Atlas Labs: Phenta 1,3 Packs Heat with 80mg DMAA & More

by Nader Qudimat
Updated June 12, 2023
Fat Burner
Serving Size
1 cap
Fully disclosed formula
Strong blend of stimulants
Combines DMAA with thermogenics
Only Stims

Bottom Line

Phenta 1,3 is a fat burner with DMAA, caffeine and other stimulants.

Although DMAA gets harder and harder to find, Phenta is one of the few that have stuck around for a while. 

Atlas Labs has done it well with Phenta 1,3 Fat Burner.

The fat burner is fully disclosed with strong doses of hard-hitting stimulants and only stimulants without other thermogenic aids. 

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You have to admit it…

DMAA is not around as much as it used to be.

Although you can buy it in bulk from here

In fact, many seem to assume it’s already been banned.

Has it?

Some time ago, it was everywhere, in almost every online supplement retailer.

Now you have to dig around to find DMAA, if you really want to find it.

It’s not illegal or banned (yet) so it isn’t hard to find.

But it’s availability is so limited that the prices sometimes spike up to $60 and if it’s something like Mesomorph or Lipodrene then expect to pay up to $150.

That’s nuts.

The whole thing is that it’s not banned but the companies who produce DMAA supplements are not the same as before.

Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals were once the main companies who ruled all supplements with DMAA.

From their Lipodrene, to Dust pre workout and King Cobra, it was undeniable.

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Now things have changed.

Here we’re focusing on Atlas Labs.

They have been one of the more popular hardcore choices for their fat burner and pre workout.

With a full disclosure label that features 4 stimulants that burn fat from different angles, Phenta 1,3 is a 45 serving fat burner that has been hitting high rankings on our top 10 list for fat burners.

Who is Atlas Labs?

After a bunch of digging around it’s nearly impossible to find any information on this company.

We assume since they are producing a stimulant that the FDA is targetting, it might be to protect their backs, allowing them to serve a market that’s underserved.

No one seems to be complaining though.

Phenta 1,3 Ingredients

Since Phenta 1,3 contains only stimulants this will be a very nice fat burner for people who enjoy DMAA.

Energy is strong here thanks to the massive doses of caffeine, DMAA and synephrine.

Synephrine is considered to be a safe ephedrine alternative but when it’s combined with monster doses like 350mg caffeine and 80mg DMAA, you’re going to get more than what you’d get with ephedrine, maybe.

DMAA is safe when it’s 70mg or less, and most incidents involve DMAA being taken at over 700mg.

So for healthy people, 80mg should be okay.

You’ll get decent energy and focus at half a scoop, which still makes it hardcore and adequate for the average stim junkie.

Phenta 1,3

What makes it great is that it has a fully disclosed formula with 4 strong stimulants that will deliver thermogenic and energy effects throughout the day.

With 350mg caffeine and 100mg synephrine alone, makes a very good ECA alternative stack with DMAA having some of aspirin effects of pain relieving.

There was once a time where you’d have dozens of choices for DMAA fat burners but now you only have a few and Phenta 1,3 would still rank high on being one of the best choices.

Including hordenine will help prolong the effects of the stimulants that are packed in here.

Which one should you get?


But you don’t want to take both at the same time, as surely you want to not risk your health and heart.

Since both contain DMAA, there’s no telling if the price will spike up due to the stimulant’s controversial history with the FDA.

We’ll start with the ingredients Phenta 1,3 has.

Caffeine (350mg)

Phenta 1,3 has 350 caffeine along with other stimulants.

Caffeine is one of the most used stimulants in fat burners.

It works by decreasing the enzyme produced by the brain that signals tiredness and fatigue.

It has a big number of benefits from increasing alertness to energy, fat burning and it works in synergy when it’s combined with other stimulants.

Here it’s combined with DMAA and synephrine, both stimulants work in different ways to increase energy and mood.

We prefer when it’s dosed at 300mg to reduce jitters and anxiety.

DMAA (80mg)

DMAA, or 1,3 dimethylamine has been a popular stimulant to include in pre workouts and fat burners since Jack3d came out in around 2005.

While how it works exactly is unknown, it works by mimicking adrenaline and other hormones that is produced by the body.

