How To Save and Edit Google Spreadsheets On Mobile and Desktop

by Nader Qudimat
Updated August 14, 2021

Saving spreadsheets on has never been easier.

Before you try to make a copy out of any spreadsheet available, you need to make sure you are logged in with your Google or Gmail account. 

Here you'll learn how to make a copy from both mobile and desktop. 

Possible Issues 

There's two possibilities why you may have issues trying to save spreadsheets:

  • If you are not logged into an Google account then you won't be able to make a copy of a spreadsheet. Login or create a Gmail account (a Gmail account means the same thing as a Google account). 
  • If you still can't make a copy, then contact me as it's possible that the spreadsheet wasn't shared properly. 

How To Save Spreadsheets on Desktop

To make a copy on desktop follow these steps:

Login to your Gmail account (or Google Account)

  • Click File
Click “Make a Copy”

click "ok" and that's it. 

Still having issues? Contact me here. 

How to Save Spreadsheets on Mobile

Login to your Gmail or Google account before trying to save a spreadsheet.
  • Click "Share and Export"
  • Click "Make a Copy"

Confirm by clicking ok, and that's it!

Contact me if you have issues. 

by Nader Qudimat

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