1,3 Volt Review: What Are the Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternatives?

by Nader Qudimat
Updated July 20, 2023
Release Date
Pre Workout
Serving Size
High dosages of effective ingredients
Made for high intensity workouts
Mega dose of beta alanine for tingles and strength enhancing
Low dosages of citrulline

Bottom Line

Static Labz is no longer producing 1,3 Volt, and it's sold out everywhere.

We recommend checking out this DMAA list.

The same thing is happening with Dark Labs…

The best alternative seems to be Wild Fire by SoCal Supplements. 

1,3 Volt and the similar pre workouts are completely discontinued. 

But luckily for you we do have alternatives, check out this list.

Static Labz Volt Review: What Are The Best DMAA Preworkout Alternatives?

Static Labz is no longer producing 13 Volt and it's sold out everywhere. We recommend checking out this DMAA list. The same thing is happening with Dark Labs. The best alternative seems to be Wild Fire by SoCal Supplements. 13 Volt and similar pre-workouts are completely discontinued. But luckily for you, we do have alternatives. Check out this list.

Crack Pre Workout

One of the best alternatives to 13 Volt is Crack Pre Workout by Dark Labs. Just like 13 Volt, Crack is a DMAA pre workout that promises to deliver intense energy, focus, and pumps. It's a great choice for those who loved the effects of 13 Volt and are looking for something similar.

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More DMAA Supplements

For those who loved the DMAA in 13 Volt, we have a list of more DMAA supplements. These supplements all contain DMAA, a powerful stimulant that can significantly enhance your workouts.

Static Labz…

Oh no not another company that has “labz” in their name. 

That’s right. 

It may look like your typical Labz company, but it doesn’t seem to be. 

For one, they don’t use prop blends and their dosages are quite high. 

DMAA here is dosed high, and it’s going to be compared to the top pre workout which currently seems to be Dark Energy. 

Dark Energy contains 60mg DMAA, and 200mg DMHA, so you’re getting both but you’re also getting GABA, a mood enhancer that seems to have a relaxing effect. 

Hence why 1,3 Volt could be the next best thing if you don’t want to have GABA in your pre workout. 

It is the pre workout that’s been a hot seller since 2019 and it seems to continue to grow in popularity. 

Let’s dig into this pre workout and see if it’s worth trying…

Who is Static Labz

There’s a reason why it’s hard to find information on this company.

And that’s because it’s a fairly new company that’s just starting out.

Their domain name was only registered in April, 2020.

They could’ve been making supplements before that, we’re guessing in late 2019.

Although their social media was also started at the same time as their site.

Static Labs has our attention and it should have yours.

Their supplements seem to be no-bs, and although their name has the infamous Labz in it, they use clinically dosed ingredients that help with bodybuilding.

Pre Workout in Question

The pre workout we’re reviewing here is 1,3 Volt, and it’s one of the two pre workouts currently available from Static Labz. 

Leaning towards a hardcore crowd, 1,3 Volt is made for the DMAA fans, and those who like high energy concentrated pre workouts. 

Instead of using a high dose of citrulline, it opts for 6.4g beta alanine, made for endurance and power. 

On top of that, betaine anhydrous is included at 2.5g, which is a power enhancing compound that works similarly to creatine. 

The other pre workout that they produce is Shockwave, it features a blend of DMHA, Eria Jarensis, hordenine, agmatine, caffeine and more.

The difference between the two pre workouts is that Shockwave has a smooth long lasting effect on energy and mood, while 1,3 Volt provides faster and harder waves of energy.

If nitric oxide is important to you, then the better pre workout is Shockwave because it has both 6.5g citrulline malate and 1g agmatine.

Both pre workouts are supposed to be the Dark Energy alternatives and they both have great blends.


The thing that we enjoy about 1,3 Volt is that it’s not only fully disclosed, but it contains full dosages of proven to work ingredients. 

You’ll notice right off the bat is the big dose of beta alanine, it’s at a monstrous 6.4g. 

That amount is twice what’s usually inside pre workouts and you only need 3.2g per day according to studies to make the most out of it. 

They chose to go with a high dose of beta alanine and used a moderate amount for citrulline malate.

