Wicked Pre Workout by Innovative Labs: A Wicked Dose Of DMAA (70mg) And Nitrates

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated February 11, 2020
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Review of: Wicked

Purpose: Extremely potent pre workout for energy


Off the wall energy, strong pumps and great focus.


Variety of nitric oxide boosters and stimulants.


Cheap compared to Jack3d. Not bad.


Not hard to find.

We like

  • Potent stims (300mg caffeine, 70mg DMAA)
  • 30 full servings
  • Nitrates, and lots of nitric oxide boosters
  • Strength and endurance boosting
  • Muscle volumizers (makes one appear more full)
  • Agmatine to decrease blood pressure (DMAA can elevate it)
  • Variety of ingredients for similar purposes

We Don't Like

  • Easily abused (high stims per serving)
  • Half servings means half ergogenic ingredients (like nitrates)
  • Proprietary blend

Summary: An extremely powerful pre workout, Wicked is not to be taken lightly.

With 300mg of caffeine, and 70mg of DMAA, it'll have you smashing through your workouts like never before. It has nitrates, agmatine, GMS and all kinds of ingredients that'll have you looking fuller and pumped. ​

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One of the few legal DMAA pre workouts out today - Wicked by Innovative Labs !! #PreWorkout

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What's better than a pre workout that has you feeling like hyper energized beast?

​The best feeling in the world is having so much energy and motivation to smash iron but sometimes a solid pre-workout is the only way to get that feeling.

Luckily we're going to review Wicked, a DMAA-contained pre workout by Innovative Labs. ​

It feels like it's been a while since we've encountered such a potent pre.

There's Jack'd (the better version of Jack3d) and Mesomorph (DMAA and nitrates / nitric oxide)​.

Heads up:

If you've been taking 300mg of caffeine ​on a daily basis and you can't remember the last time you took a break or at least cut down on stims, then you should probably save this after a 1-4 week low stim phase. 

Wicked has caught our attention and it's going to do more than increase alertness. Each serving has 300mg of caffeine and 70mg of DMAA.

So far, it seems like this is the most potent pre workout in terms of stimulants. You could easily take half a serving if you're sensitive to stims.

Much more powerful than your average, this is stronger than Mr Hyde, C4, HemoRage and whatever else you can imagine.

Don't even bother asking something like "Wicked vs Mr Hyde?", you know what the answer is!

And you really don't want to start with a full serving as you want to workout, not have a heart attack!

Check out our buying guide if you're a beginner to pre workouts or you're sensitive to stims.

What is Wicked?

This pre workout is beyond anything your local GNC would ever have.

And since DMAA is not banned nor can FDA force any supplement companies to take it down (legally), it's totally legal. Unless you live in a country that's banned it.

Wicked is a pre workout that contains 30​ servings of DMAA, nitrates, creatinol-o-phosphate, nitric oxide and much more. 

It's not only a powerful stimulant pre workout, but it's also packed with nitrates and pumps are inevitably going to be strong. 

What makes Wicked Special?

​There's a few things that make this one stand out from other pre's:

  • 300mg of Caffeine, 70mg of DMAA
  • Full 30 scoops (can take half a serving to make it 60)
  • Nice dosages of creatine nitrate and beta alanine
  • Stronger than most pre workouts 

This isn't your average 5 gram scoop pre workout. Each serving is packed with 11 grams of nitric oxide and ingredients that'll help you stay super energized and motivated. 

If you're looking for the strongest pre workouts or if you're not sure and you want to go through our buying guide for pre workouts

wicked pre workout

It's never easy to look so Wicked.

The stims here are super dosed so if you haven't taken a stimulant break, consider taking one. It'll help pre workouts kick you harder in the arse better than ever. 

But like any pre workout we review, we're going to dive into the ingredients and explain the benefits of each. 

Wicked Ingredients 

jack'd up hi tech ingredients

A perfectly nice list...that's hidden under prop blends.

Innovative Labs didn't skip out on cheap ingredients. 

It's nice seeing nitrates as it's one of the best N.O. boosters out there. It can't get much better than that. But what sucks is that it's mostly hidden in a proprietary blend. ​

Pre workouts are switching to fully transparent labels. I guess an exception should be made for Wicked since it has DMAA.​

It does have artificial ingredients (flavoring and coloring) and maltodextrin but I'm sure if you were concerned with your health, you wouldn't be after such powerful pre workouts such as Wicked. 

You can see though there's all kinds of ingredients here for a powerful workout. No matter what your goal is, if you can handle the DMAA and caffeine here, then you'll be smashing through your PR's like the Hulk.​

If you wanted to feel even more limitless in your workout, then you should go after a BCAA supplement so you can increase your endurance even further. 

