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19+ Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally (Backed With 28 Studies)

Bodybuilding is a battle. A war to make muscle gains that you think you’ve earned. Your enemy? Muscle loss, higher estrogen levels and low energy. This battle is not for the weak minded. With so many things to learn…Exercises you’ll need to perform. Food you need to devour. Lifestyle tips you need to apply. But none […]

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Science-Based Chest Training: Maximize Muscle Growth And Strength Gains (15 Studies)

A troubling thought, isn’t it?You’re slaving away at all the chest exercises you can find but you can’t help wonder why you’re not making as much progress as you should be.What makes you any different from Instagram influencers or the professional bodybuilders that promote the routines you’re doing?You’re doing all the same stuff.Cranking out reps […]

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The Hardgainer’s Guide To Building Muscle And Strength (With 20 Training Rules)

You’ve heard the story before…”I’ve tried everything. I can’t put on any weight to save my own life!”.And you’ve probably heard the same speech…”I started out at 120lbs and have gained 50lbs of pure hard mass”.You’re frustrated, trust me, I get it. And I really was less than 120lbs when I first started. I’ll tell […]

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Push Pull Legs Routine: 3-6 Day Workout Split For Hardgainers

Attention All Hardgainers Looking To Add Mass!If you’re a skinny guy who’s new to the weight room and wants to add slabs of high-quality muscle mass, then this article is for you.Weightlifting is an incredible activity for build both the body and mind.Unfortunately, those who have trouble gaining weight may only experience the latter.Here at […]

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The 17 Deadly Sins of Training

Anyone who starts training does so with the best intentions; changing our body shape, building muscle or to boost our self-confidence.However, good intentions are never enough, are they?Training is all about time and effort, isn’t it?Well, you’d think so but the truth is that there are a lot of people who start with the right […]

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18 Beginner Workout Mistakes To Avoid

You and I can both agree that….Everyone starts from the very beginning of the weight rack.Like a baby taking its first steps.Except you’re not a baby, and you can easily avoid the common mistakes that most beginners make. And these mistakes are common and they can be noticed with a trained eye.I’m like you; I want […]

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The Shredded Chef Review (120 Simple But Delicious Recipes For Lean Muscle Gains)

Review of: The Shredded Chef Purpose: Recipes for fat loss and muscle growth. Effectiveness Made for those who want to stay shredded and gain lean muscle without counting calories. Easy to navigate. Recipes Easy to use and simple ingredients which makes it easy to make. Variety of meals (120 recipes). Price Relatively cheap and affordable.  Availability Easy […]

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