Superpump 250: The Legend Has Returned With DMAA!

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Review of: Superpump 250 (with DMAA)

Purpose: Energy and pumps


The ingredients here will boost pumps, focus and energy, more than the original version. 


Great blend of nitric oxide boosters, stimulants and mental focus enhancing ingredients. 


Fairly priced as it's a true one scooper. 


Easy to find but be aware there might be DMAA-free versions. 

We like

  • 70mg DMAA and 250mg caffeine
  • Partly disclosed dosages of ingredients
  • Silicate forms of agmatine and citrulline
  • Reputable company 
  • Well executed and thought out formula

We Don't Like

  • Could use more nootropics and mental enhancing ingredients
  • Partly proprietary blend 

Summary: Superpump 250 is literally one of the best pre workouts available. 

The combination of ingredients will help drive more glycogen into muscles, induce pumps and increase energy and focus better than most pre workouts as it contains both DMAA and caffeine. 

The LEGEND is back! Superpump 250 with DMAA puts you in the zone of pumps and energy...

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It's an exciting time for supplement and pre workout addicts alike...

Superpump is back and it's nothing like its predecessors. 

It's containing a whole lot of goodies unlike it's previous versions. 

There's something different this time behind this pre workout...

Hi-Tech helped formulate it and it threw in some hard hitting stimulants that all stim junkies can enjoy...

That's DMAA.

In fact, Gaspari loaded Superpump 250 with whole new ingredients which they've (nor have other companies) never used before.

You can say they are going all out like never before...

Or they have before but have slowed down a ton since their legendary line of supplements back in 2008.

This is a new kind of pre workout and it's formulated to give you massive energy and pumps.

The question that leaves everyone wondering is...

How's this different than the millions of options of pre workouts ?

For one, it has DMAA. 

A lot of companies fear using this ingredient because they don't want to risk FDA coming over and knocking over their door to compensate their supplements, which is understandable.

But Gaspari, like a few other companies, are here to stay and use ingredients that supplements like you and I demand.

Superpump 250

The legends are back!

The original Superpump 250 was a great hit and still is.

It's looked at as a legend in the category of pre workouts. 

And most of us know that their pre workouts that's been released in the last few years hasn't really been all that great.​

Thankfully, the original may no longer be missed as much since Gaspari has released this all new version of Superpump 250, especially because of the addition of DMAA and that isn't even their strongest selling point here as it has a bunch of promising ingredients. 

As always, we'll take the ingredients and breakdown what each does, and how they may have a synergistic effect. ​

Superpump 250 Ingredients

jack'd up hi tech ingredients

Our question (and yours probably as well) is...

Prop blends?

Are we taking a step backwards here? We might as well be.

No one likes prop blends and what's surprising about this is that Gaspari actually disclosed every single ingredient in their previous. ​

Although their previous pre workout, SP250, has a label that is completely disclosed, this doesn't. 

While we don't like seeing prop blends, this still looks to be a better pre workout compared to it's predecessors. 

With the addition of DMAA alone, it should be obvious that Gaspari has gone all out with this formula and did not hold back. 

The dosages of DMAA and caffeine might be hidden in the prop blends, but we actually know how much of each they are using (Thanks to PricePlow). ​

There's some never before seen ingredients in here, like agmatine and citrulline silicate. 

What on Earth are these ingredients and what does Superpump 250 have to offer?

Let's find out....​

SizeOn is a real legend and has been around for nearly a decade....

Power And Strength

Creatine Hydrochloride (1.5g)

Everyone loves creatine and it's clearly one of the best ingredients as it's been proven again and again.

This form of creatine isn't your regular monohydrate version however. 

Creatine HCl is suppose to have better water solubility so it is seen as the better form and though there's only 1.5 grams here, you may benefit a little from it. 

With creatine, you'll benefit from increased strength and muscle mass while decreasing fatigue. ​

Since creatine is cheap and we'd recommend you keeping a nice supply of creatine monohydrate to add to your supplements so you don't have to be at the mercy of tiny dosages like this.

You need at least 3-5 grams of creatine per day to reap the benefits. 

To have only 1.5 grams of creatine or having any under dosed ingredient is a pain and we'd rather see properly dosed ingredients, because otherwise, what's the point of having it in the formula? ​

Nitric Oxide Pump And Endurance

  • L-Citrulline Silicate (3g)
  • Agmatine Silicate (750mg)

Here's where the pumps start...

These 2 ingredients are both known to boost nitric oxide, increase mood and allow your muscles to stay full and popping with snake veins all day long.

You've probably tried silicate bonded ingredients before and if you haven't, then you're in for some awesome pumps here.

I'm sure you've heard of these ingredients: HydroMax (glycerol silicate) and NitroSigine (arginine silicate), right?

