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  • Alex says:


    I hope you are well

    My name is Alec – Outreach lead for AMRAPnutrition.com

    AMRAP Nutrition produces a clean line of supplements derived from high quality and delicious ingredients that will heal, fuel or recover your human machine!

    I came across your blog on google, and I’m particularly impressed with the success you\’re having at fitfrek.com

    I’m reaching out to you because I wanted to ask if you are interested in recommending our products to your audience.

    I’d be happy to:

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    Let me know if you are interested

    Thanks in Advance

    Alec/Outreach Manager


  • Steve says:

    What do you think is current best pre workout pill?

    • Hi Steve, for what exactly? For energy, focus, gains, strength? Or all the above?

      I’m currently using ep1logue, it’s non stimulant but is excellent for strength, pumps and recomposition.

  • Martin says:

    upon reading ur site i read a review of EpiBURN by USPLABS
    possibly is the picture of another version?

    the picture is epiburn Pro
    and if this makes sense….
    under pros u have listed that this product has dmaa in it.
    I wish u could review this and weigh in on whether this is correct.
    I dont see it listed on the label in any of its names.
    I thank you much for your reply

    • Sorry that was a mistake, there’s no DMAA in Epiburn Pro. Only the ingredients listed in the features. We’ll have to get that fixed.

      I am taking epiburn pro sometimes though and it is a good product for good mood and energy. Doesn’t do much for appetite suppression.

      King Cobra and Lipodrene Elite are both great for energy, mood and appetite suppression, and both have DMAA.

  • Martin says:

    thanks for the great reply.

    Let me ask about a topic very dear to my workout.
    appetite suppression
    I find that although many product offer HIGH energy in many forms, appetite suppression can be very SLIGHT.
    im sure im not the first person who says im looking for something to add to my mix to ZAP away my appetite and cravings
    what do u think is the best?.

    • What’s your diet like? You might not be eating enough protein or food in general.

      Usually, pre workouts are not great at suppressing appetite but I find Re1gn or anything with lots of stimulants to suppress appetite.

      You can take a fat burner instead of a pre workout, you could take a BCAA product or something without stimulants if you really wanted to drink something in powder form.

  • Alex Berrio says:

    Hey Nader,

    Would love to link up and talk to you more about our products. Do you have a direct contact that I could reach out to?

    Thanks for the time brother,


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