rebirth is recommended.

Benefits of 1 Andro

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get to the good stuff: the benefits. Here's what you can potentially expect when using 1-Andro:

  • Lean Muscle Mass: 1-Andro is known for its ability to help increase lean muscle mass. This means you can expect to see gains in muscle size and definition.

  • Strength and Power: Looking to lift heavier or push harder during your workouts? 1-Andro can help with that. Users often report significant improvements in strength and power.

  • Fat Reduction: While 1-Andro is primarily known for its muscle-building benefits, it can also help reduce body fat. This makes it a great option for those looking to achieve a lean, toned physique

Safety and Side Effects of 1-Andro

Like any supplement, it's important to consider the safety and potential side effects of 1-Andro. The good news is that 1-Andro is generally considered safe when used correctly. However, as with any supplement, individual experiences can vary, and it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Some potential side effects of 1-Andro include mild headaches, changes in libido, and slight increases in blood pressure. However, these side effects are typically mild and can often be managed by adjusting the dosage or supplementing with food.

It's also worth noting that because 1-Andro doesn't convert to estrogen or DHT, you won't have to worry about side effects like water retention or gynecomastia.

1-Andro and Legal Aspects

You might be wondering, "Is 1-Andro legal?" The answer is yes. In the United States, 1-Andro is legal and can be purchased and used without any legal concerns. However, it's worth noting that the legality of prohormones can vary by country, so it's always a good idea to check the regulations in your specific location.

If you're an athlete, it's also important to be aware that 1-Andro may show up on drug tests. This is because it converts to 1-Testosterone in the body, which can be detected in drug screenings. If you're subject to drug testing, it's crucial to consider this before deciding to use 1-Andro.

So, you're interested in trying 1-Andro. But how do you use it? Here's a simple guide:

  • Dosage: The recommended dosage of 1-Andro can vary depending on the specific product and your individual goals. However, a common starting point is around 300-600mg per day.

  • Cycle Length: A typical 1-Andro cycle lasts 4-8 weeks. This is followed by a post-cycle therapy (PCT) period to help your body recover and maintain the gains you've made.

  • Timing: Many users find it beneficial to split their daily dosage into two parts, taking half in the morning and half in the evening. Some also choose to take one of their doses before a workout for an extra boost.

1-Andro vs 4-Andro

These two are both muscle builders, 4-DHEA and 1-DHEA, but what is the difference between them? 

While they are both synthetic non-methylated prohormones, they are different in what they offer.

1-DHEA is geared towards more muscle building and increasing strength, while 4-DHEA is for increasing sex drive, libido and improving recovery. 

The stronger prohormone is 1-Andro as it can convert into both 1-androstenediol and 1-androstenedione. 

Nor 1-DHEA or 4-DHEA will convert into estrogen.

What is a Prohormone and Why is DHEA One?

The reason why is because 1-Andro is a anabolic androgenic steroid, it's partly organic and half synthetic. 

It can affect your hormone production, strength, and even your appetite. 

While 1-Andro is much more mild than the hardcore prohormones, it's still recommended to take a PCT.

When 1-Andro is consumed, it converts into 1-testosterone. 

But 1-testosterone doesn't cause serious side effects that you would typically get from stronger prohormones like acne, testies shrinking, mood swings etc. 

While it is safer than steroids, we would recommend Sapogenix because it's much better for strength and muscle without any side effects at all.

Benefits of 4-Andro and 1-Andro

Since 4-Andro and 1-Andro are similar in potency, we'll talk about the benefits for both here. 

Starting with 1-Andro, the benefits for this includes:

  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Improves recovery
  • No typical side effects like steroids
  • No increase in estrogen
  • Improves fat loss and muscle density

You can see why 1-Andro would be popular on paper, but in real life, it isn't as potent as the other options out there that don't even have side effects. 

For 4-Andro here are the benefits:

  • Increases libido and sex drive
  • Non-methylated, no toxicity on liver
  • Improves muscle growth by increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Improves recovery
  • Uplifts mood
  • Increases strength 

You can see why 4-Andro is popular, because it's safe on the liver and it doesn't have the typical side effects that stronger prohormones have. 