Both of these ingredients are constantly being used in nitric oxide supplements as they are much superior than their original forms alone. 

So you can imagine how effective both agmatine and pure l-citrulline would be with silicate bonded to them both. ​

This blend will probably ignite some strong pumps and increase endurance through the roof.

Let's get into what they both do...​

L-Citrulline Silicate (3g)

Citrulline malate is massively popular and reputed for being one of the best endurance and nitric oxide boosting ingredients around. 

But this here is a bit different as it's L-Citrulline bonded to silicate)

As we briefly mentioned above, silicate bonded ingredients has been shown to shine through with effectiveness, much more than if the ingredients were on it's own. 

With L-Citrulline Silicate, you should expect greater pumps, increased N.O., decrease in fatigue, increase in performance and massive blood flow leading to more visible veins.

Agmatine Silicate (750mg)

Agmatine is known to increase mood, pumps and nitric oxide levels. 

It's main purpose is to prevent the breakdown of nitric oxide by inhibiting arginase and by doing so, your levels of arginine remain elevated for a longer period of time.

By including this with citrulline silicate, you'll be sure to get some ridicolous pumps while using Superpump.

Why else would they call it SuperPUMP? 

... with Superpump 250!!

​And other then pumps, you'll notice elevated mood as agmatine acts as a neurotransmitter which will help you remain focused. 

So what does this all mean?

With blend along with DMAA, you'll be raging against the cold iron while increasing pumps, energy and pumps without feeling the slightest bit of fatigue.​

Superpump 250 CogniDRIVE And Adaptogen Matrix (3g)

  • L-Taurine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Red Wine Extract (Standardized to Glycerol)
  • Potassium Glycerophosphate 
  • Guanidinopropionic Acid
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • 4-Hydroxyisoleucine (From Fenugreek Seed Extract)
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract 
  • Bacopa Monniera

Looking at the label, it probably looked overwhelming to look at all of those ingredients without any knowledge of ingredients and extracts, but this list probably makes it much easier to look at and soon you'll understand what they do.

This blend consists mainly of muscle volumizers, focus-enhancers, and stress reducers (perfect for formulas that have strong stims like DMAA). ​

After reading into the label, you'll understand the synergistic effects that this entire blend has as well as the thought process that the research and development team had over at Gaspari.

Let's start with the first ingredient... ​


Taurine is a fantastic cell volumizer as it helps pull in more nutrients and water into the muscle cells. 

This is a conditional amino acid that is found in the heart, brain and skeletal muscle. 

What this does is "hyper-hydrates" you so you experience increased endurance, mental performance, recovery and pumps (mainly from the increased water content in muscles).​

Caffeine, like DMAA, has a diuretic effect on the body so taurine will help combat dehydration by helping muscles hold on to more water. 


When used in conjunction with caffeine, tyrosine can not only help increase energy but it can also boost mental functions so you remain in the zone. 

What Tyrosine does is increase the production of both dopamine and noradrenaline, which are both crucial neurotransmitters.

The result of this is increased mood, better focus and cognitive functions. And the best part is that it does all this while reducing stress and anxiety. 

So even though there's a strong dosage of DMAA and caffeine in here, tyrosine will help keep you well in control while helping reducing the effects of stimulants (like shakiness, jitters and such).

Red Wine Extract 30%

pixie dust

Well, Superpump isn't actually made out of wine...

No Gaspari didn't put this in here for you to get tipsy. 

This is here because it's standardized for 30% glycerol.

And like taurine, glycerol will help increase muscle volumizination and hydration while increasing "water-based" pumps.

This is even better than glycerol monostearate as it's 30% instead of the regular 25% glycerol. 

This ensures you're getting even more pumped as it already as the powerful nitric oxide boosters, agmatine and citrulline silicate. ​

Potassium Glycerophosphate

If you're training with 110% effort then you need to ensure you're hydrated from the beginning to the end. 

Potassium glycerophosphate is a electrolyte. It's included in here so you're kept well hydrated.

By ensuring you're getting enough electrolytes, you'll remain well hydrated and your perform at your best while reducing the risk of muscle cramps and dehydration.

Guanidinopropionic Acid

Guanidinopropionic acid (N-(aminoiminomethyl)-beta-alanine) is a creatine monohydrate analogue. 

Research has shown that this analogue not only helps with muscle contractions, but it can also help burn fat and increase creatine absorption.

It'll help your muscles look fuller with less work.

While we don't know how much is in here, it's pretty cool to see this here. ​

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea... without the science.

​Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb. It helps lower cortisol and is known to fight stress.

It's included in Superpump to help lower all kinds of stress, including emotional, physical and psychological. 

