Hooligan Bare Knuckle: Strongest Pumps With Over 19g Of N.O. Enhancers? [2023 Review + Discount]

by Nader Qudimat
Updated December 31, 2022
Nitric oxide booster
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Bottom Line

Hooligan is a stim-free formula straight out of Apollon's dungeons.

It’s the first we’ve seen with loaded dosages ranging from 8g citrulline to 2.5g betaine, 1.5g agmatine, 1g lions mane, and much more.

This is a packed formula with a combination of ingredients at doses you likely haven’t seen before in a nitric oxide formula.

It’s the revision of their existing nitric oxide booster, but this is worlds ahead and is easily our favorite for gains and pumps.

Either stack it or use it solo and you’ll have an incredible experience with pumps and muscle fullness.

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Apollon heard you like pumps?

We love the pumps. 

The feeling is extraordinary, but pump formula’s are almost all the same. 

Hooligan is a remastered version of what Apollon has made before, and this time they have delivered a formula that’s on point. 

We’ve never seen this big of a dose for Vaso6. 

In fact, this is a formula that we haven’t seen before, and it will most likely be your favorite. 

Starting with a big pure dose of citrulline, down to the muscle building ingredients and nootropics. 

Whether you’re using Hooligan alongside your pre workouts or on it’s own, this is a strong nitric oxide formula. 

Bare Knuckle by Apollon Nutrition

Bare Knuckle packs quite a formula with 8g L-Citrulline, 3g Arginine Nitrate, 1g Lion's Mane, 2g L-Tyrosine, 1.5g Agmatine Sulfate, 600mg Alpha GPC, this is the most effective stim-free pre workout for pumps and focus.

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What To Expect

A pure pump formula means there isn’t a stimulant in Hooligan.

It can be taken at night, or in the morning, with a pre workout or without.

It’s flexible.

If you already get your caffeine from a different source, then you’ll love Hooligan.

This is perfect for someone who is taking a stimulant break since this contains a vitamin B complex for natural energy.

And with a full 2g dose of tyrosine, you’ll be much more focused and motivated to workout.

Hooligan packs quite a punch with its formula. 

The ingredients are properly dosed and there isn’t a single underdosed ingredient. 

Because of the nootropic blend, your mind to muscle connection will be much stronger.

The pumps alone will be incredible. 

It has a full 8g dose of citrulline, pure citrulline. 

Most pump formulas will have something like 6-8g citrulline malate, which means half of it would be pure citrulline.

However, this is 8g of the pure stuff. 

And it also has muscle building ingredients, so while citrulline will allow you to perform more reps before feeling fatigued, betaine and alpha GPC will help enhance strength and allow you to make the most out of your training. 

Let’s dig into each ingredient.

Citrulline (8g)

Citrulline is easily one of the best all around ingredients to have pre workout. 

It’s an amino acid that has incredible benefits for increasing performance, pumps and recovery. 

The hype for citrulline seems to live up to the expectations of users as it can convert to arginine, which then gets used by nitric oxide synthase which then gets used to elevate nitric oxide levels.

Another benefit of supplementing with citrulline is that it’s used by the urea cycle, which is used to remove a toxic molecule called ammonia.

This will help enhance the ATP production, allowing you to perform more reps before feeling fatigued. 

This means you’ll be able to sustain higher intensity and grind out a few extra reps. 

And because it can increase the diameter of vessels, allowing for more oxygen rich blood to be delivered to working muscles. 

Supplementing with citrulline will decrease the soreness caused by exercise, lower blood pressure, and improving performance. 

With this massive 8g citrulline, you’ll be sure to get the most out of this ingredient, and then some more. [1, 2]

Betaine (2.5g)

Betaine is useful for pumps, and strength because it’s an osmolyte and a methyl donor. 

It works by regulating cellular hydration and it maintains fluid levels in cells. 

Studies have shown betaine to be able to donate a methyl group to homocysteine, a non-proteinogenic amino acid that can decrease muscle protein synthesis when it’s elevated.

Betaine can reduce homocysteine, allowing for muscle protein synthesis to function fully. 

The 2.5g dose here is what the studies use.

This is the perfect ingredient to have when your goal is to maximize gains, from both strength and muscle.

Tyrosine (2g)

This amino acid is a precursor to catecholamines, which can increase the production of norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine. 

By stimulating the production of these catecholamines, you’ll have more motivation, less stress and anxiety while exercising. 

While  tyrosine works well with caffeine, it can work well without it since you’ll experience a similar mood boost as if you were using stimulants.

It can increase focus, allowing for more of a mind to muscle connection.

Agmatine (1.5g)

Agmatine is a defensive type of nitric oxide compound. 

