Assault Black: Is it Legit Or The Next Best Pre From MP?

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Review of: Assault Black

Purpose: Increase strength, muscle and overall energy.


Decent ingredients for energy and pumps. 


Mostly underdosed but has one unique ingredient (ElevATP)


Totally overpriced. 


Recently released (2015) but should be available everywhere.

We Like

  • New ingredient; ElevATP
  • A touch of BCAA's is nice
  • Enough agmatine for pumps
  • Decent ingredients energy and focus
  • Disclosed ingredients and dosages

We Don't Like

  • Underdosed ingredients (worse than ever)
  • Expensive
  • ElevATP may not be worthy as there are no solid studies
  • Short list of ingredients (that are mostly under-dosed)

Summary: MusclePharm is a nice company with great products, but it doesn't do any justice for Assault Black.

Nitrates are removed and most of it is underdosed.

Since we haven't tried Black yet, we can't say if ElevATP was worth it. It's an expensive patented ingredient and it's only recently being used in pre-workouts. It's worth trying for the fun of it.

Cheapest deal found: $39.95 


I'm sick of prop blends, aren't you?

Muscle Pharm seems to be following in with the trend as they've got a pre workout that discloses everything.

Assault Black is the latest pre workout and it certainly isn’t their first pre workout, but it’s the first time they’ve disclosed the ingredients with the dosages and everything.

Last year, 2014, their latest pre workout was the “v3” which has the nitrates and to be honest, their old formula looked much better than their Black version.

But you know what they say… Once you go black, you’ll never go back.

New Line Up Of MusclePharm Supplements...

assault black pre workout

The entire new "black" line up...See them here.

But in this case, you may just go back.

Let’s not judge too soon and see what’s up the poorly dosed ingredients as well as their special ingredient; ElevaATP.

All 3 of their previous pre workouts didn’t have disclosed ingredients but every serving was huge.

Each half scoop of their first version would have 23 grams, then their v2 had 20 grams, and both of these pre workouts needed 1 scoop (40+ grams!) for super intense workouts.

Assault Black and the last Assault (with nitrates) are “true” 1 scoopers.

Assault Pre Workouts Compared

assault black pre workout

All of Muscle Pharms PreWorkouts : Assault OG (v1) VS Assault v2 (arginine) VS Assault V3 (Nitrates) VS Assault Black (Agmatine + citrulline malate)

Assault Black and the last Assault (with nitrates) are “true” 1 scoopers.

Although Black has mostly poorly dosed ingredients, their combination of ingredients just may do something beneficial for us lifters.

Assault Black is something new and it contains a ingredient (elevATP) which has never been used by Muscle Pharm before.

We'll crackdown and dissect all the ingredients and their dosages and see if it's worthy of purchasing or not.

Assault Black Ingredients

There's a little bit of a difference between Black and the previous Assault formula. 

Black has ElevATP and the previous formula was focused on nitrates, and the new Black has fully disclosed ingredients but they both have one thing in common... underdosed BCAA's. ​

ElevATP could be the real deal, or it could be another thing to make you think you're getting a formula based on rocket science.

The red circles are the main differences between the two Muscle Pharm pre workouts. ​

Check it out:​

assault black pre workout

Assault Black VS Popular Pre Workouts

What really sets Assault Black apart from other pre's?

Well mostly ElevATP and the rest is just "nice to have" sort of thing...​

And a couple other differences like having (some) fully dosed ingredients that aren't hidden, and only need one scoop.​

In this table below, we'll compare Assault Black to other pre workouts.

So it'll be like Assault Black VS C4 (4th generation) VS Pre Kaged VS Pre Jym...

