Dark Labs Adrenaline [2024 REVIEW + DISCOUNT]

by Nader Qudimat
Updated December 21, 2023
Fat Burner
Serving Size
1 capsule
Easily available
Great energy boosters
Simple but effective fat burner
Fully disclosed supplement
Thermogenic's are mostly powered
 by stimulants

Bottom Line

Adrenaline is a DMHA-based-energy booster, fat burner hybrid from Dark Labs.

It can be used to boost energy, focus, and uplift mood whenever it's needed. 

Adrenaline uses 2 forms of caffeine, eria jarensis and lots of DMHA along with yohimbine.

You can use discount code FITFREK for either one.

If there's one company that's consistently putting out high-quality products, it's Dark Labs.

This company releases DMAA or DMHA (or both) based products multiple times in a few months. 

Between FlameCrack and Herolean, and all of the limited / special editions, there's little that they miss out on. 

Here we have a special DMHA pill-based energy booster from Dark Labs, called Adrenaline.

Adrenaline by Dark Labs is a potent DMHA-based supplement in capsule form.

It contains a robust 250mg of Caffeine Anhydrous for immediate energy, complemented by 100mg of Caffeine Citrate for sustained release.

The addition of 175mg DMHA and 100mg Eria Jarensis enhances focus and mood, while 50mg Synephrine, 5mg Yohimbine, and 1mg Alpha Yohimbine work synergistically to boost metabolism and fat burning.

This carefully calibrated formula ensures a balanced energy boost without the crash.

Adrenaline by Dark Labs

Adrenaline is Dark Labs DMHA-based fat burner with mostly stimulants. It'll make you sweat buckets.

  • Good dose of DMHA
  • Mostly stim-based formula
  • Makes you sweat buckets
Ingredients: 50mg GBB HCl
Stimulants: 250mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 175mg DMHA, 100mg Eria Jarensis, 100mg Caffeine Citrate, 50mg Synephrine, 5mg Yohimbine, 1mg Alpha Yohimbine
Discount code: FITFREK
FitFrek earns a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adrenaline Review

So far, I've tried Adrenaline a few times now. 

Since I haven't finished the bottle yet, I can't say I've lost any fat because of it. 

But since it's marketed as a energy booster anyway, I can tell you this hits the spot. 

I've taken all kinds of pre workouts from Dark Labs, some with high DMHA, some with DMAA, some with both even. 

But this one is just perfect. 

I don't know what it is, but combining DMHA with GBB seems to work quite well especially considering GBB isn't even a stimulant ingredient. 

GBB causes a high level of sweats, especially if taken before a workout.

So far, I've tried Adrenaline a few times now. 

Since I haven't finished the bottle yet, I can't say I've lost any fat because of it. 

But since it's marketed as a energy booster anyway, I can tell you this hits the spot. 

I've taken all kinds of pre workouts from Dark Labs, some with high DMHA, some with DMAA, some with both even. 

But this one is just perfect. 

I don't know what it is, but combining DMHA with GBB seems to work quite well especially considering GBB isn't even a stimulant ingredient. 

GBB causes a high level of sweats, especially if taken before a workout.

Adrenaline is perfect for the days when you just need a pick me up, or a pre cardio energy boost. 

This isn't overly done and I can see it being used before a workout, but it doesn't have any ergogenic aids like citrulline so there are better options available. 

Overall, for what Adrenaline is designed for, energy, sweats and mood, I would give it a 8.5.

It would be perfect if there was hordenine in here to help prolong the energy, although I don't feel a decline in mood or energy until about 6 hours later. 

Adrenaline Ingredients

Here are the ingredients for Adrenaline:

  • 250mg Caffeine, 200mg DMHA, 125mg Eria Jarensis, 50mg Synephrine HCL, 50mg GBB HCL, 5mg Yohimbine, 2mg Alpha Yohimbine

It has only 7mg of yohimbine, along with 200mg DMHA and 125mg eria jarensis. 

But if you are sensitive to yohimbine, that's something to be aware of. 

Caffeine (250mg)

Caffeine is one of the tried and true stimulants to use in pre workouts. 

It's the driving force behind any blend of stimulants. 

The reason why it's effective is that it can increase alertness, awareness while reducing fatigue and improving performance, both physically and mentally. [1]

Adrenaline contains 250mg of caffeine, which is the dosage that's been shown to increase performance. [2]

With Adrenaline, it might be possible to take 2 servings in one sitting, or in the same day because there's 200mg DMHA, and it total you would get 500mg caffeine, and 400mg DMHA. 

This wouldn't be overdoing it for most people who can handle strong energy pre workouts. 

At one serving hough, Adrenaline has more than enough stimulants to provide hard hitting energy.

DMHA (200mg) 

In Adrenaline, there's 200mg DMHA. 

This is a strong stimulant, similar to DMAA but a bit more milder without the side effects of elevating blood pressure.

Typically dosages range from 150mg to 250mg. 

But now we're seeing more pre workouts containing up to 300mg DMHA. 

There isn't enough research to state a safe range, so everything with DMHA dosages is mostly anecdotal.

Eria Jarensis (125mg) [Adrenaline Only]

Adrenaline has 125mg eria jarenesis, which is a little on the low side. 

But I have a feeling that Dark Labs wants us to take 2 capsules of Adrenaline, which makes eria jarensis come to 250mg.

