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Best Gaming Pre Workout: Top 10 Strongest Supplements For Elite Performance

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated November 26, 2019



Behind every mouse and keyboard is a gamer….

Who is probably fueled by several cans of RedBull.

And nope RedBull isn't the best thing for energy.

Most energy drinks are packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners and can just cause problems in the long term.

They aren't the best picks.

And you probably know that.

You've read it somewhere but that doesn't help you much since you don't know what to get instead.

So instead of wasting your money (and health) on energy drinks, you could look into any of these pre workouts below.

Can't I Just Take Pre Workouts?

Pre workouts are generally great to use before any event that requires increased mental performance (reaction time etc.) but they are loaded with ingredients that are best used for physical performance for enhanced strength and muscle gains.

So unless you need to bench press your keyboard, you don't need to spend the extra cash on those pre workouts.

What About Plain Caffeine?

Caffeine is great, that's the secret of most of these supplements.

But there are other stimulants and mental enhancers you could take advantage of.

Also you may be a fan of green tea, or you've heard of it's long lasting focus and energy that it provides?

Green tea is just caffeine and l-theanine, so you could just buy these ingredients in bulk if you're not a fan of tea for whatever reason.

But these supplements provide different ingredients to all round mental enhancements (like enhanced memory, reaction time and overall performance).

For Late Night Gaming Sessions...

If you're a fan of sleep, then you probably know stimulants and sleep are not a good sleep.

Alcar and l-tyrosine for example are natural energy boosters that will stimulate mental abilities but will not interfere with sleep if taken at least a couple hours before bedtime.

So without further ado…

Bulk Ingredients

​Often included in pre-workout and energy products, L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that’s well known for its nootropic benefits.

Tyrosine stimulates the production of dopamine and noradrenaline, two important brain neurotransmitters.

One of the reasons they are important is because tyrosine improves focus and concentration, critical for success during those long gaming sessions.

Another important benefit of these two neurotransmitters is that they can help ease the anxiety and stress that happens during an extended gaming session (1​).

What’s the best dosing for this ingredient?

While you’ll experience benefits in the 750mg range, 1 gram and up is the way to go if you want the most out of this impressive nootropic.

​This is the acetylated form of tyrosine.

Before we get into the differences, let’s briefly recap: tyrosine stimulates the production of dopamine and noradrenaline, two important brain neurotransmitters, which improves focus and concentration.

In theory, this is the better form of tyrosine due to its  enhanced bioavailability.

That means a lower dose would provide the same results as a higher dose of standard tyrosine.

The jury is still out on which form of tyrosine is the best, some say the acetylated form does not easily convert to regular tyrosine so the body can use it.

Other say that since the acetylated version can cross the blood-brain barrier easier, and is absorbed better, it can be used much quicker by the body.

The takeaway here is that both forms work and work well, just remember you’ll need a smaller dose of the acetylated version to get the same results.

How much smaller?

500mg to 800mg is a great dosing range for this ingredient.

​There’s no doubt about it, caffeine is the most popular energizer in the world. 

From coffee to energy drinks to pre-workouts and just plain pills, in the eyes of many, nothing beats caffeine when it comes to energy, focus and alertness!

Caffeine also helps to improve mood, stimulates thermogenesis and improves performance (2​).

What’s the best dose?

That’s an individual preference but common dosages typically average 250 -300mg.

However, as the dose begins to creep up over 400mg, the performance benefits begin to suffer, so if that is your goal in using caffeine, stay under 400mg.

​This compound is actually a combination of the amino acids L-glutamate and L-glutamine.

Theanine has earned quite a reputation in recent years for its ability to work synergistically with caffeine, in fact it smooths out the effects of caffeine, helping to sidestep the “jitters” and reducing some of the harshness experienced by some caffeine users.

The typical dose is 100mg.

​Are you surprised to see creatine listed here? 

You shouldn’t be – the benefits of this proven muscle builder just keep increasing – and one of the more impressive recently discovered benefits is the impact creatine has on your mind (3).

