How To Build Muscle: Gain 10lbs In 10 Weeks 

Discover the best program for natural skinny guys to gain 10lbs of muscle....

What makes this program special?

3 Workouts A Week

As a hardgainer, you really only need 3 workouts per week, filled with free weight exercises so you don't waste your time doing on smith or any machine whatsoever. 

5-6 Exercises Per Workout

That's right, you only need to perform 5-6 exercises per workout to reap the benefits of this program. If you're an experienced lifter, you can add exercises but for the most part, the average natural lifter will make tremendous gains with only 5-6 exercises (mainly free weight exercises) 

Barbells and/or Dumbbells

You don't even need machines, you can do all these exercises with barbells and dumbbells. If you wanted to, you could replace each exercise with bodyweight exercises and still make decent gains. 

Save time and research with this specially designed "hardgainer" program

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