Assault Black

assault black pre workout

Pre Kaged

assault black pre workout

Pre Jym

assault black pre workout

C4 (4th gen

Scoop size





Filler %






300mg caffeine 



>200mg (TeaCore)



3.5g + 3g leucine










Beet root (200mg)


Beet root (500mg)


(creatine nitrate)







3g (malate)

6.5g (pure citrulline)

6g (malate)



40$ (30servings)

$35 (20servings)

$35 (20servings)

$28 (30servings)


3 flavors

Fruit punch

3 flavors

5+ flavors

Citrulline Malate

Being the first ingredient in the formula, you’d expect it to show off a nice number for the dosage but no.

You guessed wrong.

With 3 grams of citrulline malate, we’d wonder if that’d do any good.

It might, but the researched dose is much higher.

However it’s a little bit of an improvement because the first two versions of Assault had arginine.

It’d be nice to see some nitrates in here like the last formula but at least there’s some Agmatine.

Citrulline is supposed to delay fatigue and increasing overall performance.

Outside of the gym, it can increase recovery and speed up the muscle repair process.

Compared to the top pre workouts, Pre Jym has twice that amount! It has 6 grams. And Pre Kaged has 6.5 of PURE l-citrulline (which is even better than the malate version).

So what’s up with that Muscle Pharm? 3 grams of citrulline malate is not bad but not enough.

Pre Workouts With Fully Dosed Citrulline

Pre Jym

26 grams of goods, including 6 grams of BCAA's and 6 grams of citulline malate.

Pre Kaged

32 grams of active ingredients, including 6.5 grams of PURE citrulline.

Agmatine Sulfate

The bomb of the nitric oxide bunch.

This was never in our pre workouts before 2010, or maybe it was but it was hard to find.

These days you’ll find it everywhere.

It’s shown promise in the nitric oxide department but there are no studies done on humans unfortunately.

Still though, people report amazing pumps and skin tight like hardness from this little ingredient.

There’s 750mg of Agmatine in Assault Black.

How’s that look compared to other pre workouts?

Well that’s a decent dose.

Most pre workouts only contain 500mg and require you to take 2 scoops to get the most out of their formulas.

It sort of makes up for the tiny weeny dose of citrulline malate.

Beet Root Extract

There’s a little bit of this stuff in Assault but not enough.

With 200mg of beet root extract, you can expect to show off the fact that your Assault bottle has nitrates, but not really.

Beet root is a common source for nitrates in pre workouts but it’s usually hidden in prop blends or poorly dosed like Assault here.

The perfect dose would be anywhere from 300mg to 600mg.

This is beet root...You can almost taste the pumps...Right?

Chinese Hawthorn

Assault has not gone black, it’s gone Asian.

Most of the claims that come with Chinese Hawthorn are not proven or even researched.

Chinese Hawthorn is traditionally used for boosting up the health for the heart.

But again it isn’t clinically proven or anything.

Extracts have a tiny bit of anti-inflammatory properties as it’s been demonstrated in rats.

But why is this in Black? I guess you need a little bit of ancient Chinese medicine to make it look sophisticated or something.


This is a pretty cool ingredient that has been proven to increase the absorption of other ingredients.

This may be why Muscle Pharm decided to skimp out on fully dosing most of the ingredients here.

“Hey let’s just add in some Bioperine and smaller doses of other ingredients!” There’s 10mg of this extract in Assault which is more than what most pre workouts have.


Being one of the most researched ergogenic aid ever, creatine is amazing at increasing muscle mass as well as strength.

It helps increase ATP at a rapid rate to help produce cellular energy.

During high intensity exercise, creatine can be used (indirectly) for energy instead of glycogen.

What happens is that the lactic acid that you produce during workouts makes you use more glucose to burn for energy, but creatine can help delay lactic acid build up, helping you spare glucose and thus have more energy for more intense workouts.

So we’re all excited right? There’s 1.5 grams of creatine HCL in Assault Black.

Might be enough to support your ATP energy for bicep curls, but not enough to see benefits.

Beta Alanine

The itchiness…

This is where you get that from!

Beta Alanine has been shown and proven to enhance muscular endurance by reducing lactic acid build up.

