Hydrapharm Adamantine: Great Formula But With a Proprietary Blend

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Apr 18, 2021

Adamantine is claimed to be a potent natural muscle builder that promises energy, strength and muscle growth.

Even though it does contain some potent muscle building ingredients, they are included as a proprietary formula totaling 1065mg with 3 pills.

The natural anabolics here should provide some nice strength and muscle gains.

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Adamantine contains effective ingredients but the dosages are unknown. 



Expensive for what you get.



Contains four key ingredients that may help with muscle growth. 



Can only be purchased online via the Predator Nutrition website.

We can all agree that building muscle is hard. 

Even with the best diet and workout program, it is a long and demanding process.

Thankfully, muscle building supplements exist and they can help speed up the process. 

What happens if you take the right one or have the best stack of supplements around?

You'll be unstoppable. 

We're going to breakdown Hydrapharms Adamantine, a natural muscle building supplement that uses 4 key ingredients to help build strength and muscle mass. 

It not only promises increased focus and recovery, it also should help increase strength and overall performance. 

But does it? Let's find out…

What is Adamantine?

Adamantine is a capsule based muscle supplement designed to build muscle, dilate blood vessels, increase muscular pump and improve libido and sex drive.

It is suppose to increase strength, muscle mass, improve post workout recovery and help with joint pain.

The product is designed for men who work out and are trying to enhance their muscle gains.

Adamantine is a word which has been used through history to describe a substance which is exceptionally strong and unbreakable.

The product is based on four key ingredients which have been put together as a proprietary blend.

Adamantine is manufactured in the U.K. in high grade certified facilities.

The only way to purchase it is through a UK based website.


​Phosphatidic acid

​Whereas the previous version of this product used creatine nitrate, this newer version has replaced it with phosphatidic acid.

This is a diacyl-glycerophospholipids which can be found in your cell membranes.

Classified as a signalling lipid, phosphatidic acid acts as a precursor to the biosynthesis of other lipids and plays a key role in cell signalling.

In these roles, it is an important player in the muscle building equation.

We get very little phosphatidic acid from our diet and so it must be sourced through supplementation.

Studies have shown that phosphatidic acid has the ability to improve response in skeletal muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass and maximum strength (1​).

The recommended dosage is 750 mg per day.


​Laxogenin is structurally similar to ecdysterone, which is a common ingredient in many muscle building and energy boosting supplements.

It acts in  a similar way to the anabolic steroid Anavar, but without the negative side effects (2​).

Studies have shown that laxogenin can help to improve workout recovery ability, enhance protein synthesis and reduce muscular inflammation.(3​)

This is pure Laxogenin and it's fully disclosed...


Epicatechin is a flavonol that is commonly found in dark chocolate.

This flavonol is seen to improve performance and health.

It comes with many benefits including:

  • Increased blood flow and nitric oxide levels
  • ​Suppresses appetite
  • ​Lowers cholesterol levels
  • ​Improves blood pressure
  • ​Increases insulin sensitivity
  • ​Promotes muscle growth

​It is not only found in dark chocolate, but it can also be found in ginger, fava beans, blackberries, apples, blueberries, red wine, ephedra, Chinese hawthorn berries and much more.

For muscle growth, 200mg or more is recommended but not proven.

It's been added to Adamantine to act synergistically with the other ingredients in order to boost strength levels and recovery ability (4​).

Epitech is the best epicatechin supplement we found...

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a vitamin which most people in the Western world are deficient in.

It plays an important role in ensuring that the body’s natural production of testosterone is maximized.

Bottom Line

​The ingredients that go into Hydrapharm Adamantine are all scientifically sound and proven.

However, there isn't a secret to the dosages of proven to work ingredients. 

The dosage of Adamantine is the real issue with this product.

Because the manufacturers have elected to put the product together as a proprietary blend, we will never know precisely how much of ingredient is in the product.

With the total of the blend coming to 355 mg, however, we can work out that the individual doses must be insufficient to bring about any meaningful changes.

Proprietary blends are a red flag for any product.

If a manufacturer is not willing to provide full transparency by telling exactly how much of each ingredient is in their product, then, in my opinion, they don’t deserve your business.