(See our BCAA buying guide if you're looking for BCAA supplements) ​

And we might have something as well. Choose wisely 😉

N.O. Amplification Matrix (5,000mg)
  • Beta-alanine
  • L-Citrulline silicate
  • Red Wine Extract (Glycerol) 

Proprietary blends. Who likes em'?

But with 3 basic ingredients in a 5 gram blend isn't bad. You know you're going to get itchy from the beta-alanine.

Citrulline is nice to see, but you do need at least 3g of pure citrulline to see any benefits.

When combined with other nitric oxide boosters (like nitrates), it's still great to have.​

And finally, Red Wine Extract.

It's standardized for GMS, so really this is here for even more pumps. Glycerol monostearate (GMS) is a powerful cell volumizer. ​

Overall it's not a bad looking blend. I would rather see the dosages. Who wouldn't?

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is what we call a household supplement, it should be found in any bodybuilder's supplement cabinet.

It's a must for anyone who's serious about making gains and increasing their athletic performance.

Beta alanine acts as ​a lactic acid buffer. It binds to histidine and forms into carnosine. 

Without carnosine, lactic acid would accumulate much faster and you'd feel the "burn/pain" sooner than if you were taking beta alanine.

It's sort of like the feeling...

Basically it helps increase strength and allows for more intense physical activity for a longer period of time. ​

There's probably around 2.5g of beta alanine in Wicked.

So if you're looking for a DMAA pre workout that has a full 3.2g dosage of beta alanine then take a look at Mesomorph by APS. ​

L-Citrulline Silicate

This is one that you don't see too often. 

Citrulline Silicate is a proprietary combination of L-Citrulline and silicate. Being much more effective and bioavailable than arginine, it's bound to ignite some strong pumps.

The dosage isn't going to be more than 1.5g but it should be enough to see benefits when combined with other nitric oxide boosters like nitrates and agmatine (present in Wicked).

The benefits that come with citrulline are endless as it can improve strength, endurance, pumps and recovery.​

Red Wine Extract (GMS)

This has an interesting place in Wicked. It may not look like much of a nitric oxide booster but it is.

Innovative Labs has standardized this extract for 30% glycerol which is a little more than the 25% that comes with regular glycerol monostearate.

GMS isn't exact a nitric oxide boost. It has a "indirect" effect on pumps.

What it does is that it hyper hydrates, pulling more water and nutrients to muscles and making you more full and "maximized".

Essentially you'll be pumped all day long and looking Wicked!

You'll notice more endurance as well. ​

Anabolic Cell Volumizer (4,010mg)
  • Creatine nitrate
  • Taurine
  • Agmatine Silicate
  • N-(aminoimiomethyl)-beta-alanine
  • D-Ribose
  • Creatinol-O-Phosphate 
  • L-Citrulline silicate
  • Red Wine Extract (Glycerol) 

While all of this are in a small blend (4 grams), it's still worthy and most likely going to provide some strong pumps. 

I'd prefer to see this than one big dose of a single nitric oxide booster. This way, you'll at least get increased nitric oxide levels from different pathways and experience different benefits (like Agmatine helps with mood). ​

This is a hell a lot stronger than C4 50x or whatever they call it these days. This is a powerful potent DMAA pre workout that not only has nitrates but all kinds of N.O. boosters. ​

Creatine Nitrate

The first ingredient in the pump blend, this is one of the best N.O. boosters out today. 

Creatine nitrate pumps up muscles, thanks to it's nitrate content. While it does have the strength / muscle boosting creatine, this is mainly included because of it's nitrate content.

Being one of the stronger vasolidators, nitrates can increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles. It's known to increase oxygen and the VO2 max as it decreases the body's need to consume oxygen.

With nitrates here, your muscles will swell up, pump up to greatness and you'll last longer throughout your intense exercises.

And if that's not enough, it's also beneficial for blood pressure as it can lower it. DMAA can elevate levels so nitrates are here to neutralize the effects!​

Arnold after snorting nitrates


Taurine is another cell / water volumizer that works fantastic with GMS and other N.O. boosters.

It's an conditionally essential amino acid that is mainly in the heart, skeletal muscles and brain. ​

It can not only improve pumps and fullness, but it can also enhance mood functions such as focus and anxiety. It'll help with that muscle to mind focus we're all after. 

Agmatine Silicate

You probably see this more and more often in pre workouts and it's there for good reason.

It's a powerful nitric oxide booster that has the ability to stop the breakdown of arginase. That means you'll experience longer pumps as it helps maintain nitric oxide levels in the blood.

More of a extender than a booster, it'll help you stay pumped for much longer.

And since it's a neurotransmitter, it can help with focus and mood.

