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This Might Be Skinny Or "Hardgainer", But You WILL Get Bigger And Stronger

This Is About You.

Since 2005 I've been trying to gain size so I didn't have to be skinny.​

There's always valuable information everywhere if I knew what to pick and try, but hey, with millions of different people chattering different kinds of advice, WTF is a beginner suppose to do? 

Bodybuilding can get confusing and frustrating as hell.

This is your time, your turn to achieve what I have accomplished. I am driven to the point of no return, where you will get simple actionable steps to gaining muscle.

​I was once a 100 pound weakling. 

I soon learned that there really is no one "expert" in bodybuilding.

Everyone has their own methods, genetics and lifestyles.

You might see how they train, but you don't see 95% of their lifestyle.

They could be doing all kinds of things to get the edge you may not have. 

ANYTHING works for a hardgainer, especially if it involves free weights and compound exercises.

I've achieved tons and now I'm loving the dream I'm living.

I want to help YOU achieve your goals as well. 

My mission is to help skinny guys and beginners achieve muscle gains and size, without simply throwing a routine and saying "ok just try this, bro."​

How This Blog Will Help You Gain Muscle

If you want to dominate and conquer your body, have fresh exciting routines, as well as access to programs, then you're in the right place. 

If that wasn't enough for you, you can also expect done for you muscle building programs, all kinds of real good advice for your bodybuilding journey, strength training shortcuts and epic tutorials.

I publish amazing resources, share information that most would charge an arm and a leg for, and give you the no bullcrap-secrets that are easy to implement. ​

So What Makes This Blog So Special?

There's a lot of poor, re-hashed information that floods the internet/world and so many people are just giving generic kinds of information for the sake of making money. 

I want to try and create something different where you find advice that is catered specifically for you, the 'hardgainers', skinny guys, and ectomorphs, and you can trust that anything I recommend is surely going to work, and it's going to work damn well. 

​On top of that, I keep seeing the same questions being asked, and the same generic answers being given. I saw what was once me, a confused and frustrated skinny guy who just wanted to make some serious gains, naturally. 

If you're new to the bodybuilding world I know you'll find a ton of actionable and quality advice here. And even if you're not new, you'll still find tons of useful stuff. ​

So Who's This Nader Guy?

My name's Nader, 26 years old, originally from Jordan but grew up in Canada.

I'm not a guru, I've never competed in any bodybuilding competitions nor have I ever used steroids or anything like that, I don't know everything , I won't pretend to but I am always learning.

What I do have is close to a decade of training experience.

​I was once standing at 100 pounds, now I weigh more than 200 pounds. I was once pressing 20 pound dumbbells for chest press, now I can press more than 120 pounds in each hand(!). And I can do much more than I ever dreamed of. 

If I sound like someone you can learn from, enter your name & email below...​

My Transformation...

Here's my transformation...

2003 - Before I even lift

2005 - A little progress

2005 - Nothing much to see

2007 May - Discovered Some 'Gains'

2008 - Beginning of the year

2008 - End of the year

2009 May

2010 March 

2011 June

2013 July

2013 November

2014 March

I learned so much, I even wrote my own e-book. 

My Story:

Since 2005, I have been struggling to make gains and I didn’t really know much about bodybuilding. I have made some achievements since then:

  • I started out at 100lbs and have gained over 90lbs since then
  • I have been able to attract girls who were once way out of my league
  • I have earned over 500$ for various fitness modeling jobs 
  • I've gained tremendous strength and muscle ever since I've started

In result, my body does the talking, and I now know what works.

Things You Can Do Right Now

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