1-DHEA Side Effects

With prohormones, comes side effects. 

And the issue of 1-Andro is that there's very little research done on it. 

In fact, only one study has been conducted and they found good and bad effects of 1-Andro.

They found increase lean mass, lowered fat mass, and more strength.

But at the cost of higher “bad” cholesterol levels, and damaged organ function (kidney and liver).

You should use a PCT like Rebirth PCT to avoid or minimize the side effects. 

It's difficult to avoid these side effects and it generally doesn't happen  unless you're using more than the recommended dose, not following the label's directions or cycling through. 

While 1-Andro doesn't increase estrogen, 4-Andro does slightly. 

And some other side effects that 1-Andro can bring:

  • Stress and anxiety increase
  • Lowered libido
  • Hair loss
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Back pumps
  • Can stay in the body for few days after ending cycle

And for 4-Andro:

  • Increases aggression and mood swings
  • Elevates blood pressure
  • Back pumps and muscle cramps
  • Enlarged breasts

There isn't any liver toxicity so 1-Andro and 4-Andro are safe.

But it would be wise to take some on-cycle supplement or a PCT to ensure full protection. 

While these side effects are not common, we recommend trying any of these legal steroids, or just go for Sapogenix, a natural plant-steroid mix of anabolics. 

4-Andro and 1-Andro Cycles

Typically, either or both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are used for 4-8 weeks. 

But with 4-Andro, you may experience elevated blood pressure. 

That's why it's essential to include some form of a on-cycle supplement or PCT.

Since your making your body make more hormones while taking DHEA, it's possible to experience the side effects listed above. 

That's why it's important to have a PCT ready to prevent any hormone imbalances and to maximize your test production after the cycle. 

There should be a 6-12 week break after a cycle is finished. 

1-Andro and 4-Andro Supplements

Comparing 1-Andro and 4-Andro

When it comes to prohormones, 1-Andro and 4-Andro are two popular options. But how do they stack up against each other? Let's dive in and compare these two powerhouses.

What are they?

  • 1-Andro: As we've discussed, 1-Andro, also known as 1-DHEA or 1-Androsterone, is a prohormone that converts into 1-Testosterone in the body. It's known for its potential to increase lean muscle mass and strength without the typical side effects associated with anabolic steroids.

  • 4-Andro: 4-Andro, also known as 4-DHEA or 4-Androsterone, is another prohormone that converts into testosterone in the body. It's often used for its potential to promote muscle growth and improve recovery.


  • 1-Andro Benefits:

    • Lean muscle gains: 1-Andro is known for promoting lean muscle growth without water retention.
    • Strength increase: Users often report significant improvements in strength.
    • Fat reduction: 1-Andro can potentially help reduce body fat, leading to a more defined physique.
  • 4-Andro Benefits:

    • Muscle mass: 4-Andro is often used for its potential to promote significant muscle growth.
    • Recovery: 4-Andro can help improve recovery times, allowing for more frequent and intense workouts.
    • Mood and libido: As a testosterone precursor, 4-Andro can potentially enhance mood and libido.

Side Effects

  • 1-Andro Side Effects: 1-Andro is generally considered to have fewer side effects due to its non-methylated nature. It doesn't convert to estrogen or DHT, reducing the risk of side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. However, potential side effects can include mild headaches and slight increases in blood pressure.

  • 4-Andro Side Effects: 4-Andro can potentially cause estrogen-related side effects due to its conversion to testosterone, which can then convert to estrogen. These can include water retention and gynecomastia. However, these side effects can often be managed with an aromatase inhibitor.

Legal Aspects

Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are legal in the United States and can be purchased and used without any legal concerns. However, as with 1-Andro, the legality of prohormones can vary by country, and 4-Andro may show up on drug tests due to its conversion to testosterone.

The most popular and best 1-Andro supplement is Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone. 

It's made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and each pill has 115mg of 1-Andro.

If you're taking the recommended dose of 600mg of 1-Andro per day, then this bottle would last you about 12 days. 

You would need at least 4 bottles to complete a 6 week cycle. 

This can get expensive but that's why they added cyclosome delivery to their formula which should help with the bioavailability of the ingredients. 

