Genius PRE Workout: Take Your Cognitive State To The Next Level For Gains

by Nader Qudimat
Updated November 2, 2021
Release Date
Serving Size
1 Scoop
Only available at one retailer
Clinically dosed ingredients
Enhances vasodilation and pumps with citrulline malate, taurine and theobromine
Increases muscle growth with proven ingredients
All disclosed ingredients with no artificial flavoring or coloring
2 in 1 pre workout with nootropics and anabolic ingredients to help muscle growth
Reduces soreness and increases recovery with HICA
Increases strength and power with beta alanine and Alpha GPC
Only available at one retailer

Bottom Line

SummaryNootropics are meant to be in pre workouts, they help increase cognitive functions and helps enhance our focus.

The problem is, a ton of pre workouts only contain heavy dosages of stimulants while keeping nootropics minimally dosed.

Genius Pre has successfully filled that gap with clinically dosed ingredients that’ll not only increase physical performance but mental as well.

This pre workout has stepped out of the traditional heavy hitting formula and has made itself a solid, reliable reputation of being something that can be taken on a regular basis without needing to cycle it.

Genius Pre is well put together and is worth a try.

What if you could train with some mental enhancement without feeling overly jittery and anxious?

Genius Pre brings nootropics together with traditional pre workout ingredients in one bottle.

But one thing that the Genius Brand is doing differently is that they are dosing nootropics at generous amounts while using high quality ingredients.

Now any pre workout can jump out and claim to have the best focus and energy.

But we’re not just going to take that as we will take every single ingredient and dig into what they do, if they have any research behind them and how everything works in synergy.

What Genius Pre is doing here is taking the empty gap of non-stimulant but effective mental enhancing ingredients to help keep you at the top of your mental and physical game.

Speaking of physical game, Genius features a hefty, mega 600mg dose of Alpha GPC, a proven ingredient which has been shown to increase strength and power.

So far this pre workout is making its way to the top on Amazon.

By the looks of it, it’ll be one of the best sellers soon.

Genius Pre Ingredients

This is where Genius Pre shines.

The ingredients are heavily dosed, ranging from nootropics to nitric oxide boosters to ATP enhancing ElevATP and citrulline malate.

Who is this pre workout for?

Let’s say you don’t want any hardcore stimulants in your pre workout, not even caffeine.

You either might be cycling from heavy stim usage or you simply want to have a day with long lasting energy without crashing hard a few hours after your workout.

DMAA, DMHA, amp citrate are all great to have but they all lead to a crash at some point.

Some people don’t like to depend on another scoop or even developing a tolerance towards these strong stims.

And they may just like to have their caffeine from tea, coffee and other sources.

Make no mistake, if you want to add caffeine, it can be added easily as it is a cheap supplement to buy in bulk.

We’re strong believers in having caffeine as a solo supplement so they can use it either in micro dosages throughout the day or just to control their caffeine intake without sacrificing muscle building ingredients like those found in Genius Pre.

Now let’s jump into what these ingredients are and what they can do…

Before we do, there’s 20 servings in this, with each scoop containing 17.7 grams of ingredients, with 15.4 grams being completely active ingredients and 2.3 grams for fillers and flavoring.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 (6g)

Here’s an ingredient that should be in everyone’s pre workout..

Citrulline Malate is at a full 6 gram dosage, and as we’ve mentioned before, it is a super ergogenic ingredient which helps increase vasodilation, endurance as well as pumps.

This increases nitric oxide levels so you will be pumped throughout the workout and feel fuller long after wards.

Citrulline Malate works like beta alanine, in that it can prevent the build up of lactic acid while enhancing endurance, performance and simultaneously decreasing fatigue so you can workout harder and longer than ever.

We like to see pure citrulline but even without the malic acid, this nice dosage provides 4g of pure citrulline and 2g of malic acid.

If you want to perform at your best physically, then Citrulline is where its at.

Beta Alanine (3g)

You may not like the tingles this provides, but really we love it since it makes training more exciting.

Just having something you can feel run through your veins can feel empowering… or at least it would for us.

