YK11: This SARM Is a Steroid? How It Works, Benefits & Safety [2024 Guide]

by Nader Qudimat
Updated December 21, 2023
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May enhance bone health
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Bottom Line

YK11 is a SARM commonly used among bodybuilders for it's muscle building effects. 

It's thought to be safe from side effects and has a reputation for being one of the strongest SARMs available today. 

However, like most SARMs, it has risks and side effects that most users don't know about. 

For this reason, we recommend using Sapogenix as it's a strong natural anabolic without the side effects. 

If there's one thing that's commonly believed is that SARMs are useful for muscle gains.

Although they generally have a reputation of being safe, a lot of them have common misconceptions and side effects that users don't know about. 

The problem is that with new chemicals, comes potential risks and not knowing what might happen in the long term or even short term isn't worth the investment. 

Whether you've already tried it, thinking about using it or are currently using it, we'll bring you the current information that's in the scientific and clinical literature. 

If there's one thing you should know now is that YK11 is not a SARM and is more related to steroids. 

It may have some potential for muscle building but it's barely researched and it isn't worth risking your health over. 

We recommend checking out this list of strong legal recommendations or jump right to our favorite natural anabolic, Sapogenix

Sapogenix is a superior anabolic to Laxogenin, which is already a potent natural anabolic for muscle building and strength. 

You'll be better off using creatine monohydrate than risking your health for YK11.

Let's dig into this…

What Is YK11?

YK11 is a fairly new synthetic chemical that's believed to be a SARM but it's actually derived from DHT (5-α-dihydrotestosterone).

DHT is a natural hormone found in the body and it's strong form that has androgen properties and it's found in the sex organs, prostate, liver and hair. 

Bodybuilders and users commonly believe that YK11 can pack on muscle mass without the side effects. 

However this isn't supported by any of the available research for this compound although preliminary studies show that YK11 may increase muscle mass and improve bone health. 

The fact is, this SARM is actually more related to steroids than SARMs itself. 

Bodybuilding anecdotally report muscle gains and fat loss without side effects.

But there is currently no research supporting that YK11 is a safe SARM, and the FDA issued warnings against supplement companies using YK11 and similar compounds in supplements because of reported toxic issues. 

Like all the other SARMs (and steroids), YK11 is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and can't be used in competitive sports. 

It's considered to be dangerous due to it's unknown safety profile. 

The interest for this research chemical grows and it is still peaking interest in 2022. 


Wherever you look for YK11, you'll see it referred to as a SARM.

However, this isn't true because it doesn't have any similarities in structure. 

In fact, YK11 has a similar structure of steroids and it's similar to DHT but altered. 

YK11 works in different ways than the typical SARM and the side effects differ. 

In research, YK11 seems to have a selective function on the receptors of androgen which is where the similarities start and end as a SARM. 

YK11 makes it's own class of anabolics and it functions similarly to a synthetic steroid. 

How Does YK11 Work?

YK11's structure is an altered version of DHT and it connects to androgen receptors similarly to DHT. 

While it's common belief among bodybuilders that YK11 is the strongest SARM, it only works partially on activating androgen receptors, and because of this, it may cause more muscle breakdown (catabolism). 

YK has been seen in research to increase follistatin production. 

Myostatin is suppressed by Follistatin to prevent the muscles from getting too big. 

However, by increasing follistatin, it will decrease myostatin, allowing for more room in muscle growth.

No other SARM can inhibit myostatin. 

There's also some possiblity that YK can enhance bone growth through a pathway that's similar to DHT but it isn't clear if it would affect humans and animals the same way. 

What Benefits Does YK11 Have?

Since this research chemical hasn't been studied in humans or animals, there isn't enough evidence to justify using YK11 for any goal. 

As a better alternative, we recommend Sapogenix, which is more potent and stronger than Laxogenin. 

Here are some potential benefits of YK11:

Muscle Growth

According to a cell-based study, YK11 can increase follistatin production, allowing for muscles to grow more than normal as this can inhibit myostatin. 

However this hasn't been confirmed or studied in humans or animals. 

Bone Health

The second main belief is that YK11 may be able to attach itself to androgen receptors in bone tissues, allowing for bones to get stronger, similarly to how SARMs and steroids work. 

Hormones do help and play a major role in strengthening and maintaining bones. 

One study found YK to activate PKB (protein kinase B) in cells, which can send signals to enhance bone growth. 

The research is still ongoing, similarly to other SARMs, which could be beneficial for people looking to improve muscle and bone mass but without human or animal studies, it's hard to determine this. 

User Experiences

Because there hasn't been any human studies, or animal for that matter, performed on YK11, it's hard to determine what this research compound will do for you. 

We, like any other intelligent source, would tell you to avoid this compound for a few years, until research can confirm it's safety profile. 

If you gain 10lbs while using YK, the risks are there and it isn't worth going through a month or two using this chemical and then potentially suffering for months or even years.

There might be quite a few people reporting similar gains, but their dosages, and stacks can differ, what they have used or are using along YK11, the cycles that they have used.

It's hard to determine the facts and without studies backing up the benefits and risks, it would make it easier to make a informed decision. 

YK11 has been used, anecdotally, for cutting and bulking cycles.  

However without human studies, the safety and long term effects of YK11 are unknown. 

Side Effects

Because YK11 has only been studied in cells, and not human or animal studies, it's difficult to determine the safety profile.

Only one study has been seen to show muscle building potential for YK11 as it can inhibit myostatin. 

But even this potential anabolic benefit has side effects as higher follistatin may increase risk of stomach, skin, prostate cancer and more. 

The safety of YK11 is unknown, and increasing follistatin may seem good for muscle growth but this can increase the risk of some cancers. 

There are also some anecdotal side effects including:

  • Joint pain
  • Lethargy
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Aggression

It's possible that YK11 can suppress your natural hormone production and it's recommended to use a post cycle therapy supplement and a on-cycle supplement for any cycle of SARMs.

However it's safe to say that YK11 isn't a SARM we would recommend and we would avoid using it. 

Laxogenin is a better option, and Sapogenix is the most potent natural anabolic supplement to date. 

YK11 Conclusion

YK11 is one of the only SARMs that can be classified as a steroid. 

It has the selective action of a non-steroid SARM but the same structure of a synthetic steroid. 

Research confirms that it can increase follistatin but this is only backed by cell-based studies. 

Bodybuilders report seeing gains in as little as a week and typically take cycles of 4-8 weeks. But the reported side effects are common, and includes hair loss, joint pain, natural hormone suppression. 

It's widely recommended by users to use a PCT supplement.

There needs to be human and animal studies to confirm the potential of YK11.

Sapogenix is the better option as it's the superior form of Laxogenin. 

Or check out our natural anabolics guide here

YK11: More Steroid Than SARM

YK11 is a mix between a SARM and a steroid, it creates it's own class of drugs and isn't worth using because of it's unknown safety profile. Further studies and research is required. 
by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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