Static Labz Electro: Where Has This 150mg DMAA Gone?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated July 20, 2023
Goal (or Type)
Pre Workout
Serving Size
Widely available
Smooth and potent energy
Feel good with mood enhancing
High dose of DMAA (150mg!)
Not overwhelming or overly stimulating
Could use more nootropics for more focus

Bottom Line

03/30/21 Update: We heard from a trusted source that Static Labz (along with Dark Energy's company) has been raided by the FDA. You will soon see this pre workout jacked up in price, and it'll surely be discontinued.

Jump on whatever deal you see for DMAA supplements!

You would think 150mg of DMAA would be overkill. 

But it's strange, this is one of the smoother pre workouts, which might be because of 1,4 DMAA.

The energy is up there, the focus is quite good and it provides an uplift in mood. 

With 450mg caffeine, 150mg DMAA and a few nitric oxide boosters, this is a fun ride for advanced users who want to a experimental pre workout. 

This much DMAA in one scoop looks like overkill on paper, but in action, it isn't overwhelming. 

Electro Pre Workout Alternatives

Regrettably, Electro pre workout has been discontinued. But don't worry, there are several other pre workouts available that also contain DMAA, providing a similar experience. Here are a few alternatives:

Crack Pre Workout

Crack by Dark Labs is a potent choice among fitness enthusiasts. It packs 120mg of DMAA along with nitrates and nitric oxide boosters, providing a strong and long-lasting energy boost.

Strongest Pre Workouts

If you're looking for the most potent pre workouts on the market, this list has got you covered. Many of these pre workouts contain more than 300mg of caffeine and exotic stimulants, making them some of the most powerful options available.

More DMAA Supplements

For those who are specifically interested in DMAA supplements, this list provides a variety of options. From Firestorm by Global Supremacy to Crack by Dark Labs, these pre workouts are sure to give you the energy boost you need.

Static Labz has one question…

How much DMAA can you handle?

If you were asking us, we would say 80mg, or maybe even 120mg.

But 150mg?

If you say yes, then Electro wants your location.

Electro has a little bit more than your average exotic pre workout.

In fact, we’ve never seen this much DMAA.

It has 150mg from two forms, 1,3 DMAA and 1,4 DMAA.

What is this sorcery?

And what happened to the standard 80mg dose that was considered to be safe?

So far, we don’t know if it’s the 1,4 form of DMAA, but the energy is actually smooth.

It isn’t overwhelming, and it isn’t going to get a 10 out of 10 from the average stim junkie.

The pumps are not forgotten either.

It has nearly 7g citrulline malate, and 3.2g beta alanine.

Tingles, energy, pumps, and did we mention energy?

Just a few years ago we thought we wouldn’t see this hardcore stimulant.

Now, here we are, seeing pre workouts pushing what we once thought was the limit for dosages.

Let’s dig into what Electro has done differently.

What To Expect

Electro is a strong pre workout with near perfect energy.

The 150mg DMAA will create a thermogenic state, but it may be too much for the average person.

Taking half a scoop will get you 75mg DMAA, which is what we generally recommend maxing out at.

The 1,4 form of DMAA is relatively new to the market and you should most definitely assess your tolerance with a quarter scoop or less.

Great energy, elevated thermogenesis but it is hard hitting.

There’s two forms of caffeine, one that is fast acting and the other takes longer to digest. 


We’ve never seen a pre workout with this much DMAA.

There’s two forms in here.

It has 1,3 DMAA, which you’ve seen all over the place but 1,4 DMAA is a relatively new form.

No other pre workout has this type so the big 150mg dose isn’t going to be like your typical kitchen sink overdosed DMAA stimulant blend.

When we first saw this, we thought Static Labz was just trying to make something crazy but this is actually well thought out.

The 150mg dose actually hits smoothly, and the energy is way up there but it isn’t overwhelming.

Performance is up there, although it isn’t perfect, along with euphoria, it just makes you feel good.

