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CEL M-Test: All In One Test Booster Powered By 7 Ingredients

​CEL M-TestHardcore Test Booster from Competitive Edge LabsCEL is a no stranger to hardcore products – they’ve been around for a long time and are known for their strong prohormone supplements. Though they no longer make prohormones, their latest test booster, M-Test is the next best thing. M-Test contains clinical dosages of effective ingredients that’ll elevate […]

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19+ Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally (Backed With 28 Studies)

Bodybuilding is a battle. A war to make muscle gains that you think you’ve earned. Your enemy? Muscle loss, higher estrogen levels and low energy. This battle is not for the weak minded. With so many things to learn…Exercises you’ll need to perform. Food you need to devour. Lifestyle tips you need to apply. But none […]

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Hydrapharm Adamantine: Great Formula But Underdosed?

​Hydrapharm Adamantine​Is It All Hype?Adamantine is a natural muscle builder that claims to be able to produce a dramatic energy, strength and muscle growth boost.Even though it does contain some potent muscle building ingredients, they are included as a proprietary formula totaling 1065mg with 3 pills.With no disclosure of dosing, we can only guess that […]

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TestoFuel: Overhyped Testosterone Booster With Underdosed Ingredients

TestoFuel Testosterone BoosterIs this test booster mostly hype and marketing?TestoFuel is a heavily marketed test booster that promises a lot but offers very little.While it does contain some nice ingredients, the dosages are very underdosed and with better options out there, we can’t see this being beneficial for anyone’s goals. Check Out The Best Alternative […]

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Top Testosterone Boosters of 2018: 10 Proven Muscle Builders That Work

You’ve seen it before.That one or group of guys in the gym who look like they are getting jacked by the rep.They could be taking a bunch of good supplements or they could just simply be getting juiced up with steroids and testosterone injections.Whatever it is, they simply seem to be making much more progress than […]

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Genius Test: The Intelligent Testosterone Optimizer (With 5 Patented Ingredients)

Review of: Genius Test Purpose: Multifunction Testosterone Booster Effectiveness Uses fully dosed patented ingredients to optimize testosterone levels without side effects or using banned ingredients Ingredients Various ingredients are used to decrease estrogen and increase test levels. The entire label is disclosed and open. Price Fairly priced considering the expensive ingredients used. Availability Only available […]

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