It has also been shown to increase power output which can help muscular strength and growth.

Anywhere from 1.6 to 3.2 grams of beta-alanine taken daily, is enough for benefits, though it’s better to take the higher end (3.2 grams).

Assault Black has 2 grams which is fine, but not the most effective.


Okay so this apparently is the special ingredient since we’ve never seen it before in any Assault’s before.

ElevATP is a extract of ancient peat (what?) and apple which supposedly helps with the bodys production of ATP.

It’s a patented combination which is probably why we don’t see it popping up everywhere.

There are a few studies that are being funded by the company who creates ElevATP, FutureCeuticals, but until then, we don’t know what it’ll do until we try it.

So it might be a good thing in Assault.

Other Pre Workouts With ElevATP 

Assault Black isn't the only pre workout with ElevATP, there's many others. Here are some that contain it:

Precursor has terrible ratings.

Motivating, but full of stims

Caffeine Anhydrous

Thankfully, there isn’t too much in here of caffeine. But

But in case you don’t know the benefits, they include:

  • Increased focus
  • Increased 'perceived' energy
  • More alertness
  • Effective ergogenic aid
  • Delays fatigue and increases tolerance for pain

There’s 300mg of caffeine in Black, which is more than enough to see benefits. If

you take caffeine everyday already, it might be wise to only use it when you really need it (for those intense workouts!)

Last but not least…

Huperzine A

An Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, Huperzine A helps block the enyzmes that breakdown Actylcholine (responsible for memory, learning, and multiple cognitive functions) and it also helps with muscle control.

With 100mcg of Huperzine A, there’s plenty to see benefits.

But that’s according to what people recommend over the internet.


This is where we start to look like detectives. If you really care about what you're paying for, you should be aware of fillers and how much is in Assault Black.

In every scoop there's 11.6 total grams of ingredients.

About 10.5 grams of those ingredients are the ones in the blends mentioned above.

So that means there's only 1 gram of fillers in Assault (10% fillers). That's not too bad considering most pre workouts have way more than 10%

If you're going for an all natural pre workout (meaning no artificial flavoring or coloring), you should avoid Assault Black because it has artificial flavoring.

It uses beet root for coloring so that's an improvement from the last formula. 

There You Have It Folks.

MusclePharm has been ripping out pre workouts since 2011 and they've been incredibly popular ever since. 

But this product seems to be a downgrade compared to the previous pre workouts. If this had nitrates like Assault v3, then maybe this would get a higher rating.

I personally don't see it worthy of being a top 10 list'er, anywhere.

Not here, not on, no where.

Unless of course this special ingredient 'ElevATP' has some amazing super promising benefits, it shouldn't even be​ in this pre workout.

It's a relatively new patented ingredient that is making Assault more expensive than most pre workouts. 

So what do you think?

Is it worthy of being a top 10? Are you going to try it?

Or are you just looking for something that is as good as Craze? 🙂 

There Me Know What Your Thoughts Are By Leaving A Comment Below...

Overall Rating: 

This pre workout could be 10x better if it had fully dosed ingredients like citrulline and BCAA's.

It's worth trying maybe once. Until we find out how good ElevATP is, we'll have to give it 3.5 out of 5.

Highly Rated Pre Workouts

Pre Jym

26 grams of goods, including 6 grams of BCAA's and 6 grams of citulline malate.

Pre Kaged

32 grams of active ingredients, including 6.5 grams of PURE citrulline, 3g of leucine and 3.5 of BCAA's.

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  1. Honestly? This did make me feel hot most the day (might be unrelated- idk). And its a pretty clean preworkout with minimal crash. – generally a fine pwo, but there are better options for my specific goals.

    • I agree Jeff. There’s a whole bunch of better options out there. With fully dosed pre workouts coming out by the dozen, there shouldn’t be any reason to go with something as overrated as Assault Black.

      What pre workouts are you using currently or would be better for your specific goals?


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