MindSeries Nootropic Transparent Labs Review: 6 Ingredients for Enhance Cognition?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated January 30, 2023
Serving Size
2 capsules 
Easy to get
6 potent high quality ingredients
Uses patented forms of nootropics
30 full servings
Caffeine may be low (but it's enough)

Bottom Line

In the growing category of nootropics, there seems to be so many choices.

But not all of them are good options. 

MindSeries Nootropic does it differently by using properly dosed nootropics, patented forms and just enough caffeine to get you in a productive mood. 

It doesn't overdo it with stimulants and is made to help power your mind through the tough tasks of the day. 

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Through supplements you can get an edge that gets you further than just a plain cup of coffee. 

Even pre workouts now are using nootropics to enhance focus and the mind connection to the body. 

The power of the mind in and out of the gym is as important as ever. 

That's why MindSeries Nootropic was created. 

This supplement has one purpose and it does it well. 

It's made to increase mental functions far further than just caffeine can. 

And it does it with a well formulated ingredient label. 

Nootropic uses 6 ingredients that are a mix of patented forms and high quality sources. 

Let's dig into my review then we'll cover the ingredients...

My Review

I've taken many nootropic supplements before. 

Many of which were considered to be the strongest, from pharmaceuticals to regular supplements. 

So I know when a nootropic supplement is just good or extraordinarily strong. 

MindSeries Nootropic is a bit different than your average nootropic supplements though. 

It doesn't go overboard with stimulants and it has actually useful mind boosting compounds. 

And this is actually the first from Transparent Labs of it's kind. 

One thing that makes sense is having something like Nootropic in your arsenal for those days when you're just focused on productivity. 

While nootropic pre workout supplements do exist, this is geared more towards to people who just want the convenience of the pill form, and doesn't want to go overboard with stimulants or ergogenic aids. 

And that's what I love about Transparent Labs' Nootropic. 

When I take Nootropic, I would take it first thing in the morning. 

Pop 2 pills, then I would be off about my day. 

About an hour later, I would start feeling a little more focused. 

This worked wonders when I exercised the same day. 

But even without exercise, working on tasks would have me more careful and focused.

Retaining information was a lot easier, my train of thought would be on point and I wouldn't forget what I was thinking about earlier. 

My memory was just better. 

And throughout the day, I had a consistent flow of focus and energy. 

Although the energy was very minimal, mentally I had lots of energy. 

I would consume coffee or other sources of caffeine because I'm used to having much more than what Nootropic has, 100mg caffeine.  

And although you can have twice the serving at 4 pills, and you would be getting 200mg caffeine.

I don't think it would be worth taking twice the serving because the nootropics were dosed perfect already at one serving (2 pills).

By the evening of the same day, I would still feel a steady flow of focus. 

This is amazing if you're looking for focus and a boost in productivity from the beginning to the end of the day. 


There seems to be two different kinds of nootropic supplements on the market today...

One that has various ingredients, with few proven ingredients or questionable sources, another has patented forms that guarantee quality and consistency. 

Nootropic MindSeries has the latter.

Although the formula seems small, containing 6 nootropic ingredients, it uses patent forms that are expensive to add.

And with these ingredients, they are more than enough to help sustain long periods of focus, from the beginning to the end of the day. 

That's what makes Transparent Labs Nootropic an attractive option.

The formula uses ingredients that play in synergy with each other to provide focus and mental energy while helping increase your bottom line for productivity.

We'll breakdown each ingredient below...

SerinAid® (20% Phosphatidylserine) (400mg)

This is an ingredient that brings interesting benefits as a nootropic. 

Being a fat soluble amino acid that's found in the brain, phosphatidylserine has been shown to increase cognitive function while reducing the decline in cognitive function in the older population. [1]

SerinAid is developed by Chemi Nutra, and it's a premium form of phosphatidylserine (PS).

It's gaining popularity in nootropics and for good reasons too. 

Here it's standardized to 20% and there's 400mg, so that means you're getting 80mg total PS. 

It also has stress reduction benefits, so if you're experiencing a lot of stress this could be helpful. [2]

Cognizin® Citicoline (300mg)

Being one of the best forms of choline, Citicoline is a top choice because of it's high bioavailability and users can actually feel the difference. 