It increases the fight or flight response like how other stimulants would.

But one major difference with DMAA is that it could enhance mood like no other stimulant could.

Hence why it was an easy target for recreational use and abuse.

DMAA does seem to be illegal in the US and Canada but yet it’s still sold within those countries online.

And it seems to be something that can be bought from AliBaba by the kilo!

Phenta 1,3 has 20mg less than the pre workout version which has 100mg. The fat burner has 80mg.

Synephrine (100mg)

Synephrine is widely accepted as a safe alternative to ephedrine as it works in similar ways but without any risks.

The dose here is a bit here high.

It’s included in fat burners and pre workouts for its ability to increase metabolism while decreasing appetite.

The effects doesn’t end there.

It can increase energy and improve mood.

Studies have shown that it can act as an antidepressant due to its ability to stimulate alpha-1 adrenoceptors.

Mood enhancing ingredients are always welcome in pre workouts and fat burners, and considering how DMAA can also increase mood, both of these supplements will be able to produce some nice waves of euphoria.

Whether you’re in a caloric deficit or need something to jumpstart your mood for a workout, you’ll enjoy the effects that these two strong supplements have.

Hordenine (45mg)

Like synephrine, hordenine is deprived from bitter orange.

It is a mild stimulant but it’s not here for its energy effects.

Hordenine mimics the inhibiting effects for momoamine oxidase (MAO), an enzyme that breaks down stimulants.

Essentially, stimulants that increase dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine etc, are prolonged when it’s combined with hordenine.


There’s no surprise that the pricing is fairly standard. 

Currently, the only overpriced DMAA-containing supplements are the ones that are discontinued.

Phenta 1,3 will run you at $49 but you can save with our discount code FITFREK.


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They seem to be there to stay so get them while they are readily available and cheap.

DMAA Fat Burner
Phenta Plex Fat Burner

Phenta 1,3 is the stim-only DMAA fat burner that has 80mg of the DMAA stimulant and along with 350mg of caffeine and others.

  • Stim-Only Fat Burner
  • 80mg of DMAA
  • Made For Advanced Users
Stimulants: 350mg Caffeine, 80mg DMAA, 100mg Synephrine, 45mg Hordenine
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Melt Away Fat And Workouts With Atlas Labs

Atlas Labs may have the same generic “labs” in the name, but the products they sell are strong and effective.

They didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, though they are using a prop blend, every ingredient is known to work so there are no surprises.

DMAA is dosed a bit high so there should be caution and care taken when using these two supplements.

Who knows how long they’ll remain available and at fair prices.

Take advantage if you’re in the market for DMAA enhanced supplements.


What is Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3 is a dietary supplement designed to support optimal physical performance and help you achieve your fitness goals. It contains a blend of ingredients that can help you burn fat more efficiently.

How does Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3 work?

Phenta 1,3 contains thermogenic compounds that help to increase your body's internal temperature, causing your body to burn more calories and stored fat. It also contains appetite suppressants that can help to control your cravings and deter you from overeating.

What are the ingredients in Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

The supplement contains Caffeine (350mg), Phenta 1,3 (80mg), Synephrine (100mg), and Hordenine (45mg).

How should I take Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

It is recommended to take Phenta 1,3 orally, typically 30-60 minutes before physical activity. The recommended dosage is one pill in the morning for the first week to assess tolerance. If needed, you may add another pill mid-day. Do not take more than two a day and drink plenty of water while using this supplement.

What are the effects of taking Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

Users have reported increased energy levels, enhanced focus, and efficient fat burning. Some users have also reported body tingles and a heightened sense of alertness after about 50 minutes of ingestion.

Where can I buy Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3 can be purchased from various online retailers such as the Nutritional Supplement Shop and Bemoxie Supplements.

Are there any side effects of Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3?

As with any supplement, individual experiences may vary. Some users may experience increased heart rate and sweating. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Is Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3 suitable for beginners?

Given its potent formula, Atlas Labs Phenta 1,3 is recommended for advanced users. Beginners should start with a lower dosage to assess tolerance.

The Classic DMAA Supplement

Phenta 1,3 is a classic with it's simple formula and potent stimulants. 

It's low price makes it an attractive choice for anyone looking for a straightforward type of fat burner. 

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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