Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine & CoreSeries Intra: The Cleanest Intra Workouts For Muscle Gains And Recovery?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated November 2, 2021
Intra Workout
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Bottom Line

Transparent Labs now has 2 intra-workout supplements.

First is the BCAA Glutamine supplement, and the other is the CoreSeries Intra.

The BCAA Glutamine has simple but effective ingredients to help improve hydration and prevent muscle breakdown.

While Intra has more nitric oxide boosters, like citrulline malate, along with ElevATP and minerals.  

CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine has 8g BCAA’s, 5g glutamine and 1g coconut water.

It'll improve hydration and restore electrolytes lost through sweat and exercise to help maintain high intensity while reducing soreness and improving recovery.


It's easy to forget about Intra nutrition…

But with the right intra-workout, you can optimize your performance and recovery. 

This is BCAA Glutamine, and it's similar to their newly released Intra-Workout in what it can accomplish 

Before we dig into these supplements, who is Transparent Labs?

Transparent Labs has been making premium supplements for years.

They've been doing it well and by catching reviews from all kinds of blogs and sources, they have never needed to invest into marketing.

There’s a big reason why these guys are a popular choice.

Aside from their attractive affiliate program (referrals get 15-30% for each sale), their transparency and formulas are perfect.

Not because they use full transparency from their ingredients to their flavoring and “other ingredients”, but because they use future proof formulas that will never be outdated.

Clinical doses of scientifically proven ingredients are used all over their supplements. 

Their low caffeine but strong energy pre workout Bulk is known to be one of their finest choices, with Stim-Free being an option and Lean for a serious weight loss pre workout.

And they’ve got your basics covered from their ZMA supplement with oyster to their strength inducing Creatine HMB

For intra workout, TL has got an anabolic BCAA formula with the CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine. 

This naturally sweetened BCAA supplement packs an anabolic punch with 8g BCAA’s, 5g glutamine and 1g coconut water powder. 

When you’re working at high intensity, you’re going to need all the benefits that BCAA Glutamine has.

BCAA Glutamine Ingredients

The label below is for BCAA Glutamine:

Like any BCAA supplement, CoreSeries BCAA contains BCAA’s but at a higher dose than usual with 8g.

But unlike most options, these BCAA’s are vegan-friendly and are dosed at the proven 2:1:1 ratio.

This formula may seem simple and you may be thinking what about all the other ingredients that make other BCAA supplements tower this one?

The thing is, those supplements contain far less than 8g BCAA and everything is almost always under-dosed.

Whether you’re cutting, gaining or maintaining, this simple formula works with flexibility as there are no carbs or extra ingredients that are not needed for intra workout.

Now check out CoreSeries Intra:

CoreSeries Intra Ingredients

CoreSeries Intra contains EAA's, minerals, nitric oxide ingredients and strength aids to help fuel workout performance. 

This would go perfect with their pre workout as this contains 2g citrulline malate, 1.25g betaine anhydrous and 150mg ElevATP. 

Compared to BCAA Glutamine, this is more geared towards increasing muscle hypertrophy and performance while weight lifting.

Now lets cover the ingredients for BCAA Glutamine…

BCAAs 2:1:1 (8)

Branched-chain amino acids are made up of 3 amino acids that the body uses for muscle protein synthesis.

When you’re exercising at high intensity, your muscles breakdown and your body turns into a catabolic state.

By consuming BCAA’s during workouts, you switch on the “anabolic process” and muscle protein synthesis increases and your lean muscle mass are spared from being broken down.

Another benefit is that BCAA’s decrease soreness.

Soreness is inevitable if you’re trying to add on muscle mass but research has shown that BCAA’s greatly reduce soreness, prevents delayed onset muscle soreness and you’ll be back sooner at the gym ready for your next workout.

Recovery, muscle growth, and less soreness, what more can you ask for?

Compared to the grandfather of intra supplementation, Scivation’s Xtend, TL Labs packs 1g more of BCAA’s and doesn’t use any artificial coloring or flavoring as a bonus.

Lets dig into each of these amino acids…

Leucine (4g)

Leucine is perhaps the most anabolic amino acid out of the BCAA combination.

This is widely known to increase protein synthesis while improving muscle growth.