Beta alanine is what you need if you’re training with high volume and performing lots of reps.

What this does is that it increases carnosine levels, which can buffer the build up of lactic acid in muscle.

It’s that burning sensation that prevents us from going the extra mile, so this helps prolong high intensity throughout your training.

There are many studies showing beta alanine to not only boost endurance, but strength, overall performance while simultaneously delaying the onset of fatigue.

This dosage is close to the full 3.2g recommended dose but you should be supplementing beta alanine in bulk anyway since it needs to be taken regularly to fully saturate yourself with beta alanine.

With 3g however you won’t need any extra BA.

Betaine (2g)

Surprised to see another muscle building ingredient?

For a pre workout named Genius, you’d think you would only get a whole bunch of nootropics but no, this is the 3rd muscle building ingredient that can be taken daily for full benefits.

Betaine has been shown to increase ATP production, like creatine, while also increasing strength, power and endurance.

You’ll further gain an edge over your competition with this muscle building ingredient.

While you do need to take at least 2.5g to fully reap the benefits of betaine but you can always get extra from foods like beets, spinach, wheat bran or quinoa.

L-Tyrosine (1g)

This is where the non-stimulation fun begins.

L-Tyrosine is used to increase focus, cognition, alertness and mood.

It’s often used as an nootropic to help increase mental energy without increasing blood pressure or affecting heart rate.

Tyrosine is often found in many pre workouts like Pre-Kaged, Pre-Jym and many others that contain stims.

Tyrosine is perfect for those who are cycling from stimulants since it helps restore energy, as well as mood by increasing dopamine production.

So you won’t only feel motivated but you’ll also feel good. Perfect for a non-stim pre workout!

L-Arginine (1g)

Here’s the infamous nitric oxide booster that started it all…

Arginine was first introduced with promises of increasing nitric oxide levels, but instead it was mostly hype as the bioavailability of this ingredient is just terrible.

So what’s genius about adding in a useless ingredient?


If arginine wasn’t in here, Genius Pre wouldn’t taste as good.

It’s as simple as satisfying the taste buds.

If there’s any benefits, it’ll be because citrulline is in here and arginine may work better when used in conjunction with citrulline.

Taurine (1g)

Finally… another exciting nitric oxide ingredient.

Taurine increases pumps by increasing hydration by simply delivering more water and nutrients into skeletal muscle.

It’s also used as a nootropic for focus since it can be found in the brain.

When used with citrulline, it works even better so get ready for some insane swole-ness…

AlphaSize Alpha GPC (600mg)

Good luck finding another pre workout with this much Alpha GPC.

Very rarely do we come across a pre workout that offers this much Alpha GPC in one single serving.

This choline based ingredient is super bioavailable, meaning it is absorbed easily by the body.

Increasing focus, concentration and cognition, Alpha GPC has been found to increase mental functions, as well as physical performance like increasing strength and power.

Genius Pre contains the ideal clinically proven and studied dose of 600mg.

The most we’ve seen in pre workouts is 300mg and most them only contain 100mg.

Our guess is that they do this to make room for other ingredients in the pre workout. Luckily, Genius put a hefty full dose here.

HICA (500mg)

If you want recovery, reduced soreness and to be in an anabolic state while decreasing fat storage, you’ll want to use Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid (HICA).

Also known as Leucic Acid, HICA is a metabolite of the popular branch amino acid Leucine.

Leucine is what activates the mTOR pathway in the body, which is important for muscle growth as it can increase protein synthesis.

There are many benefits to HICA including:

  • Increase lean mass
  • Reduced soreness
  • Increase fat loss

Without leucine, you will find yourself struggling to make muscle gains.

This metabolite will help with muscle growth.

We’re glad to see this here as it is often skipped out of pre workouts.

Rhodiola Rosea (100mg)

Fatigue, stress and depression can follow from many factors including strenuous training, not to mention our lifestyles.

This powerful herb is here to combat all kinds of stress while increasing mental functions as well as stimulating the production of dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine neurotransmitters and serotonin.

Rhodiola Rosea will help lift mental fog while increasing energy.