This isn’t a bad thing but it means you’ll be getting more strength and power rather than pumps. 

Betaine anhydrous is also in here at 2.5g.

Beta Alanine (6.4g)

Here is an ingredient that you’ll definitely feel working, beta alanine. 

Beta alanine gives off tingles, known as paresthesia.

It’s either loved or hated and when you take the clinical dose of 3.2g, or even half that at 1.6g, you’ll feel it working by the tingles. 

However here we have a mega dose and it’s 6.4g. 

That’s a lot of beta alanine and it will lead to some nasty tingles. 

We’re not sure why it’s dosed at 6.4g, but we can see they chose to go with this much beta alanine and have less for citrulline as you’ll see it as the next ingredient.

Beta alanine, like citrulline, is a non-essential amino acid.

It helps with weight lifting and sprinting type activities as it can buffer lactic acid. 

Lactic acid is produced within the muscles when the glycolytic adenosine triphosphate is unable to keep up with working muscles and because of insufficient oxygen.

This lowers pH levels within the muscles, creating a more acidic environment, thus making a negative impact on muscles. 

Beta alanine counters this by producing more carnosine, which reduces lactic acid build up, and allows high efforts for longer periods of time while maintaining energy. 

Let the tingles flow and we promise you’ll get used to it, it’s worth it as studies have shown benefits from beta alanine for both aerobic and anaerobic activities.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 (3.6g)

Citrulline has become one of the most popular ingredients featured in pre workouts. 

This is one of the 3 ergogenic aids that’s in 1,3 Volt, that will not only help with strength but also with decreasing fatigue and allowing you to workout at maximum intensity for longer periods of time. 

Beta alanine, citrulline malate, and betaine anhydrous are the 3 ingredients here which will help with weight lifting.

Citrulline malate is sort of dosed on the lower end, as expected since beta alanine is dosed on the large end of 6.4g. 

The reason why citrulline is popular is its ability of increasing arginine levels better than arginine itself. 

Citrulline can increase arginine levels, and arginine converts into nitric oxide through nitric oxide synthase. 

You’ll get enhanced blood flow, more nutrient delivery, and reduced lactic acid with the help of citrulline.

The dose here is a bit strange, at 3.6g and it’s mixed with malate at a 2:1 ratio, meaning there’s about 2.2g citrulline and 1.3g malate. 

While it’s dosed on the low side, you’re still getting a massive 6.4g of beta alanine to help with lactic acid, and a full 2.5g dose of betaine anhydrous for strength.

Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g)

Betaine anhydrous is a great compound for strength, performance and muscle gains. 

The dose here is a full 2.5g, which is used in clinical studies with promising effects for bodybuilding. 

Firstly this is an organic osmolyte, it can help maintain fluid homeostasis in cells, assisting with hydration. 

It’s also a methyl donor, which means it can transfer one of its methyl groups to a non proteinogenic amino acid called homocysteine, however this can have negative effects with excess amounts. 

Fortunately though the methyl that’s donated to homocysteine will be converted back into methionine, a precursor for creatine production, which is known to be an excellent performance booster. 

The dose here is perfectly dosed as it’s what was used in studies, and it’s also one of the properly dosed ingredients in here.

L-Taurine (1g)

Taurine is a volumizer that brings in more water into muscles, making them look bigger and fuller. 

This ingredient will have synergistic effects with creatine and betaine since it can help increase water volumization in muscle cells. 

Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg)

You probably know caffeine for being the grandfather and the holy choice for energy in most, if not, all pre workouts. 

It’s the first stimulant that’s picked to go into pre workouts, unless it’s a non-stimulant pre workout. 

At 400mg this will increase alertness and energy as it’s also combined with 100mg DMAA.

Alpha GPC 50% (300mg)

Alpha GPC or alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, is a phospholipid that contains choline. 

Choline is important since it can enhance the learning neurotransmitter.

You can get choline from foods, particularly meats and protein rich foods like eggs and fish. 

However for vegans this is something that is commonly missing from their diets so supplementing it is important.

Increasing acetylcholine can help maximize performance, and with exercise you naturally deplete your choline stores, hence why supplementing can make a big difference.

