AREZ Black: 6 Stimulants Packed Into This Divine Pre Workout [With DMHA and Ephedra]

by Nader Qudimat
Updated November 2, 2021
Release Date
Serving Size
Entirely disclosed formula (no prop blends)
Uses nootropics along with stimulants for steady focus and energy
Contains DMHA, ephedra and a mix of stimulants
Has basic vitamins to ensure a solid foundation for maximum performance
Uses a long list of ingredients
Underdoses citrulline malate
Requires 2 scoops for maximum dosages

Bottom Line

Update: Arez Black seems to be discontinued. Arez Titanium is available and even better as it's loaded with pump ingredients and has DMHA. 

Arez Black is a unique pre workout that contains everything from DMHA, ephedra to other ingredients that'll keep you focused in the gym.

This is one of the few pre workouts that contain some testosterone support as well.

So check it out and give it a try if you're into hardcore pre workouts. 

Take advantage of this coupon code: FITFREK5

Update: NTel has been hustling and has released a new pre workout, Arez Super.

Check it out here.

Why be a king when you can be a god, right?

NTel Pharma understands this need to perform at the very best of your abilities.

Everything from your mood, energy and mindset needs to be at the very top.

So here we have an "underground" style pre workout which contain nothing but hardcore ingredients to help you achieve your goals.

And NTel has been putting out some hard-hitting supplements like their fat burner Clenadrol-X BLACK, and the hard hitting stim-based AREZ White, this company has got your supplement needs covered.

We’re putting the spotlight on AREZ Black, a mass building pre workout with testosterone boosting ingredients and hard hitting DMHA, ephedra and caffeine.

The combination of ingredients used in this pre workout are intense and they work quite well.

This focus enhancing pre workout contains something we never see in a pre workout and that’s Longjack.

Being the 2nd pre workout and the alternative to the harder hitting Arez White, this one brings testosterone, focus enhancement and energy optimizing ingredients in one blend. 

AREZ Black Ingredients

Compared to the other version, AREZ White, this has less caffeine without yohimbine and instead contains mass building ingredients, pump enhancing ingredients that’ll still deliver great focus and energy but on a less intense level.

The tub has dosages for both 40 servings and 20 servings.

But since we know you’ll likely be taking the maximum serving (2 scoops), we’ll list every ingredients dosage at 2 scoops.

Anabolic Surge Blend

Tongkat Ali (510mg)

Longjack, or Tongkat Ali, is a popular test boosting ingredient used for many benefits including:

  • Increases libido
  • Regulates hormones
  • Improves sexual health
  • Improves body composition

Basically everything you need to get your body in its most optimal and functioning state.

This ingredient is rarely used in pre workouts but we see it as a must seeing how stimulants are so regularly consumed that it may interfere with performance in the bedroom.

Having Longjack counteracts that common problem so it is great to see this in AREZ Black.

Blacklisted Energy Complex

Caffeine (210mg)

If you just had one scoop of AREZ Black then you’d only be having 105mg caffeine, along with other stimulants but the caffeine wouldn’t be enough if you were looking for something with high energy.

However, 210mg is just enough as it’s paired along with DMHA, synephrine, ephedra, higenamine and octopamine!

You definitely want to start off with one scoop and assess your tolerence if you’re not used to having so much in one serving.

2-Aminoisoheptane (150mg)

DMHA, aka the alternative to DMAA, is a smooth, long lasting stimulant.

It’s also known as 2-amino-6-methylheptane and Kigelia Africana.

This newly used but strong stimulant can increase mood, alertness and focus but of course it isn’t as hard hitting as DMAA.

In fact, many prefer DMHA as its energy is longer lasting and provides a smoother kick, rather than the harsh hard hitting DMAA.

Ephedra Viridis (50mg)

Ephedra is everywhere in strong and hard hitting fat burners but here it is in a hardcore pre workout.

It contains many fat burning compounds but without the alkaloids of ephedrine.

Meaning you’ll still get some energy from Ephedra here but most of the energy and focus will come from DMHA and the other stimulants in here.

We see Ephedra here as icing on the cake.

Higenamine (50mg)

This beta agonist stimulates the production of noradrenaline, enhancing that “fight or flight” response that’ll help force the body to use fat for fuel while stimulating focus and motivation.

