Cellucor C4 Extreme Review: Explosive Pumps or Waste Of Money?

Review of: C4 Extreme Purpose: Increase energy, pump and vasolidation.  Effectiveness You’ll get great pumps and it works but it isn’t magical. Ingredients The highlight of C4 is nitrates and a little bit of energy. Price Definitely far from cheap, a homemade pre workout may serve better. Availability It’s one of the best sellers. Won’t be […]

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51 Ways to Get Stronger Now

Work hard, and you’ll get what you’re after. Or at least that’s what you’re led to believe. You sweat, breathe, and maybe even scream a little to get a little bit more from your strength. There’s no doubt that you need to push yourself beyond your own limits. But what if you were missing an […]

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How to Do Pull Ups (Even If You Can’t Do It) — The Ultimate Guide

Pull Ups: How to, progression and advancing    The impression the people get when they think of fitness and gyms, they imagine gym rats doing countless bicep exercises and checking themselves out in the reflections of the mirrors. Nothing could be more accurate.  I have only seen a few people perform pull ups or any […]

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