Meet the FitFrek Team

At FitFrek, we are a passionate team committed to empowering your fitness journey with expertise, inspiration, and personalized support. Each of us brings a unique strength to the table, united by a shared mission to guide and motivate.

Nader Qudimat - Founder & Visionary

Transformative Journey: Nader Qudimat's fitness odyssey, evolving from a slender teenager to a robust, health-conscious adult, is the cornerstone of FitFrek's philosophy. This transformation transcends physical change, embodying a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Digital Fitness Trailblazer: Merging a deep passion for fitness with digital savvy, Nader stands at the forefront of online fitness innovation. His approach integrates physical transformation with digital strategy, creating an engaging and effective fitness platform.

Matthew Magnante - Contributing Writer

Health and Fitness Savant: Matthew Magnante, an ACE-certified fitness expert, enriches FitFrek with his specialized knowledge in exercise and nutrition. His impactful work with FitnessVolt and Barbend highlights his skill in delivering practical and insightful fitness content.

A Lifelong Fitness Journey: From a young fitness enthusiast to an accomplished fitness author, Matthew's passion for weight training has evolved into a career dedicated to educating and inspiring others. His diverse content on FitnessVolt spans from exercise techniques to nutrition, offering invaluable guidance to our community.

Cultural Explorer: Embracing a journey of discovery in Asia, Matthew's experience extends beyond fitness, delving into cultural exploration and personal growth. His commitment to improving well-being aligns seamlessly with FitFrek's values.

Stay Connected: Discover more about Matthew's fitness insights on LinkedIn.

Gabriel "Gabs" Sinope - Right-Hand Man and Multimedia Specialist

Versatile and Dynamic: Gabs is the dynamic force behind much of what happens at FitFrek. Not just an assistant, he's the right-hand man who brings a rich blend of skills to the table. His role in administrative support and operations is vital to the smooth running of FitFrek.

Multimedia Expertise: With a background in Information Technology from Assumption College of Davao and extensive experience in multimedia, Gabs is adept in graphic design, social media marketing, data entry, video editing, and more. He's the mastermind behind updating FitFrek's website, ensuring everything is current, engaging, and visually appealing.

Dedication and Innovation: Since joining FitFrek in 2016, Gabs has been an integral part of the team. His dedication to constantly updating products, designs, and blog posts using tools like Elementor and Oxygenbuilder showcases his commitment to innovation and excellence.

A Diverse Portfolio: Gabs's versatility extends beyond FitFrek. His work with various other projects, including technical support and graphic design, reflects his wide-ranging skills and adaptability.

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