This paired along with the next stimulant will have you feeling much more focused and energized…

Synephrine (46mg)

Extracted from bitter orange, synephrine forces the body to use fat for fuel so you’ll save that much needed stored glycogen for the intense and hard part of your training session.

We usually see this ingredient in the more aggressive and hard hitting pre workouts…

And it’s not over yet…

Mind Muscle Fusion Matrix

Choline Bitartrate (180mg)

To help enhance that mind to muscle connection, choline bitartrate is added as it can enhance acetylcholine production which will increase focus to a great degree.

But the downside here is that NTel Pharma is using a lower quality form of choline.

Alpha GPC and Citicoline are both much more effective than the bitartrate form but benefical nonetheless.

Noopept (5mg)

Known as being one of the best nootropics around, Noopept is a dipeptide which works by binding to the NMDA glutamatergic receptors.

In return, focus is enhanced as well as acetylcholine production.

Vinpocetine (5mg)

This once widely used nootropic can help increase blood flow in the cerebral, thus increasing oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Vinpocetine will increase focus, alertness and reaction speed, especially when combined with the nootropics and stimulants mentioned above!

Immortal Endurance / Pump Matrix

Beta Alanine (4g)

Beta alanine is responsible for that “tingly” feeling you’d get after drinking your pre workout.

It decreases that “burn” you’d feel from preforming intense sets with multiple reps by increasing carnosine levels in the muscle.

By preventing the acidity increase in your muscles (pH levels), you’ll increase your performance and be able to perform much more before fatiguing.

Like creatine, this compound is well researched and documented to work as it’s supposed to.

We recommend buying this in bulk so you can just add it into whatever pre workout you are taking.

The tingles do decrease overtime as your body becomes saturated with beta alanine!

Agmatine Sulfate (1.5g)

The feel good pump inducing compound is included in AREZ Black and it is quite the nitric oxide booster as it has too many benefits to ignore.

Agmatine works by inhibiting the arginase enzyme which is responsible for the breakdown of arginine in the body, leaving you with longer lasting and harder pumps!

Using only one scoop will still get you enough agmatine to see benefits.

L-Arginine HCl (750mg) and Citrulline Malate (375mg)

Both of these ingredients are traditionally included in formulas to increase pump and blood flow but they are both very underdosed.

The reason why they are both underdosed is because AREZ Black (and AREZ White) are both stimulant based pre workouts that can be used in conjunction with their N.O. booster (they have one coming out soon called ROADMAP OVERFLOW).

Having agmatine and ornithine are both enough to increase N.O. levels to great levels so be prepared for some nasty pumps here!

L-Ornithine (375mg)

The great ornithine is found to be much more effective than arginine at increasing N.O. levels, and there’s also the benefit of stimulating GH and IGF-1 levels as well.

Anti-Crash Blend (405mg)

Having vitamin C, B’s and L-Dopa will prevent any crashing that happens with stimulants, thus leaving you with plenty of energy throughout the day, even after your grueling workouts!

This is also included in Clenadrol X, NTel Pharma’s hard hitting fat burner.


AREZ Black comes in 3 unique flavors that we never see in pre workouts:

  • Key Lime Pie
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Star Blast

As delicious as these sound, after you start sipping on these flavors, you’ll be ready for a super intense workout!

This is a unique formula that deserves to have unique flavors like the above.

Final Words

Very few pre workouts can claim to be the best ever, but this is worthy of the title and will surely mess up our top 10 lists!

AREZ Black is a great test boosting, focus enhancing pre workout made to help you get pumped for your grueling training sessions, while AREZ White is more stim-based and concentrated for both fat loss and energy.

Not too many pre’s combine DMHA, ephedra along with test boosting ingredients so if you haven’t tried AREZ black, you’ll have to!

And there’s just enough stimulants to not constrict your bloodflow which will help maximize the N.O. boosters in here.

AREZ Black is a unique pre workout that’ll help you turn into the “God of the Gym” as it’s subtitled.

Are You Ready To Be The God Of The Gym?

If you're into hardcore and exotic pre workouts then you'll like AREZ Black.

From DMHA to ephedra and male enhancing compounds, this is one of the more hardcore ones we've seen in a while.

AREZ White is a bit more intense so Black is a great choice for something effective but strong.

Take advantage of this coupon code: FITFREK5

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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