It works by releasing more acetylcholine and this is synergized with huperzine as it can prevent those levels from dropping.

The main function of choline is that it can assist in repair and maintaining membranes in all the cells in your body. [3]

Choline is also a precursor to acetylcholine, and this is important as a nootropic because it can help in learning and memory consolidation. [4]

That's why it's often regarded as a learning neurotransmitter as it can help the mind organize new information and learn new skills.

Skills such as learning, memory, coordination and balance. [5, 6]

Increasing acetylcholine levels will lead to enhanced cognition function through various levels.

Being deficient in choline is quite dangerous as it can be the cause of cognitive function, organ damage and even non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. [7]

If you're a vegan then it can be especially hard to get enough choline so if your diet is mostly plant based, you'll want to ensure you get enough choline with supplementation. 

Research has shown citicoline can improve focus, mental energy and attention. [8, 9]

It's made out of two compounds, choline and uridine, which work in synergy to enhance blood flow to the brain, balance mitochondrial function and has various benefits that choline supplementation brings. [10, 11]

Citicoline is also regarded as a mood enhancing choline form as it can increase dopamine levels. [12]

Caffeine anhydrous (100mg)

Anyone who's drank coffee or a pre workout knows what caffeine can do. 

Although there isn't much in Nootropic, there's enough to get your brain what it needs for cognition demanding tasks. 

With 100mg, just about the same as a cup of coffee, it can work by inhibiting adenosine and phosphodiesterase. [13]

By inhibiting these two compounds, you'll feel more awake and alert. 

It also works as a thermogenic as it can enhance metabolic rate and metabolic flexibility by liberating fatty acids from fat tissues. 

But at 100mg, you'll just be getting enough. 

You can always drink one more cup of coffee if you need more caffeine to stay awake, but as a nootropic supplement, this is more than enough as you're getting direct benefits for cognition from the nootropic ingredients. 

L-Theanine (200mg)

Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea leaves, can function as a neurotransmitter. [14]

Because of this, it makes to be a very versatile type of nootropic that can be used for a wide range of benefits. 

It can increase relaxation without inducing sedation, making it useful from working in synergy with stimulants to sleep aids. [15]

Caffeine synergizes well with theanine as it can smooth out the anxiety and jitters that comes with caffeine. [16]

You've seen this combination as well in PreSeries Bulk, a pre workout from Transparent Labs. 

Neurofactor (100mg)

NeuroFactor is an interesting extract coming from FutureCeuticals. 

It's coffee bean extract and the science shows that it can increase BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) levels by 143% in humans. [17, 18]

Since BDNF is plays a key role in neuron development, it means it can help with neuronal survival and will reduce neurodegeneration. [19]

Because of this, it can support learning, memory, energy metabolism, mood and alertness. 

Huperzine (100mcg)

Huperzine is one of our favorites and if anything, this ingredient needs to be in nootropic supplements. 

It works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, making acetylcholine levels remain high throughout the day. [20]

Huperzine can boost cognition functions and enhance learning ability. [21]

There's even evidence suggesting it can improve performance in exercise since it can increase the intensity of muscle contractions by improving nerve function. [22]

It works in synergy with choline based ingredients as choline can increase the production and huperzine can maintain those levels for prolonged periods of time. 

Sharpen Cognition with Nootropic

MindSeries Nootropic by Transparent Labs

With 6 nootropic ingredients, along with 3 premium forms, MindSeries Nootropic is a simple but very effective formula for sustaining prolonged focus and energy.

Ingredients: 400mg SerinAid, 300mg Citicoline, 200mg Theanine, 100mg Neurofactor, 100mcg Huperzine A
Stimulants: 100mg Caffeine
Discount code: FITFREK
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Forget about using random nootropic supplements. 

MindSeries Nootropic is well formulated with high quality patented forms of cognition benefiting ingredients.

It uses 6 properly dosed nootropics to enhance cognition functions without causing dependency or withdrawals after ending use. 

Reliable and well worth it's price, Nootropic is very useful at enhancing the minds power to focus and solve problems. 

Use coupon code FITFREK.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

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