1-Testosterone is an expensive choice, we would recommend checking out Sapogenix instead. 

If you still go with 1-Testosterone then use a PCT supplement

The next prohoromone is Brutal 4CE, by Blackstone Labs.

This is a 4-Andro product and it's the best you can get. 

It elevates testosterone levels, increases muscle gain and it isn't toxic for the liver. 

Blackstone Labs includes liposomal delivery to help increase the bioavailability and absorption of the 4-Andro compound. 

Each capsule contains 65mg which is kind of low, as you would need to take 5 pills to get to 325mg.

This would turn the price up really quick. 

But it does contain 3 forms of 4-Andro forms. 

We would recommend Sapogenix or using one of the legal steroids listed here instead. 

Absorption of 1-Andro and 4-Andro

The most expensive and perhaps the worst absorbing forms of 1-Andro and 4-Andro can be found in most supplements. 

The reason for this is because DHEA is notorious for having poor bioavailability. 

Both Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech included some delivery system that enhances absorption of the DHEA compounds. 

Using cyclodextrin helps with absorption, we would trust Hi-Tech and Blackstone labs to do better as they have been creating supplements like this for decades.

The other downside is the price. 

Most supplements with 1-Andro and 4-Andro are almost always more expensive than 1-Testosterone and Brutal 4CE. 

And you can even make it cheaper by using our discount code FITFREK.

Consider the Alternatives

This just got real…

I'm sure you're sick of these protein powders.

Mass gainers are supposed to help you put on weight with quality calories.

But most mass gainers are just plain useless.

They do help put on weight but 99.9% of that weight will be fat.

And most weight gainers spike up their protein calculation count with amino acids (you'll find out more below).


Can beginners use 1-Andro? Yes, beginners can use 1-Andro. However, it's recommended to start with the lowest dose and gradually increase as your body adjusts.

Does 1-Andro cause hair loss? Hair loss is not a common side effect of 1-Andro. However, individuals who are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness may be more susceptible.

Can women use 1-Andro? 1-Andro can potentially cause virilization effects in women, such as deepening voice and facial hair growth. Therefore, it's generally not recommended for women.

Will 1-Andro affect my mood? Some users report feeling more aggressive or experiencing mood swings while using 1-Andro. If you notice any significant changes in your mood or behavior, it's a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional.

Can I use 1-Andro as a pre-workout? Yes, some users take a dose of 1-Andro before their workout for an extra boost. However, it's important to not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

How long does it take for 1-Andro to start working? The effects of 1-Andro can vary from person to person, but many users report noticing changes within the first week or two of starting their cycle. This can include increased strength, muscle hardness, and improved recovery.

Can I stack 1-Andro with other supplements? Yes, 1-Andro can be stacked with other supplements to enhance results potentially. However, it's important to research and understand the effects of each supplement before starting a stack. Always consult a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable trainer to determine the best approach for your needs and goals. Do I need to follow a special diet while using 1-Andro? A: While you don't need to follow a specific diet, it's important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet to support your fitness goals and overall health. Consuming enough protein can help support muscle growth, while carbohydrates can provide the energy needed for intense workouts.

Can I drink alcohol while using 1-Andro? It's generally recommended to avoid or limit alcohol consumption while using 1-Andro. Alcohol can interfere with the supplement's effectiveness and contribute to dehydration and other negative health effects.

Will I lose my gains after I stop using 1-Andro? Some muscle mass and strength loss is normal after stopping any supplement that boosts testosterone levels, including 1-Andro. However, this can be minimized by following a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) regimen and continuing with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Is 1-Andro safe for long-term use? While 1-Andro is generally considered safe when used correctly; it's typically used in cycles rather than continuously. Long-term use of any supplement that alters hormone levels can potentially lead to side effects and should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional.


1-Andro is a powerful prohormone that can help you build muscle and lose fat. But it's not without potential side effects.

So, use it responsibly, follow proper dosage and cycle length guidelines, and consider a proper PCT.

Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are potent prohormones.

They are safe for the organs but the gains aren't worth the price. Try out Sapogenix instead.

And as always, consult with a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable fitness expert before starting any supplement regimen, including 1-Andro.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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