Citrulline Malate

Almost every pre workout contains citrulline and for good reasons too.

It’s simply one of the best ingredients for increasing performance and pumps.

Citrulline converts into arginine, which then gets used by an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase to create nitric oxide. [1, 2]

It increases vasodilation by increasing the diameter of blood vessels, allowing for big pumps and more nutrients to be delivered to muscles. [3, 4]

More blood flow means it’ll also help remove the lactic acid, the stuff that builds up when you’re feeling the “burn” from performing multiple reps.

Since citrulline removes the toxic molecule, ammonia, it can help maximize ATP production. [5, 6] 

With the 6.8g dose here, you’ll benefit from the benefits that citrulline offers like also lowering blood pressure [7, 8] reducing workout soreness and enhancing performance.

The 6.8g is a strange dose which could’ve been rounded to 7g but it’s still a nice dose anyhow.

And you’ll also benefit from the pumps.

Beta Alanine (3.2g)

This is the stuff that gives you the tingles when you take it.

Beta alanine is found in skeletal muscle and it’s a naturally occuring amino acid that plays a role in carnosine production. [9]

Similarly to citrulline, it can remove the ammonia that builds up from performing multiple reps.

More carnosine means less lactic acid build up in working muscles, which means more endurance for muscles.

The 3.2g dosage is a complete clinical dose, and you’re likely to feel the paresthesia, the tingling sensation associated with beta alanine which is completely harmless. 

It works better when you’re saturated with it.

This means you should take it everyday, like creatine, and when you’re fully saturated with it, you’ll take full advantage of it.

Luckily, or oddly enough, this ingredient is common.

If you take beta alanine frequently enough, you’ll be saturated with it and you won’t feel the tingles as much.

Or you can take half a scoop if the tingles really bother you.

Caffeine (450mg)

The grandfather of all stimulants.

Every pre workout has this stimulant (unless it’s stim-free). 

It’s one of the most researched stimulants and it’s been used in supplements for decades now.

Electro has a total of 450mg caffeine, with two different forms, similar to Assassin and Double Impact. 

One is caffeine anhydrous, a super fast acting form that hits instantly.

The other form is slower, and takes more time to digest, and that’s caffeine malate.

Providing two different forms of caffeine means you’ll be getting long lasting energy, one hard hitting and the other is slower acting.

Caffeine malate will help provide energy, long after the DMAA wears off, helping with the inevitable crash that comes from hard hitting stimulants.

L-Theanine (150mg)

When it comes to caffeine, there’s one ingredient that pairs well with it and that’s theanine.

L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can decrease the increased anxiety and jitters that comes from using stimulants.

You’ll need theanine because of the big 150mg DMAA dose here.

Theanine has a unique way of inducing calmness and relaxation without causing drowsiness. [10, 11]  

More calmness means you’ll be able to get a stronger mind to muscle connection, as there’s even studies that show cognitive improvement when taking both caffeine and theanine. [12, 13]

This means combining theanine with caffeine will increase mental function with better reaction speed, processing speed and alertness.

Luckily there’s a big dose here, which will help with blood pressure and the common side effects with taking high doses of stimulants.

DMAA (150mg)

When caffeine is just not enough, DMAA is often added for a bit of a spark.

DMAA is a potent stimulant that was once removed from the market but now it's roaming the exotic part of pre workouts.

For increasing performance, DMAA is just one of the best stimulants to get.

Exactly how DMAA's mechanism of action works is unknown, but we do know DMAA can increase dopamine production and can increase blood pressure. [14]

It activates the fight or flight, as it can mimic adrenaline, like any other stimulant.

There was one study showing DMAA's effectiveness in fat loss.

They took 32 healthy adults who took one capsule of OxyELITE Pro for 2 weeks and they lost weight.

It can increase body temperature and fat breakdown, which should help with weight loss as well.

So all in all, DMAA helps with energy, focus and fat burning.

But this dose is high.