Studies such as one conducted in 2009 study have indicated that creatine can increase attention span and working memory.

Creatine can also prevent mental fatigue after strenuous mental activity, as suggested by one placebo-controlled study where young, healthy volunteers took the ‘Uchida-Kraepelin test’, which accurately evaluates mental fatigue by getting participants to perform repeated, mental, mathematical calculations.

The study found that those volunteers taking creatine did significantly better and showed less signs of fatigue than those taking the placebo.

So the next time you’re getting ready for a long gaming sessions, load up on creatine and experience its cognitive benefits! Dosing?

5 grams, the standard dose for this compound, works perfectly.

​Well known as a cognitive enhancer, Choline is an essential nutrient commonly included with in B-Complex formulas that can also be found in eggs, meat, beans, and cruciferous vegetables. 

It is important in the building and maintenance of cell membranes in the body and is also required for the synthesis of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory (4​), (5​​​).

Citicoline, on the other hand, is structurally similar to regular choline but has much greater bioavailability.

When taken in supplement form, citicoline converts into choline and cytidine, a component of nucleic acid, which is present in all cells but primarily a component of RNA-DNA.

The primary advantage of citicoline is absorption – and the better a nutrient is absorbed the better your results.

What’s the best dose?

A great place to start is 250mg, but it’s not uncommon to go up as high as 500-750mg for optimal mental performance no matter how long your gaming session lasts.

This herb is considered to be an adaptogen, which means it helps the body handle physical and mental stress.

Additionally, it can improve stamina, enhance energy, and support cognitive function.

Rhodiola has an extended history of use in various traditional medicines, with origins in Sweden.

As an adaptogen, some gamers may feel Rhodiola should be overlooked, however, it’s great if you’re battling mild depression, or when you just don’t feel like tackling the day.

Rhodiola contains more than 40 types of compounds, the primary active ingredients considered responsible for its effects are rosavin and salidroside.

While commonly thought to only help reduce physical fatigue, rhodiola is often used to fight mental fatigue, poor concentration, and fatigue from repetitive low-intensity movements (6​). 

Additionally, a primary reason people use adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola is to help bring cortisol levels back into balance.

Cortisol, for those who may not know, is a catabolic (or, destructive) stress hormone can cause numerous problems in the body, such as fat gain, low energy, and memory issues.

So, rhodiola is a herb you should be taking if you want to be at your best. What’s the most effective dose?

A great place to start is 250mg, but feel free to go up to 700mgs for maximum benefits.

Since the conversation is about choline, the next type to consider is Alpha GPC.

Some consider this effective as citicoline, and when the talk turns to athletic performance, Alpha GPC is considered by many as the better choice.


Consider the benefits: it increases power output, increases strength, improves endurance, and increases post workout Growth Hormone (GH) levels – not bad for a cognitive enhancer! (7​), (8​).

So, let’s define this exciting compound – it’s a natural choline compound that works very well by itself for memory improvement, and, since most gamers will use it as part of a stack, in combination with other nootropics to take cognitive enhancement to new heights.

Alpha GPC is structurally composed of choline, glycerol, and phosphate and is a cholinergic, which means it’s a choline storage form.

It’s also water soluble, so it acts fast, and works similarly to other forms of choline and has the same benefits, however, some users have reported improved mood, greater mental stamina, and has mild stimulant benefits.

The best dose?

300mg as a starting point, but dosages up to 1000mg are not uncommon.

​Certainly one of the more unused cognitive ingredients, DMAE is produced by the brain and also in food sources such as fatty fish.

DMAE is structurally similar to choline and has been used for its memory improvement as well as its ability to enhance concentration.

DMAE can cross the blood-brain barrier very easily, however its mechanism of action is not well understood.

Some may think it works much like any other choline-type compound but that is not the case.

The prevailing theory is that DMAE inhibits the metabolism of choline, leading to increased levels in the body.

Dosing is also a bit uncertain, with doses ranging from 25mg to as high as 600mg.