So taking DMAA, and a bunch of stimulants, on top of exercise, can be a super demanding and chaotic for your CNS and overall being. 

It also helps increase alertness, decrease fatigue and increase overall performance in the gym.​


This here is a compound of Fenugreek and it's well documented to decrease insulin resistance in skeletal muscle. 

This amino acid isn't just thrown in here to make the formula look pretty.

In fact, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine is used to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity.

So you won't only see massive pumps but your muscles will benefit from the increased glycogen storage. 

Cinnamon bark extract is seen to do the same as you'll see below...​

Cinnamon Bark Extract

It makes sense to have this included in a pre workout as it contains multiple compounds to help decrease insulin spikes. 

These compounds will hinder enzymes like pancreatic, amylase, sucrase and alpha-glucosidase.

Doing so will help decrease the amount of glucose released into your blood as well as decreasing insulin spikes. 

Bacopa Monniera

Last and final adaptogen, Bacopa monnieri (also known as Brahmi), has many benefits including being an adaptogen as it can combat stress and help you better adapt to stressful situations. 

It's not only used as a nootropic, but it can help bring you to a calm state, which in result can help you connect to your muscles (think mind to muscle). 

You'll want Bacopa in Superpump to combat the possible side effects like increased blood pressure from high doses of DMAA (generally happens if it's 70mg or more).

Insane Energy Blend (350mg)

Caffeine (250mg)

Good old caffeine.

It is an old stimulant that never seems to fail as it helps increase both mental and physical performance.

People either love it or hate it, though it's everywhere and in almost everything.

It works and it works even better if you limit your caffeine sources to just pre workouts. 

What caffeine does is that it increases alertness, focus, energy and endurance so that you can tackle your workouts while delaying the onset of fatigue. 

With just 250mg in here, it gives more than enough room to stack with Plasma Jet (which has approx. 50mg of caffeine) for further pumps and vasodilation. ​

DMAA (70mg)

DMAA, aka 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, the not-so-banned ingredient of the supplement world (well at least in the states), is dosed highly here.

With 70mg of it, you're no doubt going to feel it's energizing effects.

But the downside to this is that it may elevate blood pressure (which is why they've included adaptogens like Bacopa monnieri). 

Like caffeine, it increases energy, metabolism, focus and more but it does not have any significant effects on the heart, which makes it unique. ​

Theobroma Cacao

Theobroma may be listed last here but it's still worth having. 

It'll help you feel good as you generally would after eating dark chocolate.

While it isn't as strong as caffeine, it still provides a nice flow of smooth and long lasting energy. ​

It'll help you feel good as you generally would after eating dark chocolate. While it isn't as strong as caffeine, it still provides a nice flow of smooth and long lasting energy. ​

Plasma Jet: The Perfect Addition 

If you like what you see in Superpump 250, then you'll love stacking it with Plasma Jet. 

As mentioned earlier, Plasma Jet is made to stack with Superpump 250 for even further long last pumps and vasodilation.

With about 40-50mg of caffeine, you'd get just 300mg of caffeine and 70mg of DMAA, if you stacked them both.

There's a bunch of arginase inhibitors that'll help induce nasty pumps for a longer period of time. 


  • 20 full servings
  • 4 capsule servings
  • Many ariginase inhibitors (for longer lasting pumps)
  • 40-50mg of caffeine

Flavors Available

Boardwalk Cotton Candy

Country Life Pink Lemonade 

Rainbow Italian Ice

While the flavors look unique and exotic, they are far from being anything like the original Superpump 250. 

They seem to be a little thicker. I would recommend getting the Rainbow Italian Ice if you are big on flavor.

I would not count flavor into rating as it isn't what makes the pre workout what it is, right?

You'll enjoy it nevertheless.​

The Legend Is Truly Back

And it's better than ever.

Superpump 250 with DMAA seems to be the best pre workout they've had yet.

While their original Superpump 250 did give some nasty pumps, it only caffeine and a combination of nootropics.

They even tried a couple sequels like Superpump Max and 3.0, but they both had their major disadvantages.​

This new version is more compact compared to the original but it does not suffer in quality as it contains two very powerful nitric oxide booster, agmatine and citrulline.

And since they are in their silicate forms, they act stronger and better.​

This along with the combination of carbohydrate driving ingredients (like Cinnamon Bark and more), will keep your muscles full of glycogen and size.

You don't even need Plasma Jet but you could use it if you want to take your pumps on a whole new level.​

Final Thoughts On Superpump 250

Overall Rating: 

Superpump 250 is better than before and with DMAA, you'll surely get massive energy and focus as well as pumps from agmatine and citrulline silicate. This pre workout is definitely worth a try.

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