There’s 75mg of 1,3 DMAA, and 75mg 1,4 DMAA.

That’s a total of 150mg DMAA.

The result?

We thought this would cause a big case of increased blood pressure, heart rate and all the nasty side effects of taking DMAA over 80mg.

But instead the energy is surprisingly smooth.

It isn’t overwhelming to the point where it causes shakes and jitters.

The focus and energy isn’t even rated perfectly as other reviewers seem to agree with this.

It’s nearly perfect but it isn’t absolutely perfect. 

Noopept (30mg)

Noopept is a widely used nootropic.

It's often regarded as a nootropic that's 1000 times stronger than piracetam with doses that are 1000 times smaller.

Noopept is suppose to help reduce anxiety and inflammation while improving blood flow.

It’s commonly taken to help with memory, especially long term but so far, there isn't much evidence supporting noopept and it's effectiveness.

Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

To help enhance the ingredients, there’s black pepper extract.

This helps increase the bioavailability of the ingredients.

Meaning you’ll be getting the most out of the ingredients and maximizing the absorption of everything taken with it.

You’ll be maximizing the absorption of the stimulants in here.

How To Take

As with any pre workout, you want to take Electro on a empty stomach.

So if you’re taking it after breakfast, then you’ll want to wait 2 hours after eating before using this pre workout.

Unless it was a super light meal, like a protein shake, it would be wise to wait until your stomach feels empty.

The ingredients here are best absorbed on a empty stomach.


If you’ve read our reviews before then you’ll know we don’t care too much about flavors..

If it’s tasty, then that’s awesome, if it’s not, then we just want to know if it works.

No one should buy a pre workout based on flavor.

Electro has launched strong with 5 different flavors:

  • Shocking rocket
  • Juiced punch
  • Electric sunset 
  • Green wave
  • Tingling purple


  • Why was Electro pre workout discontinued? The exact reason for the discontinuation of Electro pre workout is not publicly stated by the manufacturer. However, it's common for products to be discontinued due to changes in market demand, formulation issues, or regulatory concerns.

  • What made Electro pre workout special? Electro pre workout was special due to its inclusion of DMAA, a powerful stimulant that provides a significant energy boost.

  • What is DMAA? DMAA, or 1,3-dimethylamylamine, is a stimulant traditionally used for increasing workout energy and focus. It's known for its potent effects, but its use has been controversial due to health concerns.

  • Are there any side effects of DMAA? DMAA can cause side effects such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and nervousness. It's important to use DMAA-containing supplements responsibly and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns.

  • What are some alternatives to Electro pre workout? Some alternatives to Electro pre workout include Crack by Dark Labs, the pre workouts listed in the "Strongest Pre Workouts" article, and the DMAA supplements listed in the "More DMAA Supplements" article.

  • Are these alternatives as effective as Electro pre workout? Many users find these alternatives to be as effective, if not more so, than Electro pre workout. However, individual results may vary.

  • Do these alternatives also contain DMAA? Yes, the alternatives suggested here all contain DMAA.

  • Are DMAA-containing supplements safe? While DMAA can provide significant benefits, it can also cause side effects and has been associated with serious health risks. It's important to use these supplements responsibly and under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

  • Where can I buy these alternative pre workouts? You can purchase these alternative pre workouts from the provided links in the article.

  • Can I use these alternatives if I'm new to pre workouts? Due to their potency, these DMAA-containing pre workouts are generally recommended for experienced users. If you're new to pre workouts, consider starting with a less potent option and gradually increasing the intensity of your pre workout as your tolerance builds.



Electro has captured the attention of stim junkies.

With 150mg DMAA, 450mg caffeine, and a few ergogenic ingredients, this is a pre workout that will last for hours at a time..

The theanine in here will smooth out the energy and you’ll be feeling in the zone.

Pumps and strength will also be the result of the combination of citrulline and beta alanine.

While this  is a pre workout made for stim junkies, it isn’t overwhelming to the point where it causes jitters and anxiety.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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