It acts as an inhibitor to arginase, allowing for more arginine to be produced and keeps those levels higher by preventing them from dropping.

It’s a perfect ingredient to combine with citrulline since citrulline can elevate arginine levels and agmatine can prevent those levels from dropping. 

This means you’ll have more pumps for a longer period of time. 

The big 8g citrulline is more than enough to go with the big 1.5g dose here. 

The combination of both ingredients at these dosages is rare, and we haven’t seen it done before. 

This blend means you’ll get much more vasodilation, a massive pump and more oxygen rich blood will be delivered to the working muscles more efficiently. 

Hooligan is going to live up to its hype by going with such a big dose of both agmatine and citrulline.

Lion's Mane (1g)

Lion’s mane is a well known ingredient with several bioactive compounds like polysaccharides, hericerins, glycoproteins, erinacea lactones and eriancines. 

It also contains several vitamins and minerals. 

What makes this mushroom unique is that it can boost nerve growth factor in the brain, which is a protein and it’s essential for survival of nerve cells. 

When it comes to enhancing physical activity along with other mental function benefits, lion’s mane is one of the best agents you can have in your pre workout

A lot of the benefits occur when it’s used for a long period of time, but it still has some immediate benefits that makes it perfect in a pre workout, especially in a non-stimulant one. 

It works in synergy when it’s combined with a choline ingredient, which is what Apollon has done here as there’s already Alpha GPC.

Vaso6 (600mg)

You’re already getting 8g of pure citrulline and 1.5g agmatine for skin ripping pumps but with 600mg VASO6, the result will be intense!

This is a patented prop lend of green tea extracts that make up 6 extracts which can increase vasodilation and nitric oxide production. [3, 4, 5]

Although citrulline can basically do the same thing, the research shows that VASO6 can increase blood vessel diameter by up to 15%. [6]

There should be some synergy when it’s combined with citrulline and agmatine because VASO6 plays a role with nitric oxide synthase. [7]

On top of that, muscle growth can be increased with the help of VASO6 since it can increase muscle protein synthesis by increasing glucose uptake into muscle cells. [8, 9

Although VASO6 is fairly new, the research is strong and there’s mulitple studies that prove its effectiveness. 

And usually there’s only 300mg of VASO6 in  nitric oxide supplements, this is the first we’ve seen it dosed at 600mg!

Alpha GPC (600mg)

Alpha GPC is a high quality form of choline, and it’s one of the best you can get in a pre workout. 

It’s known as alpha-glycerophosphocholine and it’s a phospholipid that contains a lot of choline.

Choline can increase acetylcholine, a learning neurotransmitter that’s involved with important mental functions.

While it’s useful on it’s own, it’s even better when it’s combined with other ingredients like this.

It works in synergy with lions mane to improve mental functions.

Although there isn’t caffeine in Hooligan, the mind to muscle connection will be solid and Alpha GPC will help strengthen that.

Studies have shown Alpha GPC to be able to increase growth hormone production, along with strength for bench press.

Since the standardization is 50%, you’ll be getting a pure 300mg of Alpha GPC here, which is the same of what was used in studies.

Himalayan Pink Salt (250mg)

Himalayan salt is a useful mineral to have in a pre wokrout. There’s 250mg in here, providing about 100mg of sodium (4% of daily value). 

Salt helps with performance as well as the pump, it’s important to have besides water and carbs. [10]

If you tend to lose a lot of salt through sweat, it’s important to replace the lost electrlytes or you could possibly risk decreasing your performance, and in some extreme cases, you can experience hyponatremia. [11]

Salt is needed for muscular contractions since it plays a role, along with calcium and potassium. 

Himilayan salt has more than just sodium though as it has quite a few range of beneficial minerals from potassium to magnesium and more.

AstraGin (50mg)

AstraGin is a beneficial ingredient for enhancing the absorption of everything else it’s taken with.

There’s a big 50mg dose here, which is more than what most companies would put.

It’s a prop blend of two strong plant extracts, Panax notoginseng, and Astragalus membranaceus. 

It increases the uptake of nutrients by activating specific transporters in the small intestine [12] astragin, while also improving gut health and the  immune system. [13]

Apollon Has Done It Again

It's been a while since we've seen something legendary in the stim-free region of supplements.

Apollon has once again went full out with formulating this pre workout.

Hooligan is one of the best pump supplements to get.

It has nootropics, high quality nitric oxide boosters and big doses that are rarely seen in pump supplements.

If you’ve never tried this much VASO6 in one serving, then Hooligan is definitely the one for you to try. 

Pumps For Days With Bare Knuckle


Bare Knuckle is easily the best nitric oxide supplement we’ve seen so far.

With massive doses of proven ingredients, there’s no doubt this is the one to get for pumps.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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