DMAA (100mg)

DMAA, this stimulant was hard to find for a year or two until recently when it’s suddenly becoming readily available. 

It is under the microscope of the FDA and has been since 2015 when they have seized many supplements from Hi-Tech Labs mainly. 

Noopept (30mg)

Noopept, short for N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, is a nootropic that’s similar to the popular piracetam. 

With more research being published, noopept has proven to not only be a popular choice but it has shown potential to be very effective. 

In fact, one study was done in 2009 showing the brain boosting potential with noopept for patients with emotional issues.

In the first week, noopept was able to improve symptoms of mood, energy, and anxiety. 

The effects were so effective that it showed better potential and promise than piracetam. 

Dosages for noopept usually ranges from 10mg to 30mg, and here we see a full 30mg dose being used. 

It goes to show that 1,3 Volt is one strong pre workout with proper and clinical dosages.


There are 3 flavors available at the moment and that’s Electric Blue, Electric Red, and Electric Green.

While this pre workout is made for the crowd who doesn’t care about taste, all the flavors taste quite decent.


  • What is 13 Volt Preworkout and who makes it? 13 Volt was a preworkout supplement created by Static Labz, a relatively new company that started in late 2019. The company is known for its no-nonsense approach to supplements, focusing on clinically dosed ingredients that aid in bodybuilding.
  • What are the key ingredients in 13 Volt Preworkout? The preworkout supplement was packed with several potent ingredients. It contains a mega dose of Beta Alanine (6.4g), Citrulline Malate 2:1 (3.6g), Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g), L-Taurine (1g), Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg), Alpha GPC 50% (300mg), DMAA (100mg), and Noopept (30mg).
  • What are the benefits of 13 Volt Preworkout? 13 Volt Preworkout was designed for high-intensity workouts. It provides a significant energy boost, enhances focus, and improves mood. The supplement is particularly beneficial for long workouts as it helps to delay fatigue and keeps you motivated to push through intense sets.
  • How does 13 Volt Preworkout compare to other preworkouts like Dark Energy? While both 13 Volt and Dark Energy contain DMAA and boost mood, they have different effect profiles and achieve different goals. 13 Volt was excellent for long, intense workouts due to its energy, motivation, and focus-enhancing properties. On the other hand, Dark Energy, with its mood-enhancing effects, is more suited for lighter, higher volume work.
  • Are there any side effects of 13 Volt Preworkout? The high dosage of Beta Alanine in 13 Volt can cause a tingling sensation, which some users might find uncomfortable. Also, as the effects of the supplement start to wear off after about 3-4 hours, some users might experience a slight dip in energy levels.
  • Where can I buy 13 Volt Preworkout? As of 2021, 13 Volt Preworkout has been discontinued due to a crackdown on DMAA by the FDA. It is no longer being manufactured or sold.
  • Is 13 Volt Preworkout suitable for beginners? Given its potent formula and high-intensity effects, 13 Volt Preworkout was not recommended for beginners. It's more suited for experienced athletes and bodybuilders who are accustomed to high-intensity workouts and can handle the strong effects of the supplement.
  • What are the best alternatives to this preworkout? There's Wild Fire and there's also a bunch of preworkouts in this list and this list that you can find.
  • What flavors were available for 13 Volt Preworkout? There were 3 flavors available at the moment and that's Electric Blue, Electric Red, and Electric Green.
  • What was the serving size for 13 Volt Preworkout? The serving size for 13 Volt Preworkout was 10g.

Final Words

Volt isn’t another pre workout that contains DMAA and a bunch of stimulants. 

It’s well thought out and planned for strength and endurance without needing a boatload of energy and stuff that’ll just make you crash hard soon after taking it. 

Compared to Dark Energy, this is a pre workout that’ll provide long lasting energy and it doesn't have a relaxer like GABA, as this is probably a deal breaker for a lot of people. 

We’re guessing this will be a top choice for most people, along with Shockwave.

Once this Volt is out of stock, it's gone for good.

So stock up if you want to try it. 

Get Through Your Workout With 1,3 Volt

1,3 Volt has gained a reputation for being the next best thing to Dark Energy pre workout. With maximum DMAA and no GABA, this is one of the best you can get for next level performance.
by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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