The majority of users of Adamantine reported (in several forums) that they didn’t notice any appreciable effect in terms of strength and overall performance. 

Here is a typical user comment . . .

I’ve been taking Hydrapharm Adamantine for three weeks and cannot honestly say that it has given me a noticeable energy boost. My strength gains have also not been noticeably improved. The overall effect on my performance has been minimal and certainly not worth the money that I paid for this product.

Each bottle of Hydrapharm Adamantine contains 90 capsules.

That is enough to provide you with a month's supply of the product.

Most users did not realize meaningful gains over the period that they consumed their first bottle of this product.

​Hydrazine is on par with the original Craze and is the best that Hydrapharm has to offer


​The manufacturer’s of Adamantine recommend taking one capsule threes times with food spread out over the course of the day.

You should take this dosage also on the days that you are not exercising.

The manufacturer recommends taking Adamantine for a period of eight weeks and then going off the product for four weeks.

This is done to prevent the body from reducing its long term production of such hormones as testosterone.  

​Side Effects

​Adamantine is made from all natural ingredients.

Although none of these ingredients are known to produce side effects, some users have complained of upset stomach when taking the product.

We suggest starting out with just one capsule per day in order to assess your body’s tolerance to the product.

If you are currently taking any medication, you should consult your doctor before taking Adamantine.

​Where to get Adamantine?

​You can only buy Hydrapharm Adamantine through the Predator nutrition website.

This a British website and so the product is priced in British pounds.

The cost of a 90 capsule bottle is £59.99, which should provide a full months supply.

You would need at least 3-4 caps for it to be effective and at this cost, we do not recommend it and in fact, there are other products like this one that would be a much better choice.

We recommend going with the Insanity Stack or Annihilate on it's own, that way you'll know how much of each ingredient you're getting. 

Or check out Sapogenix.

We don't like prop blends as there's no secret to the dosages behind research backed ingreidents that work.

Strong Anabolic Formula From Hydrapharm


Adamantine contains quality ingredients but these are in a proprietary blend and we don't know what the doses are for each compound. 

While the reviews are overly positive, the effects from Adamantine are still effective and the compounds used are very strong for strength and muscle gains.

We recommend going with the Insanity stack from Huge Nutrition, or checking out any of these found here

4 thoughts on “Hydrapharm Adamantine: Great Formula But With a Proprietary Blend”

  1. Brotha… You made a severa mistake in ur review: Almost the whole rant is about the dosage being underdosed based on the ingredients of ONE pill! But like even u say in the end: the correct dose is THREE pills per day, thus giving a full 1g of the proprietary blend, which should be enough to give an effective dose on each ingredient.

    This FACT makes ur review pointless and renders Adamantine from totally worthless to possibly worthy!

    I too agree that a lot of the reviews on a certain site are wayyyy too positive (on practically ALL the stuff they sell), but nevertheless Adamantine surely has potential to work.

    • Hey Mark

      Looks like we’ve only made one mistake: you won’t be getting 355mg, but 1065mg; you’re right.

      But how do you know how much you’re getting?

      You’re saying “1g should be enough” and that it “has potential” but you’ll never know because it is in a prop blend.

      The recommended dosages are no secret, so to have them in a full secret blend makes it probable that an ingredient or 2 is underdosed.

      Again, you don’t know how much you’re getting, so to consider it “possibly worthy” is like saying “I’m willing to throw away 60 pounds in the hopes that this MIGHT work”.

      Whether or not you like our opinion doesn’t make it worthless or worthy.

      Anyhow thanks for stopping by to comment your thoughts!

  2. Quite a slanted review, you have also got the numbers wrong. I was creeping, essentially at a plateau. I tried these and over the 30 days had built new muscle and more strength – yet also in areas around my muscles which I didn’t have before, making my strength more effective. I understand that this is conjecture, yet I’m medically educated and a competent record keeper – there were no other variables that led to the breakthroughs. I recommend – Pete

    • What numbers did we get wrong?

      If there’s something we can fix, then we’d be happy to fix it.

      There’s no reason why Adamantine wouldn’t “work”. It has some very anabolic compounds.

      Thanks for sharing your review 🙂


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