So while nitrates and citrulline will help increase nitric oxide levels, agmatine here will extend the effects. Double awesome!

This is the structure of agmatine


Easily mistaken for beta alanine, this is actually a creatine monohydrate analog. (No it's going to give you good-feels like Craze did, though that would be awesome)

There are many studied benefits with this analog. Not only can it help with muscle contraction, but it can also speed up fat loss, increase insulin function, and increase the uptake for regular creatine.

Like GMS, it'll help you appear more full and defined. ​


This is probably pixie dusted as you'd need over 5g to see benefits from this ingredient.

It's mainly helpful in ATP production. This helps speed up the process and restore the ATP that you lose during highly intense exercises.


This is a highly underrated ingredient and it should be available in every pre workout.

Just like citrulline and beta alanine, it helps buffer lactic acid and keeps the muscle contractions going at an optimal rate. ​It does this by helping maintain the pH levels in your muscles.

And also many users, like us, experience strength gains when using COP but there are no studies on this claim just yet.

Neurogenic Energizers (390mg)
  • Caffeine (300mg)
  • DMAA (70mg)
  • Histidine
  • Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract

We can't stress this enough. You do not want to take more than 1 scoop of this product. If one scoop doesn't hit you, then you need a stimulant break.

Do not drink coffee or anything that contains stimulants when using Wicked or any other pre workout for that matter. Caffeine tolerance sucks. 

Caffeine (300mg)

Good old caffeine. It's one of the most studied and used stimulants in enhancing performance. 

It not only increases alertness, but it helps with pain tolerance, allowing you to workout longer and harder. ​

Though the dosage isn't disclosed here, we know it's 300mg (Thanks to PricePlow for confirming it!).

If you wanted to take it a step further, you can add in a bit of l-theanine (present in green tea) for zen-like focus and so you don't experience any anxiety with this big hit of caffeine.

DMAA (70mg)

The most hated stimulant...by the FDA boys! 

This is what makes Wicked...wicked!

They took Jack3d away from us, but that doesn't mean we still can't get cheap DMAA pre workouts. Wicked is a prime example. And so is Mesomorph, and Jack'd Up...and so on!

Methylhexanamine, aka DMAA​ is quite the special stimulant. While it does not effect heart rate as much as it does with blood pressure, DMAA will increase focus and energy, and not to mention mood.

Any higher than 70mg and you'll surely elevate your blood pressure. 

With 300mg of caffeine and 70mg of DMAA, you'll definitely want to ​start at half a scoop. Don't ruin it for the rest of us please! (Yes I said please :))

(Remember: pre workouts are meant to increase overall performance and have you making more gains. So you can always look at our strongest pre workouts or our buying guide. ​)


Without histidine, you'll be more likely to feel that "burn" that lactic acid brings. It's the amino acid that partners up with beta alanine to help you last through intense workouts.

Chemical structure of histidine

Having both histidine and beta alanine, will ensure that you'll be efficiently buffering lactic acid, thus allowing you to delay fatigue and increase strength / muscle gains. 

Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract

This is alpha-yohimbine. Some people prefer this to regular yohimbine as it's more smooth acting. 

While there's not much research on this, this may help prevent fat storage. And it's another potent stimulant that is topped off with caffeine and DMAA (more reason to take half a scoop or less!)​


  • 30 full servings
  • 300mg caffeine + 70mg DMAA
  • Nitrates / agmatine / citrulline (and more N.O. boosters)
  • Cheaper than Jack3d

Flavors Available

Grueling Grape

Punishing Punch

While flavor is seriously not important, it's nice to have some choices with Wicked as it's one of the few DMAA pre workouts

The flavors will not have you sipping on Wicked on a Friday night (thankfully), but it'll do the job and maybe tickle your taste buds (if that's important to you). 

Get Wicked 

DMAA ain't going anywhere. And Wicked (including the other DMAA products) are here to prove that. 

This isn't your regular Jack3d though. It doesn't have argnine and it's full of nitrates, ergo​genic ingredients and tons of potential to increase performance all over. ​

Forget about spending $100-150 on Jack3d or some supplement that decided to run away from the supplement shelves. Save yourself the trouble and get Wicked.

Wicked Is a Powerful And Effective DMAA Pre Workout

Overall Rating: 

Nitrates, DMAA, stimulants, you'll get a huge kick from Wicked like no other. It's on the higher end of stims, half a serving would do the job perfectly. Take our warning, and consider making your workouts Wicked

Supplements With DMAA


Full dosage of beta alanine, lots of nitric oxide ingredients, and DMAA. What more could you ask for?

Jack'd Up

Not perfect for pumps, but great for energy and focus as it has DMAA and some nitrates.

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