Old School Labs Discount & Coupon Codes (2023)

by Nader Qudimat
Updated June 15, 2023

Want to save a bit with Old School Labs?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Here we'll share the discount and coupon codes for this company, as well as their sales when it happens. 

Let's get started...

Old School Labs Discount Code

You can save on your Old School Labs purchase by using the discount code FITFREK at checkout, which offers a 20% discount on your order.

Use this code repeatedly and it'll always work. 

Who Is Old School Labs?

Old School Labs is a supplement company that was built upon the ideology that everyone is capable of making history and standing for something.

They promise to provide the highest quality supplements to help you achieve your own goals in life.

Their supplements are formulated at their headquarters in Southern California, the birthplace of the Golden Era of fitness and their brand.

What Products Do They Sell?

Old School Labs offers a variety of supplements, including:

  1. Protein Blend: Their Vintage Brawn™ is a top seller and has received positive reviews from customers.
  2. Fat Burner: The Vintage Burn™ is another popular product designed to aid in fat loss.
  3. Pre-Workout: The Vintage Blast™ is a pre-workout supplement designed to enhance your workouts.

What Other People Think Of Them

Old School Labs has received positive reviews from customers around the globe who trust the brand because of their high standards and commitment to manufacturing the best supplements. They have over 17,000 reviews that you can check out on their website.

Are They Legit?

Yes, Old School Labs is a legitimate company. They are committed to providing clean, no-nonsense nutritional supplements. All their products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities in the USA. They work to source responsibly, and to reduce waste in their packaging, and supply chain.

Old School Labs vs Legion

Old School Labs is nearly on par with Legion. 

Recently Old School Labs has been ramping up their product formulas and adding way more ingredients than before. 

They've come a long way since the Vintage Blast days. 

Old School Labs vs Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs is more about naturally flavored supplements and using a much more scientific approach to their formulas with high quality patented ingredients and more. 

Old School Labs isn't too far off when it comes to formulas and ingredients, but Transparent Labs is more for the health conscious, and those who want naturally flavored and sweetened supplements. 

Old School Labs Sales

Old School Labs often has sales and promotions. For instance, they currently have a flash sale offering 20% off with the code 'JUNEFLASH'. They also have a referral program where you can get $50 per referral.


Where are Old School Labs products made?

All Old School Labs products are proudly formulated at their headquarters in Southern California.

Do Old School Labs products contain any additives?

No, Old School Labs uses only clean ingredients and never adds useless additives.

Does Old School Labs offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What is the best way to use Old School Labs supplements?

The best way to use Old School Labs supplements is to follow the instructions on the product label. The dosage and timing can vary depending on the specific supplement.

Are Old School Labs supplements safe?

Yes, Old School Labs supplements are safe for most people when used as directed. They are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities in the USA, ensuring high quality and safety standards. However, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking other medications.

Are Old School Labs supplements suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Some Old School Labs supplements may be suitable for vegetarians or vegans, but this can vary by product. Check the product label for specific information about ingredients and allergens.

Can I use multiple Old School Labs supplements together?

Yes, many Old School Labs supplements can be used together as part of a comprehensive supplement regimen. However, it's important to consider the total amounts of certain ingredients if you're using multiple products to avoid exceeding recommended dosages.

Does Old School Labs ship internationally?

Yes, Old School Labs ships to many countries worldwide. You can find more information about their shipping policies on their website.

Bottom Line

Old School Labs is more than just a supplement company.

They are a community that shares a passion for the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

The company's founder, Tarek Sidani, is a fitness enthusiast and has been photographed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most iconic figures of the Golden Era.

The company's commitment to the Golden Era is not just about nostalgia. It's about a philosophy of training and nutrition that emphasizes balance, proportion, and sustainability.

Old School Labs supplements are designed to support this philosophy.

Their supplements providethe nutrients you need to build a strong, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing physique.

Old School Labs also supports the bodybuilding community.

They do this through education by sponsoring up-and-coming athletes, and by encouraging the adoption of better competition standards.

They believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world of fitness.

In conclusion, Old School Labs is a brand that respects the history of bodybuilding while looking forward to the future. They offer high-quality, no-nonsense supplements that can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're a competitive bodybuilder or just someone who wants to stay in shape. With the discount code 'fitfrek', you can save 20% on your order and experience the Old School Labs difference for yourself.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

Click here to check out my 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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