If you’ve been taking stimulants for a while and / or just have been stressed out, this adaptogen will help process you through those stressors.

ElevATP (150mg)

When you think all the good stuff is done, there’s still more to cover.

Genius Pre contains ElevATP to help stimulate intracellular ATP in blood cells.

Not many pre workouts contain this useful ingredient, and even so, only a small percentage contain the full recommended dosage like Genius Pre does here.

This ergogenic ingredient has been proven to increase strength, power, muscle mass and overall performance.

You’ll enjoy having ElevATP in this pre workout for the increased performance and possible gains from this ingredient, not to mention the other ingredients in here.

Theobromine (30mg)

Like caffeine, theobromine is an xanthine alkaloid that can enhance mood and blood flow.

If you’re looking for pumps, theobromine will help enhance that as it’s also paired with citrulline malate and taurine in Genius Pre.

It’s a milder version of caffeine as it produces a much more smooth energy kick and gets you in a zen-like focus state.

Since there’s no caffeine, you’ll likely feel the benefits of this on a stim break as it can really get you in the flow.

AstraGin (25mg)

Like BioPerine, AstraGin can enhance the bioavailablity of ingredients, helping them become readily absorbed by the body.

This patented blend of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng increases ATP production and helps maximize the bioavailability of all the ingredients in Genius Pre.

Huperzine A 1% (10mg)

This wouldn’t be a “Genius” pre workout without a powerful nootropic such as this one…

Huperzine A helps sustain the production of acetylcholine by preventing the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, which degrades it.

By doing this, you’ll have improved cognition, better focus and protection from the molecule that kills neurons, glutamine.

Final Words

Genius Pre is trying to change the way that people look at pre workouts by going stim-free.

Most pre workouts these days are stuffed with exotic stims <strongest pre workouts>, go minimal on ergogenic ingredients and have you feeling like you’re about to have a heart attack without really any mental or physical benefits.

To have an effective pre workout, there needs to be a blend of effectively dosed ingredients which will help improve performance and muscle growth.

Genius Pre could’ve easily been another pre workout with a high amount of stims but they chose the more reliable route.

Every ingredient in here is maxed on dosages so you know you’re getting what you pay for.

For flavors, there’s currently only one flavor available: Grape Limeade.

Luckily, there are no artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners or flavors.

It’s naturally sweetened with stevia.

If you really want to add caffeine, they have a stand alone caffeine supplement named “Genius Caffeine”, which uses a long-lasting release formula so you’re unlikely to crash midway through your workout.

Right now, they only seem to be available at Amazon but we can see them being more widely available as there are very few pre workouts with a reliable non-stim formula.

What Compares To Genius Pre?

It would be unfair to compare this to pre workouts like Pre-Kaged, Pre-Jym, and any other stimulant based pre workout, even though all Genius Pre would need is caffeine (and maybe BCAA’s) to outdo those pre workouts.

The closest pre workout we could find that could possibly compare to this pre workout is NootropiMax as that contains varous nootropics at efficacious doses but has the edge since it contains caffeine and theacrine.

And even then, Genius Pre contains 13 grams more of active ingredients than NootropiMax.

The Pre Workout With All Brawn

So it looks like you can have the best of both worlds.

Nootropics are a big part of the supplement industry so its about time we get a pre workout that not only contains ingredients that promotes muscle growth but also for focus and mental energy without relying on stimulants.

This pre workout is for you if you’re looking for effectively dosed ingredients to help you make gains in the gym, for both long and short term usage.

If you’re iffy about using a non-stimulant pre workout, you can either add caffeine from a bulk source or you can use any stim-based pre workout with Genius Pre.

You could use half a scoop of your favorite pre workout along with a serving of Genius Pre and slowly decrease the serving size overtime as you switch to Genius Pre.

Genius Pre – It’s All About The Brains And Gains

Genius has gone all out to make sure every ingredient is properly dosed to provide a solid foundation for you to not only enhance muscle growth but improving cognition as well.

Genius Pre is worth a try if you’re looking for a fantastic non-stimulant pre workout.

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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