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Stop the guesswork and start gaining. 

So you wanna get jacked? Good, you've come to the right place. 

Bodybuilding is an epic sport that needs persistence, determination and maybe a bit of rage sprinkled on top but the reward is so worth it.

Classic skinny guys seek to gain muscle to create the perfectly sculpted body.

Thousands of Google searches, and literally tons of sources to learn from, it's just plain overwhelming and eventually pointless. 

So stop it.

It's just stress and frustrations, especially when you don't see change after 6 hard months of training. Believe me, I know the feeling well.

My mission is to make muscle gaining a simple process.

Why should you listen to me? 

Using my experience and knowledge gained from well...muscle gains, I'll help you achieve similar levels or even greater than I. ​

Learn from my mistakes 

Bodybuilding is not a overnight process nor a 30 day program, it enhances your life and makes it awesome. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the chit chatter before you even step into your next set. But hey, guess what, that talking isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Do you need to be perfect and not make mistakes?

Do you think you’re going to transform yourself into a 24/7 magazine model at 4% body-fat all year round?

Do you think you need roids to get jacked?

No, no, no.

You will make mistakes but you should learn from them.

You’re probably going to ask me how I got to where I am, or how long would it take for anyone to get there.

Well how long does it take to build a house?

It depends on the tools and skills.

I didn’t start with a perfectly built house, I laid a brick day-by-day.

And just like a house, your body needs to be maintained or improved.

This ain’t a bat cave where you can put on a bat suit and stay jacked without any work.

This is WORK.

In fact, you shouldn’t even feel the same if you skip out on workouts.

But don’t worry, we’ll skip through fields of flowers and bunnies while I hold your hands through it…

Well not really.

But you will learn from my mistakes.

I worked hard for so long when I first started bodybuilding, but I couldn’t get anywhere.

I couldn’t stand being skinny. It felt like everyone saw me as a weakling and I couldn’t stay feeling like one.

I thought I had to just lift the muscles that I could see the mirror. After a year I couldn’t stand it, I didn’t look any bigger, I did look a little more defined but who wants to just stay “toned”?

I dropped lots of cash on supplements but nothing worked and a sh%t load of mistakes were made. If I knew what I know now about bodybuilding, I would get so much further in so much less time.

That’s why you’re going to save a whole lot of time and effort. Because I’m not holding back to help you achieve what you’re set to achieve.

So are you going to keep running in circles?

1. Get Motivated

There's tons of sources out there with success stories and massive transformations though there's always the one or two that is totally photo-shopped. That's not the point. The point is...let's stop the chatter and get down to it...right here and right now!

2. Understand What FitFrek Is Not About 

1. Bodybuilding is NOT easy and takes a lot of hard work.

If it was easy than it really wouldn't be worth it. The reward wouldn't be that great and everyone wouldn't be asking how they can get jacked. You're going to be told and sold on shortcuts and they'll try to make money from false hopes. You're going to get the truth from here and I'll do my best to make it a simple process but I can't force you to lift...(You must find the force within you Luke)​

2. Bodybuilding doesn't happen overnight.

You will not wake up and look in the mirror wondering how you got so jacked. Well maybe one day, but that day doesn't come easy. You will work, again and again. You will see results but not overnight. It will be worth the work, trust me.

3. Bodybuilding is NOT impossible.

So many people quit after a month or two of bodybuilding, as if it was the end of the world. Even if it was the end of the world, why quit? No but honestly, it's all trial and error. I've taken the guesswork out though as I've made a lot of failures and mistakes. If I was the average guy, I probably would have quit within a year as there was no progress. It is possible, follow me and I will help you get there. ​

3. What We're Going To Do Different

1. Focus on training and diet 

There’s no magic, no tricks, or anything like that. Once you really start focusing on training, you’ll find yourself more careful with your diet and you’ll crave more “natural” foods that benefit your training.

Once you really get into the habit of training, you’ll start noticing your attention shifting towards healthier foods.

2. Eat when you can

Eating 6 times a day or whatever they told you is a complete myth. You’re going to eat more, but you don’t have to carry around tubs of food around wherever you go. It really doesn’t matter how many times you eat a day, and plus you’ll feel more satisfied when you eat those big meals.

3. Help you avoid overtraining and enhance recovery

Skinny guys have it the worst, usually recovery is super slow and it's easy to overtrain. 

It's one of the reasons why progress comes to a complete stop.

However we'll make things simple and try to maximize recovery as much as possible. 

4. Increasing difficulty of training sessions

How much can you curl? No I’m not serious, if you did think I’m serious, then you’ve got to shift your focus on how much you can squat, deadlift, and all of those big exercises like pull ups and bench press.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be another victim of not increasing the weights or difficulty of your workouts regularly.

5. Properly warm up your muscles and body

You can’t expect to lift at your best if your body isn’t ready. Warm up your muscles and get them ready for contractions by lifting at a light weight and working your way up from there. If you can push 100 pounds for bench press, then start at 20 pounds, and work your way up like this (20 pounds for 15 reputations, 40-50 pounds for 10 reps, 60-80 pounds for 8 reps, 100 pounds for 6-10 reps.)

4. Your Training And Diet Setup

  • Your training
  • Your Diet 
  • Your Motivation

Eat when you’re hungry. This means you can eat big meals and you don’t have to worry about eating too much as you’re trying to increase your muscle mass.

You can skip breakfast, it won’t affect your gains as you should aim to get your overall day of calories required rather than the number of meals.

If you choose to do intermittent fasting, then you can eat as much as you want in a 8 to 10 hour window, while avoiding eating for the other half of the day.

No one is perfect, so don’t worry if you screw up or don’t eat enough food in a day.

  • Stress will just make everything difficult. Live your life but you should have more days where you’re mostly on track than not.
  • Forget about meal frequency. It doesn’t matter how often you eat, just as long as you eat.
  • Rest 4 days a week (muscle growth happens when you recover)
  • On rest days, don’t eat as much carbs as you would on workout days.
  • Increase your protein intake even if you think you’re eating a lot because obviously you weren’t making in progress in the past (only if I’m right!).
  • Eggs, chicken, salad and oatmeal should be a staple in your diet.

5. 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

1. Fear of standing out

Do what it takes to get results even if it means performing exercises you’re not comfortable with.

2. Overtraining

Your muscles grow while you recover, not in the gym. So get in and get out, keep your workouts to approximately 45 minutes.

3. Expectations

We all have doubts, but you’ve got to crush them and prove yourself that you can achieve what you’re set out to achieve.

4. Poor Consistency

Most people fail because they don’t stick to their programs. Make it habit so you can ensure you stick to the program.

5. No Vision

Bodybuilding isn’t just physical exercise and diet, it’s mental as well. See what you want to achieve and take advantage of visualization before and during exercise.

6. (Bonus) Ask questions, get support

You're here, I'm here. Take advantage of this opportunity, I'm not selling you anything. In fact, go ahead and subscribe below so you can stay in touch and ask me anything you like or just chat about making some gains!

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