And it makes sense since there's 60 capsules, making it last a full month. 

Eria jarensis is a PEA based ingredient that functions as a neuromodulator. 

It can increase dopamine and lead to some nice uplift in mood. 

Combining this with DMHA and the other stimulants in here will provide a strong flow of motivation and energy. 

Synephrine (50mg) 

Synephrine is derived from bitter orange and it's typically used in fat burners as it can increase fatty acid oxidation. 

There's 50mg in Adrenaline. 

This along with the stimulants in both of these fat burners will increase thermogenesis.

It works by turning on beta receptors and inhibiting alpha adrenergic receptors. [3]

It can break down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. [4]

GBB HCL (30mg)

If you noticed, Dark Labs is a fan of combining GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester) with either DMHA or DMAA. 

They've done it in Herolean, and now it's in both these supplements.

Very few supplements do this but this combo is a strong one for bumping up the heat in the body. 

GBB is the molecule that your body turns carnitine into when it produces it's own carnitine. 

Studies have shown consuming GBB can double the body's L-carnitine levels.

The more carnitine you have, the better your body becomes at shuttling fatty acids into energy. [5]

GBB causes some crazy thermogenic effects and sweating.  

It can also improve insulin sensitivity and it can act as a strong antioxidant. [6, 7]

The minimum dose for this is 10mg and Dark Labs has put the maximum here at 50mg. 

So at 50mg combined with either DMHA or DMAA will increase sweating like crazy, especially if it's taken prior to a workout. 

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine is a strong fat burning ingredient.

But people either love or hate this compound because it can increase anxiety and jitters. 

If you hate yohimbine at high dosages like 7mg, then you won't like Adrenaline.

So if you don't mind a little bit of yohimbine and can handle 7mg, then the choice is easy, Adrenaline is your pick.

But if you've taken 15mg yohimbine before, and don't mind it and would combine it with DMAA, then Ripper is a decent pick. 

Either way, the combination of the thermogenic ingredients in both Ripper and Adrenaline along with yohimbine will cause some serious fat burning effects. 

Yohimbine can suppress appetite and increase thermogenesis. [8

Who's it for:

Dark Labs' Adrenaline is designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders seeking an intense boost in energy, focus, and fat-burning.

It's an excellent choice for those who are familiar with high-stimulant supplements and are looking for something to take their workouts to the next level.

Whether you're looking to power through a tough workout, or need an extra push to conquer your day, Adrenaline can provide the energy surge you need.

Who's it not for:

Adrenaline is not recommended for beginners or individuals sensitive to stimulants due to its high-stimulant content.

It's also unsuitable for those with certain medical conditions, including heart, liver, or kidney disease.

Pregnant or nursing women, and individuals under the age of 18 should also avoid this supplement.

As always, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

How does it work:

Adrenaline works by leveraging a powerful blend of stimulants to provide a significant boost in energy, focus, and fat-burning.

The caffeine content offers immediate and sustained energy release, while DMHA and Eria Jarensis enhance focus and mood.

Synephrine, Yohimbine, and Alpha Yohimbine work together to stimulate the body's metabolism and fat-burning processes.

This combination of ingredients helps to increase workout intensity, improve mental clarity, and promote fat loss.


  • What is Dark Labs' Adrenaline? Dark Labs' Adrenaline is a high-stimulant DMHA-based capsule supplement that can also be used as a pre-workout.
  • What are the main ingredients in Adrenaline? Adrenaline contains a blend of stimulants including Caffeine Anhydrous, DMHA, Eria Jarensis, Caffeine Citrate, Synephrine, Yohimbine, and Alpha Yohimbine.
  • How much caffeine does Adrenaline contain? Adrenaline contains 250mg of Caffeine Anhydrous and 100mg of Caffeine Citrate.
  • What is the recommended dosage for Adrenaline? The recommended dosage for Adrenaline should be mentioned on the product label. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Can I use a discount code for Adrenaline? Yes, you can use the discount code FITFREK for an exclusive deal on your Adrenaline purchase.
  • Is Adrenaline suitable for beginners? Due to its high-stimulant content, Adrenaline is recommended for experienced users. Beginners should start with a lower-stimulant supplement.
  • What is the role of DMHA in Adrenaline? DMHA is a powerful stimulant that enhances focus and mood.
  • What are the potential side effects of Adrenaline? Potential side effects may include jitters, increased heart rate, and restlessness due to its high caffeine and stimulant content.
  • Where can I purchase Dark Labs' Adrenaline? Dark Labs' Adrenaline can be purchased from the official Dark Labs website or authorized retailers.
  • Can I take Adrenaline on non-workout days? It's generally recommended to only take supplements like Adrenaline on workout days for the best results.

Dark Labs Does It Again

Dark Labs' Adrenaline is not for the faint-hearted.

It's a high-stimulant pill-based supplement designed for those who crave intensity.

With its potent blend of stimulants, it delivers a powerful punch of energy, focus, and fat-burning potential. Use the discount code FITFREK for an exclusive deal on your next purchase.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by iron and cold steel, I'm Nader, a mid-30s natural bodybuilder. Once a 100lb skinny guy, I've transformed into a 200lb muscular athlete with over 15 years of lifting experience. Today, I leverage my transformation and extensive experience to guide countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

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