A good recommendation for optimal cognitive benefit would be 250mg.

Top Gaming Supplements

​The Genius Brand keeps creating innovative formulas that stand apart from most other brands, and their Genius Mushrooms are no exception.

This product harnesses the power of the mushroom to create a one of a kind cognitive enhancement formula.

Genius Mushrooms provide 3 different types of mushrooms: cordyceps, which is known to improve oxygen utilization, thereby increasing endurance, lion’s mane, which has earned a reputation for its ability to increase focus and clarity, and resihi, which supports your overall sense of health and well-being.

This product features a fully disclosed label, and provides 30 servings at 3 capsules per serving.

Overall, it’s an excellent value and definitely worth a try.



​Our Number 1 Gamer supplement, Genius Consciousness is a stimulant-based nootropic by The Genius Brand, a new company that’s made quite a few waves in the marketplace.

This is an excellent formula that provides moderate energy (100mg Caffeine + 50mg Dynamine) it’s a 10-ingredient formula that’s heavy on nootropics – and it has zero artificial anything.

Although it’s a little light on Caffeine (100mg at full strength), it’s loaded with nootropics such as Dynamine, Huperzine-A, SerinAid, NeuroFactor, Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Lion’s Mane – yes, it’s loaded alright!

The Genius Brand has yet again created an amazing formula – everything in Genius Consciousness looks great to us – but if there’s a drawback, it’s that at full strength, there’s just 15 servings – so this stuff can get expensive.



​Genius Burn by The Genius Brand is a fat burner that also provides significant cognitive enhancement.

Genius Burn is caffeine free and improves memory, focus & clarity by using the combination of cognizin citicoline, alphasize & teacrine.

Burn also includes sensoril ashwagandha which helps reduce stress, and enhance mood.

What about caffeine?

Genius Burn uses teacrine in its place, dosed at 200mg, which is similar to caffeine but much smoother, plus there’s no crash as often happens with caffeinated products.

Burn is a fat burner but offers enough energy and cognitive enhancement to appeal to all but the most stimmed-out gamers, you get full disclosure labeling, 30 servings and its priced right.



Genius Joy wasn’t designed  just for gamers, it was meant for anyone that wants a happier mental state without having to resort to prescription drugs.

Genius Joy features a 100% transparent label and contains very generous doses of effective mood elevators and cognition enhancing branded ingredients, like TheaKalm, NeuroFactor, HTPurity, SAMe plus several B vitamins.

Since this is meant to be more than only a gaming supplement, Genius Joy is tackling an improved quality of life with this innovative product.

It’s great for helping gamers ease anxiety, depression, and it will enhance focus as well as mood – but these are benefits anyone can relate to and enjoy by using this product.

If there’s a drawback, Joy is expensive, one reason for this is because SAMe is expensive, but if you’re looking for a well-rounded mood, anti-anxiety and focus product, this is it.



Transparent Labs is a company that, like NutraBio, features a very transparent label.

There products are usually well-dosed, but looking at the PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner label, we would say it’s dosed at the lower end of the effective range.

For example, there’s just 240mg of caffeine (at the full serving size of 4 capsules), 50mg of synephrine, which is low, and just 300mg of tyrosine, again a low dose.

Nonetheless, as it stands gamers looking for energy and focus will get some benefit and let’s be real, some gamers will use more than the suggested 4 capsules.

Overall, however, this is not one of the stronger products on the list and that’s true for fat burning as well as a energy/focus enhancer for gamers.

We’re a little surprised as Transparent Labs usually doses their products very effectively.

As far as value, you’ll get a 1 month supply at 4 caps a day, so this is an expensive product.

Is it worth it?

Maybe for users that want milder stimulation, but that’s about it.



Nootropimax contains a 450mg stimulate blend that combines two sources of Caffeine, Theacrine and L-Theanine.

This complex works together to provide a clean, long-lasting, intense energy, alertness and focus without the jitters and no crash.

Nootropimax also includes ingredients like Huperzine and CDP-Choline that enhances attention, focus, memory, reaction time, as well as increasing neural velocity.