Various studies show leucine's effectiveness to increase muscle hypertrophy while preventing breakdown.

The dosage here is at 4g, which was used in most studies.

L-Isoleucine (2g)

The next amino acid is L-Isoleucine.

It can help with insulin sensitivity as it can improve glucose uptake by the muscles.

It can achieve similar things as Leucine like preventing muscle breakdown and improving performance.

Isoleucine can reduce fatigue exerted in workouts and it can directly help with mood.

L-Valine (2g)

The last but not least of the BCAA's is valine. 

There's 2g in here and it can also lower blood sugar, while increasing growth hormone production. 

Valine can increase muscle recovery as seen in this study. 

It can also reduce fatigue but that needs more research as it was only done in rats who were swimming but the potential is promising.

Glutamine (5g)

Glutamine is used to enhance recovery and reduce soreness.

It’s a conditionally-essential amino acid that the body is able to make small amounts of, but it’s not nearly enough for the average athlete, let alone bodybuilders.

Your body uses glutamine when it’s performing at high intensity, hence why it’s important to get it from wherever you can, your diet and supplementation.

By delaying fatigue and increase recovery, glutamine can enhance and maintain performance.

When it’s topped off with BCAA’s and coconut water powder, you’ll be able to perform at high intensity for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued too quickly.

Coconut Water Powder (1g)

Coconut water is a super nutritious nutrient available on this planet.

It's not only great for hydration but it has a wide range of benefits ranging from skin health, to improved exercise performance, better kidney function, better control of blood glucose and reinforces insulin resistance.

Exercise leads to sweat and this leads to a loss of electrolytes and water. For optimal performance, it's important to replenish these stores during your workout.

Or you'll suffer from cramping and dehydration.

This coconut water has 65mg potassium that comes naturally with coconut water.

Consuming coconut water will help with hydration and improve electrolyte balance.


Flavoring is something that has been improving at Transparent Labs and the options has grown over the past few years.

Check out these flavors:

  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Green Apple
  • Blue Raz
  • Sour Grape
  • Orange
  • Tropical Punch

Initially, it tasted off and not that enjoyable but currently the flavoring is at its peak and is better than before.


For one bottle, you’re looking at $39 for 30 full servings, coming out to $1.30 per serving. 

But luckily with Transparent Labs, there’s plenty of discounts to go around.

Use discount code FITFREK and prices drop by 10% ($1.17 per serving, or 35 per bottle / £1.40 or £42 per bottle). 

Very few brands offer discounts when buying multiple bottles and that’s what you’ll want to do if you want to save.

Check out these discounted rates (Use coupon code FITFREK):

  • $39 ($35 at $1.17 per serving)
  • $68 ($61 at $1 per serving)
  • $87 ($78 at  $0.96 per serving)

The reason why we break down these prices is because people seem to get the impression of expensive supplements from TL but really it comes out to be competitive and often cheaper than the alternatives. 

With natural flavoring and high quality ingredients it comes out to be a much healthier and affordable choice.

Turn Up The Intensity With BCAA Glutamine

BCAA Glutamine has proven to be a future proof intra-workout that isn’t going anywhere nor is it going to be reformulated.

The ingredients are scientifically proven to work, the flavoring is natural and the formula is fully transparent on levels that no other supplement has. 

While many supplements come and go with new formulations and massive changes with ingredients, BCAA Glutamine is the perfect choice for today and for years to come.

CoreSeries Intra-Workout

To help with hypertrophy, gains, and pumps, Transparent Labs has designed Intra-Workout

It differs over BCAA Glutamine because it isn't just focused on hydration, recovery and preventing catabolism.

Intra-Workout is made for hard working athletes, bodybuilders and more. 

Since it contains 150mg ElevATP (works well with their Creatine HMB), it'll help maximize ATP production while improving muscle pumps. 

This also contains all your amino acids, not just BCAA's. 

And Intra would work well with a pre workout that already has citrulline malate, since this contains 2g. 

Intra Workouts For Optimum Performance

Both Intra and BCAA Glutamine can help with workout performance, but Intra is made for more hypertrophy while BCA Glutamine is made for recovery and preventing catabolism. Use discount code FITFREK

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

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