All in all, this is a well-rounded formula that can get you in the right mindset quickly and effectively.

Performax Labs have been making some great formulas, and this product is fully dosed and effectively dosed using a solid ingredient profile – you can’t go wrong with Nootropimax.



This product was created by Gamma Labs and meant to be a natural energy powder designed to replace those popular sugar-loaded canned energy drinks.

The primary goal of this product is to provide a clean, healthy alternative that can step up to the demands of the most active lifestyles.

One serving is just 10 calories, there’s absolutely zero sugar and it’s packed with antioxidants.

G Fuel kicks in quickly, you’ll notice its effects within 15 minutes, and there’s no crash like you’ll experience with the heavy-sugar energy drinks.

The only drawback we see is the use of not one, not two, but three prop blends!

Where’s full label disclosure?



GG is advertised as the first nootropic designed exclusively to help gamers compete at all levels, this product will, according to the manufacturer, l promote a quick increase in energy and focus.

It’s a good value at only .58 cents per serving but – what we have is another prop blend that looks to be under-dosed.

164,000mcg sounds like a lot, but it’s a 164mg blend with 100mg of it caffeine.

How far can the remaining 64mg take you?

Well, some of the focus enhancers like noopept could be properly dosed – we have no way of knowing – but other ingredients, like tyrosine, are definitely under-dosed.

GG is a top seller, but you’re really only getting a couple of well-dosed ingredients, as far as we can tell.



​Hydrapharm is a company based in the UK that produces a range of products, including the powerful pre workout, Hydrazine, which is placed all over our pre workout lists.

One look at the ingredient profile and the first thing that stands out is that it’s a 700mg prop blend.

The other thing that stands out is the fact that there’s some unique ingredients here, such as bauhinia purpurea extract, a tropical plant extract that is primarily a thyroid enhancer, which supports metabolism, cacao extract, which is found in chocolate and contains some 300 active compounds, one of which is PEA, known for its mood enhancement abilities.

There’s also caffeine anhydrous, but we have no way of knowing how much, cymbidium goeringii extract, which is an adaptogenic herb meaning it helps the body deal with physical as well as mental stress, and finally we have kigelia africana extract, which is thought to be a stimulant yet there’s little evidence backing its use for this purpose.

All in all, this looks to be another under-dosed, over hyped product with little going for it, except what we would guess is a good amount of caffeine (we can only guess).

Furthermore, this is very expensive for just 60 capsules, even if 1 capsule is the suggested serving size.



6 thoughts on “Best Gaming Pre Workout: Top 10 Strongest Supplements For Elite Performance”

  1. 2 caps Hydrazine is the closest to Craze, in my experience. I am going to try 3 caps (god mode) as per mentioned by Predator Nutrition . I would say 2 caps Hydrazine knock out 2 caps Original Detonate in terms of focus and euphoric feels. I still have 2.5 bottles of original Detonate. I was thinking of stacking Hydrazine with Frenzy or Craze v2

    • Hi James,

      Detonate literally has the same ingredients as Craze, so you actually like Hydrazine better than Detonate?

      A close friend of mine tells me that the focus is almost the same as Craze, but the feels are not as great.

      You can easily stack Hydrazine (max 2 caps) with half a scoop of Frenzy and work your way up from there.

      Craze v2 is great for focus and endurance, but beyond that, I would not use it unless it was handed to me for free or something.

      If you're just using this stack for gaming / productivity, I would recommend checking out Phenylpiracetam and stacking it with any pre workout, it's even banned from professional sports and bodybuilding!

      So that's gotta be a good thing :).

      Frenzy is way too intense to take for sedentary activities, IMO.

    • The supplements here would work, especially something like G-Fuel (vitamins and stimulants basically).

      But if you're already taking a pre workout, go for something that does not have stimulants like a BCAA product or something with 100mg or less caffeine.

      Adding in stuff like KSM-66 (ashwagandha) and maca and maybe lions mane to your breakfast will help with energy throughout the day.


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